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This Cost of Living Calculator will help you discover how much would it cost to live in Australia..

Estimate your living cost in Australia with the help of our cost of living calculator

Before a student applies to study in a foreign university, he needs to estimate the living cost incurred. Suppose a student is interested in getting an education from an Australian university. In that case, it becomes essential for him to find out the average costs incurred on living and studying in the country before he files an admission application. The cost of living calculator is a helpful tool that can estimate the costs incurred if a student is thinking of studying in Australia.

The most important thing on which the cost of a study depends is the university, in which the student wants to get enrolled, the level of study and the location of the place where he wants to reside. The financial preparation for a student to live in Australia should depend upon the average cost of living. We have formed a cost of living calculator for students who cannot calculate the living Cost in Australia. The calculator has been fed with some costs in Australian dollars which have been sourced from different students who have been living in Australia to pursue their studies.

Working of Cost of living calculator

The cost of living calculator developed by Total assignment help helps students compare the costs of residing in two or more cities of Australia. The calculator can bring a significant difference while choosing an affordable residing place. Every place has a different expense, and the variation depends upon several factors like location, living standard, amenities, etc. The costs fed are an approximate figure to guide the students, and it has no direct relationship with the budget or spending habits of a particular student. Now let's get started on the usage of the cost of living calculator.

First, visit the homepage of the cost of living calculator at the below link:

Once you have opened the link, it provides information about the calculator and how the data was sourced.

Then, click on the button Start Calculator.

The first page asks you for information about the city in which you plan to live. There are 6 cities listed, and you can select one. Every city listed on the cost of living calculator page has different costs, which can be seen at the end of the page once the selection has been made.

The next page will take you to the option to select the area where you want to live, like a suburb or in the city. Once selected, you will see an increase in the total costs.

Likewise, you need to select different questions and options. Once done, you will ultimately find your estimated monthly expense incurred if you decide to pursue further studies in Australia.

What are the necessary and discretionary expenses?

All the things that one buys or pays for are divided into two categories, namely necessary or discretionary expenses. The category of necessary expenses includes all essentials required for well-being and daily survival, whereas the discretionary expenses include additional items, activities, services, investments, etc.

It is found that cost of both types of expenses vary from place to place and city to city. The following items are non-negotiable, but the payment of the same depends upon the place where one decides to reside:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Taxes
  • Internet
  • Transportation
  • Cell phone services
  • Groceries
  • Medical expenses

There are some discretionary expenses that need to be paid irrespective of the place where one decides to reside. These expenses include items that are for enjoyment purposes and are not so important. The expenses can be cut in case it exceeds the budget of the person. Some examples of the expenses include restaurant bills, gym membership fees, grooming costs, etc.

The place one decides to live determines the amount of money be spent as discretionary expenses. If the expenses made on necessary items are higher, it will reduce the expenses made on improving the quality of life.

Cost of living in Australia

In order to get a student visa for Australia, the department of home affairs has certain financial prerequisites. The student visa subclass 500 application and document checklist tool is a step by step guide for providing evidence to claim reimbursement of costs related to staying, including travel, living and study expenses ( As per the last update made in October 2019, the living cost for 12 months was estimated as:

AUD$21,041 for students or guardians
AUD$7,362 for partners residing with you
AUD$3,152 for children residing with you

If a student needs to know more about the costs, he can visit the Home Affairs website of the Australian government ( Then, the student can work out the expenses and understand how much money they would need to meet the costs of stay in Australia.

The cost of living calculator from Total assignment help is a very helpful and practical tool that can estimate a student's cost of living in Australia.

In case a student faces a financial crunch while living in Australia, he can talk to his university’s international student support and student accommodation services staff for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of living?

Cost of living in the estimated amount which would be required to avail the basic necessities of life. The cost of living includes costs related to housing, food, medical aid, energy, transportation, etc.

Which factors should be considered before relocating?

The first factor is the cost of living, as it determines living at a particular place. The second factor is the number of years that you want to live in at a particular place. The third is the saving that you want to do and the last but not the least, the amenities available.

How is the cost of living calculator helpful?

The cost of living calculator helps decide to live in a particular Australian city. In addition, it helps in guiding how an increase and decrease in basic necessities expenses can impact the overall expenditure for a family or an individual.

What are the main categories considered by the cost of living calculator developed by Total assignment help?

The main categories considered in the cost of living calculator is the city, area, number of individuals, accommodation, dining and clothing, mode of transportation, etc.

Which city do you plan to live in?

Will you prefer a suburban area or city?
Are you single or with family?
What type of accommodation will you choose?
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What will be your most common mode of transportation be?
Estimated Monthly Expense in Adelaide for Suburb area for Entertainment (Gym, Movies, Game Shows, Night Outs etc) will be
Estimated Monthly Expense in Adelaide for Suburb area for Utilities will be
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