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Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

The most important tool you have on a resume is language.

— Jay Samit

As you may have heard numerous times, first impressions can last a life time. Where this statement can have different meanings for different occasions and different people, it has a direct and the most literal impact when it comes to drafting a resume, or applying to a job opportunity.

As even before you get to meet with your employers, you have to present them with your resume drafted by the best resume writing services, which highlights all of your professional qualifications and work experience in the most appropriate manner. This single sheet of paper has the ability to possibly change your whole life by getting you that dream job which you have always wanted!

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This is why it becomes very important to have a resume that best describes your competencies and introduces your professional capabilities and skills to your recruiters, so that you can get a call-back for an interview and get hired. It has been noticed that, most recruiters who call up an interviewee based on their impressive resumes tend to get selected after the interview.

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About our services
We at total assignment help have assisted thousands of students to unlock their true potential and succeed in their academics and professional careers, by providing them constant support and guidance with their academic courses and attain phenomenal grades. However, it has been noted in recent years that recruiters are not just looking for numbers and figures on a sheet of paper to pick the best candidate out of a bunch of applicants.

We have a team of academic writing experts who specialise in various fields of education. We provide our writer constant training and development programmes to keep them updated with all the new standard and practices in the field of academic writing.

We have been receiving a lot of good comments from our loyal clients all over the world, who tell us their success stories about how our the assignments provided by us helped them in scoring the best grades and allowed them to bag the job of their dreams.

This got us thinking about new ways in which we can improve our services and help our students to achieve success more easily. And that’s when we started to look for the top writers who excel in resume writing services.

Since the addition of resume writing services to our wide range of services we have received only positive response from all of our clients. We have approximately 94% rate of selection through our professional resumes and we are proud to say that we have successfully assisted hundreds of people to give a boost to their careers and live better lives.

Importance of Resume writing Services
Resume writing services is a very important and necessary field of writing as it allows other individuals to draft a professional resume and increase the chances of getting the jobs they apply for. Resume writing services help you market yourself to potential employers and present the skills, educational qualifications, and your work experience.

There are number of benefits of getting resume writing services to build your resumes. These benefits make this service a widely popular and in demand field of writing, which most people look for in order to deliver a good first impression in the eyes of a recruiter.

  • Resume writing services relieve the stress of constantly wondering if your resume is good enough for a particular job opportunity or not.
  • Resume building requires a lot of time and thinking, and professional writing skills, which most people don’t have a lot of confidence in.
  • Resume writing services provider, deals with a vast variety of resumes from different industries and experience levels.
  • Resume writing services providers have an insight to the business world, and can tweak your resume, in a way, which makes it stand out from the bunch.
  • There are a number of questions that come to mind when making a resume, good resume writing services will provide you answers to all of your questions.

Why choose us for resume writing services? (Salient features)
Total assignment help, has been helping thousands of students to achieve their academic success and has assisted them with their career projections through counselling, training and providing them the tools and skills with which they can develop their overall professional personalities.

This is why in addition to providing academic writing services, we also provide a multitude of other services which can help an individual with their academic as well as their professional lives, one such service provided by us, is resume writing services.

Some of the most important features of our resume writing services are described below:

  • We specialise in multiple fields: Since, for many years total assignment help has been providing professionally written academic assignments to students, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various topics related to your particular field of interest. Therefore we are more than qualified to draft a resume for you which perfectly explains your skills and competencies, so that your recruiters can be impressed, and at the same time intrigued so as to call you up for an interview.
  • Getting to know You: We understand that a lot rides on your resume, and thus a resume should appropriately portray all of your professional qualities and skills so that you can make a good impression on your potential employers. This is why, we make sure that we dedicate ample time in letting you explain everything you want us to emphasise on in your resume. As a resume directly reflects upon an individual, it is absolutely crucial that it complements your personality, so that a reader can get a good idea of your capabilities through the information present in the resume and the cover letter. 
  • We encourage all our clients to interact with us through a telephonic interview which will be recorded. In this conversation, our representative will listen to everything you have to say about your qualities and qualification, and various other professional competencies which you would like us to highlight in your resume. This step is very important as it will help us in making a resume which is corresponding to your skills.

