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Speech Topics

100+ Students' Most Interesting Speech Topics

Delivering a speech in front of a live audience may be rather scary. Having a weak topic for the speech might be even more intimidating. provides speech writing assistance in various speech topics to help you win over your audience, in addition to assisting you in selecting engaging speech topics.

How to Select an Excellent Topic for Your Speech?

You must be quite exhausted when selecting topics for your speech. Since the effectiveness of your speech hinges on how effectively the audience receives it, you must ensure that they are receptive. Therefore, to ensure that your audience enjoys your speech, use the following steps:

  • Analyze your audience and try to identify their common interests
  • Consider engaging subject suggestions that the audience will like hearing.
  • Ensure that you share an interest in these areas.
  • A brainstorming session should generate speech topics that satisfy the requirements above.

You must select an appropriate issue for your audience. However, if you cannot identify suitable speech topics using these methods, you may contact the specialists at for advice. Provides Suggestions for Various Types of Speech Topics

We recognize that selecting appropriate speech topics for your audience is not a simple undertaking. To help you discover inspiration for your speech, we have compiled a list of one hundred intriguing subjects encompassing the most common forms of talks.

Entertaining Speech topics

  1. My favourite song lines that have been misheard
  2. How can you encourage a kid to walk in 539 simple steps?
  3. A monkey took my luggage at one point.
  4. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  5. When I lied about my grandmother's death
  6. What is it about pineapple toppings on pizza that appeals to me?
  7. How can you keep your laughter in check while in a severe situation?
  8. Cinderella shows us how a pair of shoes can completely transform our life.
  9. How to be the focus of everyone's attention?
  10. The year's biggest fashion blunder

Informative Speech topics

  1. Is homeschooling a better choice for students?
  2. What is the best way to train your dog?
  3. What is the definition of foreign policy?
  4. Literature and vampires
  5. How to Study for a Test in an Effective Way
  6. What are the factors that contribute to the meaning of life?
  7. Is telepathy a genuine thing?
  8. What are the distinctions between borders and limits?
  9. Is it true that theoretical knowledge is more helpful than practical knowledge?
  10. Man's influence on the environment

Speech topics to Demonstrate

  1. What is the best way to colour a digital photo?
  2. How can you avoid being hurt while playing football?
  3. What is the best way to start a kitchen garden in your backyard?
  4. How do you put table etiquette into practice?
  5. How can you keep your house safe from intruders?
  6. How can I reduce weight safely and permanently?
  7. What is the mechanism of an antique barometer?
  8. How can you use your essay to earn a scholarship?
  9. How do you arrange your week to be as productive as possible?
  10. What is the best way to conduct a simple magic trick?

Persuasive Speech topics

  1. The genuineness of modern art is lacking.
  2. Is art a subject that should be taught in school?
  3. Brexit will boost the UK economy.
  4. Reality shows are a place where people can be exploited.
  5. Television shows mirror the culture in which we live.
  6. Children's beauty pageants should be prohibited.
  7. Using natural resources and fossil fuels in moderation
  8. Carpooling has the potential to preserve the environment.
  9. Happiness is quantifiable.
  10. Tourists should not be allowed to visit Antarctica.

Speech topics of Motivation

  1. The significance of having an optimistic attitude
  2. Keeping your tongue in check
  3. Keeping a social life and academics in balance
  4. How can you reach your goals without being exhausted?
  5. Treat people in the same manner that you want to be treated.
  6. How has living at home aided in environmental preservation?
  7. How can even the tiniest adjustments in your lifestyle have such a significant impact?
  8. Kindness is quite essential.
  9. What do all of our generation's successful people have in common?
  10. Do what you love if you enjoy what you do.

Impromptu Speech topics

  1. It all starts in the head when it comes to poor health.
  2. Social etiquette is a waste of time.
  3. Climate change is an unavoidable fact of life.
  4. In a classroom, real learning does not take place.
  5. Future disputes will be limited to cybercrime.
  6. It is critical to colonize Mars for our species to survive.
  7. The minimum wage should be increased by a factor of two.
  8. Renting a home is preferable to purchasing one.
  9. It's tough to find a news site that isn't biased.
  10. Is it preferable to be powerful than wealthy?

Oratory Speech topics

  1. Euthanasia should be prohibited.
  2. Is watching TV episodes or movies on teen suicide more beneficial to encouraging or avoiding it?
  3. Should music and art therapy take precedence over other types of treatment?
  4. Is the rise of e-commerce a threat to small towns?
  5. Is working from home becoming the new norm?
  6. Should a mandated retirement age be established?
  7. Should mental health and wellness lessons be included in the school curriculum?
  8. How can sex education be more successfully taught in the classroom?
  9. Is a student's grade a true reflection of their ability to learn?
  10. Is it necessary to make hunting illegal?

