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Solve all your kinematic equations with our kinematics calculator

It is often problematic for students to calculate the acceleration of an object in motion while using the simultaneous equation. In such instances, the kinematics calculator developed by is very useful and easy to use. You are only supposed to put the values in the empty box, and there you go, you will get a comprehensive insight with our 2D kinematics equation solver and calculator.

kinematics calculator

Explanation of kinematics in physics

In physics, kinematics relates to the study of motion. A physics beginner understands kinematics as the study of velocity, momentum and position. Practically, kinematics can be understood as studying a situation when you throw a ball. Kinematics is a branch of classical mechanics that explains the motion of points, bodies, and organization of bodies irrespective of the object's mass and the force that led to the motion.

What are kinematic equations?

There are four elementary kinematic equations if it is assumed that the initial beginning point is the origin and the acceleration is constant. The four elementary kinematic equations as per the kinematics calculator are:

four elementary kinematic equations

The kinematics equations are a set of equations that can map an undisclosed facet of a body’s motion when other facets of the body are disclosed. As we can see in the above equations, there are five kinematic variables which are:

  • Displacement signified as △x
  • Initial velocity signified as υ0
  • Final velocity signified as υ
  • Time interval signified as t
  • Constant acceleration signified as a

The kinematic equations explain motion at constant velocity or acceleration, but if both are changing, the equation cannot be used. If you can remember the equation, it will become easier to use the physics kinematics calculator. If you are an expert in this field, you can use the acceleration calculator to solve problems related to acceleration.

How to choose the correct equation?

The kinematic equations apply to different dimensional movement problems considering a body's constant acceleration movement. When solving a problem, the chosen formula should include the undisclosed variable and the three other identified variables. All four equations have a missing variable that needs to be found out. Let’s understand it closely.

Displacement missing: When an equation is missing the displacement that is ∆x, the below equation should be applied:

Displacement missing

Acceleration missing: When an equation is missing the acceleration that is a then the following equation should be applied:

acceleration missing

Time missing: When an equation is missing the time that is t, then the following equation should be applied:

time missing

Is there a kinematics formula?

Yes, there are kinematic formulas that help in solving intricate numerical problems. In solving the kinematics formula, you need to examine the displacement (d), initial velocity (υ0), time interval (t), constant acceleration (a) and final velocity (υ). For solving the kinematic equations, you can put the values in the kinematics calculator developed by The kinematic equations calculator will deliver you the result within a few seconds.

To calculate the first formula, the first thing is to compute the diagonal slope line. The slope will be computed by a change in the velocity divided by the change in time, and it will be equal to the acceleration. The second formula can be computed by deriving an expression of a displaced object. The third formula can be computed by eliminating the v2, and the last formula can be computed by eliminating the time variable.

Let's understand the application of the formula with the help of an example:

A boy is riding his cycle to the market at a velocity of 6 m/s. He suddenly sees a cat running down. He immediately puts a break to stop himself from hurting the cat, with an acceleration of -2m/s2. Find out the displacement.

Let’s assume that the final velocity that is vf=0. The initial velocity that is vi=6 m/s. The acceleration that is a=-2m/s2. The following formula can be applied:

υf2= υi2 + 2Ad
0= (6)2+2(-2)D
0= 36+ (-4)D
36= (4)D

Therefore, as per the above calculation, the gross displacement is 9m.

After reading the above explanation, we hope that you will be able to use our physics kinematics calculator. In addition, you can also take our physics assignment help services to solve all problems related to kinematics.

Steps to use the kinematics calculator for solving the kinematic equations

In this section, we will discuss how to use the kinematics calculator. It is essential to learn how to calculate kinematic equations even if you have a kinematics calculator. Some steps must be undertaken to generate accurate results.

  • Find out the unknowns in an equation that needs to be determined
  • Select a typical kinematic equation for constant acceleration which can guide you in solving the question
  • Substitute the known if you are using a kinematics calculator along with their units to generate a numerical answer with units
  • Study the outcome and verify its reasonableness

Few examples related to inverse kinematics

inverse kinematics

Inverse kinematics is a term used to apply kinematic equations for determining the motion of a robot for achieving the needed position. Some of the inverse kinematic examples are:

  • Game programming
  • Conducting automated bin picking
  • Usage of the robotic arm in the manufacturing process
  • Implementation of simulation or computer animation
  • Configuring the joints in robots
  • Moving the hand of a 3D human model

If you have problems based upon inverse kinematics, you can apply our inverse kinematics calculator to solve all problems.

The versatility of our kinematics calculator

With the help of the kinematics calculator, a student can solve problems related to:

  • Rotational kinematics
  • Angular kinematics
  • Projectile kinematics
  • Vertical kinematics
  • Relativistic kinematics
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Emission kinematics
  • Freefall kinematics
  • 2D kinematics

Hence, if you are in a dilemma in solving different kinematic equations, use our kinematics calculator for accurate and quick solutions.

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Use our hassle-free kinematics calculator

If you have a scarcity of time and want to complete your kinematics question problems, use our rotational kinematics calculator, which is easy to use. Do not worry about any payment related issues as the vertical kinematics calculator is free of any charges. In addition, the tool has the following features:

It can be used anytime: The kinematics calculator can be used at any time of the day. It works 24*7, and the modern algorithm on which it is based helps it work smoothly throughout the day. It has not been built for the students of a specific place; instead, it can be used by students and other academicians residing at any corner of the world. The only requirement is to have an uninterrupted internet connection.

Suitable for all devices: The one-dimensional calculator developed by is suitable for all devices. It can be opened on a smartphone, desktop, laptop, IOS set, windows, androids, etc. In addition, the artificial intelligence on which the calculator is based helps it run on all devices. So, do not worry whether the kinematics calculator can be opened on your device or not.

Kinematics calculator a hassle-free application: There is no complexity involved in using the application. It is essential to select the type of calculator that you want to use as per the kinematics equation. The next step is to select the required equation and insert the values mentioned in the problem question. The last step is to copy the generated results in the assignment.

Our kinematics calculator is convenience-based, and we can guarantee that a student will have a fruitful time using our services.

Frequently asked questions

What are the kinematics principles?

The basic principle behind kinematics is to describe things without considering the reason behind the motion. One can find each of the kinematic equations by using calculus.

Define kinematics.

Kinematics is a branch of physics and is considered a part of classical mechanics. It determines the motion of a body or a set of bodies without considering the forces behind the motion of the body.

Is there a variety of kinematics?

No, there is no such variety of kinematics except various factors involved in solving the kinematic equations. The factors include force type, type of motion, initial and final velocity, acceleration, direction, displacement, etc.

Who can solve my kinematics equations? can solve your kinematic equations. We have built a kinematics calculator, which can be very useful in solving all types of equations. You can also take help from our kinematic equations derivation experts to understand the terms, like velocity, speed, acceleration, etc. The experts are very experienced, and they can easily solve all the intricate problems related to mathematics.

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