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What is marketing?

Choosing marketing as a primary subject depends upon two reasons: the interest in the area of marketing, and the second is the interest in conducting research. If a student has these two attributes in him then writing an assignment on any marketing related topic will not be tough for him. But if he has no such interests and has still considered marketing as the major subject, he would definitely look for online services related to marketing assignment help to complete assignments on time.

Marketing is the activity or action of promoting brands' products or services to the public using different communication mediums to increase sales. Marketing is a fundamental requirement for every business making it a primary element that influences business success.

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Why should students look for Marketing Assignment help?

Marketing is a process which involves different stages like research, designing, distribution of products and services in order to meet the demands of the consumer market. It plays an important role in rolling out a new plan and involves strategies that can be used in the long run. The process of marketing starts before the launch of any product or service and continues till it reaches the end consumers. It is not possible for each student to be aware about the particulars of marketing which leads them to ask for marketing assignment help when they are imposed with an assignment. The depth of the subject and the challenges involved in making a marketing plan leads the student to look for solutions that will help him complete the assignment on time and fetch a distinction grade.

The professors assign you so many assignments on various complex topics, the idea is to build your knowledge and enhance your complete understanding. Successfully finishing each and every assignment requires hard work, dedication, effort and time. However, it becomes really difficult for students to balance regular classes, important lectures, and crucial assignments. A tight schedule refrains them from meeting assignment deadlines and many which are submitted on time lack the desired quality parameters. Under pressure to submit assignments on time, students often overlook the basic requirement due to lack of proper research and insight on the given topic thus prepare generic assignments for submission. This is bad news for the students since they are highly likely to score very low grades for the assignment which would influence their entire semester's result.

This is where assignments help online portals come in to play since they help students complete the bulky research assignment, freeing them to focus their attention on enhancing their learning. At Total Assignment Help, we understand the importance of delivering assignments on time and place equal emphasis on maintaining assignment relevancy parameters. We have a team of dedicated subject matter experts, who are under strict instructions to pay close attention to assignment requirements and deliverables and ensure each assignment is delivered before the stipulated deadline. A well-developed portal allows us to prioritize each assignment based on its deadline thus ensuring assignments are allocated to the best SME for preparation and delivery before deadlines.

Relevance of marketing in business

Adopting a marketing strategy is necessary for all sorts of businesses, be it small or large business houses. Due to the investigation and designing involved in the process, marketing is a time-taking process that can be carried on with trained and hardworking employees. Our marketing assignment help experts say that formulation of a perfect marketing strategy can lead a business to greater success along with the below advantages:

  • Connecting with the target customers
  • Creating a demand for the products and services in the market
  • Awareness about competitor’s strength and weaknesses
  • Convincing customers to buy a particular goods or service over others
  • Maximum use of available resources
  • Controlling the business
  • Making a progress plan
  • Maximizing profits and increasing sales
  • Reduction in risks and saving time

Drafting a marketing plan

Before introducing a product or a service in a market, it is necessary to draft a marketing plan which is one of the first steps to be undertaken by an organization. Drafting the plan is not easy and this is why it is regarded as one of the professors' essential task while preparing assessments for their students. Professors prepare their students to be well aware and well equipped with all the techniques of making a successful marketing plan that the latter may come across while working on a job profile. As said by marketing assignment help experts, when there is an appropriate plan, the goals and objectives could be easily achieved. The plan does not help achieve goals and objectives, but it also helps in conducting the business's day-to-day operations. With the help of a marketing plan, businesses can be expanded by considering different opportunities.

How to answer Marketing Assignment Questions?

Requirement Sample 1: Below is the requirement of a 1200 words Marketing Management and Digital Communications assignment (fig 1.1).

marketing assignment example

This marketing assignment falls under the literature review category and will be made up of 1200 words and consist of an analysis of 2 separate marketing articles of 600 words each. The assignment requires to be written in the third person, No casual language or reflection is required; it must focus on reviewing only the content discussed in the chosen article. The assignment does not require an executive summary, tables or diagrams.

