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Criminology Assignment Help

Criminology Assignment Help

We all live in a society and have some tasks to accomplish, and we also have some rights to implement. To maintain peace and decorum in society, we have to be respectful of each other and abide by society's social rules. There is no doubt that we forget to abide by such rules and inculcate anti-social arrogances because of which the state is forced to take strict actions against those anti-social people to protect society. Criminology assignment deals with these social crimes which are conducted by people of society. We provide criminology assignment help service to students who are unable to write their criminology assignments. We have experts familiar with famous philosophers' viewpoints on criminology, such as Salmon, who gave knowledge about the difference between lawful and unlawful acts. In his definition, he stated that any act which is done and is allowed by the legal body is lawful, while any act which is constrained under the law is unlawful and is punishable under the law. We provide criminology assignment help service on various concepts related to crime, like nature of crime, scope of crime, definition of criminology, and the views and significance of different criminological schools.

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Why The Need Of Criminology Assignment Help Arise?

The study of Criminology involves environmental, social, psychological and economical characteristics and studying all these aspects to make a criminology assignment is a very difficult task on the part of the students. Many philosophers have given different opinions about criminology, which makes this subject vast, leading the students to ask for criminology assignment help. Total Assignemnt Help provides the best criminology assignment on different topics. We at conduct a thorough research on all characteristics of criminology and provide well researched online criminology assignment help. To give a better viewpoint of the topic we consider all the views and definitions given by different philosophers on criminology and we also include all its characteristics and provide complete knowledge about criminology. We thoroughly go through all the conclusions of the topics and then write the criminology assignment for the students so that they can score good grades. Our assignment is written in an easy understandable language. Whenever you need help with your criminology assignment you can contact

To write a good law assignment you will need a professional support and you can avail that support from our professionals. We have advocates and legal professors who will help you in various law assignments such as legal essays, legal arguments, case study, legal memorandums, legal advice, etc. Our criminology assignment help experts are well versed with all acts and legislations and provide well checked and discussed solutions. We deliver the assignments within the time frame. The assignments provided by us are plagiarism free, well formatted and referenced. Our experts strive hard to cater to all the students' needs, and if you are not happy with the assignment and want any changes in it, you can freely tell us about it, and our experts will make every effort to correct it.

Understanding the Concept of Crime
To write a criminology assignment you first have to gain knowledge about the concept of crime. When the standard and valued rules of the society are violated it is known as crime. People or individual who don’t abide by the laws are considered as anti-social and are worthy of punishment under the law. Stephen stated that when evil tendencies violate right against the community, it is known as crime. Sutherland stated that an indication of social organization is known as crime, apart from these there are many more definitions given by other philosophers. The criminology assignment helps experts scrutinized these definitions of crime and concluded that crime has three fundamental characteristics.

  • Crime is the damage caused to society by the individuals or individual's anti-social or illicit acts.
  • The law prevailing for the time being in the society needs to be considered while applying the rules that determine the guilt of the person. Halsbury gives the best and most appropriate definition of crime by stating that it includes all the components of inevitability and the components that determine the criminals and the violation of crime.
  • To protect the state and maintain its law and order the state needs to take preventive measures form the commission of crime and punish the guilty.

Three Types of Crimes s

  • Predatory Crime: It is a crime which has a noticeable nature and when a person is exploited under this category, the entire society reacts to it. Example of predatory crime is theft, kidnap, dacoit and extortion etc.
  • Inchoate Crime: These crimes are conducted to give effect to other crimes for example abetment of murder, attempt to grievous hurt, criminal conspiracy etc.
  • Hate Crime: Hate crimes can be committed against one person but it affects the entire society as whole. It is a crime having no ulterior motivation and is connected with religion, gender, race etc. hate crime is generally committed against racial, vulnerable, and small religious groups of people.

There are many more crimes as described by our criminology assignment help experts except these crimes and those crimes are known as victimless crimes because they don’t have any victim. These crimes don't affect other people, but they are considered illegal because of society's moral and economic interest and are hence punishable under the law. An example of such crimes in the UK is bestiality, selling prohibited articles such as drugs, drinking at a public place etc.

Under English law crime has two categories- felonies and misdemeanors (Stephen, 2014)

  • Felonies Crime: Crimes which are very serious in nature and have punishment of lifetime imprisonment or death sentence are categorized under felonies crime.
  • Misdemeanors Crimes: Crimes which are not very serious and have punishment of prison for short duration or fine or both are categorized under misdemeanors crime.

