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Free Paraphrasing Tool: The Best Text Re-Writing Software

Get Rewritten Articles, Essays Or Any Document, Having The Same Meaning And Essence.

Benefits of Using Our Paraphrasing Tool Online

Zero Plagiarism

Zero Plagiarism

The use of modern artificial intelligence in the paraphrasing tool online enables it to rewrite the content using appropriate synonyms. The new technology in our tool ensures the rewritten content with zero percent plagiarism.

Instant Result

Instant Result

Students could save a significant amount of time by using our paraphrasing tool online. Paraphrasing is a very demanding task and thus the task to re-draft a document from scratch consumes significant time if done manually. By using our paraphrasing tool online, you could. get the paraphrased content in two clicks.

No File Size Limit

No File Size Limit

The paraphrasing tool online provides the user with the facility to paraphrase multiple documents simultaneously. You would get the paraphrased content, no matter how huge is the submitted content.

Quality Assignment Help

Assurance for High Grades

You could submit very high-quality literature in our tool and could get the rewritten document with the best possible quality. The use of our paraphrasing tool online would surely bring you higher grades in the academic evaluation.

benefits of paraphrasing tool online

Paraphrasing tool online: The Panacea for academic writing

The issue of plagiarism is considered to be a very serious offense in the field of academics. Drafting the assignments by lending out someone else’s ideology with no proper acknowledgment is purely unethical as per the academic norms. Students should understand that the occurrence of plagiarism occurs both via intentional and unintentional manner. It is the intentional plagiarism in the presented assignment that would attract heavy penalty in the academic evaluation. Most of the universities are strictly against it and have included it in the list of culpable disciplinary offense. The issue of plagiarism doesn’t limit itself to the text used in the assignment. It would also affect the sections like computer code, illustrated media, graphs, tables, etc. The student must be aware of the good academic practices while drafting the assignment to avoid unexpected issues in the academic career. It should be understood by our readers that just providing the references for the imitated section would not alleviate the issue of plagiarism. The student should be well acquainted with the quality paraphrasing tools to deliver a quality assignment.

free paraphrasing tool online

The author is not required to give credit for all the paraphrased content in his submission. The instances in which the author is expected to provide the credit to the original source are listed down in the below section.

  • Elaborating the ideas of another author to compare and contemplate with a specific opinion.
  • The paraphrased version still retains all the quality of the argument made by the original author.
  • The instance when the borrowed idea is not a piece of common knowledge.
  • The exact sequence is being retained as it was in the idea put forward by the original author.

In the initial stage of the academic career, the student would just have initiated to develop their sense of authorship. Hence, they are not expected to provide a groundbreaking revelation in their periodic submissions.

It is in this context that the significance of the paraphrasing tool online emerges. The use of an effective paraphrasing tool online would help you in avoiding the risk of content duplication. Like other tools available online, you are not required to possess an API key access for using our paraphrasing tool online. The tool is already by a lot of our clients in generating limitless academic and SEO compatible content. Our expert team has developed out an advanced AI-enabled paraphrasing tool online that would efficiently paraphrase the submitted tool into impeccable academic language.

paraphrasing tool online point

Prominent Features

  • Ability to process humungous files without any glitch.
  • Top class Academic language.
  • Strict use of the academic language and synonyms.
  • Compatible with every device and hence could be accessed from anywhere.
  • High end artificial interface to derive out highly human-readable text.
  • Avoiding the excessive use of the passive voice.
  • Guarantee for zero percent plagiarism.

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, the task of paraphrasing is a very time consuming one and requires high-end vocabulary to commence it. The chances of unintentional plagiarism would significantly increase if the author retains a very meager level of paraphrasing skills. This would evidently impact in the overall grades of the student. Our customized paraphrasing tool online would help you in drafting very quality content which would consequentially help you in fetching good grades. To date, our paraphrasing tool online has provided our thousands of customers with very valid and relevant paraphrased content. The heavy customization and the use of high-end AI interface in our paraphrasing tool online would make it possible to draft very accurate sentence formations.

If you are also in need of a perfect paraphrasing tool online that could provide you with quality content, you are at best place. You could obtain a very quality content by just submitting the document in our paraphrasing tool online. It just a matter of some seconds.

The current version of our paraphrasing tool online just focusses on paraphrasing the English language document. Soon you would be provided the customized paraphrasing tool online which could synthesize other prominent languages. The scope of our paraphrasing tool online doesn’t limit itself to the task of paraphrasing. It could also be used for rewriting the articles, rephrasing and restructuring the sentences, synonym finder, etc.

The implication of our paraphrasing tool online
Since our paraphrasing tool online is compatible with most of the electronic devices, it could be accessed from anywhere by the user. Our customized paraphrasing tool online saves you with a significant amount of time and effort and is an essential part of academics. Our paraphrasing tool online is a short cut to excel in an academic career.

The implication of our paraphrasing tool would be an educational experience for the users. It would make aware our students about the sentence structure grammar and effective paraphrasing techniques. The student could take the result of our paraphrasing tool online as a reference and study the techniques utilized in it for arriving at a quality paraphrased literature.

The effort behind paraphrasing and rewriting the whole content
It is quite possible that you would be assigned with the task to draft multiple assignments whose context may coincide with each other. If the student has not the linguistic or vocabulary ability to express the same content, the assignments would share significant similarities and would result in the unnecessary risk of plagiarism. Our paraphrasing tool is much significant for students who are facing similar issues. Just submitting the required sections in our paraphrasing tool would provide you with the paraphrased tools.

It is not the hard work but the intelligent work which matters in the academic career. You could use our paraphrasing tool online wisely to gain high grades in academic evaluations.

