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Essay Help Online

Every college or university student at some point in their lives look out for essay help online, to get guidance and assistance on their academic assignments. This is because of the intricacy and the importance of each and every mark they score with each assignment. As the courses are widening, the curriculum of all the colleges are getting more and more challenging. Teachers are also very strict while evaluating any assignment submitted by the students. This is why it becomes very difficult for students to score good grades.

This can be due to the fact that students undergo immense pressure during their academic courses because of the numerous assignments, strict deadlines, multiple subjects, lectures and exams. Students lose all of their energy trying to juggle between all of them and as a result their grades suffer.

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This why we provide students the best essay help online, covering a wide range of academic subjects, with the help of our expert academic writers who ensure that no students has to suffer because of poor grades.

Various Types of essay help online
There are several kinds of essays a person needs to learn to be a skilled in providing essay help online. While an essay is classified into two groups, formal and informal, yet there are still many different types of writing styles that differentiate a single type of essay from the rest. Such essays are generally categorized based on the purpose or objective of composing the essay.

Now let us look at the 4 main forms of essay a writer ought to have expertise in, so as to provide competent essay help online:

  1. Descriptive Essay: This type of essay has the intention of creating a detailed picture with only the sentences. In a descriptive essay, a skilled essay help online writer may describe a person, place, event or even a memory of special significance. Moreover, this kind of essay is not a description for motives of clarification. A descriptive essay tries to convey a deeper understanding, via the illustration or the subject in the form of words. A descriptive essay's primary objective is to present the audience with the particulars of the essay's subject, using illustrative expressions, literary devices, etc., in contrast to just "telling" them. A successful descriptive essay appeals to the audience's emotions, with a highly captivating impact.
  2. Expository Essay: The expository essay is an informative piece of writing that shows a formal evaluation of a topic. In an expository article the writer addresses or explains a topic using facts, statistics, and findings. This style of essay encompasses variety of variations in the essay, such as the essay on compare and contrast, the essay on cause and effect and the essay on the method of "how to." Although expository essays are backed up by facts and not personal views, authors don't demonstrate their perspectives in the essay by writing in the perspective of first person.
  3. Persuasive Essay: A persuasive essay is comparable to an expository essay because it also provides evidence, but the intention of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to accept the writer's viewpoints or ideas. In present a case an essay help online writer uses facts and evidence, as well as interpretations, informed opinions and rational arguments. The writer should be capable of articulating both sides of an argument but should be able to communicate clearly and without confusion why a given reasoning is flawed. 
  4. Narrative Essay: A narrative essay is all about the writer reciting a narrative from real-life experiences. This form of essay may seem pretty easy to write as it only entails telling stories, however in reality it is a bit challenging because it requires students to think about think and write about their experiences only from memory. Furthermore, authors must try and engage the audience while they draft a narrative essay by keeping things as accurate and lively as possible. Narrative essay written in the first person narrative enables the audience to get captivated. Sentences comprising of pronouns such as, "I," give a sense of belonging to the public as if they are a part of the story. In addition to telling a narrative, a narrative essay can also be formulated to draw a conclusion from the presented analysis, or present an argument. 

Structure of an Essay
To plan the outline of any essay while writing , it's very essential that you get to know the structure of the essay beforehand. You can only plan an useful guide for it after understanding the layout of the essay.

The structure of any type of essay comprises of three distinct parts, the introduction, body, and conclusion. The composition of the statements as well as the paragraphs contained in the essay is what makes it stand out. In an essay the flow of ideas and thoughts is very important.

Below is an in-depth explanation of the three parts of the essay structure for describing the main attributes of each:

The introduction is the opening paragraph of the essay. It may be around 5 and 20 lines, depending on the complexity of the subject and how insightful you want the essay to be. The introduction of an essay will typically be about 10 per cent of the total number of words in the whole essay. The essay's first sentences must be catchy; hence it is critical that you shape all of the sentences in the introduction to be captivating to hold the reader's attention. You can use different literary devices, relevant statistical data, a rhetorical question, quotation, facts, and anecdotes to do that.

The introduction should provide few sentences that introduce the audience with the context of the subject. This information will help your readers to better understand the topic This background information can be anything that can assist the audience connect to the subject, such as cultural significance, historical importance, personal or social context etc.

The ending sentences of the introduction should be the thesis statement on which the rest of the essay will elucidate. A thesis statement, that is well articulated, helps to keep the reader interested and strikes their curiosity all the while helping you with your study. It should be concise and thought provoking and presented in such a way that the audience can quickly identify the topic addressed.

