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Describe the Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd?


Task: Describe the Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd?


Overview of the Business
The Fast Track Courier business is a highly reputed market participant that is involved in making the delivery consignments within the New South Wales region. It has been delivering consistent performance in the market for the past fifteen years. The major operations that the business is involved in include, the shipment of medium to large sized parcels across the metropolitan Sydney.

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The Fast Track Courier business is a highly reputed market participant that is involved in making the delivery consignments within the New South Wales region. It has been delivering consistent performance in the market for the past fifteen years. The major operations that the business is involved in include, the shipment of medium to large sized parcels across the metropolitan Sydney.

The team of the Fast Track is always dedicated towards its services as it believes in producing the best for the customers. The team puts constant efforts to create the best possible out of everything in a professional manner and takes less time for the delivering of the products. The team strives to meet the expectations of the customers as well as to maintain the standards for various personal services in a healthy and friendly manner.

Report on the changes of Fast track courier services
Brief analysis of the company's objectives to identify the changes required:
Change in goals:

Target 1: The main target of the company is to achieve the strategic goals as well as to maintain the operational factors to ensure a better business scale for the company. The organization has aims to enhance the market structure in more locations so that the firm can reach to more number of people within a short time.

But, to develop this, the organization needs to have a better understanding of the technology, should know about the intention of the competitors, as well as requires support from the workers. When a company makes their base strong in terms of technology, then it surely gives a tough competition to the other competitors.

The advancement in the technological fields helps to get a better market price and share and improves the image of the organization. The technology is a vital part of every firm as it helps to track the records of each moment digitally. The digital records are more secure and give the proper results than pen and paper.

The firm can't run smoothly all the time. The hurdles are common to every sector, but the approaches are of course different. Some try to resolve the matter by going deep into it, and few often try to cut the cause to avoid further crises. Therefore, technology helps to track the details and even helps in case of emergency, which is the best part of this organization.

Target 2: Apart from tracking the records, the digital methods or approaches are helping the firm to collect the crucial data or information regarding the policies and other procedures that help in maintaining the systems perfectly. Policies are the important part, of every firm; therefore these are needed to be followed by every employee working for the organization. The technology also helps to check the use of resources and gives a correct report on this to the higher authorities.

Who: The Company has planned to develop the employment of technology like the GPS systems or the PDA to enhance the distribution systems of the organization. The organization proposes to expand the business in more metropolitan cities, which will ultimately increase the share of the company in the marketplace by delivering more number of products that will vary from small size to large size.

This can only be achieved by the efficient workforce as well as with developed or advanced technology. The company also plans to expand its productivity reports by using the proper PDA data. The slow distribution systems of the company produce late delivery service to the users who can put a negative image on the others; hence the developers of the firm are trying hard to decrease the delivery system by making some effective changes.

How: The lack in the training sessions leads to some issues, so the organization is planning to change the systems to bring back the trust from the employees as well as to motivate the workers to yield better products for more profit. The training programs are given to the particular set of people who are in need of that as the changes are sometimes difficult to adopt by all.

These categories of employees are put in a different organizational structure to reduce the number of threats from the organization. The employees need to take the process seriously to adopt the changes as soon as possible to bring the better productivity for the organization that will help in the long run. The management has the entire responsibility to change the training programs, to maintain the goals as well as to add new elements for the proper functioning of staffs.

Link between the identified changes and firm strategic plan goals

Strategic goals

Related change in goals

To develop the business in more of cities, especially in the metropolitan cities.

The target 1 is about the maintenance as well as the implementation of the GPS system, which are considered as the best options for tracking the details about the delivery and supplies. The firm aims to achieve better productivity by improving the efficiency of the GPS systems, which will automatically enhance the scope in the marketplace.

Plans to deliver medium as well as large size products in the delivery process to increase the market share by 7.5%.

It is true that to increase the scope of the market or to open someoptions for delivering large size of products always needs the technological support. The technology will help the firm to grow more and more within a short time and will increase the scale of productivity.

Managing the employees in the form of the integrated loom by using the advanced versions of the technology.

To improve the bonds between the employees and track the records of them needs the proper installation of technical tools, which will help to mark the process as well as will locate the location easily. The GPS systems can only do this, so the firm needs to have a better version of the GPS systems.

To develop the workplace effectively and efficiently.

Workers always need some motivation and easy services to deliver the products in time. Therefore, the firm decides to develop the automated gate systems, which will help the drivers to a great extent. The manual labor will be reduced to a huge extent, and they will feel rejuvenated to work for longer period.

