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CDR Writing Services

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A working individual or college student dreams of going abroad and living their life in a foreign country. However, they soon realize that any country in the world has a lot of different guidelines and criteria to fulfil before giving permission to enter a country and make a living there. CDR is one such important guideline. Through our CDR writing services, individuals can make a stunning competency demonstration report which helps them to migrate to Australia.

Australia is one of the most preferred countries for immigration by engineers all around the world, because of the vast career opportunities present there. For many years, Australia has invited skilled and competent individuals with open arms, who excel in their specific field of engineering.

Although they don't just accept anyone who claims to be an expert in their field, the Australian government has set up dedicated authorities that ensure that only the people who are exceptionally skilled in their respective field are allowed to enter the country and find a job there. Engineers Australia (EA) is the government body that has the authority to accept or reject your proposal to migrate to Australia and Find work as an engineer.

In order to get accepted by Engineers Australia, you need to provide the documented proof that you have the necessary skills and experience required for the job. The documented proof of skills is submitted to the EA, in the form of a competency demonstration or a CDR report.

Why do you need CDR?
A CDR is quite frankly the backbone of the Australian Skilled Labour Migration framework. It reflects all of your educational qualifications, professional learnings and career advancements upon which your skills and competency levels are judged. We provide an excellent level of care in our CDR writing services and help you develop a great CDR report that helps you get one step closer to migrating to Australia.

Having in-depth knowledge of the field is very important for an engineer in any field. The job role of an engineer requires them to tackle problems of different nature on a day to day basis to keep the project running smoothly. Therefore, it is logical that the authority will ensure that they are not inviting any liabilities into the country to ensure the safety of their workplace environment.

By demonstrating a great level of competency in your CDR report, you can get the green light form Engineers Australia and have great career opportunities at your disposal as their mark of approval goes a long way. Therefore you must consider only to consider the best CDR writing services to formulate your competency report. 

In addition to your technical skills as an engineer, a CDR report also demonstrates your communication skills, which matter a great deal if you are hailing from a non- English speaking country such as India, or Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. Having great communication is a different skill in itself. The workplace environment of an engineer is quite fast-paced and filled with dangerous possibilities. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of any accidents caused in the workplace due to negligence or misinformation, it becomes very important to convey information, promptly ad accurately.

CDR Writing Services

Categories under Skilled Immigration for Australia
Depending on your level of competency and experience, there are 4 categories set by the Australian government. The four categories recognized by the EA as per the graduate competencies are:

1. Professional Engineer:
A professional Engineer, according to EA, is someone who can handle and oversee large engineering projects, as per the standards set by the Australia government. They are skilled, in estimating costs, managing employees, undertake and execute different tasks, manage and identify risk elements in advance, communicate and convey information to the stakeholders effectively,  and ensure top-notch quality throughout the project. A professional engineer as per EA must have great experience and competency in both technical and non-technical aspect of the job. They are considered great innovators, problem solvers, and experts in multiple fields of engineering so as to ensure the best innovation and technological advancement in the field. In addition to working as an engineering project head, they can also work in universities and assists scientists in different research projects as well.

2. Engineer Technologist:
Any individual having a formal 4-year Bachelor's degree in Engineering in any field from a recognized institution can apply under this category of immigration in Australia. An engineering technologist has to be an expert in any one field of engineering with great competency and documented proof of experience. They must be up to date with the latest technological advancements related to their field of engineering. They must have worked with technologies and equipment which are at par with the equipment used in Australia. They may not be as greatly skilled in different disciplines of engineering, and handles large projects; however, they must be competent enough to serve under a project head and help them execute different tasks.

3. Engineer Associate:
Engineer Australia identifies those individuals as an Engineering Associate who has a minimum of 3-year Bachelor's degree or a diploma in any field of engineering from a recognized university or institution. They need to have a complete understanding of the engineer’s codes- and standard of procedure in their particular field. They are often called ‘para-professionals’ who are familiar with the working processes and operating the basic equipment in the workplace. They must have knowledge of the materials used, the feasibility of implementation and ensuring quality without any compromises. An engineer associate can find jobs with other firms and work with other engineers.

4. Engineer Manager:
The individuals who have a 2 year diploma degree in any engineering field from an accredited institute are categorized as engineer manager. They work on engineering projects and help to formulate different strategies, plans, problem-solving measures, review various operation techniques with a firm. They are employed in executive positions and are required to have great experience in the field, including 7 years of experience as a professional engineer. They guide and instruct all other engineers working on a project.

All individuals who are eligible in any of the above categories need to have a documented proof of their competency by employing the best CDR writing services who can write a great report for them, in order to get it approved by the EA and migrate to Australia.

