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Write my thesis for me

Can you Write My thesis for Me?

It is that time of the year, where you will find most of the college students running around and wondering with the thought, “Who can write my thesis for me?”!

Every year, with each assignment as the date of submission, closes in, students start to realise that they are far away from completing their essay and academic paper; most of the students haven’t even started yet.

The panic causes them to write a weak thesis which is un-researched, doesn’t follow the format as per guidelines and is full of errors! Though this enables them to submit something to their university to avoid complete failure, however, the actual quality of such essay is relatively poor and doesn't get them the grades they require. 

During such times it becomes essential that students understand the importance of an essay and why they need to put additional focus in submitting a well-made thesis which follows every guideline, is well-researched and written and proofread several times to achieve perfection.

We can now have a look at why writing a thesis has become so complicated for students these days!

Challenges faced in writing a Thesis
There are multiple problems that a student faces while tackling the huge task of writing a thesis. The foremost reason for this is the sheer significance and value a thesis holds in the academic life of a student. Many professors themselves regard a thesis paper, as the single most important piece of the document submitted by a student at the end of the academic course.

By definition, a thesis, is just another academic document summited by a student containing, original research and findings. However, the real task of writing a thesis paper comes with a lot of challenges and the huge pressure of formulating a well-made paper, which gets you the grades that you need!

It is very important for students to overcome these challenges, one resolution to this that students come to, is to go to Google and typing ‘write my thesis for me’ and having someone write their paper for them, without looking into their background and competency. In order to find a suitable person, who can provide a well-made thesis paper, which overcomes the issues faced by you, it is important to first identify those issues: 

Below are some of the most common problems which are faced by students when writing a thesis:

1. Little to No Academic Writing Experience leading to search for who can write my thesis for me
It is one of the bitter realities of the education system. Since middle school, the primary focus of schools has become only to generate turnover. Grades and scores matter more than what students are actually learning. Academic writing is an important skill which a student utilises from the early stages of their education quite possibly their entire lives.

Therefore it is important that educational institutes make it a priority to help students learn the art of academic writing instead of focusing on grades. Only by learning through example and writing responsibly can young students incorporate the various academic writing techniques, which will help them in the future. Most students these days lack the experience needed to write well-made academic essays and thesis papers, hence need to look for someone who can write my thesis for me.

2. Inadequate Research Skills
Another major challenge which students face is having the right organisational and critical thinking skills for research. Research constitutes a large part of the thesis writing process. Only by performing vigorous research can you incorporate the most minute details and observations in the academic document.

However, research does not mean that you go to Google and type a bunch of keywords. Real research involves great planning, organising, critical thinking, and judgement of credible sources. It is important for students to learn these skills with time, and put enough time and efforts into this stage to gather up all the relevant pieces of information. Significant research helps in reducing the time required to write the actual thesis document and helps streamline the flow of thoughts and ideas as well.

3. Strict Schedule and No time!
It is the biggest challenge faced by students while completing their thesis, which makes them lookout for someone who can 'write my thesis for me'. The curriculum has become so vast these days, which students find it very hard to make time for them. There are numerous academic activities which students have to put up with such as, classes, assignments, projects, part-time jobs, and other extra-curricular activities. 

It sucks up all of the time that they have and leaves them with no time to perform research and write their thesis. The curriculum is wide, and the schedules are very strict, this makes it hard for them to keep up with everything and ensure good academic performance.

4. Academic Pressure!
The academic pressure that is being put on students is almost unbearable. Due to the vast curriculum, and the never-ending assignments, students undergo a lot of stress and pressure. It affects their level of competency and hinders creativity. In order to create the best academic documents, it is important that students are in a healthy state of mind while writing a thesis paper.

Many students develop various acute mental health issues, which can turn serious if left unchecked. Issues like anxiety, stress, loss of focus, short term memory loss, inability to perform various tasks, and depression have become quite common among college and university student and young adults around the world.

5. Confusing Guidelines!
And lastly, the confusing guidelines are one of the biggest problems faced by students. Universities are very strict and expect students to submit superior quality of thesis papers and academic documents, but the assessment guidelines provided by them can sometimes be too confusing in nature.

Many students complain that the guidelines set by the university for the thesis are quite ambiguous and create a large scope of errors. Even the project advisors sometimes have no clue. As a result, students have no choice other than to make an educated guess and submit a document which they are not sure about.

Such challenges make it very difficult for students to effectively formulate a good assignment. It is why students seek guidance and support why finding someone who can ‘write my thesis for me’!

