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The Best Online AI-Based Essay Typer Tool – As Reviewed By Students!

Generate plagiarism free, essays on any topic in just a few clicks with complete control over each paragraph!

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2.4 Million+ Articles in Database

Articles from all academic disciplines.

Instant Response!

Instant Response!

Best response time and accuracy.

No Word Limit

Unlimited Word limit

Select as many paragraphs as required.

How to Use Our Essay Typer?

Essay Topic

Enter the Topic

Enter your essay topic from any field, and press enter to create an essay.

Select desired paragraphs

Select desired paragraphs!

Choose and swap paragraphs, to find the ones that fit your essay.

Generate Essay

Generate the Essay

After adding required paragraphs and citations, generate and download your essay instantly!

Essay Typer by Total Assignment Help

Writing essays is not an easy task. You need to spend a lot a time and efforts to prepare a non-plagiarized essay. Many students avoid writing essays because of its lengthy format. Sometimes, you get overburdened by other university tasks and sometimes it is the complex university formatting, academic guidelines and thorough research.

Looking for a free essay writing tool to generate brilliant essays easily?

The Essay Typer tool by Total Assignment Help that lets you forget all your writing concerns and provide you with the credible and quality work. Our essay bot ensures that the essay generated by the tool looks professional.

Our professional and talented subject matter experts, academic writers, proof readers from different domains and highly skilled development team have worked for months in developing this effective AI-Based free essay typer tool that can be used to generate essays on any topic of your choice in few seconds.

Are you running out of deadline to finish you essay and have no time to prepare it yourself? The free Essay Typer tool from Total Assignment Help will therefore assist you in writing an outstanding essay in just few sections without even affecting the content quality. Make the writing process simpler and more convenient!

As the demand for essay writing rises; there has also been a sharp rise among students to locate reliable essay maker tools. While there are many essay maker tools available on the internet, it is safe to say they are not reliable as they paraphrase existing content. Total assignment help Does Not Use or Recommend using essay changer tools as these results in creating distorted essays that are unlikely to score high grades. At total assignment help, each project is freshly prepared by our subject matter experts, ensuring the assignment flows smoothly and scores high grades

Create Free Essay Create Free Essay

How does it work?

Are you still confused about how our new essay typer works? Don’t fret! Allow us to explain to you how you can get great essays for your college or university assignment in three simple steps.

Type in your Essay Topic

Step 1: Type in your Essay Topic

One of the main features of our essay typer is that it doesn’t, restrict you to some specific options. The new and updated essay typer from total assignment help, lets you have the freedom of selecting any topic you want and then find a suitable essay for that. In addition to that, we assure you that our developers keep updating the database and ensure that there are plenty of options available for students to choose from while using our essay typer.

You only have to type in the title you have selected for your essay or the topic/ subject you have been allotted. You can also put in some keywords related to the topic, in order to make your search more accurate. It will help your essay typer program to present you with a lot of precise topics and options to choose from.

Select a suitable paragraph

Step 2: Select a suitable paragraph of your choice.

We wouldn’t want you to compromise on the quality of your essay. That is why, as soon as you enter your topic, our essay typer will present a number of paragraphs to choose from, so that you can pick the best one for your essay. You can take your time and read the paragraph before adding it to your essay.

You can add as many paragraphs as you want, depending on your requirement. You can even guide the type of content you want by changing the keyword or topic you put into the essay typer.

Select a suitable paragraph
Finalize and Download the Essay

Step 3: Finalize and Download the Essay!

Once you have all that you need, you can finalize the contents and generate the final essay with all the citations. We assure you that the essay generated by us will be free of plagiarism and will contain all the required citations. So you don't have to worry about anything while using our essay typer!

Things to keep in mind while using our Essay Typer!

By now you must have been impressed by the wonder of the online essay typer, but before we get into showing all of its capabilities and features, it is important that you understand what to expect from it, so as to be safe and well informed.