Substituting the sentences and words with the relevant ones
It doesn’t require to be specifically mentioned that paraphrasing tools are used majorly to interchange the content with similar and relevant rephrased content. Our customized paraphrasing tool online is loaded with a large data set of vocabulary and thus has the ability to replace the content with relevant synonyms. The tool could be classified as a better paraphrasing tool only if it has the ability to provide the content with the same meaning.

The reason why our paraphrasing tool online is the best one
By now our paraphrasing tool online has gained the reputation of the best academic tool. It is the premium factors included in it which makes our customized paraphrasing tool a number one choice for the international students. Below are listed down some of the compelling characteristics of our paraphrasing tool online which would make it the best available one.

Immediate Result: Our paraphrase tool online is very fast and could save you significant time. Because of its instant nature and high efficiency, the tool could be effectively used for humungous document files

Zero chance of plagiarism: Since our paraphrasing tool is loaded with a large set of synonyms, the perfect document with the exact contextual meaning could be drafted. This would absolutely negate the occurrence of plagiarism in the produced document.

Absence of any malicious content or Virus
Our paraphrasing tool online is being updated multiple times and the current version would negate any probability of malicious add on to the produced file. For further assurance, you could run our file in any antivirus software with the latest virus definition.

Avoid Common Paraphrasing Mistakes
It is very challenging to rewrite content from a source with an objective of making changes that reduce plagiarism but keeps the essence of the sentence intact. Many of our academic writers have confessed that even they find it puzzling to change the structure of certain sentences to reduce the plagiarism.

When using a paraphrasing tool for the first time, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind, to make the process more efficient and enhance the quality of the text effectively.

Below are some key mistakes which you should avoid while paraphrasing:

  1. Abstain from using the same sentence structure as the source text: It is a key requirement of paraphrasing any text. Change the sentence structure so that the plagiarism checking website, do not identify it.
  2. Using irrelevant words: English is a very interesting language because there are various words that can have different meanings for different settings. An easy example of it would be using colloquial terms. The meaning of colloquial terms changes with location. Therefore it can have a different meaning for different people.
  3. Changing the crux of the sentence: It is one of the most common mistakes made by students. When using the paraphrasing tool in a hurry, they lose focus and go overboard with the changes. It impacts the quality of the text.
  4. Deleting huge Chunks of text: It happens quite often that you come across certain sentences and phrases which have very less scope of paraphrasing. Since students lack the time and experience to deal with such phrases, they end up removing the whole patch of text. It damages the readability of the paragraphs and leaves a gap in the text.
  5. Reducing grammatical correctness: In order to reduce plagiarism, novice students change certain words such that the grammatical correctness of the text is affected. It is the worst sacrifice you could make when paraphrasing.

The problems and mistakes are quite commonly faced by students and this is why, we have ensured that you don’t face them while using our Paraphrasing Tool.

We have spent a good ampount of time in research and development for our paraphrasing tool to make sure that it fits the academic standards of most universities and academic fields. Our academic experts, proof-readers and developers went through thousands of assignment and research articles from different academic fields, in efforts to identify specific terms and technical jargon that go beyond the scope of your basic dictionary!

Problems faced while paraphrasing
College assignments, such as term papers and essay, require a lot of efforts and research. However, no matter how much time and efforts you put in, there are always certain sections of the assignment, which contains plagiarism from different resources; even if you wrote the content from scratch.

It can get you in a world of trouble as plagiarism is not tolerated by the universities at all. They strictly explain in their assignment guidelines to keep the plagiarism under a certain limit, (usually 10%). If your assignment shows plagiarism beyond this limit, you are liable to lose some important points, as well as face academic misconduct allegations.

Getting you plagiarism under control is not an easy task. It requires practice and experience in writing different forms of assignments. In addition to that, the most important quality you need to have in order to reduce plagiarism is a wide vocabulary, to replace the keywords that are attracting plagiarism and great competency in writing from memory.

However, many students lack these skills because it takes years and years of experience with writing academic articles to increase your proficiency as well as to have a wide vocabulary of technical jargons which can fit in the topic of your assignments.

This is why; you have come to the right spot!

The new and improved paraphrasing tool brought to you by Total Assignment Help is developed specifically for college students keeping the academic terminology in view.

Paraphrasing Tool Online Tool Like No Other!

Zero chance of plagiarism

Immediate Result

Zero chance of plagiarism

Available for access, anywhere and anytime!

Paraphrasing Tool Paraphrasing Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Queries

What is the procedure to use the free paraphrasing tool ?

It is very easy to use the free paraphrasing tool, just follow these steps :-

  • Just Copy and paste the source content in the box.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Wait for few seconds while our free paraphrasing tool will rewrite your Content.
  • Download the content for your use.
  • Amazing 24x7 live support — highly qualified, experienced and friendly customer service executives
How your free paraphrasing tool Is Better Than Others?

Our free paraphrasing tool is based on latest computer algorithms which help this help it to choose the best part of sentence which should be replaced with their most appropriate synonyms.
But if you use other free paraphrasing tools you will see that although they also replace the words with synonyms they drastically change the meaning of that sentence.

Can I Use Articles from free paraphrasing tool for Submission?

Yes, you can use it, but is highly recommendable to add certain value from your side on the article you have just downloaded from our free paraphrasing tool

Can I Use the free paraphrasing tool services for commercial gains ?

No, you can’t use our free paraphrasing tool for commercial services, it is to be used for non-commercial purpose only.

What Is cost of the free paraphrasing tool ?

Well, as the name suggests, it is Absolutely FREE.

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