  • Customized Approach: The whole purpose behind spending time to get to know about your mannerisms is that, we would like to provide you with a resume which is customised to complement your personality, like a well-tailored suit. The resume writing services provided by us are top notch as we have professional writers who have been a part of the recruiting team of top companies and many different hiring agencies as well. This gives us the edge over our competitors when it comes to writing a resume that will increase your chances of getting selected and will definitely get you a call back.
  • In order to accomplish this, we make a resume which describes all of your qualities in such a way, that it only has a positive effect and doesn’t come off as ‘bragging’ which you probably don’t want. In addition to describing the qualities, we also make sure that the format of your resume is such that it provides subtle hints to the reader that would make them want to know more by calling you up for a personal interview.

  • Changes as per your wish: We understand that you cannot submit one resume to different recruiters, as each company and designation requires a different set of skills which are necessary to be highlighted on your resume. This is because most companies use an ATS software, which helps them short list resumes which are aligned with the skillset they are looking for. Since a company gets a large number of resumes for a single position, therefore take help of the ATS software, which scans the resumes of a specific keyword, which would be the particular skill they are looking for, and filters the most preferable ones.
  • Therefore, our resume writing services include as many revisions as you wish for, so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity simply because your resume didn’t highlight the right skills, which you already possess. All we need from you is the posting, demanding the applications and specifying the job requirements and responsibilities, and our experts will analyse it and make the necessary changes in your resume to make it more impressive and get you one step closer to getting that job.

Types of resume
In order to provide you the best resume writing services, it is imperative that you understand the different features and functions of various types of resumes out there. A resume can be categorised based on the type of information it features the most.

Here are the major types of resumes that a recruiter comes across while going through the hiring process:

  1. Chronological Resume: As the name suggests, a chronological resume presents your work history in a reverse chronological order. It includes all of the fundamental information of a resume, but it focuses more on your work history, by putting your most recent job first, followed by the one before it and so on.
  2. This is most commonly followed resume format, as it is easy for the employers to get an overview of your skills and work experience. It is suitable for people with an elaborate work history without any lapses.

  3. Functional Resume: This type of resume focusses more on your skills and competency as opposed to your employment history. Instead of having a work history section, you can put professional skills, or achievements sections, where you can highlight all your skills and competency which align with the job you’re applying for so as to increase your chances of a call back.
  4. This type of resume is suitable for someone who has gaps in his employment history, looking for a career change or a person who is a fresher college graduate with no or very less work experience. This way, you can focus more on your competencies and skills achieved by you instead of your chronological work history.

  5. Combinational Resume: A combinational resume lets you use both of the above formats, by including both the sections which highlight your professional competencies as well as your work history in a reverse chronological order. Combinational resumes provide you the flexibility to show what kind of tasks you have handled in the past and what you can do with the skills you have got.
  6. However, since a resume cannot too lengthy, and has to be concise, you may not be able to fit all of your work experience and skills in your resume as elaborately as you want.  Therefore, you will have to mention only the skills and history which are most relevant for the position you are looking for.

  7. Targeted Resume: A targeted resume gives you the most probability to get a call back for an interview. A targeted resume takes a basic resume and tweaks it to best suit the job roles and qualities which the recruiter is looking for. This makes the resume perfectly aligned with the skillset required for the particular job you wish to apply for.
  8. This type of resume automatically more favourable over the other applicants as the employers can easily find out that a resume is generic as they come across so many of them. Therefore, having the same skills and work experience highlighted in your resume for the job you are applying for, gives you the edge.

    However, there is one drawback to a targeted resume, that you cannot send the same resume to multiple places. It requires a lot of work, as you have to keep updating it for every single job that you apply for.

Difference between Resume, CV, Bio-DATA and Cover Letter
Before you decide on getting resume writing services, it is important to know the basic distinction among the most common forms of documents that an employer asks for before proceeding for an interview. Resume, CV, Bio-Data, and Cover Letter are the most common way through which you can introduce yourself to your recruiters. It is important to know this distinction in order to make sure you get the kind of resume of CV you wanted.