Literature to be reviewed requires being no more than 5 years of age to ensure the latest information and finding are being reported. Ensure literature is from reputed sources such as peer review journals that guarantees the research finding is authentic. Make sure to counter check the literatures authenticity with other literature reports. Before reviewing the literature, it is important to first introduce the assignment, and then discuss the methods that would be used to accumulate data and information. Explore and focus on the main points discussed in the literature, each article review requires being separate with a format wherein comparisons can be made in the form of findings. With the literature review completed, it must outline the main Findings. The reference list must include article and provide a copy or url link leading to the literature used for the review. The assignment must focus on the two selected articles and include other sources that may have similar concepts and theories.

Requirement Example 2

marketing assignment question

Assignment example 2 above (fig 1.2) clearly outlines specific deliverables to be addressed on the assignment. The requirement clearly states the assignment type which is an integrated marketing communications campaign. The marketing communications campaign assignment must focus on developing a communication campaign targeting the company's UK market. The integrated marketing communication campaign must integrate and use at least 2 marketing communication tools and must focus on addressing 5 points as given below:

  • A review of the chosen brand’s current position
  • Marketing communications objectives
  • Target audience
  • Literature review
  • Creative strategy

A well-written assignment requires discussing the reasons for establishing communications such as to Inform, Persuade, Remind, Add Value or Assist Other Efforts. This is the primary reason for establishing any form of communication thus the marketing communications plan needs to outline these reasons clearly. Next, the assignment can turn its focus towards exploring the most suitable marketing communications elements. Some common marketing communication elements include Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations or Direct & Online Marketing. It is also required to include in the marketing assignment help, marketing promotional mix strategies such as push and pull strategies which demonstrate the student extensive knowledge on the topic. In addition to these advertising decisions like budget analysis, objective and strategy can be included in the report. Your integrated marketing campaign must cover all major elements of marketing in order to achieve merit.

Requirement Example 3: The below marketing assignment requirement file (fig 3) requires students to select one article from either the Marketing week or American marketing association websites. The articles must not be more than 3 weeks old and the literature review must be accompanied by a copy of the selected review article. The assignment must NOT be longer than 600 words with a maximum of 8 references.

The literature review must respond to the following questions as given below:

  • What are the marketing issues illustrated in this article?
  • Who are the important stakeholders? i.e. who will benefit or otherwise from the issues discussed in the article?
  • How would you respond to these issues and why? In answering this question students need to justify their proposed responses by using marketing theory.

With a strict word count limit on the above assignment, it is advisable to make sure the assignment focuses on answering the three questions. A short introduction and conclusion no more than 100 words should be given thus allowing maximum word count towards answering the questions.

marketing assignment help example

It is a sort literature review of a single article and requires you to respond by first identifying marketing issues. Some common marketing issues to expect on marketing articles include; Traffic generation, measuring the marketing campaigns return on investment, securing adequate funding or effectively managing a marketing campaign. Next, you need to identify important stakeholders towards the marketing campaign and how they influence the campaign. Lastly, the student needs to identify and discuss the use of marketing theories in the marketing assignment help and how they influence the marketing campaign. Provide a very short introduction and a conclusion while retaining the maximum word count towards responding to the answers.

The marking rubric and marketing criteria

marketing assignment help question

Above is the detailed marketing rubric for Requirement Example 3 and precise points which need to be included in the assignment. Each point and its weight plays an imperative role towards scoring high grades thus every element of the marking rubric needs to be addressed on the assignment before submission to score maximum grades.

Common Marketing Assignment Help Topics Prepared By Total Assignment Help Experts

We have subject matter experts who specialize in preparing assignments related to individual streams falling within marketing, ensuring students who place orders with us score maximum grades.

Some of the marketing assignment help topics we specialize in are listed below

Brand Management Retail Management Product Management
Marketing Communication Internal Marketing Competitors Analysis
Online Marketing E-Commerce Case Studies
Key Elements of Marketing Cost Convenience Communication Behavioral Analysis
Reward Management Project Management 4 P's of Marketing and 5 C' of Marketing

Why it is important to select your marketing assignment help service provider carefully?