Speech topics for Debate

  1. The cloning of birds should be legalized.
  2. A universal basic income should be provided to everyone.
  3. Drug testing should be mandatory for all high school athletes.
  4. Tuition at public universities should be free.
  5. In all public spaces, smoking should be prohibited.
  6. Human communication has been enhanced thanks to social media.
  7. Net neutrality needs to be reinstated.
  8. Alternative energy sources should be a priority for governments.
  9. The sale of bottled water should be prohibited.
  10. All outstanding student loan debt should be forgiven.

Forensic Speech topics

  1. Should interns be compensated for their time and effort?
  2. Should instructors be required to recertify every few years and pass a test?
  3. Is higher education a waste of time?
  4. Is it true that equality is a myth?
  5. Is it necessary to make voting mandatory?
  6. Is it possible that press freedom has gone too far?
  7. Is it necessary to recycle?
  8. What is the impact of parental pressure on young athletes?
  9. Is it feasible to achieve global nuclear disarmament?
  10. Is there a role for religion in government?

Speech topics on a Special Occasion

  1. A graduation speech was given at a high school
  2. A toast to a wedding pair by the best man or maid of honour
  3. Delivering a keynote talk at a significant event
  4. At the school's graduation ceremony, I gave a speech.
  5. On the school's foundation day, I gave a speech.
  6. A eulogy was given on the occasion of an American legend's birthday
  7. A humorous speech was given during a school's annual day
  8. A speech honouring teachers' contributions to our lives.
  9. A speech honouring your dearest friend's birthday.
  10. At an interschool scientific model competition, I gave a speech.

Hopefully, these tips proved to be beneficial.

Topics for School Speeches

If you're still seeking additional speech subjects appropriate for your academic level, here are some more ideas.

High School

  1. Is human action to blame for climate change?
  2. What is the most effective method for conserving water?
  3. Is it true that plastic bags are worse than paper bags?
  4. Is it true that circuses are inhumane?
  5. Is it true that the internet has made people less kind?
  6. Is it possible to make the school day shorter and more efficient?
  7. Should all citizens be entitled to free medical care?
  8. Should undocumented immigrants be given the same rights as citizens?
  9. Are video games harmful to children?
  10. Would a "Green New Deal" benefit or harm the United States?

Secondary School

  1. I'd like to meet a celebrity. And why is that?
  2. My dearest buddy and role model
  3. My most recent dream
  4. My favourite film
  5. How can you have a fruitful summer?
  6. Violent games exacerbate youth violence.
  7. From my own experience, the worst job is
  8. When is the greatest time to give a child a phone?
  9. Animals can help you relax.
  10. What can you do to prevent being grounded?

Elementary School

  1. Where did the dinosaurs go?
  2. Which planet would you like to visit and why?
  3. What's the point of having a longer recess?
  4. Who is your hero, and why are they your hero?
  5. What causes rainbows to appear?
  6. How can you use a solar clock to tell time?
  7. What's your favourite sport to participate in?
  8. What is your favourite musical genre?
  9. How would you improve your school?
  10. What do you think is the nicest part about summer?

That's an absurdly large number of speech topics to choose from. Hopefully, they will provide you with the essential inspiration. If everything else fails, you may always seek expert help.

Are you having trouble coming up with good speech topics? Choose

If you still need help choosing a topic for your forthcoming speech, contact the specialists at for expert advice. Our staff of professional assignment writers can also help you produce a good speech.

Furthermore, if you place an order with, you will receive a lot of additional perks, such as:

  • Speeches that are devoid of errors and well-structured, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Orders are delivered on time, even when deadlines are tight.
  • Big offers and discounts are available at an affordable price.
  • Unfulfilled orders are eligible for free rework assistance.
  • Active customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to react to your questions.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get the help you need with speech themes and writing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Students

What Is the Definition of Speech Writing?

Speech writing is the skill of using words to communicate your message to your audience. It's not dissimilar to writing an essay. You must know the goal of the speech you're composing, its optimal length (or speaking time limit), and the audience. Before you begin writing your speech, it is generally beneficial to outline the main ideas.

What Are The Different Types Of Speeches?

While there is much dispute over how many different speeches there are, it is vital to remember that there are only four main categories of presentations. The remainder is the four's sole derivations. These are the four types:

  • To inform
  • To instruct
  • To entertain
  • To persuade

What Is The Format For Writing A Speech?

The structure of a speech is quite similar to that of an essay. It is divided into three parts: an introduction, a major body, and a conclusion. Each of these parts has its own set of objectives. For example, the opening should include information about you and what you want to discuss. Next, you make your points in the major body. In addition, the conclusion should summarize everything you said during the speech.

What Is The Importance Of Writing Speeches?

Various factors contribute to the importance of speech writing.

  • It aids in the organization of your thoughts.
  • It aids in the memorization of the speech.
  • It makes it possible for you to stay on track.
  • It aids in the timing of your speech.
  • It's a method of removing filler words.

What Is The Best Way To Choose A Speech Topic?

To find the correct speech subject, follow the steps below:

  • First, determine the type of event you'll be speaking at.
  • Be aware of your target market.
  • Finally, take into account your particular interests, knowledge, and experience.

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