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ACS citation generator

Are you looking for a quick ACS citation generator? Access our online tool for best results

Imagine that you have solved a chemistry assignment and are looking to secure an A+ grade, which could help you pass the overall course with distinction. But when you see your score, you realize that you have scored an average grade and what is more disappointing is that you have missed scoring the distinction grade in the overall course. You try to find out the reason behind getting an average score, and you are informed it was due to incorrect ACS citations. You realize if at all you could have used the ACS citation generator, the situation would have been different. The issue is not limited to you; more than 85 per cent of students have faced such issues while writing assignments requiring ACS citation format.

ACS citation generator

When you have the ACS citation generator online from, you can easily beat all obstacles and score the best grades in your assignments. Depending on your requirement, you can generate in-text citations or a bibliography using our ACS citation generator. In addition, the referencing generator can cover all your referencing woes with remarkable results within a few seconds.

If you do a survey, you will realize that most students from your university who have been using our ACS citation generator accept you. So try us now, and enjoy the difference. Reading this article will help you understand how the ACS citation generator can get you remarkable results and how it can be one of the wise decisions you have ever made in your academic career.

What is an ACS citation generator?

The ACS citation generator is a tool for generating references and citations as per the American Chemical Society standards. The key identifier to cite sources as per the ACS style is the insertion of URL and ISSN. In addition, the identifier helps in formatting the sources as per the ACS style. The citation machine provides specific information related to formatting, italicizing titles, abbreviating the authors' names, etc.

Reduce your academic pressure by using our ACS citation generator

Almost all students make mistakes while referencing their academic assignments as per the ACS citation format, but when you have our ACS citation generator at your aid, why make a mistake. There are some common mistakes that each student tend to make when they are tasked with an assignment having to reference in ACS citation style, and they are listed below:

Rewording issues: Students refer to different sources and use information but forget to provide citations that destroy the assignment's authenticity. If you are writing an academic article, it is essential to support information that is not yours with accurate citations. Using our ACS citation machine, a student can play down his referencing related stress.

Inaccurate information: The reference of the source cited in the assignment should have the complete and correct information. If there is any inaccuracy that leads to the reference's inaccessibility at the end of the professor, he may penalize the student with the charges of fake referencing. Use our ACS citation generator to generate accurate references of all sources used to prepare the assignment.

Orphaned citations: All chemistry professors in the United States tend to deduct grades for orphaned in-text citations. In ACS citation style, the citations cannot hang by themselves, so do not cite a statement with a citation that is orphaned. Instead, the citations can be formatted accurately with our ACS citation generator. One can go through the ACS referencing guidelines to understand the placement of the citations in the text.

Mixing periods: Periods in ACS citation style cannot be placed anywhere as per the convenience of the students. The rules related to the placement of periods while entering the details of a source in a reference list is adequately mentioned in the ACS citation generator guidelines. Generating references with the help of the ACS citation machine will ease the students' tension.

Despite the student's issues while referencing a paper in the ACS citation style, the referencing generator from will act as a helper in times of need. If you want to harness the benefits of the ACS citation generator, enter the required information of the sources used in the assignment. One can understand the potentiality of the referencing generator from only after using the same.

What type of sources can be generated through the ACS citation generator?

To write an academic article, a scholar is supposed to search for different sources with information related to the topic. A professor always looks for assignments with various sources, which demonstrates that the student has put in efforts to prepare and write the assignment. Not all ACS citation generators available online can cite accurately as per the prescribed format. But our ACS citation generator has been built on the guidelines and the standards set by the university, so despite the source type, our referencing generator will help you format the source.

What type of sources can be generated through ACS citation generator

The primary types of sources used in writing any assignment have been listed below:

  • Books and book chapters
  • E-book
  • Journal (Online and print)
  • Encyclopedia
  • Online articles
  • Government reports
  • Dissertations
  • Lecture notes
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Thesis
  • Lab manuals
  • Websites
  • Blogs

If you are looking to cite another source type that has not been listed above, do not worry; open our ACS citation generator page and select the required source type. Are you still confused about operating our American chemical society citation generator? Contact our customer executive on the live chat and let him know. We assure you that you will immediately get a response, and your confusion will be put at rest. Try us to know.