Marketing assignment help boosts subject understanding, scholars must therefore only opt to hire a qualified marketing assignment helper. Marketing is the driving force for businesses, so businesses invest heavily towards hiring qualified marketing professionals. The high demand also attracts intense competition; students must, therefore, consult the best marketing homework help to upraise their subject understanding, career opportunities, and success.

Aspects to consider while getting marketing assignment help

A Marketing assignment comprises a variety of sub-topics. Market Analysis and planning are just two elements of marketing, and good marketing assignment must include and use a wide variety of marketing management concepts so as to ensure you score high grades. Our experience subject matter experts ensure all relevant topics and subcategories are infused into the marketing assignment appropriately. Some of the services which our subject matter experts can offer are as follows:

  • Market Analysis Assignment Assistance: This involves an in-depth study and analysis of the specified industry markets. We aim to highlight major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a business's marketing campaign may be experiencing through a market analysis report. For instance; in studying the BMW market, customer buying trends are influenced by a limited number of factors and specific areas. Refer to the following marketing analysis assignment help, which explores the factors in influencing the BMW customer's choice and marketing strategies in detail.
  • Market Research Technique Case Studies: Market research is a crucial activity each organization must perform with utmost care, but this research requires data collection from reliable sources to ensure accurate findings are reported. Marketing research is aimed at gathering and processing information related to the target market and customers. As per the marketing assignment help experts, while collecting this information it’s also imperative for the marketing analysis to review and report on competitor strategies to determine appropriate tactics that can be adopted and used to boost the business's performance.

Our subject matter experts also break down some marketing assignments into 4 main steps, namely:

  1. Identification of potential customers’ need
  2. Developing the product as per the market need
  3. Developing strong, healthy and long-term customer relationship, and
  4. Creating a niche through the strong market hold.

Every organization’s marketing division plays a crucial role towards promoting the business and selling the businesses products and services. The Marketing department is responsible for creating the roadmap to new promising markets based on the goodwill and earning customer satisfaction. In this era of globalization, businesses are not limited to the domestic markets and most businesses have access to global markets and customers. This makes the role played by International Marketing even more crucial and one that marketing professionals must pursue. Proponents of marketing assignment help says that to survive in today’s competitive market each business must consider expanding its operations and markets outside its boundaries, but this require a strong and efficient marketing strategy. These among several other aspects must be taken into careful consideration while preparing your marketing assignments. If you are facing some doubt or hesitation feel free to fill up the order form and our experts will take care all your troubles through their marketing assignment help.

Total Assignment Help assures high grades

Giving you assurance to score high grades on your assignment is not a common commitment any marketing assignment help portal is willing to commit to. This is due to many service providers knowing they cannot ensure quality due to lack of the right mechanism and policies. At Total Assignment Help, we assure you each marketing assignment would score great grades and confident of our ability to meet student expectations. Not only marketing assignments, but we assure you that each management assignment will score a higher grade if managed by our team of experts given that we are the leaders in Management assignments. This high level of confidence is because our team of subject matter experts have a good command over the subject and understand every nook and corner of marketing assignment requirements.

Consult our Marketing SME who will resolve all your concerns

Are you looking to present a marketing assignment that arouses your lecturer’s attention and scores an outstanding grade? You can only get marketing assignment help online of this caliber from total assignment help. Each marketing assignment requirements are allocated to a senior marketing SME with no less than 15-years’ experience for analysis before being assigned to the assignment writer. The SME reviews the requirement to determine the deliverables after which the SME and academic expert discuss the case to clarify on the deliverable. This ensures every assignment deliverable is covered, which guarantees flawless assignments are always delivered. Total assignment help also has a dedicated team of experts available 24/7, 365 days a year. This ensures students always get the support they need or can contact admin regarding developments or changes in the requirement after order placement.

