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Online Word Count And Page Calculator

Submit the number of words or paste your text to know Characters, word & page count.

Online Word Counter

It is to determine the number of words in your assignment that we have introduced the customized version of an online word counter. The utility of word counter could not be limited just for counting words in your task. Our customized word counter would help you in providing the exact character count of the submitted assignment by evaluating the spaces and characters used in it. Our online word counter is free of cost and would help you in ensuring the parameter of word limit recommended in your assignments.

What is an online word counter?
As the name of the tool signifies itself, online word counter would help you in calculating the exact word count of the assignment. The tool would take into account the decided word count for your job and provide a notification if the task exceeds the determined word limit. The feature would help you in drafting relevant assignment while abiding by the strict word limit.

A diligent effort is made by our technicians in designing this tool so that the student could keep track of the word count in a very effortless manner. The tool could also provide an estimation of pages required for drafting an assignment with a certain word count.

How to use online word counter?
To use the online word counter in a very effortless and effective manner, you could follow the steps mentioned in the below section.

online word count and page calculator

Advantage of using our online word counter.
The parameter of word count retains a lot of significance in the academic assignments. Many universities impose significant penalties if the submitted assignment surpasses the stipulated word count. The variation of wordcount should never diverge beyond the 10 % limit of total expected word count. The feature of character counting in the online word counter would provide you with the most accurate measurement of the volume used in the assignment. In the below section, we have listed down some of the significant advantages of using our online word counter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Queries

What is the procedure to use the free Word & page count calculator tool?

It is very easy to use the free Word & page count calculator tool, just follow type in the characters in the text box, the system will automatically calculate the page and word count. However please make sure to choose the right options related to page format, font size and other variables to get the accurate result.

How your free Word & page count calculator tool Is Better Than Others?

Our free Word & page count calculator tool is the best options available online, infact we draw maximum traffic for this page from our viewers.

Can I Use the free Word & page count calculator tool for commercial gains ?

No, you can’t use our free Word & page count calculator tool for commercial services, it is to be used for non-commercial purpose only.

What Is cost of the free Word & page count calculator tool?

Well, as the name suggests, it is Absolutely FREE..

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