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How to locate and hire a Professional Essay Writer

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

— Richard Bach

Writers come in all forms and shapes, and professional essay writers are a part of that. Essay writing being such a wide spread phenomenon, it has found its application in almost all forms of writing and publishing in different media. Essays help an individual to express their thoughts, view, and opinions with others in a written format.

What is an Essay?
The word essay is a derivative of the French word essayer, which means ‘to try’ or ‘to make an attempt’. Essay can be described as a short piece of writing on a particular subject, which highlights the opinions of the writer. An essay allows both the writer and the reader to learn something new through the process. A writer may improve upon their research and writing skills while writing an essay, whereas, the readers will learn about the subject of the essay and the author’s point of view on it. Therefore, essays can act as an important tool for communication through the written or print media. This is why almost all of the schools in the world, include essay writing on different topics as an integral part of their curriculum.

Broadly, essays are classified into two categories based on the formality of the contents: Formal Essays, and Informal Essays.

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The key difference between these two types of essays is the nature of topic and the language used in it. In a communicative setting, an informal essay is generally used to give descriptions of deals, practices and happenings. Formal essays in contrast are almost always used in academic research or in a professional setting. The major differences between these two types of essays are the writing style, and the essay composition.

Informal essays do not have a predefined structure, and generally are smaller than formal essays. First person and second person perspective of writing style are often used in informal essays, while describing opinions and thoughts. The contents in informal essays are concise and one article does not analyse the topic in detail. Therefore, informal essays are typically introductory in nature and include only the most important and essential information necessary to educate the reader.

In comparison to an informal essay, formal essays have a particular structure, and are rather detailed. So while the structure changes based on the type of article, there is a standardized introduction, body and conclusion to a formal essay. Formal essays mostly involve professional language and narration in third person. Since formal essays are mostly written to describe a research, it is necessary to include quotations and references in text to add credibility to the document. In addition, formal essays normally have a specific focus and examine a topic in-depth.

Why hire a professional essay writer?
Any students in school or college, feels burdened by the large amount of academic activities that they have to compete with. The numerous classes, tests, assignments, projects , and various other curricular activities makes it very tough for even the most studious of students to find time for themselves and to be able to find the balance between their academic and social lives. This is the reason why hiring a professional essay writer for doing their academic essays becomes such a priority for students, because of the amount of time and efforts that are required for it.

By hiring a professional essay writer from total assignment help, you can rest assured that the best minds in the field of academic writing are putting their top efforts in writing your essay. This will allow you to save a large amount of time and stress, which you would have gone through while doing research, finding the best essay format, and writing the essay. On other added benefit of hiring a professional essay writer is that it allows you to find time for the thing you love to do the most. So now you can go to that job interview, or complete that book, finish writing your thesis, or if nothing get some well-deserved sleep.

Types of Professional Essay Writers
There are many different types of essays which an individual must master in order to be a professional essay writer. Although essay are categorised into two categories, formal and informal, however, there are still various types of writing styles which sets an essay apart from the rest. These essays are classified mainly on the basis of the motive or the purpose of writing that essay.

Let us have a look at the 4 major types of essay which a professional essay writer must have proficiency in:

  1. Narrative Essay- (Used to Tell a narrative) This type of essay deals with the author narrating a story about actual-life experiences. This type of essay might sound fairly easy to write as it involves telling a story, but in practice it is a bit complicated as it encourages students to think and write about oneself. Writers must therefore try to engage the reader while composing a narrative essay by keeping the story as realistic and vibrant as possible. Typically writing this type of essays in the first person narrative allows the reader to get intrigued. Sentences consisting of pronouns such as, "I”, give the audience an impression that they are part of the narrative. A very well-crafted narrative essay is also to be designed to make conclusions or make a personal argument.
  2.  Descriptive essay- (Paints a picture in the reader’s mind) Descriptive is very much like the narrative essay, however, the purpose of this type of essay is to paint a vivid picture with just the words. Professional essay writer may identify a particularly significant person, location, event or even a memory in a descriptive essay. The sort of article, though, is not a description for the sake of explanation. The descriptive essay attempts to convey, through the illustration, a deeper sense. The primary aim of a descriptive essay is to show the reader about the details of the topic of the essay, with the help of illustrative words, literary devices, etc. as opposed to merely "telling" them. A good descriptive essay is appealing to the feelings of the audience, with strongly evocative outcome.
  3.  Expository Essay -(Provides Factual Analysis) The expository essay is a piece of insightful writing which exhibits a structured assessment of a subject. The writer discusses or describes a subject in an expository article, using evidence, numbers, and observations. This type of essay covers a broad range of variants in the essay, such as the essay on compare and contrast, the essay on cause and effect, and the essay on "how to" process. Since expository essays are supported by facts and not personal beliefs, authors do not show their thoughts in the essay by writing in the first person perspective.
  4.  Persuasive Essay- (Convinces the reader ) This essay is similar to an expository essay as it also presents facts, but the purpose of a persuasive essay is to encourage the audience to embrace the opinions or suggestions of the author. A professional essay writer uses facts and logic, as well as explanations, informed opinion and rational arguments to present a case. The author ought to be able to articulate all sides of the story, but must be able to convey clearly and without misunderstanding why a specified argument is correct.

