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Survival Guide Series for International Students in Australia

Survival Guide series is a initiative to provide best possible information to the International Students studying in Australia. The information type ranges from providing day to day living advice to getting PR in the Australia. The Survival Guide for students studying in Australia was envisaged by Adam Waugh, who works as a lifestyle writer at He has been actively following the Australian Higher Education market for past many years and has been a regular guest writer for many dailies across the world.

Survival Guide series for International Students studying in Australia will be multiple volume series with each volume focusing on one aspect of the student’s life in Australia. Some of the topics that would be covered in the series will include, and there will be many more topics that will be added to the series.

  • Cheap Accommodation for international students in Australia
  • Choosing between on campus vs off campus accommodation
  • Ways to get Scholarships in Australian University
  • Ways to Save money, while living in Australia
  • Steps to get a good part time job in Australia
  • How to get PR in Australia
  • How to save tax in Australia
  • Which are the cheapest cities to live in Australia
  • How to file tax returns in Australia

If you are an international student wishing to apply for Australian university or studying in Australia, this is a one stop guide for all your queries.

How will “Survival Guide Series for International Students in Australia” help you

save money

Saves Money

We have shared lot of tricks, which can be used by the students to save money on routine basis.

save Time

Saves Time

The guide contains lot of tricks and shortcuts that can save time and efforts for the students on routine basis.

Job Advice

Best Job Advice

The guide provides you insights from various students, who have achieved employment in Australia, which could be of great help.

Free Download

Free to Download

The best part, the guide is totally FREE to download, just enter your details and download the guide to get the best information.

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