Analysis of cost
What are the requirements?
As per the analysis about the organization, the firm has planned to set up new technical tools, to increase the numbers of trucks as well as to change the strategic implementation within the company. When the changes are done, of course, it will require more amounts of money, human resources, and tools.

Lifting up new automatic gates, change in the style of technological tools and using commercial trucks will demand more cost from the organization. Apart from this, the firm has also decided to increase the share market rate to 7.5% as a result of which they are expecting more profits for the organization. The cost will be more for the organization in fulfilling these requirements for the betterment of the productivity.

Define the change of cost
Initially, the company has decided to change the policy of the truck drivers. They have thought to follow the procedure like two drivers per truck, but it has been changed. The new policy is to send one driver per truck. The firm made the changes to bring benefits to the organization by increasing theircomfortability.

The drivers are advised to use one truck for one driver, and the other employees or drivers need to drive the new truck they are going to purchase. The organization has also planned to increase the number of trucks to give increase the productivity. They have finally decided to increase the number of trucks, and they have expanded by eight trucks.

These novel trucks will help the drivers to deliver within a short time to more areas, which will result in a positive manner. To increase the pattern of the delivery as well as to minimize the delivery time, the company has increased the number of trucks. Extra charges are included in the list due to the relocation of the employees, changing the shifts, as well as by adding other external factors.

The addition of new employees will demand or incur a cost for the organization, which will also attract expenses. To increase the delivery options, extra charges are required. The company is trying to set up new things to develop the rate of productivity, but special things cost more. The firm has also decided to add new hubs in the organization that is estimated properly. This again adds more burdens as well as cost on the concerned department.

What are the risks?
The risks of the organization are regarding the practices, operations, and policies that have a major impact on the strategic goals. Initially, the risks are associated with the firm's investment as well as with the other things, which are mentioned below:

Impact of people:
As per the sources, the major issues are linked with the organization's strategic goals. Until the employees feel secure and get the motivation from the workplace, they will not be able to work properly to give maximum productivity to the firm. The desired results will not be achieved as per the planned structure. The drivers of the organization feel that the installation of the PDA systems in the trucks prove that the organization doesn't trust them.

This is the main reason for which they don't want to install the devices in the organization. They are strictly against this system and don't want to indulge in it. The firm has also changed the policy for the drivers that one driver is assigned to a particular truck instead of two. This policy hurts the truck drivers and also results in the poor management process. The adverse effects on the drivers lead to a bad working condition of them.

Impact of the processes
The organization has planned to change the systems for better performance of the drivers. Due to the slow distribution process in delivery systems, the organization has decided to install the PDA systems, which are supposed to minimize the workloads and will deliver the products within a short time. But, the drivers are not feeling well with the processes as they are thinking that the automatic gates, as well as the PDA systems, are affecting the delivery process due to the involvement of the man-handled unloading and loading services.

Impact of the Technology
The organization has planned to change the monitoring process by planning proper GPS systems as well as PDA systems within the firm. These devices are supposed to increase the security process and will enhance the productivity of the company by providing better services in less time.

The employees, especially the drivers are against the services and didn't want to adopt it. They feel as the company doesn't trust them. Therefore they are installing the devices and monitor their tracks. Due to this reason, they are not willing to accept the changes within the organization that ultimately affects in the late delay of the products.

Impact of the structure
Most of the time, the General Manager of the organization is out of town and have no direct communication with the workers. They are unable to see the working condition of the workers as well as of the organization. They get the reports from other authorities regarding the work and sitting from a far distance; they are making the changes for the workers.

It leads to demotivate the workers as they are feeling helpless to share their views on the implementation of the policies. There is no such administration, control or workforce for the workers in motivating their spirit to work effectively.

What are the benefits of every change?
There are several benefits associated with the new changes that are supposed to be implemented in the organization. The firm has planned to change the GPS system by improving the technical tools. The GPS systems are very useful in tracking the details of the employees, direction of the vehicles as well as other essential information about the company.

The rise in the technology has made the lifestyle so easy and charming. Now, it's very easy to get the details regarding anything without wasting time. The advanced tools are used in the companies to avoid the unknown attacks and to maintain the workplace in a definite pattern. To maintain a secure workplace, it is vital to install the devices like GPS and PDA systems within the firm.

Apart from the technical tools, there are other positive impacts on the services due to the change in the systems. These changes are possible after implementing new truck services in the company. When the number of trucks is more, then the delivery of the materials will increase, and the trucks will be able to carry some larger or medium size materials.

The workloads of the drivers will also decrease as they will get enough time to deliver the products when the number of trucks increased. There will be less restriction on the time factor as the driver will get sufficient time to communicate with each other while delivering the services.