In addition to the above categories, there are various other types of essay which has been in existence for a long time based on the purpose and the aim with which they are written. Some of those are:

  • Definition Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Analytical Essay
  • Compare and Contrast essay
  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Critical Essay
  • Process Essay
  • Synthesis Essay
  • Explicatory Essay
  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay
  • Review Essay
  • Research Essay
  • Illustration Essay
  • Reflective Essay

Many of the essays from the above list are a derivative of the four main types of essay mentioned previously, and therefore all of these essays can be formulated for formally and informally.

Significance of Essays in the Life of a Student
Students are introduced to essay writing, in middle school. This practice of academic writing then persists till graduation and even doctorate courses. Students in middle school, high school or university, think of essay writing as an unnecessary attribute of education and fail to understand its value.

Essay writing plays a crucial in a student’s life in two ways. By contributing a major amount in their academic scores and end results, and helping them develop important skills which they will benefit from, throughout their academic and professional careers.

Academic Significance of Essays
As the education framework, all over the world, is mostly in written format, it becomes very important for students to develop the skill of professional writing since the early stages of their formal education. This is why, the education system all over the world, puts emphasis on teaching students the skill of writing professionally through essays. In efforts to implement this, essay writing has become an integral part of education, which requires students to write various forms of essays quite frequently, in order to build expertise in it. Being such an important part of education, schools implement essays, by grading them on various parameters depending on each essay. These scores then contribute to the overall grades of the whole year, thus increasing the value of every single essay.

Only by practicing the art of essay writing since middle school can a student perform well on the academic essay assignments they get in high schools and graduation courses. During graduation, having the skill to write an impressive essay in a short amount of time comes in handy, because it a well acknowledged fact, that college and university students do not get enough time to manage their personal, academic and professional lives. The amount of stress that is put on a college student is immense and this hiring a professional essay writer becomes a necessity for students, in order to juggle between their classes, part time jobs, exams, and the assignment deadlines and score well.

Personal Significance of Essays
In addition to its importance in the academics, essays also play a vital role in the overall personality development of a student. As students spend a large amount of their time in school, during their development stages, it becomes very important to include activities and topics in the educational framework, which allow them to develop their cognitive and analytical abilities in school. Essays help an individual in more than one ways, by writing an essay as well as reading it.

Essay writing teaches important skills to an individual, which helps them throughout their professional and personal lives. A person, who has been writing academic essays for a long period of time and has mastered it, develops a number of skills and qualities which are necessary for anyone. Here are the skills and qualities which a professional essay writer possesses, that should be a milestone for students who are just beginning with their academic writing journey:

  • Professionalism: This is one of the most practical benefits of essay writing. Essay writing teaches students professionalism by allowing them to think and present their thoughts in a formal way.
  • Work Ethic: Academic essay writing teaches a student the fundamental values of work ethics by allowing them to collaborate with their peers and professors, for their essay topics.
  • Research Skills: Essay writing teaches and improves the researching skills of any individual. It allows them to get out and about to find information and facts about their topic of research, and present it in the essay.
  • Analytical Thinking: A professional essay writer develops and improves upon their analytical skills while writing an essay. An essay provides an individual a medium to present their thoughts and opinions, but in order to do so perfectly, one must analyse their thoughts and reflect upon them.

What makes total assignment help the best place to get professional essay writer’s help?
A professional essay writer is someone who helps you in finding out the best way to writer your academic essays, by providing you guidance and support while writing. A professional essay writer lets you ponder over the topic of the essay and form a basic structure about the essay in your head and then communicated with you to learn about your view. Then with the help of their own knowledge and essay writing experience which they have over the years, they refine your ideas, by providing your guidance and help you make the best essay. The process of refining ideas includes, forming an outline of your essay, selecting the best type of essay which can portray your thoughts, writing the essay in the best format which get the best grades that you deserve.