Here is the most basic difference between the following:

Resume: The word resume is French for 'summarize'. A summary of qualifications, expertise & work history is called a resume. A resume is an overview of everything you have done professionally and does not display all the portfolio details, but shows unique skills that are relevant to the job. In general, a resume begins with the career goal for someone who is just out of college, followed by training, qualifications, project information, key skills, internships, seminars, talents, interests, personal data etc. It's a wise idea to have the resume writing services experts read your resume. Recognizing the qualities in you is simpler for them, and being an expert in creating a resume, they can tweak it in a way that shows the best in you.

CV: Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word, which means "life course" It is more comprehensive than a curriculum vitae, usually 2 to 3 pages, or even longer if needed. A CV lists all qualifications, employment and roles that the individual has performed, degrees, professional certifications presented chronologically. A CV is meant to illustrate the candidate's general ability and not unique skills for a particular position.

Bio- Data: Bio data is little more than an old school word for Resume or CV. Bio Data is short for Biographical Data. It puts emphasis on the personal details of an individual such as DOB, gender, citizenship, ethnicity, address, marital status, nationality etc. in addition to the education qualifications and work history. Bio-data also sometimes involves applications that are created in prescribed formats as needed by any company.

Cover Letter: A cover letter is an impressive tool to introduce yourself to your recruiters even before an interview. A cover letter introduces your resume in a memorable and a more personal way. A well-drafted cover letter goes over details about your curriculum vitae or resume and extends this knowledge for the reader, taking them on a driven tour through some of your major professional and personal achievements. While writing any cover letter, it is best to shape it according to the job for which you are applying.

Our resume writing process
Our resume writing services are best in its class and include whole personal experience which will set the bar high in your eyes, for whenever you look for someone to draft your resumes. To explain it further, let us elaborate our work process which we follow whenever we provide our resume writing services to any of our clients.

  1. Getting in Touch: This is the first step of the process wherein you make the first contact with one of our representatives. You can do so in multiple ways. We are active on all social media platforms, twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so you can directly contact us on any of the platforms, and we will make sure you get a prompt reply to your query. Alternatively, you can always reach us through our website. Just go to and you will find a chat box where you can ask us anything. We always make sure that at least one of our representatives is always online 24/7 to address your queries. You can also email us or call us directly through the contact information present on our website.
  2. Once you get in touch with us, we well ask you regarding the type of service require, in this case resume writing services, and then we will take you through the whole process.

  3. Choosing a layout: When you talk to any of our representatives regarding our resume writing services, one of the first things which we would ask is the kind of resume you are looking for. If you have a clear view of how you want your resume to look like then we will take all of the details and deliver you the best resume which brings your view to life. Even if you do not have a clear view, we will present you all of the layouts and templates which we have delivered in the past and have in our range of resumes that we offer. You choose from the bunch or give a layout of your choice. We have an in-house creative team consisting of writers, graphic designers and video editors who can use their skills to make your resume look more impressive.
  4. Telephonic Conversation: This is an optional step, however we strongly advise all our clients to go through this step, so that we completely understand what you are looking for. We have made this optional because we understand that many times our clients do not get time or are more comfortable in talking through texts and emails.
  5. In this process, one of our representatives will call you or contact through a platform of our choice and at a time which is convenient for you. In this conversation, we will ask you some basic questions the answers to which will be going in the resume, such as: ‘What was the year you graduated?’ ‘What was your major?’ etc. The purpose of this conversation is to get an idea of how you answer these questions and understand your mannerisms. This way we can present the information in your resume in a way which is easy for you to explain and complements your personality so that your interviewer can get a good idea of your work ethics and professional ability just by going through your resume.

  6. Drafting and Review: Once we get all the information that you want to include in your resume, we will put our best writers and creative team, to form a well-rounded resume for you. Once it’s ready, it is sent to our proofreading and quality control team, who will then go through each and every word in your resume for any kind of mistakes or discrepancies.
  7. Proofreading: Our expert proofreading team consists of experienced individuals who have themselves worked with big firms and hired numerous candidates. So you can rest assured that your resume will undergo proper scrutiny before it reaches you. Our team will check your resume for different standards and mistakes and refine it as best as possible to make sure that you can pass it on to your recruiters with full confidence. We check each resume for grammatical and typographical errors, flow, formality of sentences, presentation, and over all correctness of information.
  8. Submission: Once the resume is approved by the proofreading team, it is then sent to you for final review through your email for complete confidentiality. You can choose the format in which you want to receive the resume, and then check it. If you wish that there is anything in the resume that shouldn’t be there or want improvement in any of the sections, we will be happy to address it for free, as many times you wish until you are completely satisfied. 