Three Main Component of a CDR
A CDR report in one of the most important documents when applying for skilled migration to Australia, therefore it is important that you understand the key elements of this report and ensure extreme vigilance when approaching any CDR writing Services. A CDR report is not less complicated than any research paper you have written before, in fact it is even more complicated and challenging to write.

The three main components of a Competency Demonstration Report are:

  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report
  • Summary Statement
  • Career Episode

CPD Report
In order to stay updated with the latest innovations and advancement in the field of engineering, applicants need to demonstrate their training and development in their field of engineering. The continual professional development report includes different educational or practical knowledge gained by them through a seminar, conference, Workshops or research projects etc.

A CPD report infilled in the form of a report stating three main aspects of their training:

  • Title of Training
  • Date
  • Period
  • Venue

A CPD report ensures that the individual is continuously learning and enhancing their level of skills and competency. Our CDR writing services experts formulate the best CPD report to reflect your greatest learning experiences in your CDR report.

Career Episodes
Career Episodes are a narrative of significant job experience. You must include at least 3 career episodes in your CDR report. A career episode must demonstrate your job role, responsibilities, key task executed by you, and any other notable episodes in 1000 to 2000 words each. A career episode must be numbered properly, with each of its paragraphs and subparagraphs being listed. A career episode should not be too technical; therefore, you should not write any fancy terminology to impress the board. A career episode is written in the first person and is a complete narration of your learnings, responsibilities and experience at a particular place of work.

Summary Statement (SS)
A summary statement is placed at the end of the CDR report where your summarise all of your career episodes and CPD learnings. It is one of the most challenging and complex components of a CDR report as it cannot be more than one page long; therefore you need to be short and concise. Incorporating all of your notable skills and qualities in a single sheet may sound simple, but this is where many of the applicants go wrong. Our CDR writing services experts have written hundreds of reports and are excellently capable of writing a great CDR report for you.

CDR Writing Services

What do we offer in our CDR Writing Services?
As CDR is such an important document in your professional career, you must make sure that it is made with absolute perfection. All our services are especially focussed on the Australian subcontinent; therefore, we are well familiar with the different norms followed by the Australian Authorities. Our CDR writing services include the best academic writers who have years of experience in writing CDR reports.

Below are some of the important features of our CDR writing services:

Formulating Career Episodes
Career episodes are nothing short of an academic essay but require a lot more attention to detail and vigilance. Our CDR writing services experts have years of experience in academic writing and formulating CVs and resumes in addition to writing CDR, this experience helps them in formulating the best career episodes for your report.

We assure you that all our writer are up to date with the latest technological advancement in the field of engineering as they are continuously helping university students in completing their research papers, thesis and dissertations in different field of engineering all year round.

In addition, we make sure that our executive is in constant touch with you throughout the process to incorporate all of the minute details of your professional experience in the career episodes, to offer you the best of CDR writing services.

Writing the Summary Statements
As mentioned earlier, the summary statement is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a CDR report. It involves a great level of skills and experience to make a good summary statement with all the main minute details. It is very tough to summarise your whole career into a single sheet of paper, without missing out on any significant achievements and capabilities. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you take the help of our CDR writing Services experts to ensure that your CDR report is the best in its class and increases your chances of getting accepted.

Removing any Plagiarism
Just like any academic article, plagiarism is a big issue in your CDR report. You cannot afford to have plagiarism in your CDR reports as CDR report is supposed to be written in your own words from your own experiences. Therefore, we employ the best plagiarism checking tools in the business to ensure that each and every document delivered by us is 100% original. Just like our assignment help services, our CDR writing services also follow the strict rule of no plagiarism, and we ensure that we monitor this feature quite stringently.

Fact-Checking and Reviewing
The CDR report is a reflection of your own competencies and professional capabilities on a document, therefore writing the wrong facts would be a huge blunder and might lead to instant rejection.  In our CDR writing services, we ensure that all of the contents are reviewed, and every fact is carefully checked by our quality control team.

Editing and Proofreading
Each and every report made our CDR writing services team is proofread multiple times by our dedicated quality control team and sent back to the writing team for editing and corrections. We make sure that our quality team sticks to our stern guidelines and perform with utmost perfection. Each CDR report made by us is proofread and edited again and again till there are no mistake and errors left in the whole document.

If you're worried about the contents of your CDR report, or confused about where to start, or are scared to submit the CDR report you have written, you can approach our CDR writing services team, for guidance. Our team will help you guide through the process and teach you the ins and outs of the CDR report. We will also edit and proofread the CDR reports made by you and deliver a refined version back to you.

So get in touch with total assignment help today and receive the best CDR writing services

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