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Part time jobs near University of Derby in UK

Most first-year college students look for part time jobs near University of Derby to supplement their income. Students starting college are just as eager to hunt for employment as they get admitted to their favourite colleges. So it is because many individuals need to work to sustain themselves or pay for their education. However, employment for college students is helpful for other things than just earning money. According to new research, students who work part-time get better marks.

Finding the right job is a lot like playing Tetris, trying to fit it into your busy schedule. It would help if you had a job that works for you, never the other way around.Excellent part-time employment will provide you with flexible hours and even allow you to study when the workplace isn't too busy.

Let us look at some of the most popular choices for part time jobs near University of Derby in the UK.

  • Car Wash Jobs
  • Mall Security Jobs
  • Cleaner jobs
  • Restaurant Front Office Staff
  • Restaurant Kitchen Hand
  • Retail Customer Service
  • Courier Jobs
  • Uber Eats Jobs
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Packaging Jobs

Car wash worker

Car wash jobs are in relatively high demand across the UK. There are plenty of prominent and local car washes that you can apply for while at college, and it does not take up much time from your busy schedule. An average car wash worker makes around £8 to £12 per hour. The rate and working hours depend on the employers. Expect to work around 20 hours per week with this type of job. There are few specific qualifications required for this job; however, students with work experience are preferred.

Mall Security Guard

Working in shopping centres and malls as security guards is a great way of making some extra cash on the side. But do keep in mind that this job is quite physically demanding, and students need to have a certain degree of fitness to apply. Expect to make around £12 to £20 per hour while working as a mall security guard.Basic qualifications include many employers prefer a high school diploma and work experience. Shifts are usually 4 to 5 hours long and are generally during the operating hours of the complex.


Getting a job as a cleaner is relatively easy. Not many skills or qualifications are required to start working as a cleaner, but work experience is always preferred. You will have to take care of plenty of odd chores, from cleaning offices to homes while working as a cleaner. Part time jobs near University of Derby as a cleaner in the UK make around £8 to £15 on average, and shifts are usually 3 to 4 hours long, generally during the morning or evening.

Restaurant Front Office Staff

There are plenty of restaurants across the UK where you can apply to work as front office staff. The job entails plenty of responsibility and requires the candidates to have good communication skills. Most of the establishments allow flexible shifts during the opening hours ranging from 3 to 5-hour shifts. Students can expect to make around £10 to £15 per hour depending on the brand they decide to work with.

Restaurant Kitchen Hand

Like the front desk of a restaurant, you can also apply for a job as a kitchen hand. Do note; this position requires you to work in a hot environment for extended periods. Not only do you get to earn, but students get the opportunity to learn from some of the most renowned chefs in the country. The average wage of a kitchen hand ranges from £8 to £12 per hour. However, shifts are quite flexible, and students can choose shifts that best suit their needs.

Retail Customer Service

With plenty of retail shops and outlets across the UK, there is plenty of opportunities to find a part-time job in retail customer service. Students will need to have at least a high school degree to apply for the position and possess excellent communication skills. Note that this job will require you to stand for long durations. Shifts are also longer than the others we mentioned on the list, but the wages are pretty competitive. Expect to make around £10 to £20 depending on the brand you decide to associate with.

Courier Jobs

Courier jobs are also one of the favourite choices for students who are searching for part time jobs near University of Derby. It is also a good a option for students who have a valid driving licence and a comprehensive driving experience with clean records. Shifts are quite flexible and can be chosen accordingly within the working hours. Students will need to have a high school certificate to apply. Part-time couriers in the UK make around £9 to £15 per hour. Some companies also pay by the number of packages delivered, so keep that in mind while applying.

Uber Eats Jobs

Uber eats has exploded in the delivery scene, and it has proven to be a great source of side income for many students. You will need to have your vehicle if you want to start working with Uber Eats. However, there are no qualification requirements that you have to worry about. You only need to have a valid driving licence and a vehicle, and you are good to go. Also, with Uber Eats, you are free to choose how much you want to work in a day which makes it quite convenient for many students to start as a part-time gig. Expect to make around £7 to £14 per hour with Uber Eats.

Warehouse Workers

There are plenty of warehouses in the UK where you can apply to work part-time. Keep in mind that this is quite a physically demanding job, and you will need to be fit and healthy to start with this job. Prior experience of working in a warehouse is an excellent boost to your chances of getting selected. Make around £8 to £11 per hour while working at a warehouse. Also, keep in mind that shifts could be longer than usual, for which you will be compensated with overtime wages.

Packaging Jobs

Packaging jobs are one of the best part time jobs near University of Derby which are quite easy to find in the UK on account of the massive industries in the region. There are no strict qualification requirements to start in packaging jobs. Shifts are around 3 to 6 hours long and expected to make around £8 to £11 per hour.

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