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Are you perplexed thinking, ‘Can anybody edit my paper?’ can.

After attending long lectures in the university, you think of relaxing when you get back to your own space, but then suddenly you have a perplexing feeling. You remember that you have an assignment submission the next day, and the task requires significant editing. You are too tired and do not want to take a risk by editing the task all by yourself when you are pretty much sure that you won’t be able to put in your 100% attention. The first thought that runs through your mind is, ‘Can anybody edit my paper?’ Although you may not like taking help from somebody in completing your assignments, but there are situations where you need to keep aside such feelings. 

edit my paper

We at understand the efforts that a student puts in while writing his assignments all by himself. So we have always encouraged such efforts of writing and have guided those students by helping them with our editing services. We are the ones who can edit your paper by pointing out the high points and low points of your paper.  

Whom to ask for, ‘Can you edit my paper?'

 We do not like boasting about ourselves or our services; the review provided by our clients says it all. Visit our homepage; you will see a variety of feedback from our satisfied students. You can also come across some feedback that does not go well with our image, but we are still contented as we could smile on our 98 per cent of clients. These 98 per cent of clients have approved our services, including the edit my paper service that we provide.

 We have experts for all subjects and fields of study, along with an in-house team of editors and proofreaders who keep an eye on all assignments before passing it on to the students. The rigorous effort put in by our team makes us one of the leading online academic writing services.

 We have committed ourselves to the task of serving students who are unable to cope up with the academic pressures. By availing of our services, you can achieve better grades at reasonable prices. The team at accepts all your requests related to edit my paper with a guarantee of perfection and quality.

Every business has some special features that set them apart from the rest, but it is rare that they would ever disclose it in public, but this is not the same with our services. We believe in imparting knowledge, be it in the form of assignment writing or providing useful tips which the students can apply before submitting their assignments. Editing and proofreading are not limited to grammar check; rather, it goes beyond it and involves checking the tone of the written content, its relevancy, formatting, etc. If at all, you are looking for someone who can edit my paper, reach out to us. 

 Taking help from academic editors
An academic editor is a person who helps in strengthening, highlighting and organizing the ideas or arguments mentioned in a document. These people remove repetitive content from an article apart from making improvements on the paper's formatting and language. When you enquire, ‘Can you edit my paper?’ the academic editors are the best persons who can answer your question by providing their flawless services. They are not counted as writers; rather, they have their own specifications and skills with absolute proficiency in delivering a perfect paper.

 The academic editors have outstanding subject knowledge along with mastery over different languages. They always look for clarity in a paper, and if in case they do not find so, they make amendments. The instructions related to edit my paper must be clear so that the editors can make the changes apart from checking grammar and punctuation errors. plays the role of rescuer for people who are looking for editing services. We welcome all types of people, be it students or business houses who are looking to send a proposal to one of their clients but are unsure whether it is perfect or not. Students making mistakes while writing an assignment paper is normal; we always encourage such students by giving our editing and proofreading services. Be it any paper, a dissertation, essay, case study, term paper, proposals, lab reports, CDR’s, reports, etc., our academic editors can edit everything. Just upload the paper in which you require our edit my paper services and mention the things that you are looking to improve; our academic editors are ready to take this challenge.

Best deals from on 'Edit my paper' services. is a home to different services, including assignment writing and editing. Students who are looking forward to getting a complete assignment or students who are looking for 'Edit my paper' services, both can reach out to us. We are an affordable service provider ready to give discounts on all types of assignments, considering the students' cash crunch while studying aboard. can become the ideal service provider when you look to edit my paper services due to the below features 

  • More than 10 years of experience in providing editing and proofreading services
  • Checking each and every sentence of the article while editing and proofreading
  • Exemplary understanding of guidelines and marking criteria
  • Proficient in proofreading and page formatting
  • Eliminating errors in sentencing and maintaining the flow of information
  • Maintaining smooth transitions
  • Maintaining consistency and streamlining the information
  • Checking and correcting spelling and punctuation errors
  • Correcting other grammatical errors
  • Enhancing the quality of the article

Students who are non-native to the country in which they are enrolled are not confident about their writing skills, so they always search for, 'Can anybody edit my paper?' At, we have experts from every country, so you need not worry when you hire our services.

How important is proofreading and editing?

There is no denying that the content is the most important part of assignment writing, but the way the assignment is presented is also an important criterion to judge its effectiveness. After putting a lot of effort into finishing the assignment, you won't like your professor cutting down your grades for some careless errors, which you could have corrected if you had time to proofread and edit the assignment before submission.

