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Use the UTS referencing generator tool to produce references and bibliography in seconds

Studying in any Australian university or preparing an assignment, a student will always require help. For example, a student studying at the University of Technology, Sydney has to prepare assignments following the rules mentioned in its UTS referencing guide. has developed the UTS referencing generator tool for students who cannot reference the sources in an assignment. The UTS referencing generator tool developed by creates references and citations of sources used in the assignment per the guidelines framed by the University of Technology, Sydney.

What is the purpose of referencing?

Referencing is a vital component of academic writing, and it serves the below purposes:

  • To underpin claims, assertions and arguments in a work
  • To prove inclusion of reading and research
  • To be fair and credit the used material of a particular author
  • To enhance the knowledge of the readers with the information provided in the sources
  • To maintain academic integrity and keep away from plagiarism

Utilize the UTS referencing generator according to your needs has been providing assignment writing services for more than ten years, and it has assisted thousands of students in the past in getting over their fears related to assignment writing. In addition, it has helped many students to achieve their goals in their academic life. The UTS referencing generator tool is used by our writers while writing assignments for the University of Technology, Sydney. The tool can also be easily used by all the students who are in need of referencing an assignment as per the UTS Harvard referencing format. The students can use the tool to generate relevant references and in-text citations. Do not hold back if you cannot frame references and in-text citations as per the UTS standards, and you can easily use our UTS Harvard referencing generator to complete the reference list for all your assignments.

Correct citations of all sources: The app developers of the UTS referencing generator tool have considered all the rules and essential information related to Harvard UTS referencing while making the tool. A student using the tool should be sure about the type of source he is using and should have the complete details of the source. Once all the details have been fed into the tool, it will generate the correct citation of the source used by you. The generated in-text citation needs to be placed correctly in the content. A student should place the in-text citation within a statement that has been taken from the source cited. Hence, the student must remember which statement has been taken from which sources.

Systemized reference list: An assignment not only requires correct in-text citations but well-formatted references as well. The UTS referencing generator tool also helps in generating references. A student has to fill in all the source details while creating a reference list. When the references have been generated through the tool, the student should organize the list correctly. The referencing tool has made life easier for students struggling with referencing in their assignments. Our experts aptly use the tool in creating the reference list in a document. They are experienced in formatting the reference list as per the students' choice, like Harvard, Chicago, APA or Vancouver. The subject matter experts can write complete assignments with relevant references.

How to use the UTS Harvard referencing tool?

The UTS Harvard referencing website provides immediate help in referencing and citing a document. The UTS referencing generator has been developed so that the student using the same face no hardship. Any number of sources and any type of sources can be referenced using our tool. By reading the below section, you will understand how you can use our online UTS interactive referencing generator:

Submit the required information: Once you visit our UTS online referencing tool page, you are first supposed to choose the referencing style that is to be followed in an assignment. There are different referencing styles from which you can choose one, like Harvard, Chicago, APA or Vancouver. The next step would be to select the category of source that you want to reference and fill in all its details. The details include information related to the author's name, publication year, the source's title, and place of publication. Our UTS referencing generator incorporates all the essential referencing styles. When all the details have been filled in, you need to move to the subsequent detailing.

Generating in-text citations: When all the details of a source have been filled, re-check the details and when you think that you are good to go, click on the generate reference button. The UTS Harvard referencing generator will immediately give out the references as per the details filled by you. The generated references can be used in the assignment without making any amendments. Ensure that all the in-text citations generated have the author's last name and the year of publication. In the case of direct quotations, a student has to insert the page number of the source as well so that the in-text citation can have page numbers as well.

Copy citations and references from the UTS referencing generator: When you have generated the references as per the details fed by you, copy-paste the output on the last page of the assignment. The citations generated will be inserted in the form of in-text citations with the idea written from the particular source. All the references generated with the help of the UTS referencing generator tool will be placed under the heading, reference list on the last page of a document. The in-text citations need to be inserted in the paper manually as there is no option to be automatically placed in the document. One of the best features of the UTS referencing generator is its free access which means that you are not required to pay any penny for its usage. The instant help is for all students looking to reference their assignments without paying any money.

