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Descriptive Essay Help

Descriptive Essay Help

Descriptive essay writing is a type of essay where the writer is asked to describe something which he has seen or felt. Descriptive essays are a reflection of one’s senses. Descriptive essay help is sought by students for describing a situation, a concept, people or place or any emotional experience. This form of essay is a learning instrument which is widely used in different colleges and universities. It is one of the most appropriate medium through which the students can reflect what they feel. There is freedom of expressing one’s thought and personal opinions and the ultimate aim of the descriptive essay is to provide a clear picture in the mind of the reader. If you need help in selecting descriptive essay topics or you are unclear on how to write a descriptive essay about a person, reach out to us. Writers providing descriptive essay help are ready to write your essay. You can also check our sample papers available on our website on a variety of different descriptive essay topics.

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What are the thoughts to consider before asking for Descriptive essay help?
Descriptive essays should involve the reader’s developing a picture in their mind through the description and personal opinions. Descriptive essays are not easy to write as they seem to be. Students can take a help from the descriptive essay help papers available at The writers of descriptive essay must keep in mind some important thoughts before penning it down.

What to describe?
Before you start writing or ask our help in writing your descriptive essay, it is very important to recognize what you want to describe. All descriptive essays should portray what a writer thinks or feels about a person, thing or an experience which would be the central subject of the essay to be focused upon.

Objective behind writing the descriptive essay
Selection of a theme depends upon certain reasons which are to be analyzed and proceeded upon accordingly. If a family gathering needs to be described then the student should focus on expressing the bond between the members of the family rather than describing their outfits. The inclusion of personal experience or reflection is an important part of the descriptive essay which a student needs to include. serves you with different samples in the form of descriptive essay help which will help you in learning the art of reflection.

Writing the descriptive essay
One’s feelings cannot be described easily and it requires regular practice. Professors and experienced writers of descriptive essay states that this type of essay does not tell rather they show. Artistic words needs to be used in the descriptive essay to provide a greater impact on the reader.

Principle behind writing a descriptive essay
The basic principle behind writing a descriptive essay is the creation of an impression in the readers mind. There are certain basic principles followed by descriptive essay help writers which have been mentioned below:

  • Analyzing: It is often seen that descriptive essay contains personal experiences or opinions leaving less room for research. Due to limited research the students should analyze different facet of the central subject. If you are asked by your professor to describe your favorite tourist place then you need to invest your time in assembling different elements of the place which makes it beautiful. You will get a lot of information from the internet which will help you in writing your thoughts.
  • Clear image and short language: The students should wisely choose the words to be used in the descriptive essay. A direct communication should be established with the reader through the written content. A clear and short description with flawless English is a necessary part of the essay. A clear image of the person being described along with clear scenario will engross the reader. The choice of words should be such which can create an image in the mind of the reader.
  • Involvement of senses: Senses should be involved while writing a descriptive essay. When an essay involves all the five senses of a human being, it makes the writing expressive. If you have been tasked to write a descriptive essay, you should include the below details:
    • Smell- The mesmerizing aroma of Veg-Manchurian
    • Sound- The unexpected loud sound of a crackle while opening the wrapper
    • Sight- The disappearing light of the candle which is about to melt
    • Touch- Velvety touch of the quilt
    • Taste- The ever melting hot chocolate making you yearn for more.
  • One’s own opinion: Usage of personal opinion is one of the descriptive writing tips. Reflecting personal views augments the written content. It beautifies the writing and involves the reader into deep thinking. Sharing your experience of joy, suffering or milestone in the document associates the reader with the description. It shows the stand taken by the writer at different point of time and the experience gained by him.
  • Structured framework: Every written assignment has a particular format which needs to be followed and same goes with descriptive essays. The instructions provided by the professor needs to be followed by the writer. The essay needs to be developed basis the university guidelines and regulations. Emotions are not enough to attract the reader; emotions logically presented can attract the reader. Balance between emotions and the flow of the content needs to be maintained to provide an ideal touch to the essay. Reach out to to provide you a structured descriptive essay help.
  • Leaving an impression: Casting an impression on the reader is one of the essential aspects of descriptive essay writing. When the reader feels an attachment with the writing, he gets connected to it. The subject of the essay should be familiar to the reader like the beautiful surroundings, severe unemployment, etc. The content reflects the experience of the writer to be understood by the reader. Therefore, the emotions should be creatively presented to communicate the experience of the writer and in turn impressing the examiner.

Essential steps undertaken while providing descriptive essay help
Academic essays forms a major part of a student’s curriculum and every assignment or an essay tests the ability of the student. The task of writing a descriptive essay is usually provided to a student to test his creativity, subject knowledge and to boost his learning cycle. The descriptive essay format should be followed in an effective manner reflecting the skill of the student and also engaging the reader with the fascinating content. The essentials steps have been described below:

  • Selecting the topic: There are times when the professor selects a topic or asks you to select a topic from a particular subject. Descriptive essay topics should be selected very cautiously as it reflects the observations made by the writer. Students should choose the topics as per their comfort so that he can express his thoughts easily.
  • Developing an effective thesis statement: Every essay needs to include a thesis statement. Developing an effective thesis statement is a crucial task. The objective or purpose behind writing the essay needs to be mentioned through the thesis statement in the form of one or two sentences. The thesis statement may also include your views in a solid manner.
  • Providing details: Thesis statement must be supported through detailed information. It provides an overview about the essay and the student must add the required details. All information that proves or favors the statement should be included in the content.
  • Giving an outline: Essays generally have five paragraphs and students studying in different universities are asked to write an essay in five paragraphs. Five paragraph essays include one introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and last paragraph is the conclusion. Making an outline is a necessary part of an essay which helps a student to proceed further. There should be a flow of information in all the paragraphs and the incidents mentioned in each paragraph should be mentioned as per its occurrence. Any other format can also be applied as per the choice of the topic. While writing a descriptive essay the points to be mentioned in the body needs to be decided previously. Learn how to provide an outline through our descriptive essay help.
  • Structure of the descriptive essay: Every essay has a specific structure which needs to be followed while writing the essay. There are some information’s related to the structure which is provided by the professor which is also to be followed. The relevancy of the structure with the topic is an important factor. Generally a descriptive essay format follows the five paragraph structure. The first paragraph should be the introduction including the thesis statement in a clear sentence. The next three paragraphs would include information supporting the thesis statement and the essay needs to end with a concluding paragraph which would state the findings of the essay re-iterating the thesis statement.
  • First paragraph is crucial: The first paragraph is a crucial part of an essay. The first paragraph decides whether it would be able to establish a connection with the reader or not. Writers providing descriptive essay help ensure to provide interesting facts which can engross the reader. The reader should easily understand what he is going to take back after reading the essay. The paragraphs following the introduction should be clear and brief.
  • Using descriptive words: Descriptive as the word suggests means to describe. But keeping in mind the word limit, extended descriptions cannot be provided. There should be usage of expressive words and sentences which can describe the topic. Expressive words related to senses should be mentioned in order to create an image in the mind of the reader. To state an example, ‘Her eyes were blue’ can be written as ‘Her eyes glittered like Sapphire’.
  • Rational Conclusion: Conclusion is the last part of a descriptive essay and should have a logical and relevant content. It should use descriptive words and reinstate the thesis statement. Conclusion is the last part of the essay and it should leave a lasting impression on the reader.
  • Proofreading and editing: Once the descriptive essay has been written, it needs to be proofread in order to correct grammatical errors, errors related to structure or relevancy. Writers providing descriptive essay help suggest that the proofreading should be done by a third person to provide an unbiased feedback. In case the student himself has to proofread the work then he/she should do so with a fresh mind.
  • Opinion of the Descriptive essay help expert’s: In order to check whether the descriptive essay written feels like a descriptive piece or not, should be verified from an expert. Experts of descriptive essay help or professors can give a valuable advice related to the content which can help the student in submitting a flawless essay.

Using figurative language in Descriptive essay
Figurative language is always used in a descriptive essay. Using figures of speech can enhance the content and leave a greater impact on the reader. Below is a list of the common speeches that can be used in a descriptive essay:

  • Simile: When a sentence uses words such as like or as, it is termed as simile for e.g., ‘He was brave as a tiger’.
  • Metaphor: When a sentence compares two different things for e.g., ‘You are a shooting star’.
  • Personification: A sentence qualifying human characteristics with a non-human object for e.g., ‘The moon kissed me goodnight.’
  • Hyperbole: When a sentence is over exaggerated to provide emphasis for e.g., ‘Seeing the rat, her heart was in her mouth.’
  • Understatement: When a statement is made to provide less importance for e.g., ‘He did ok in that test.’
  • Symbolism: When a sentence uses a symbol without justifying the real sense of the symbol for e.g., ‘Using a donkey to represent intelligence.’
  • Onomatopoeia: When a sentence uses a sound to signify the feeling for e.g., ‘After taking a bath, the girl started sneezing, ‘Achoo! Achoo!’.’

The below diagram will re-iterate the important elements of descriptive essay writing:

Descriptive Essay Help

Descriptive essay topics as per the university standards
Descriptive essays are more about expression and less research. There are students of the opinion that descriptive essays are easy to write so they do not seek descriptive essay help but are not so simple. It consists of less research but it should be creative to engage the reader. The content of the descriptive essay helps the professor to evaluate a student’s imagination, innovation and his language skill. Few of the descriptive essay topics have been mentioned below:

  • Life changing experience of my life
  • The biggest achievement of my life
  • A vacation to remember
  • New York, a city of Joy
  • Most memorable college trip
  • Meeting your role model
  • Pizza, my favorite dish
  • Meeting your best friend

Students may take help from the above topics when asked by his professor to write a descriptive essay. You can take help from our sample descriptive essay help papers available on our website. The samples have been written by professional experts who have been providing descriptive essay help since a long time. The sample follows the guidelines provided by the universities of United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. providing descriptive assignment help is one of the widely used educational service provider in the world. We are into the business since the last ten years and having serving the students with different assignments and essays. We have a set of writers providing essay writing services. When a student requires assistance in writing a descriptive essay, he can seek for descriptive essay help. Through the descriptive essay help we not only provide a fresh essay but we also edit and proofread an already written essay.

The writers are highly qualified with a PhD degree from top universities. They can prepare a relevant, well-structured and flawless essay following the guidelines. Essays being written in the form of descriptive essay help are original and plagiarism free.

Adding to the above points we do have 24*7 online support, on time delivery, reasonable prices, quality work and coverage of all subjects. Just login to total assignment help and seek for descriptive essay help. The service provided through our descriptive essay help will let you feel the content.

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