How to access the ACS citation generator from

While making the ACS citation generator, we have ensured the convenience of every academician. Therefore, a detailed guideline on using the citation machine has been mentioned on the tool page, which can help users navigate the navigation process. Some of the crucial details of a source that a student is supposed to have before using our citation generator are as follows:

  • Complete name of the author
  • Publishing year
  • Source title
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher name
  • Source URL
  • Date of access

When all the above crucial information has been entered, hit the 'Generate references' button and wait a few seconds for the result. You will receive an accurate reference of the source basis the details inserted by you. You can either copy the generated references directly in the assignment or we can attach the reference list and send you through email. So do not ponder on the accuracy of our ACS citation generator; use it without any doubt.

Rules related to ACS citation style

If a student manually inserts the references and citations in an assignment, the ACS citation style may seem complicated. In this section, we will be discussing an overview of the ACS citation style rules. A student can read the detailed description of all the rules about the style mentioned on our ACS citation generator tool page for more details.

acs citation style rules

  • Citing the sources in the text in the form of superscript numbers or italicizing the numbers within parenthesis.
  • Citing the sources in the text in the form of citations by mentioning the author's surname along with year within parenthesis.
  • No new numbering for sources citing twice or more
  • Chronological arrangement of the reference list
  • If author-date is used in the assignment, alphabetically arrange the reference list.
  • Use the last name of the author with initials.
  • Periods and spaces to be inserted between initials

Characteristics of the ACS citation generator from

When a student uses our ACS citation generator, he tends to avoid all errors during referencing, which he used to commit in his previous assignments. The guidance that provides with its assignment help or any referencing tool is unmatched. Our competitors envy our success and the growing trust. The client reviews posted on our web portal prove the sheer joy they get when using our services. Some of the characteristics of our ACS citation generator are as follows:

  • ACS citation generator with an advanced algorithm: Our software developers have used modern and advanced algorithms while building the citation machine. The advanced algorithm helps in generating accurate citations and references as per the ACS guidelines.
  • Delivery in a few seconds: When you have filled all the blank boxes with the vital information, the citation machine hardly takes seconds to deliver the result. The instructions related to which information needs to be inserted at which place is clearly mentioned on the ACS citation generator tool page.
  • Accuracy of results: The accuracy of results guaranteed by the citation machine is unimaginable to many students. The software developers have verified the output of the ACS citation generator with the sample references mentioned on the Macquarie University before making it live.
  • Referencing help without any charges: All the tools developed by can be freely used by any student and academician. We develop all the tools for the convenience of the students and to save their time. For example, one can keep academic charges at bay using the ACS citation generator.

Please do not wait for the next time; now, use our ACS citation generator and enjoy the difference. Assignments with references and citations with the help of our citation machine will get maximum grades compared to assignments not using the tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are in-text citations cited in ACS style?

ACS citation style adopts two methods for citing sources. In one method, the citations can be inserted in the form of superscript numbers, and in the other method, the citations can be inserted in the form of author-date.

Can I use the ACS citation generator from without formally using their services?

Yes, you can use the citation machine even without informing the team at A student can also take our assignment help services at a minimal cost.

Is it possible to generate a source through a link?

Yes, it is possible to do so. All you need to do is enter the correct link in the citation generator and select the cite button. You will get the full citation of the source within a few seconds. Then, you can copy the details and insert them on the assignment page.

Who can use the ACS citation generator from

Anybody looking for help in ACS style referencing can use our tool. The tool is constantly used by students, professors, researchers, and other professionals while presenting their papers. In addition, the ACS style referencing is used by academicians from chemistry, engineering, medical and scientific disciplines.

Why should a student use reference generators?

The primary reason to use referencing generator is to save time and get accurate results within a few seconds. In addition, the easy use and free access attract all students to use our referencing generators.

How to cite a book in ACS style?

A book can be cited in the ACS style as per the below format:
White, K. M. Organic Chemistry and its approach to problems, 1st ed.; Closed Press: New Jersey, 1999.

How to cite a journal article in ACS style?

White, K. M.; Wright, M. J. Organic Chemistry and its approach to problems. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2000, 90 (10), 20-25.

Does ACS style of referencing use bibliography entries?

No, in ACS style, all the sources are entered in the assignment under the heading, reference list. In case a professor is looking for a bibliography list as well. The student can provide sources he has not used in preparing the assignment but can be referred to for more information related to the topic. It all depends upon the assignment requirements and the expectations of the professor.

Is the ACS citation generator from the best?

Yes, the ACS citation generator from is considered the best. A student can get help without paying any money and without getting registered. In addition, a student can use the tool from anywhere and from any device which can support the webpage.

Can you write my assignment as per the ACS style?

Yes, we can write your assignment as per the ACS standards. Just contact our online executives and get your assignments done at reasonable prices.

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