This is the part of the essay through which you have to describe your topic or argument in detail, and provide your analysis with the justification and reason. A body section's primary function is to back up your thesis statement. This portion of the essay can involve multiple paragraphs but bear in mind that each paragraph should describe one idea or subject at a time. This is so the audience can clearly understand everything. Every paragraph of the body section must consistently follow a specific structure while providing the reader with proof and critical details in support of the thesis statement Consider it as a short essay when composing each of the paragraphs in the body, and thus the structure followed by each paragraph would be similar to that of an essay. The structure which is followed by any of the body section's paragraphs is:

Topic Description: The same as an introduction, a topic description tells the reader about main idea of the paragraph. 

Context statements: Such statements provide the audience with the background and argumentation or description of the subject matter and link it to the essay's thesis statement.

Research Statement: Such statements produce evidence of the topic and provide factual data to help the viewer interpret it easily.

Assessment: These sentences provide the audience with observations and explanations of the paragraph topic, such statements are essential in that it allows the reader to recognize the key information from the para.

Transition Statement: This is the paragraph's closing sentence. It's used to migrate from the subject of this paragraph back to the main topic of the essay , in addition to providing a brief conclusion to the paragraph. 

While upholding this structure within each paragraph, you must also provide  facts that endorse your argument on the subject. The explanatory sentences shouldn't be too detailed as this may lead to the reader getting distracted. Planning the descriptors in ahead of time is also beneficial, since the depictions are the core of an essay layout.

This section sums up your entire essay and it is therefore critical that you connect it back to the main thesis statement, in order to remind the audience of what you supposed to demonstrate initially. Provide arguments that illustrate the critical points of each of the body paragraphs, accompanied by their actual impact and significance to the essay subject. Do not add any new pieces of information to this portion. A conclusion which contains concise and to the point sentences is always more impactful. As a general rule, the conclusion should equate to an average of 10 per cent of the article's total word limit.

Our team of expert academic writers at Total Assignment Help provide essay help online to students all across the globe and ensures that each of the essays we provide fits the above layout and that every single sentence is carefully formulated.

Our way of Work
We have robust work processes structure that guarantees every one of our tasks gets the full attention and you never have to stress about the reliability of the solution you receive.

Here is a description of the process which is followed by us:

First Contact: This is the first step where you make the decision of getting mechanical assignment help and get in touch with one of our representatives, and describe your assignment details send us a copy of the university guidelines if available, and tell us your assignment deadline.

Assessing assignment requirements and giving a quotation: Once we have all your requirement files and understand your specific instruction, our representative will get shall get back to you with a quotation of the price for the assignment, which rest assured, is going to be the most reasonable and fair.

Assigning the academic writing expert: Before we assign a member of our writing team to your assignment, we make sure that our quality control team goes through the assignment guidelines. Depending on the complexity of the assignment select a competent academic expert who can do justice to your assignment.

Research and Information Gathering: Our academic expert will then get started on your assignment, but before writing anything they will first perform the required research to gather all of the preliminary information and data needed for the assignment so that all of the aspects of the mechanical assignment help are covered.

Writing the Assignment: Once the preliminary research is complete and our writer has all the required information, they start writing the assignment to the best of their capabilities and the knowledge acquired by them throughout their academic and professional career.

Quality Check: Once the assignment has been completed by the writing team, it is then passed on to our writing team, who checks is for the quality and that it covers all of the specific requirements of the assignment according to the students’ guidelines. If they find any scope for correction and improvement, the assignment is sent back to the writer, who then makes the required corrections.

Delivery: Once the quality control team checks the assignments and finds that it passed the threshold of quality set at our company, the assignment is approved and delivered to you, all done and ready to be submitted.

Addressing Feedback from the Prof. (If any): This is a factor which sets us apart from all others. Once we deliver the assignment to you, in case you or your professors requires any changes in the contents of the assignments, be it adding a different reference, or redoing the assignment completely, we make it a priority to deliver such assignments urgently. That is why we have a team of writers who are dedicated just this task, and are well versed to tight schedules and deadlines.

Those being said, make no mistake of think that inclusion of all these steps would make the whole process slower and time consuming. We know all about the pressure of deadlines and the value of time when it comes to academic assignments, that is why, all of the steps mentioned above are monitored throughout the process to avoid wasting any time. Whole of the process from step one to starting the research in your assignment take only one day, and the rest of time required from doing the research, writing, revision and quality control, depends on the length and the intricacy of the assignment.

We also make sure that no assignment done by our writers contain any form of plagiarism which would get you in trouble. We give our writers, unlimited access to exclusive sources to get research material and constantly upgrade their level of knowledge and skills.