Professional Essay Writer

At total assignment help, we understand the pressure students face during university life, and try to provide the best assignment help service to them, so that they can take care of their physical and mental health while we provide them the best solution to their assignments and essays. We have assembled a team of highly trained professional essay writers and academic experts, who are dedicated to providing guidance and support to students so that they achieve the best grades.

Here are some of the best qualities of our professional essay writers that make us the best academic essay help service providers:

Diverse Team of Professional essay Writers
Our team of professional essay writers is highly diversified and cover all the different types of essays. Our professional essay writers’ team includes various personnel from all different cultural and academic backgrounds, which makes them highly competent in handling any kind of essay that comes their way. We have retired and active school, college and university professors and individuals working in the field of education for many years, academic writers, and other subject matter experts, working collaboratively, in order to provide top quality essays to students all over the world.

On time Delivery
Efficiency is important when it comes to academic essay submission deadlines. This is why we make sure that we complete the essays in ahead of time to leave room for any last-minute changes you may wish to make. We fulfil each and every specification of your essays from our end, but if you still feel there is a need for improvement or if you are not pleased with the overall outcome in any section of the essay, we advise all our professional essay writers to always make allowances for any modifications that may be required. Delivering the academic assignments on time is essential to total assignment help when offering essay help to students or any other form of online assignment assistance.

Plagiarism Free work
Individuality of essays is one that cannot be taken for granted in the academic field. University professors are very rigorous when it comes to inspecting whether the assignments a student submits are plagiarised from somewhere else. In a set amount of time, our professional essay writers are highly proficient in composing unique content and to endorse this element, we supply our team of writers with unrestricted access to some of the most protected knowledge resources for doing their due diligence on every subject matter. This enables them to accumulate the details they need and to compose your essay in the best of ways, without plagiarism. We employ top ranked soft products or services to test if there is any plagiarism in the work, if it does; it is automatically sent off to the professional essay writer team for rectification. We regulate this functionality very stringently and guarantee you that you'll never get a plagiarized essay whenever you seek assistance from us with the any academic assignment.

Accountability over the entire process
We realize that school and college students face extra stress as their deadlines for assignment are coming closer. It leads in putting up a lot of unnecessary pressure that can contribute to multiple long-term health problems and school and university students have their share of issues with their academics such as lectures, tests, internship programs, and social life. This is why it is important to provide an prompt information of your academic essay status to sustain clarity and avoid stress whatsoever. Our representative team is reachable to your disposal 27/7 and will provide you with an immediate update on your tasks, at any moment of the day. All you need to do is tell us about your order details, you can contact us via the phone, chat, and the email address made available on our homepage.

Operations without any inconveniences
Whether it's contacting us about the essay specifications, adding extra information, making any recommendations, seeking changes, or returns, we've ensured that no matter what stage of the process that you are at, you don't face any problems which would slow things down, because time is the key for any the assignment deadlines. Our services are therefore always accessible to anybody who desires to obtain support and guidance from us in any type of academic essay. Our team will hear everything you need 24/7* with your questions will provide you with the resolution you desire.

Best Grades Guaranteed
The primary aim of getting assistance for academic essays when undertaking a course at any university is to perform well in every academic term. The essays made by our professional essay writers are 100 percent authentic and encompasses the most pertinent information that will ensure that you get the best grades each and every time. Since many of our professional essay writers work or have worked in reputable universities, they give us complete insight into a professor's thinking process while examining any assignment submitted by the students. This enables our proof reading department to critique the areas that can be strengthened from a lecturer's point of view and to make corrections in them.

Most affordable prices in market
As there are various professional essay writers present online, you must pick the one that does the finest work at the most decent prices. Since most of the people you may find pretending to be professional essay writers and academic help providers, chances are they are bogus and just want to rip you off by asserting to give you the cheapest price and then vanish or deliver the worse quality of essays and assignments. It's crucial for the money you give and the importance of each and every essay that you get the best quality. Each academic assistance service provided by the professional essay writers at total assignment help is 100% legitimate and we can fully back this declaration with the thousands of assignment samples on our web site that should provide you with all the proof you need to trust us and have confidence that your money will go right place and you will receive the best essay for the smallest of amount.

Hiring a professional essay writer from total assignment help for all your academic essays and assignments will be the best academic decision that you will make!

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