What are the tips for hiring someone to write my thesis for me?
In order to find a suitable individual to get your perfectly written thesis assignments, you must first understand what to look for! Assignment and thesis writing is a vast field with various people claiming to be expert writers without anything to show for! So if you think you will go to Google and write ‘write my thesis for me’ and hire the person that pops up first, you would be dead wrong!

There are a lot of folks out there who run fraudulent websites, and dupe needy students! Students are worried about their assignment deadlines and look for some assignment writing service tend to overlook the fact it is necessary to check the credibility. Many students lose money in hopes of getting a good thesis, in less than a day!

To avoid losing time and money, we have compiled a list of tips which you can refer to when finding someone to write my thesis for me!

  • Don’t sound Desperate!
  • Regardless of whether you are asking your friends to find someone who can write my thesis for me, or going to an online service provider, it is important that you do not sound desperate. Just like any other business transaction, if you let the other entity know that you are desperate; you will lose your advantage, and might end up paying more than what you should.

    Make sure you stay calm and composed while talking to them, to accurately present your requirements and negotiate a good deal for both of you. If you're in a state of panic, you can make the best decisions and hiring someone to write your academic thesis is a pretty huge decision.

  • Good things take time!
  • You will always find writers who will claim to deliver your 3000-word thesis documents within a day! However, the skill of a person does not matter here, writing a good thesis takes time. So make sure that you have enough time on your hands when you approach an assignment provider. 

    A great deal of time and effort goes into making a great thesis document. Therefore you cannot expect to receive the same level of perfection in half the time. Be patient and find the right service provider for you, who are honest with you about the time to be takin to complete your assignment.

  • Be upfront about your situation!
  • If you have any specific requirements form the thesis, always make sure that you communicate them in the beginning or as early as possible to the writer to avoid any confusions in the future. In addition, many times it happens that if you are too late to inform them about any specific requirement and the writers have already written those parts, then you may need to pay extra, as they will have to delete those sections and do additional research and writing.

    Whatever your requirements may be, always let the service provider know and clear them out in the beginning!

  • Do background checks!
  • You would not want to give your thesis assignments to just any tom, dick and harry right? Always conduct a background check on them to see if they are who they claim they are. Contact your friends if they have gotten any assignments written from the particular entity or heard of them.

    Always consider someone who has some experience in the academic writing field. Make sure they have a well-made website which contains more information about them as well as the previous sample which you can look at the check their quality.

  • Never pay the whole amount in advance!
  • It is the mistake most students make when they are in a hurry. Most students get too excited when they find someone who will be writing their thesis for them and end up paying the entire amount in advance! It leaves you at a disadvantage as you do not have any leverage anymore. Now there is absolutely nothing you can do, if you receive a poorly made assignment, or don’t receive one at all.

    Instead, pay half the amount in good faith and ask them to send you a watermarked sample of the work once it’s done, and then you can continue and pay the rest of the amount. It is a win-win situation for both the parties involved.

  • Try to be involved in the process!
  • Always keep talking to writers during the process of getting your thesis, but don't invade their space. It important that the person who is writing your thesis, knows how much it means to you and what significance the document hold in your life. It ensures that they put their most efforts into making the best academic document for you!

  • Learn about the progress!
  • It is normal to get a little tensed when you have no idea how far along your thesis is. Don't shy away from calling your assignment providers to learn about the progress of your thesis. You have every right to call them to know about how much time or the words count is left before you can get your assignments. Good assignment provider will always provide you with an instant update on your assignment progress. In fact, it is important that you call your writers regularly to make sure they are no delays in the writing process.

  • Always proofread the thesis after you receive it!
  • Never blindly put your faith into the assignments you get from an academic writing service, no matter how much you trust them. There is always a scope of missing out minute details and losing things in translation. Therefore, you must always carefully proofread the document you get from an academic writing service and ask them for a plagiarism report as well.

  • Make sure the money is going through the right channels!
  • And the last point is to make sure that the name of the recipient is correct when sending the money. Many times, you can see that the service provider is unreal from the name that appears on the portal they use for the transactions, as banks use verified documents, and thus you can identify if they are using an alias. Always pay through a credible portal, such as PayPal etc. to ensure that your money is going to the right place.

So the next time you are looking for someone to ‘write my thesis for me’ you can look at the above points for guidance. You can also save yourself some trouble and head straight to total assignment help for all your academic assignment needs. We fulfil all of the above points in the checklists, and have the best academic writers who can deliver a well-made and researched academic assignment for you in no time!

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