With the rise in the trucks within the firm, the efficiency of the work will also increase as a result of which the company will enhance the scale of productivity. As per the company's policy, the firm has decided to appoint one driver in one truck due to the increase in the trucks. It leads to decrease the pressure from the workers as they will feel in the vehicles.

Due to the change in the structure, like the firm has planned to change the gates will make them automatic, so the tension of gate system will be released to a great extent. The drivers will feel relax as they will have no tensions of loading and unloading the materials within the firm. All the time, the employees will enjoy their work and will be feeling motivated by the new changes.

Analyzing the benefits of the risks





Change in the GPS system


Due to the implementation of the GPS systems; the drivers are not feeling as good as they think that the organization does not trust them. Therefore, they are installing the devices to interfere in their matter as well as track the details.

GPS will give proper information as it is not possible to maintain the records in pen and paper. The digital technology helps in maintaining the data within a short time and will produce relevant data.

The new changes in the GPS systems will give a clear idea about the competitors in the marketplace.

Including more number of trucks,

Cost may be 6000000

The organization will face certain issues while delivering the products to the regional locations within the next three years.

With the rise in the trucks, the efficiency of the work will also enhance. The delivery capacity of the organization will also rise as they will enough options to transfer the products of any size within the stipulated time frame.

Change in the policy of drivers; One driver per truck

May affect the salary process or wages

Drivers are ready to accept the change that the firm has planned to make. The drivers think that they might face in loading and unload the products when they deal alone with it.

They are completely unsatisfied with the services as well as with the decision of the firm.

The change in the policy of the drivers will reduce much of the tensions.

They can easily use the resources and can fulfill the requirements in time.

The chances of getting any issues related to the delivery process will reduce to a great extent.

The probability of the injuries will also decrease with the implementation of the new systems within the organization.

Categorized changes
Structural changes
It is true that the changes are inevitable. Every firm needs to accept the changes, but the changes should be by the strategic goals of the firm. The firm needs to change both the internal as well as the external environment of it. While redesigning the structure, the company has to see all the possibilities that are associated with it.

Initially, the goal of the firm needs to be changed as with the rise in time; the organization has to build strength with others by implementing the new changes as well as accepting various procedures. The structural changes mainly include the hierarchy, characteristics, and goals of the organization. Any of the changes in these three categories within the firm will fall under the structural changes. Therefore, it is necessary to check or monitor the structural changes as the entire division of the company depends on these categories.

Process oriented:
It is always essential to recheck the processes that are implemented in the firm. Monitoring the processes at a regular period will ensure better productivity for the organization and will allow the company to run smoothly. The services that are already established in the organization needs to change as there are several options to carry forward the process in an effective manner.

Whatever the changes are made or will be made in the organization, will be only for the employees or workers working within the company. They need to accept the changes for yielding more productivity.

Sometimes the changes are highly feasible as they are providing a huge number of options to change the present scenario. Of course, the changes will ensure more amount of cost, but once the changes are done, then the benefits will automatically come for the rest of the future. The plans will be set, and the organization will run relevantly.

Risks associated with the changes requirements:




Implementation of the GPS

The workers who are not willing to accept the changes as they have different thinking, which is similar to the old employees.

The old workers of the organization may not accept the results that are coming in the new GPS systems.

Even if the workers are accepting the changes, then it will take much time to train them regarding the new services, which will again require much cost.

Sometimes the experts are not available to teach the new devices to the employees.

Staffs are not ready to accept the changes and start to compare it with the records.

Drivers are against these GPS systems as they don’t someone to track them always.

New automatic gates

Drivers face problems while loading and unloading.

It needs a huge amount of money to set up the structure.

The professional workers might face certain difficulties during the setup time.

The new drivers are unaware of the facts, so they face issues while transferring from place to place.

One driver is assigned to one truck.

There are chances of losing the old employees.

Drivers will be unable to release the pressure when they are alone.

Motivating the staffs to accept the changes is one of the toughest things in every organization.

Strategies for the mitigation
The mitigation strategies are required to reduce the overall impact of the risk that is probably occurring in the organization. Therefore, it is vital to develop a high-level of mitigation strategy; otherwise, the effects will be more like increasing staffing or reducing the shape. The risk mitigation strategies are the processes that help in developing the actions to enhance the opportunities as well as to reduce the chances of threats.

Assume: Assume or acknowledge the particular risk, and make some deliberate decisions to accept it without involving or engaging the special efforts to control it.

