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Referencing Generator Tool

This simple tool can save you time and help make sure that your References are correctly formatted every time.

Reference Generator Tool

As the number of students attending college and university for their O and A levels increases, the need to access and used a high-quality Reference Generator Tool is critical. Being from the education industry and assisting students to prepare and complete their assignments, Total Assignment help also realizes the importance of providing students with a Free Reference generator tool which generates high-quality reference Sources formatted as per academic guidelines.

We understand the difficulties involved in formatting reference sources as per academic guidelines thus we have developed a free Reference Generator Tool which only requires you to select the type of reference and enter the respective data. Once data has been entered the Reference Generator Tool automatically formats the references as per the required format and generates the final reference which can be copied directly to your assignments reference list.

Our Reference Generator Tool is updated on a regular basis as per the academic referencing guidelines to ensure the reference meet the desired academic standards.

Benefits of using our Reference Generator Tool
Reference will attract between 10 and 25% of the grades you score on an assignment which makes referencing an important requirement each student assignment must meet. With our Reference Generator Tool, you only need to enter the respective data and our Reference Generator Tool inserts all the required punctuation marks and generates a perfect reference.

Saves Time
Our tool helps save considerable time especially while dealing with large assignments. Formatting an assignment consisting of 4-5 references may not be time-consuming if you understand the steps but formatting thesis and other large assignment reports which may require 100 to 150 references consume considerably more time. Without Reference Generator Tool, students can save up to 85% of the time they would spend referencing an assignment manually

Perfectly Formatted References
manually formatted reference also attract a high risk of missing the reference punctuation needs which must all be included to ensure you score maximum grades for referencing. To avoid this complication, use our Reference Generator Tool which will insert all the required formatting punctuations to ensure the reference is perfect.

Ability to convert reference instantly
Many students make the mistake of formatting reference in the incorrect format than realize later and need to manually change the entire reference list. With our tool, you simply need to change the Reference Generator Tool style and the reference format would automatically be converted to the desired style.

Harvard: Harvard is the most common referencing style. Harvard references consist of multiple referencing formats with the Author-Date format being the most common among them. It is the most common and most rapidly updating referencing style thus we have a percent team that is costly reviewing the referencing style and inserting the latest updates to ensure every reference is formatted as per the latest guidelines.

APA: Our Reference Generator Tool generates APA 6th Edition references which are also the latest APA reference format available. Due to being similar to Harvard, many students’ format APA references incorrectly thus it is advisable to use a high-quality Reference Generator Tool to assist you to generate the references. Similar to Harvard, we have an IT team which remains in constant communication with our subject matter experts to identify areas of improvement or updates which may have been released thus ensuring every assignment is formatted as per the guidelines.

Vancouver Referencing: The third most common referencing format is Vancouver thus this referencing tool has also been included to our Reference Generator Tool. Unlike Harvard and APA which use Author, Year as citations, Vancouver utilizes footnotes which are generated in form of numbering on the assignment. The reference is then generated on the footer of the assignment after which a final reference list is generated and placed on the reference list.

Use our Reference Generator Tool to prepare high-quality academic reference sources and score high grades. References play an important role in every assignment thus must be correctly formatted to help you score the highest grades.

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