We ensure that you get assistance from niche experts having a thorough knowledge of marketing concepts, framework, and methodology. Being an accredited assignment writing service in the field, we aspire to mentor the students through the delivery of top quality assignments.

Our marketing assignment help experts invest quality time towards research and are aware of new marketing developments. Our services are well acknowledged, as we guarantee marketing assignment originality, high quality, and relevant plagiarism-free assignments. Every marketing assignment is delivered within the agreed deadline which ensures students do not incur grade deductions due to delayed deliveries. Each marketing assignment is referenced using the required referencing style with the latest reference used to ensure sources deliver the latest research findings. All research sources are counter checked to determine their authenticity and verified to ensure they are relevant to the given information. Each assignment is also formatted as per academic standards thus ensuring it is academically presentable during submission which also contributes towards attracting higher grades.

We understand the student’s concern, that’s why we emphasize on keeping our prices at the lowest market rates so as to ensure every student accesses the highest quality assignment at affordable rates. To simplify and secure payments we prioritize and advice students to use PayPal but you can also make payment via Debit/Credit card. We believe in full transparency; hence, we do not have any hidden cost.

We are just a click away if you need assistance so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help completing your assignment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common difficulties making students ask for marketing assignment help online?

Our marketing assignment help online service is for those students who cannot finish their assignments and are looking for help. The common difficulties while writing an assignment faced the students are:

  • Deadline: The most prevalent issue for asking for help is not being able to meet the assignment deadline. Students usually get stuck in other work and forget about the assignment submission, and some students believe that they have enough time on their hands and would be able to complete the assignment on time. But this rarely happens, and students look for marketing assignment help online.
  • Plagiarism: When students collect information related to their marketing assignments, they tend to write important facts and ideas as it is from the source. While explaining the information in the assignment, they either forget that they have not rephrased the information, or they cannot rephrase it due to the usage of key terms and technical terms. The act may lead to high plagiarism in different sections of the assignment.
  • Reference: Adding references and in-text citations are vital to all sorts of assignment writing, irrespective of the subject. References help the reader to gain more information about the topic and authenticate the content. However, not all students like referencing an assignment due to different rules and regulations with each referencing style.

Sort our marketing assignment help online to get rid of all difficulties.

What are the key components of your online marketing assignment help in Australia?

In marketing assignments, students are often asked to write the key components of marketing. If you are aware of the key components, you won't really look for online marketing assignment help in Australia:

  • Market research: To make an efficient plan, it is essential to conduct market research. With the help of market research, you should analyze the industry, the target audience, market size, and the latest trends to make your marketing plan a great success.
  • Target market: If you know the target market, you will be able to identify your target audience. There should be two different genres when selecting the target market.
  • Positioning: You should be able to recognize the position of your brand in the market. It is vital to understand how the consumer ranks your brand so that you can improve its positioning.
  • Competitive analysis: Competitor analysis is essential for every organization to remain in the industry. Checking the competitors helps make effective marketing plans and business decisions.
  • Budget: Making a budget plan before conducting any marketing activity is essential. With the help of a budget, you can understand which activity is profitable and which is not.

To understand more about the components of marketing, you can ask us for our online marketing assignment help in Australia.

Can you list some tips for marketing assignment help for students?

The discipline of marketing has recently been preferred by most students due to its high demand in the professional world. Due to the advent of technologies, many businesses are moving from local to global. Students have to undergo a lot of academic pressures, and some tips for writing a marketing assignment will really help students. Some of the tips for marketing assignment help for students are:

  • Clarity of the topic
  • Make a plan for the research work and layout of the assignment
  • Collect information from relevant sources
  • Write the assignment as per the layout
  • Address all requirements one after another
  • Proofread and edit the work

Well, following the above tips, a student can write his marketing assignment without help from anyone. Our marketing writers apply these marketing tips while extending their marketing assignment help for students. Each tip mentioned above has its own significance, so none of them should be skipped while writing an assignment.

Why are you the best marketing assignment help for me?