Avoid: Adjust programs constraints are helping to reduce the risk. These adjustments can be accommodated by changing the funds, technical requirements or schedule.

Control: Implement the actions properly.

Transfer: Redesigning the organization regarding accountability, responsibility as well as authority.

Watch/monitor: Monitor the surroundings to see the effects of changes or impact of changes.

Change management plan
The change management system is adopted in the organization due to poor performances of the employees as well as managers.

  1. Determine: It is necessary to determine what are the changes are required for the firm, from where the resources will come, how to implement the changes and what it will do for the target audience.
  2. Brainstorm the ideas: After determining the factors, collect various ideas from various resources to reach a particular solution. Brainstorming helps in evaluating as well as analyzing the possible ways to get out of the problems.
  3. Decide the path to proceed: After brainstorming the ideas, decide the path to carry forward the process which will bring profits for the firm.
  4. Write the necessary steps to follow: Step by step follow the procedure to avoid any unnecessary burdens while changing the system of the company.
  5. Set the time: Maintaining the time is the crucial part. Otherwise, it would take much time to reach the goal.
  6. Reflect the changes: The changes that are implemented in the firm should be beneficial for everyone who is working for the organization. Managers should may sure about changes in each department.
  7. Identify risks: Risks should be identified within the time frame, else will be too difficult to manage them later.
  8. Put the idea on paper: Write the strategies on the paper for better understanding and to maintain the document work.

What are the components of the plan?

  1. Stakeholder management
    1. Role of the main stakeholder: The top-level managers are coming under this category, and they are responsible for the entire change of the firm.
    2. Level of commitment: The commitment should be there at each level to avoid the risks.
    3. Problems: The main problems are linked with the drivers as well as with the stakeholders.

    Therefore, the firm needs to take certain steps to avoid the risks of losing the connection with the stakeholders in future.

  2. Communication plan:?
    1. Audience: The drivers and stakeholders are the targets.
    2. Message: The information about the changes should reach everyone so that one of the workers will not face any issues while using it.
    3. Proper communication: The flow of communication should be maintained with the stakeholders during the changes, otherwise firm may face some loses.
    4. How to do this: Communication can be done through meetings or personal discussion.
    5. Who is responsible: Leaders are there in each group to pass the message.

Measuring success
The success rates are always analyzed for the future perspectives.

How to maintain success report:

  1. The format of the report: Every firm has a reporting method to maintain the changes that will occur in the firm.
  2. When-Monthly or yearly basis.
  3. Several copies are maintained.

List of resources

  1. Firm needs experts to implement the changes.
  2. The requirement of Training materials like books, pen, and papers.
  3. Motivational speakers.
  4. Bonus arrangement.
  5. Advanced devices to handle the changes.

Review of the company
The organization always aims to build up the market share so to be preferred as the best choice by the customers. Every time the company wants to change the delivery system to facilitate some products and to offer better facilities to the customers. The company has always maintained the strong bond with the employees, and many such workers are with the organization for a long time.

The motto of the company is to build up the trust among the employees, as well as even with the drivers, and motivate them to work productively for the betterment of the organization. Whatever the changes are made in the organization are quickly informed to every member of different teams. The drivers are even are trained to accept the changes as the company doesn't want to leave a bad impression on the customers, and thus details are fulfilled in mind to satisfy the requirements.

Result of Survey

  • Higher authorities are satisfied with the changes.
  • Communication process becomes more flexible between the staffs.
  • Employees are happy after the motivational speeches and classes.
  • New technical groups are allotted to carry forward the process.

Revised plan of communication

  • Scrutinizing the old data.
  • Analyze them properly.
  • Fills all the gaps.
  • See for alternatives.
  • Arrange meeting.
  • Use proper communication channels.

Importance of stakeholders

  1. They will give details information about the changes.
  2. Proper communication and understanding will be maintained as per the requirements.
  3. Financial details will be analyzed correctly by them.

Creative technique

  • Improvement in employee relationship.
  • Personal meetings or group discussion.
  • Healthy atmosphere.

How to maintain communication with truck drivers?

  • Analyze their problem.
  • Make effective decision to fulfill their demands.
  • Explain them the changes properly.
  • Solve their issues in time.
  • Arrange a frequent meeting to know the details about them.

The organizations have gone through several changes, but have also faced the resistance on the part of the workers. The firm has certain issues with the truck drivers regarding the implementation of the PDA and GPS system, which needs to sort out quickly. Otherwise, the company may lose some old staffs. The management needs to adopt few things that are essential for the employees like motivational classes, experts to teach about the advanced tools and other changes in the firm.


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