  • The first and the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that despite all of the contents presented by our essay typer being 100% original and plagiarism free, there is a possibility that someone might have used the same paragraph for their essays previously. Since the essay typer is a very effective tool, hundreds of students from around the world use it simultaneously. Therefore, this gives rise to the possibility of two or more students selecting the same paragraph for their essay. It is why we recommend that you only use the text from our essay typer for reference or use our paraphrasing tool to change the structure and formation of the text in order to avoid unintended plagiarism.
  • No matter how accurate and precise the text provided by any online essay typer tool is, there is, it can never match the level of detail of the human mind. Especially in the discipline of writing, each document has to be different and needs to have unique texts. Therefore it is important that once you compile the whole essay, you should go through each line and make it your own. Specifically during the transition statement at the end of the paragraph. Since our essay typer tool is designed to give attention to each paragraph, it is important that you ensure each paragraph leads the readers to the next one; it will create a much better flow and help you score better grades.
  • We always ensure that our essay typer database is up to date with the latest updates from the field and contains valid information. However, if you are writing on some recent development on a topic, then it is advisable that you cross-check the facts and statistics presented by our essay typer, in order to make sure that you only include the most relevant and the most recent updates on a topic. In addition to that, you may need to change the formatting style used for citations and edit it to match the university guidelines provided by your college.

By keeping these points in mind while generating your essay from our easy essay typer, you can ensure that your essay stands out from the rest and requires less time to proofread and edit.

Key Features of our Essay Typer Tool

It is very important to us that our essay typer satisfies you and bring success through our essays. Therefore we have dedicated our maximum efforts in coming up with an innovative solution to all the problems faced by students.

Below are some of the key features of our essay typer tool, which is sure to motivate you for using it for your next assignment:

  • Total Assignment Mark of Approval: Just like all the assignments delivered by our academic writers, the essay typer brought to you by our team, also holds the Total Assignment Mark of Approval! It means that just like quality content we deliver to our students in the form of assignments, case studies and academic papers, the essay typer also ensures top quality and integrity of the contents.
  • Instant Essay: No longer do you have to worry about the deadline. Our essay typer brings you the capability of generating an essay instantly, in just a few minutes. All you have to do is, type in your essay topic, select the paragraphs you find suitable and related to your search and Viola! Your instant essay is ready to be submitted.
  • Free Essay Typer: Many students can’t afford to have their essays written by an academic professional, as independent academic writers charge a fairly high amount which is not affordable for most college students. For such students, our free essay typer comes to the rescue as it provides them with a quality essay, instantly without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • Topic Specific: Another great feature of our online essay typer is that it covers topics from the most academic discipline. We have ensured that our essay typer tool is equipped to assist students from a different academic background. Be it business, engineering, nursing, zoology, or psychology, and our essay typer can assist you in finding relevant paragraphs as per your requirement.
  • No Word Limit & Usage Restrictions: We know essays come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as short as 300 words, or longer than even 2500 words. That is why; most students dread the task of writing an essay, because of its massive size. Our free Essay Typer has no word limit and can be used a number of times. You can generate multiple essay samples and combine those to create a single masterpiece by changing a topic in a text field.
  • Customizable: As we said earlier, this is one of the most impressive features of our essay typer. Each essay topic requires a different approach, and hence a single style of writing cannot satisfy the needs of all students who approach us to get assignment help. It is why, in our instant essay typer tool, we have ensured to include different writing styles and provided the user with the capability to select a text that best suits their current requirement.
  • Plagiarism Free: It is one of the biggest challenges faced by students while writing their essays. Plagiarism is a very common and tough problem to eradicate. No matter how hard you try, you will always face some form of plagiarism in your text, which can hamper the quality of the essay and lower your grades. Our essay typer delivers original and unique texts, which are not only plagiarism free but also provides quality contents as well.
  • Citations: Speaking of providing plagiarism free texts, it is important that the information you include in your essays is well cited and referenced to give credit to the original author. It also saves you from getting blindsided from unintended plagiarism which you don’t even see coming. Our essay typer provides citations in the correct format, which you can change later on as per your preference. It saves you from the hassle of finding the source and putting in the citations to your essay.
  • Endless Database: Our essay typer comes with a wide database, so as to serve the requirements of students from different academic disciplines. As different courses have different requirements and guidelines for their essay, it is important for students to submit an essay which is not generic and offers credible information. Our essay typer covers almost all fields of academics and caters to the different requirements of students.
  • Available at your convenience: Have a strict schedule? No need to worry. You can access our online essay typer tool, anywhere and at any time. Students in college, have a hard time managing all of their tasks, classes, assignments and extra-curricular. Therefore it becomes very hard for them to find time for self-studies and to write essays.
    With the help of our essay typer, students generate good quality essays instantly, from anywhere, during a break, while commuting or even during classes. It’s that simple!
  • No Registrations & No Charges: What is the best thing about it? You will not be required to make a payment or create an account to access Essay Typer. You can create as many pages as you want without charging any cost.
    No sign-up! No registration! No Subscriptions! No costs!
  • Advanced Search Algorithms: The AI-Based free essay typer tool by Total Assignment is aligned with multiple academic databases and uses AI search algorithms to generate an error-free essay on any topic or subject of your choice.
  • Device Compatibility: This implies that our Essay Typer tool is compatible with a variety of devices. It can be accessible on Android, IOS and Windows platform. You can use it on smartphones, desktops, tablets and many other devices. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser installed in your device.