Are you searching for marketing assignment help near you? Are you confused about which would be the best marketing assignment help for me? We understand that a Google search for marketing assignment help can land you with various options. But you need to choose the best and trust us; we are far better than others as we have the below features:

  • Excellent marketing subject matter experts
  • The anonymity of student information
  • Reasonable rate
  • Quality content
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Unlimited revision
  • Timely delivery
  • Easy payment methods
  • Non-stop customer care service
  • The easy order placement process
  • Quick refund
  • Free proofreading and editing service

We also have samples which can determine the quality of the assignments made by our marketing writers. Our marketing professionals write all the sample assignments, and students can refer to them without paying any charges. In addition, the students can go through the testimonials on our website or on other platforms to understand the experience of their fellow students who have used our service. Taking our help will make your learning process easy and amazing, and you will never regret, 'why did I hire as the marketing assignment help for me?’

How to write the conclusion of marketing assignment?

Writing the conclusion of marketing assignment is quite easy as compared to the main body. Most of the hard work is required to write the main body of the marketing assignment. The conclusion of marketing assignment should summarize the vital arguments, point out the strength and mention the limitations of the research work. Do not repeat what has been written in the introduction or the executive summary. Each part has its significance and is very much distinct from one another. Never introduce any new information or add in-text citations to the conclusion.
The conclusion should reemphasize the thesis statement or the aim behind writing the marketing assignment. The conclusion should reference each of the arguments put forward in the main body so that the readers can remember what they had just read. The conclusion of marketing assignment should be brief and should not be too lengthy or too short. For example, if your assignment is a 2000 words report on marketing, the conclusion should have at least 200 words which are 10 per cent of the total word count. If you cannot write the conclusion of your marketing assignment, hire our assignment assistance.

What types of tools fall under the definition of marketing analysis?

Several tools can help a student conduct his marketing analysis report based on a given organization. Some of the tools falling the under the definition of marketing analysis are:

  • Value chain analysis: The value chain consists of all the processes and business activities involved in making a product or a service. Value chain analysis helps evaluate all the activities involved in an organization's value chain to gain knowledge about opportunities and improvement areas.
  • Ansoff matrix: The product/market expansion grid is another name of the Ansoff matrix, used by marketing analysts to assess growth initiatives and make plans. The analysis helps in ascertaining the risks related to various growth strategies.
  • BCG matrix: The BCG matrix is a tool aiding in the evaluation of the strategic position of an organization. It is a renowned portfolio analysis tool helping organizations demarcate their high and low-performing assets.
  • SWOT: The SWOT analysis helps an organization understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and determine its present position and future development potentialities.
  • PESTLE: PESTLE analysis, which falls under the definition of marketing analysis, helps study the external factors that influence the organization. For example, it determines whether an organization should venture into a new business or attempt to establish itself in a new market.

Can you name a few example of marketing assignment topics?

Most Australian universities allocate various learning and writing tasks to students, but they fail to weigh the burden it exerts on them. Some students are overloaded with assignments, and some do not know about framing the paper. Our online marketing assignment help in Australia has assisted several students globally. Marketing is a huge subject and covers a vast area. Several example of marketing assignment topics are briefly explained below:

  • Business planning: The concept of business planning refers to the objectives of an organization and the steps it would take to achieve its goals. To make a business plan, it is vital to analyze the market of operation, analysis of the organization, etc.
  • Digital marketing: Advertising and selling products and services on the digital platform is called digital marketing. It can be in the form of inbound, email, social media and content marketing.
  • E-commerce: Buying and selling goods and services through an online platform is known as E-commerce. The business can be in the form of business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.
  • Direct marketing: When marketing involves direct communication and interaction with consumers, it is known as direct marketing.
  • 7Ps of marketing: The 7Ps of marketing help an organization review and understand the issues affecting its goods and services marketing.

To know more about the topics falling under the marketing subject, like industrial marketing, service marketing, etc., you can check our example of marketing assignment on our website.

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