There were three more crimes added under it those are

  • Crime against a person,
  • Crime against state, and
  • Crime against property

There are 29 heads under which crime is categorized in USA which ranges from murder to runway juveniles and narcotics.

Criminology of Definition
Criminology is an amalgamation of two words one is Latin word Crimen and other is Greek word Logia. Criminology refers to the scientific study of causes, control, nature, and scope of an individual's criminal behavior in a community.

Nature and Scope of Criminology
In the criminology assignment we need to focus on the nature and scope of criminology. Enrico Ferri observed that developing countries actively engage in keeping the community safe and secure from crimes and criminals and adopt an effective criminal policy. As per our criminology assignment help experts, social defense theory whose aim is to eradicate crime from the community can be successful only when the country's criminal law is administered efficiently.

To effectively control the cause of crime, factors raising crimes or factors influencing criminals mind to commit crime are considered by the criminologists while solving criminal law assignments. Criminologists aim to upgrade punishing system for all the countries, ensuring proper administration of prisons, reformative institutions, courts and police to decrease occurrences of crimes.

The criminology assignment help include through study of all the reforms of the penal system ranging from parol and probation system to open prisons, intermediate sentence and other reformative, but various aspects of crimes and various methods which are used to treat the criminals is the centre of attention of the criminology assignment. Criminals in the rehabilitation are properly assisted and reformed so that they don’t repeat the crime in future and don’t remain a threat to the society any more. According to criminology assignment help specialists, aim of criminology is to develop the society as a whole.

Modern criminologists also believe in the fact that if criminal justice is properly administered it can help in controlling effects of criminality and to suppress the instances of crimes, criminals are to be treated and reformed individually.

Cesare Lombroso highlighted the modern concept of criminology by stating how criminals were different from other people. Concept of Criminology and penology should go hand in hand to protect the society from threats and anti-social act. Many criminologists also have a belief that environmental, sociological factors and society can cure the reasons behind the commission of crimes.

There Are Two Credentials on Which Criminology Is Based

Nullum crimen sine lege : this means that a person is not considered guilty of a crime until and unless he or she had done it with a criminal intention or that act is forbidden by law.

Nulla poena Sine Lege: this means that a person who is guilty of a crime can only be punished for that crime only if under the prevailing penal system of land that act is punishable. Criminology study deals with biological, legal, scientific, psychological and social factors.

Criminologist’s job is to examine the factors which lead to criminal tendencies in an individual. Beccaria gave the will theory which stated that even biological factors can lead to criminal tendencies in an individual. He stated that few individuals have criminal tendencies since their birth and these individuals are kept away from the society.

Environment also plays an important role in the commission of crime. Such as sexual offences has increased because of the liberal legislation for divorce, political crimes have increased because people have more urge for political powers, etc. Criminology study not only includes the study of behavioral activities of criminals but also includes causes of crimes, control of crimes, measure taken to fight crime, study of crime. Modern criminologists while delivering criminology assignment help, analyze the punishment of crime as deterrence because they treat crime as a social occurrence and have a scientific and accurate methodology of crime.

Importance of Criminology
The criminology study suggests methods that can inculcate confidence, co-operation, and mutual respect amongst the criminals by examining every criminal case deeply. The criminals have successfully transformed and rehabilitated as law-abiding citizens because of the intense rehabilitation programs, modern penology reforms, and generous punishments.

  • Criminology believes that a person can change from being a criminal to a law abiding citizen if he/she is given an appropriate chance of reformation because no one is a born criminal and that is why the main focus of criminology is on the reformation of each and every criminal.
  • Aim of criminology is to make the society crime-free and attain social harmony.
  • We live in a technology-driven era. Due to so much development in technology, crime rates have also increased, such as theft, cyber-crime, white-collar crimes, cheating, smuggling, etc. The methodical study and approaches were needed to get a solution to such crimes, and criminology has overcome these new challenges. Criminology has developed the management of criminal systems according to the needs of modern society.
  • To implement a perfect criminal justice system criminology study needs knowledge and scientific research which is attained by attorneys, detectives, sociologists, psychologists, police, judges, lawyers, jurors and psychiatrists.

After studying about the concepts of criminology we come to a conclusion that punishment which is given for a particular crime should suit the crime as well as the criminal, punishment should be according to the severity of the crime, if the punishment is a death sentence than it should highlight principle of humanity, penal system should aim to prevent occurrences of crimes in the society, etc. the motto of punishment should be that the criminal realizes how serious crime he/she has committed so that he/she does not repeat it in future. Criminology study examines various causes and possibilities of crime and encounters them methodically to eradicate crime from society by implementing these ideologies.

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