It is a general notion that proofreading and editing can be done within a few minutes, but this can lead to major errors being passed on without getting rectified. Proofreading and editing cannot be done simultaneously when you are writing the paper, nor can it be done immediately after completing the assignment. You need to strategize the process of 'Edit my paper' so that you can look for one type of error at one time.

It will take some extra time and effort, but the process will leave you contented at the end of the day. If you are aware of the type of errors you commit, it would be much easier for you.

Always separate the process of proofreading and editing. While writing a draft, you should not worry about the errors that you are committing in the sentences, punctuations, spelling, etc. The attitude will help you in drafting an efficient paper. If in case you feel that you are doing two acts at the same time, just stop and take a break. Focusing on two different things will cost you heavily, and you will not be able to justify the content with regards to the requirements of the task.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

The terms editing and proofreading are used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them when it comes to a final reading of an article before submission. Different techniques are adopted in both processes. Editing starts from the time you have written your draft, and you are moving ahead to write the final version of the assignment. You should thoroughly read the draft to understand its structure, check the transition between paragraphs, refer back to the evidence, etc. Proofreading is the last stage in the process of 'edit my paper'. You need to check the obvious errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, sentencing errors, or punctuation errors in this stage. Proofreading should be done when all the other amendments have been done, and you are ready to submit the work.

Editing is done based upon the below criteria’s:

editing criteria checking


  • Checking the requirements of the task and claims made in the assignment
  • Verifying the inclusion and completion of arguments
  • Supporting all facts and figures with evidence
  • Checking relevancy


  • Checking the points covered in the introduction and conclusion
  • Ensuring that the thesis statement is preset in the introduction
  • Establishing a relationship between paragraphs and the thesis statement
  • Verifying the flow of information


  • Verifying topic sentence in each paragraph
  • Ensuring that all the paragraphs are related to the main idea
  • Checking the completion of all sentences


  • Verifying the definition of important terms
  • Ensuring that all the sentences generate a meaning
  • Correcting the usage of pronouns
  • Expressing ideas through correct words


  • Usage of appropriate tone
  • Do not overuse a word.
  • Verifying the length of sentences
  • Eliminating overuse of phrases


  • Checking the format of the citations
  • Using correct punctuations while quoting something
  • Ensuring that all the references have been cited

Proofreading is done based upon the below criteria’s

proofreading error checking

Spelling checks

  • Check for spelling errors and correct use of words.
  • Ensure synonyms used in a sentence is bringing out the meaning

Grammar check

  • Identify all the errors in a sentence.
  • Revise the sentence if it sounds incomplete
  • Eliminate usage of active and passive voice at the same time
  • Re-checking punctuation placement


  • Checking font size and font style
  • Using same font color in the entire assignment
  • Adjusting the margins as per the guidelines of the task
  • Providing page numbers
  • Giving correct space between word and paragraphs as mentioned in the guidelines of the task

When you make editions on the above grounds, you will realize that you have put in the same amount of efforts that you had put in while writing the assignment. You need to find out different tactics that can help you in the process of proofreading and editing. The main element of the process is to remain focused, so once you have it, you will be able to rectify all sorts of errors. Assignments having a lesser word count can be edited by the person who has written the assignment, but assignments having larger word counts like thesis or dissertations, it is recommended to take help for editing purposes. In such a situation, the student can ask his friend or any of the family members, ‘Please edit my paper’.

Editing and proofreading services from our editors

While hiring our editors, we have ensured that only those people get selected who are best in this field. Many of the writers in our team are retired professors who write columns in different newspapers. They are well aware of the academic guidelines and also the form of content that the readers are looking to read. The amount of experience and the number of articles proofread and edited by them is immense. Whenever you approach us, be assured that your article is in safe hands and be ready to receive a product that will help in building your confidence in us.

The team is aware of the situation when a student looks for, 'Who can edit my paper', as they have also faced such situations during their college life. There is no guilt in asking for help in completing assignments. Students can learn from others to become proficient and confident in future. The writers look at every detailing when it comes to editing and proofreading as they cannot skip any detailing, which may affect the grades of the student. If you are new to writing, you wouldn’t want your first piece to be rejected without the professor having a glance at it. So it is necessary to take some help either from your peers, from available samples on the internet or request Total assignment help for ‘Edit my paper’ services.

We hope that after reading this content, every student will be in a position to proofread and edit his/her content without looking for any external help.

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