How total assignment help can provide you the best essay help online?
Total assignment help values the quality of services we deliver to our clients and that includes the essay help online, which is why we take good care of each and every assignment we pursue as a priority and regardless of how big, small, basic or complicated the assignment is, we ensure that it gets the right amount of resources and attention to provide you with a perfect solution, because we know that each assignment plays a crucial role to form the aggregate scores of the whole semester or term.

Here's a list of features that enable us in providing you with the best online essay help:

Expert Authors and Academic Writers
If you are reading this article, it means you want to know what new skills you should learn to boost your business. Well, it all depends on what set of skills you have now.Having the right professional relationship management skills holds a lot of importance in life of any individual who is involved in the business administration process in any way. It enables a person to build and maintain productive business relationships which can help in growing a business to unparalleled success.

Here we will discuss nine relationship management skills that influence your business the most. Check it out and find out what skills you currently lack to achieve higher results. We also have a team of experienced college professors working in constant communication throughout various parts of the world to provide the latest and most up-to-date responses to the topics of research for the essay and assignment issues. We ensure that the contents of the essay are 100% accurate and authentic, so that you get the best possible results.

Smooth Transactions
Whether it's informing us regarding your assignment specifications, submitting supplementary files, making any recommendations, seeking clarification, or reimbursement, we've ensured that no matter what phase of the project you're at, you don't experience any challenges that might slow the process down, because time is of utmost importance when it comes to submitting any kind of assignment. Our facilities will therefore be always available to everyone who seeks to obtain help and guidance from us with any form of academic assignment, essay help online, thesis or dissertation in any formal subject and academic field. Our representatives will hear everything you need 24/7 about your questions will provide you with the resolution you seek.

Scheduled On-time Delivery
As all college and university students feel, it all comes down to submitting the assignments on time and scoring top grades. We always make absolutely sure that we deliver your assignments in advance to allow room for any adjustments during the last minute modifications that you would like for us to make in them. (which we are happy to do BTW!) We take great care of all requirements needed of your assignments from our side, and if you still feel there is a need for any improvement or if there's any portion of the essay that you are not content with we urge all of our writers to always leave adequate scope for any amendments that the client may require in the future. Timely delivery is essential to complete assignment assistance when providing students with essay help online or any other form of online assignment support.

Complete Clarity in the Work Process
We realize students in college and university face a lot of pressure as their deadlines for submission are moving closer and closer. It leads in putting up a lot of emotional stress that can contribute to multiple long-term mental health concerns and college and university students have their hands full countless activities included in their curriculum, lectures, tests, internships, in addition to coping with their social life. This is why it is important to provide prompt update of your assignment work progress to ensure clarity and accountability and avoid stress of any kind. We are available at your beck and call 24 hours a day, and will provide you with an instant feedback on your assignments at any moment of the day. All you need to do is provide us the order ID which is assigned to each order that we undertake. You can contact us via telephone, chat and email address given on our website.

Plagiarism Free Work
Authenticity and originality of assignments is the one thing that can not be taken for granted in any academic discipline. Academic institutions are very rigorous when it comes to investigating whether the assignments a student submits are plagiarized from where else or not. In strict schedules, our writers are highly experienced in creating unique content and to facilitate this function, we provide our team of writers with unfettered access to some of the most exclusive knowledge sources to do their researching on any subject. It helps them to acquire the facts they need and to formulate the assignment in the best possible way, without any plagiarism. We employ top league soft wares to test if there is any plagiarism in the document, if it ever does; it is immediately sent off to the writers for rectification. We track this function very closely and guarantee you that you'll never get a plagiarized solution if you seek essay help online from us any subject.

Best Grades Guaranteed
The whole point of getting essay help online when studying a course at a university is to perform well in your college semester. In our assignment writing services, the material we deliver is 100 percent authentic and comprises the most relevant data that will ensure that you only get the best scores each and every time. Since many of our professional consultants work or have previously worked in reputable universities, they give us total insight into a professor's way of thinking when working to verify each assignment. It helps our proof reading team to examine and identify the areas that can be strengthened from a professor's viewpoint So by the point you are given an assignment, you can safely assume that it has been gone through several quality checks, so that you can get the scores that you want.

Most Reasonable Prices
As there are many providers that offer essay help online, you would have to pick one that does the finest quality of work at the most fair prices. Since most of the entities you might encounter claiming to be sources of essay help online, chances are they are phony and only want to trick you by promising to offer you the lowest price and then vanish or submit the assignments which are below standard. It's critical for the money you spend, that you get the best quality. Each of the services given by total assignment help, much like our essay help online, is 100% genuine and we can back up this assertion with the hundreds of sample assignments present on our website that can provide you with all the proof you need to believe us and have faith that your money will go the right place and you will get the value for your money!

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