Improve Your Writing Abilities With The Advanced Essay Typer

The Essay Typer Tool by Total Assignment Help produces absolutely original and accurate output. The samples generated by the essay typer is well-written and well-structured that can help you to improve your writing abilities. The following reasons illustrates how our essay typer generates 100% correct results:

  • Prompt Response: The essay bot generates quick response without any delay. You will get the desired results in a matter of seconds.
  • Academic Databases: Whenever you insert your essay topic in the search field, our essay typer bot performs a thorough research on the selected topic through a variety of academic resources.
  • Free To Access: The Essay Typer by Total Assignment is completely free to access. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a single penny to generate a high quality and error free essay.
  • No Word Count Restriction: The Essay Typer tool is not restricted to any fixed word limit. You can demand an essay of any word limit no matter how long it is

Need Premium Quality Support On An Essay Topic?

Total assignment help offers premium quality essays at reasonable prices. Our pricing structure has been specifically designed, keeping in mind student financial limitations. We also maintain a uniform pricing structure which is essential towards maintaining high quality. All projects booked at total assignment help are priced using a single pricing scheme that eliminates project quality variations and places more emphasis on delivering high-quality assignments as we understand each student's needs. For those who cannot afford to prepare a premium quality essay, we have also developed an essay typer that assists students to paraphrase essays.

Best Essay Generators For Australian Colleges & Universities

Our essay changer is ranked as the best essay maker tool for Australian colleges and universities. Our essay maker algorithm reviews the essay keywords then generates essay by collecting essay content from previous projects that scored high grades, after which the content is paraphrased, and a fresh essay is generated. Our tool generates a draft that the student can review and edit, which can then be used by the student.

Total assignment help has developed the most reliable online essay typer tool for Australian and international students. If you are looking for a reliable essay typer, log on to, enter your essay keywords or title and have your essay generated.

Essay Typer Tool Like No Other!

Largest Collection of Essays made by Professionals

Instant Response!

Completely personalised and custom made essay as required

Available for access, anywhere and anytime!

Create Free Essay Create Free Essay

Other Free Academic Tools

We offer a number tools and a plethora of academic resources to take your assignments to the next level! Make the best use of our essay typer, reference generator and paraphrasing tools to take your assignments to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Queries

What is the procedure to use the FREE Essay Typer tool ?

It is very easy to use the free Essay typer tool, just follow these steps :-

  • Enter the The title of the Essay in the box.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Wait for few seconds while our free Essay typer tool will write the essay for you.
  • Download the content for your use.
  • Amazing 24x7 live support — highly qualified, experienced and friendly customer service executives.
How your FREE Essay Typer tool is better than others ?

Our free essay typer tool is based on latest computer algorithms which help this help it to choose the best content from different sources on the internet for the topic concerned.

Can I Use essay from FREE Essay typer tool for Submission?

Yes, you can use it, but is highly recommendable to add certain value from your side on the essay you have just downloaded from our free essay typer tool.

What is the cost of the Essay Typer tool?

As the name suggests, the essay typer tool is completely FREE.

Is essay typer a legal tool to use?

Yes, essay typer tool is legal and can be used by students to create essay drafts that need to be proofread and edited before submission. It is advisable to proofread and edit the essays to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

Can the essay typer tool provide a plagiarized content?

No, essays prepared using our essay maker tool may report some plagiarism as the content is compiled from previous projects and paraphrased. However, this may not eliminate all the plagiarism, and students may require to edit the page. If you require 100% plagiarism free content, you may create an account and upload your requirement; our subject matter experts will create a unique plagiarism-free essay for you.

How does an essay maker tool work?

The essay maker tool works by analyzing the input keywords or phrases, after which it collects relevant sections from existing projects. These sections are then combined to produce a complete essay on your desired subject. The essay may require further editing manually to achieve your desired goals.

Is the essay maker tool from reliable?

Yes, the total assignment helps' essay maker tool is very reliable, and you can depend on it to generate relevant essays in a matter of minutes. In addition, our essay changer collects relevant sections of content from existing projects to deliver accurate essays, which can be used by the student as a reference which can be further modified to deliver unique essays for submission.

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