Tips for choosing the best resume
Irrespective of whether you get your resume made from our resume writing services or not. You should always check your resume for top notch quality. Here are few tips which you must always keep in mind while reading your resume, to make sure it give you the best chances of getting call-backs.

  1. DO NOT LIE ON YOUR RESUME: Do not, and we cannot stress this enough, do not lie on your resume. You can get caught in your interview or after getting hired and can get you in big trouble and possibly even a lawsuit.
  2. Don’t print your resume on a fancy piece of paper to impress your recruiters: Don’t use fancy artistic papers or designs on your resume, unless you’re an artist or graphic designer.
  3. Try to keep in 1 to 2 pages long: The optimum length of any resume should be one to two pages, without any irrelevant information for stretch it.
  4. Follow up on your application: Instead of hopelessly waiting for a call back, you can send an email to your recruiters to get an update on your resume in professional way.
  5. Don’t include long paragraphs or unnecessary information: Don’t turn your resume in an essay by using lengthy paragraphs.
  6. Include interests and hobbies at the end if you have space left: If you still have enough space after including the necessary information, you can put your interest and hobbies which complement your work experience and goals.
  7. Explain each position held by you with one or two lines about it: As job titles can sometimes be deceiving, you can explain your role and responsibilities in one of two lines.
  8. Avoid including too many personal details: You recruiters don’t want to know how many siblings you’ve got. Avoid including personal information such as religion, race, family background etc.
  9. When adding social media or online presence, be sure to scrutinize them: It would be quite embarrassing, if your future employers did a background check of your social media presence and found your drunken tweets from college which you forgot to delete.
  10. Have your resume looked at by someone with experience from your field of interest: Always have someone who is familiar with the industry to review your resume before applying for a job.
  11. Use proper punctuations: Make a habit of using proper punctuations in every professional text.
  12. Use an appropriate headline: You headline should be appropriate and provide useful information about your future ambition and present status.
  13. Add relevant numbers where possible: Using relevant figures, stats and number (such as the number people in your team, or the growth in sales because of your actions) highlights them and increases credibility.
  14. Tweak your resume according to the job description: Edit your resume to the particular job description before sending it.
  15. Always keep your resume in a format which can be shared online: You never know when you come across an opportunity that gets you excited. So always keep a sharable format of your resume handy synced with all your devices.
  16. Do not involve technical terminology: There’s not point of using jargon from your previous job which your employer can not understand.
  17. In case of gaps in your work history, put a concise and convincing explanation: If there is an gap between your employment history which is quite significant in your experience sections, include a short and convincing explanation which gets them intrigued and maybe you can explain it further in the actual interview.
  18. Only include the most relevant and noteworthy positions in your experience sections: There’s so much to include in your resume, if you have an extensive work history, avoid including all of them. Only put the ones which are most noteworthy and relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  19. Attach a cover letter with your resume: Always attach a cover letter with your resume, unless told otherwise.
  20. When sending resume online, use your own name on the file: Don’t sent the resume file named ‘resume_7’ instead rename it before sending as ‘John Lark_ Resume’.
  21. Use formal fronts and spacing: Always use formal fonts and keep the spacing in check. Avoid using informal or childish fonts.
  22. Go through the job description carefully and try to find out keywords: Many company use software to scan through multiple resumes. Find the right key words form the job description to identify the skills they are looking for and include them in your resume.
  23. Always use Reverse-Chronological Order: No matter which format you are using for the resume, always use a reverse chronological order in your work experience.
  24. Use simple heading and subheadings where necessary: Use simple headings and subheadings to keep the resume easy to understand without overdoing it.
  25. Use a professional email: It doesn’t look good if your resume is totally professional but on the top the email address you have used is ‘john_’.
  26. Always keep your contacts updated: Always use your most recent contact info in your resume so that your recruiters can contact you.
  27. Always go through samples of resumes from your industry: No matter how much experience you have, it is always helpful to go through resumes which are corresponding to your industry to get an idea of what the most recent trends are.

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