Notable features of the UTS referencing generator tool

Many referencing generators are available online, but the UTS referencing generator created by comes with several benefits. There is no comparison between the tool created by and the rest of the other tools created by the competitors. Including the free service, the UTS referencing generator tool has the following features:

  • Generates instant results without any waiting time
  • All information sources can be cited with the help of the tool
  • A student is not supposed to register for using the referencing generator
  • It is a cloud-based tool and can be functioned from any place
  • It can be used on mobiles as well as computers
  • It can be accessed on the word go

Is there anything more that you want? Our UTS referencing generator tool has so many features that a student will not be required to ask for anything more. With our tool's features, you cannot find a similar tool on any other website. But still, it is your choice to use our tool or go with any other referencing generator tool generating incorrect references and citations.

Which referencing styles do the UTS referencing website cover?

The UTS referencing generator cover all referencing styles as applicable in a University. If a student has an assignment that recommends the usage of APA7 referencing instead of Harvard, the tool can be used to generate APA7 referencing. The UTS referencing generator supports all styles of references, including Harvard:

  • UTS APA referencing
  • UTS Vancouver referencing
  • UTS Chicago referencing
  • UTS ASA referencing
  • UTS IEEE referencing

Apart from the reference mentioned above g styles, a student can also use the tool to generate many other styles. As explained in the ‘How to use’ section, a student can select his preferred referencing style before working on the tool. In case a student wants the references and in-text citations to be in APA format, he should select APA before filling in the details of all the sources. If the student does not change the selection, then it is definite that an incorrect output will be generated.

Which sources can be referenced with the help of the UTS referencing generator tool?

The UTS referencing generator tool has been developed in a way to cover a variety of information sources. Be it any source, whether an online article or a printed source of information, the tool will create the reference of the source as per the UTS APA referencing format. The creation of the reference will be in a few seconds so a student can use our UTS referencing generator tool for all types of sources mentioned below:

  • Blog
  • Journal
  • Book
  • Chapter of a book
  • Court cases
  • Conference proceedings
  • E-book
  • Dissertation
  • E-journal
  • Government publication
  • Edited book reference
  • Legislation
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Software
  • Patent
  • Website

Do not worry if a source you are looking to reference has not been mentioned in this list. Our UTS referencing generator tool incorporates all types of sources. Once you go on to the UTS referencing website, you will find that it covers all types of sources.

Use our UTS APA referencing tool for generating references in all types of documents.

The referencing generator of provides a to z of referencing help for different kinds of assignments. Whether the student is in university, college or school, he can use our UTS APA/Harvard referencing generator. We use the referencing generator for assignments that are delivered to students across the world. For example, a student can get support in referencing a document as per the chosen style in the below types of papers:

  • Marketing assignments
  • Essays
  • Case study
  • Dissertation
  • Term papers
  • Thesis
  • Research paper
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Homework
  • Question and answer

A student can also seek our academic writing services to get a ready-made assignment with references and citations as per his preference. If a student has already written his assignment but has not referenced it, he can always use our UTS referencing generator tool to create a reference list.

Frequently asked questions on UTS referencing

What is the format of citing a book in UTS?

In order to cite a book in UTS style, a student has to write the last name of the author of a source along with the year of publication. In the case of referencing the said source, the student should write the author's last name, his initials, the publication year, the title in italics, edition, name of the publisher, and place of publication. The sources in the reference list will have a hanging indent that is the second line of the reference will be indented.

In-text Citation: (Long 2006)
Reference list: Long, J.D. 2006, Reading essays in college: A guide to complete papers, 9th edn, Penguin, New Zealand.
In-text Citation: (Gayle & Layer 2010)
Reference list: Gayle, S.D. & Layer, K.M. 2010, Reading academic books, 10th edn, Pearson, New York.

What is et al. in UTS referencing?

Et al. in Latin means 'and others', and it forms a part of all referencing styles. In UTS referencing, especially in Harvard style, et al. denote four or more authors. Et al. in UTS Harvard referencing is used in in-text citations.

In-text Citation: (Abram et al. 1999)
Reference list: Abram, C.K., Paris, K., Ola, S.M. & Sen, M.K. 1999, Communication in a digital world, Cross roads, New South Wales.

Is it possible to generate ACS referencing style using the UTS referencing generator?

No, the tool doesn’t support the ACS referencing style. However, we can recommend several other referencing generators that can create a reference list in ACS style, like Cite this for me, BibGuru, Citation Machine, BibMe, etc. We have verified the accuracy of these tools. The tools have been developed on the latest programming language and can be freely accessed by all the students.

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