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The Coffeeville Case Study Review and Analysis


Coffeeville is a small cafe in Melbourne, Victoria, run by siblings Rufus and Emma Belcastran. The business was opened in 2009 with a focus on providing high quality, socially responsible products based on fair trade and locally sourced ingredients. Thanks to their strong ethics, delicious menu and friendly atmosphere, Rufus and Emma have experienced such success that they are now opening a second cafe, with plans to expand even further in the future. As the business grows, they want to ensure that they remain true to their staff and are hoping to achieve Employer of Choice (EOC) status.

With a strong focus on their staff during this expansion phase, you have been hired to help Rufus and Emma by developing a new recruitment, selection and induction program. The aim of this program is to attract and select highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, induct them into this family business in a way that helps them to settle in and feel included while also keeping in mind the goal of becoming an EOC. This needs to be done in a way that supports current and future expansion and takes full advantage of the technology options available.

Prepare a business report suitable for presentation to the business owners that details the policy and procedure framework you propose for the recruitment, selection and induction programs.


Executive Summary
In any business, employees are the most important resources. So, it is crucial for the organizations to adopt effective selection/ recruitment and induction processes. It is also necessary to ensure that the best person is hired on the position so that they can give their effective contribution to achieve the business goals and outcomes. There are various factors that must be considered while adopting selection and recruitment processes in the organization. This report focuses on the issues faced by Coffeeville, an organization facing complications with its human resource and strategies that need to be adopted regarding the selection, recruitment and proper induction of new employees in the organization. The firm intends on expanding its business in the near future so there will be the need of new employees and staff along with various experienced people to manage the businesses daily activities. In such situations, Coffeeville needs to take proper decision where the company can recruit people externally or internally and that would be beneficial for the business. There are various advantages and disadvantages of both the processes and some legal considerations associated with the selection and recruitment process as well as training plan that must be taken into consideration.

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Examination of operational and tactical plans
Coffeeville is providing a unique coffee drinking experience to Melbourne residents the company has adopted effective policies related to talent management which includes strategic, integrated, and technological approach used to managing human resource in the business. Having a Effective strategy in place is required to hire the right candidate at the right position and right time. This is also because right person may bring strategic possessions for the firm.

Recommended plan
Selection and Recruitment- In the recruitment, initial stage must be realistic and straightforward. It is very important for the HR department in the firm to understand and analyze the ways by which various skilled and capable people can be recruited in the organization. There is an easy way to address all the issues related to selection and recruitment is to analyze job skills, consider the content, requirements of the job functions including the evaluation of technical skills. Along with this, other skills like innovation, communication and sales capabilities must be analyzed. Basically, the evaluation of job kills must be associated with the strategic assessment and understanding HR needs so that company can enhance its human capital in the business in order to achieve the long run goals and objective of the business (Bashir&Jehanzeb, 2013).

Implementation of process

Coffeeville Case Study

(Source: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), 2015)

The steps in implementation process are as follows:

  1. Preparing job description including person specification as it will take around a week time
  2. Grading the job- It will include grading the jobs based on the priority and this will also take a week to complete this
  3. Financial approval- The organization will take approval from the department if finance by giving detail about how much amount will be required in overall process
  4. Redistribution- This will take around the time of two weeks
  5. Next, meeting out the advert will also be done
  6. Promotion and advertising- This will take around two weeks and there will be need to improve this for attracting the public
  7. Picking-out- The process will befinishedwithin two days. The process will be based on number of applicants who apply for the job role
  8. Inviting candidates- Invitations will be sent to the short-listed candidates. In this, about day, time and location of the interview will be informed to the candidates.
  9. Timing, appealing the applicants and the selection process will take around the time of one week
  10. Selection- This process will take the time of one day to be completed. The company must allocate some time if there are various candidates for the job role (Kramar&Syed, 2012).

Business expansion- With the effective move, the business of Coffeeville will grow in the upcoming years. So, it is important time to make effective strategies by which daily business activities can be managed effectively. The company has to deal with various challenges as the company is going to expand its business in the new market. In order to achieve the goals and objectives of the business, company needs to adjust itself in the new environment (Vahlne&Johanson, 2017).

Technology prospects-As the firm is increasing the business in new location and there will be challenges in the new business environment so it is important for the company to enhance its technological capability for the growth and development. Along with this, the company must use its technological capability in the process of selection, recruitment and induction in order to make the process easy.

Coffeeville Case Study

  1. The company should use internet advertising method to promote its vacancies and to reach the talented and skilled candidates. This will ensure that the company is hiring best candidates who will be most beneficial for the business in future.
  2. Company must adopt new technologies like movie makers and PowerPoint presentations so that proper induction can be provided to the employees to make the process easy for them
  3. Online, telephonic interviews and video callings can also be done to recruit the employees (Singh, 2014).

Use of tools- It includes variety of pre-employment evaluation tools and tests. Company can use these methods for improving its hiring process.

Coffeeville Case Study

    Skill testing- This will be beneficial for the hiring of various positions. Detailed software programs, computer operations and testable knowledge i.e. customer service answers can be used in this process.
  1. Psychometric assessments- This will be effective while analyzing motivation, hard work, team fit and work styles for the effective customers’ services and sales of the products along with various industry required skills.
  2. Drug testing- It is important to do screening of the candidates for any illegal drugs. This tool will be helpful to make sure that employees do not carry any kind of problem otherwise it will impact on the workplace safety.

Person specification and position description- It is expected from the candidates that they will fulfill our duties and responsibilities in their job role. For this, job description is required to provide timely in which key roles and responsibilities will be elaborated. Along with this, they might be according to the policies of the company. The undertaking activities and responsibilities will be mentioned in the position description to the new employees (Ployhart, Schneider & Schmitt, 2012).

Offer letters and pay- The employees will have trialphaseof three months at initial level. During that period, employees will be anticipated to carry out their roles and obligations properly in the job role to satisfy the supervisors and owners. The timings of the job role will be decided based on the employmentneeds in the company and due to variations in the job roles; the work duration will also be different. Appropriate amount of salary will be paid to the employees in their nominated bank account. Company will not pay any cash amount to the employees.

Appointing managers- The appointing manager in the firm will need to identify on the hiring process for attracting large number of applicants and to decide on the effective person. The manager will be accountable to provide equivalentchances to the employees with no partiality and biasness. The employees will be selected and promoted without any caste, race, gender or any other factor (Gerber, Nel& Van Dyk, 2012).

Use of outsourcing- It is well known that the firm is expanding its business in new market in which it will need to analyze the market trends and environment. Reason is that the company is now unaware about such conditions. So, company will adopt outsourcing process in recruitment and selection process. In this process, the company will outsource or transfer the portion of recruitment actions to external service providers.

Legal requirements- While focusing on the recruitment process, it is crucial for the company to have knowledge of legal issues and requirements to minimize various risks. Interview questions, job postings, making job offers and checking references need to be completed in such way so that legal requirements can be met. This would be beneficial to avoid unlawful and even discriminatory questions.

Process of feedback- The feedback related to recruitment, selection and induction plan will be collected by distributing the questionnaire to upper level management. They will fill it and give it back. Their responses will be analyzed and observed to carry out the efficiency in the business process of the company. The company can also collect the feedbacks from the staff and new employees (Lutans, 2011).

Monitoring the process

  1. Coffeeville will have to follow Equality Act 2010 for observing all of the selection and staffingactions for analyzing the procedure
  2. Request for the job role will be proposed by online channels. Along with this, candidates should also need to complete the equality monitoring explanation as the part of the application
  3. If an employee gives a suitable justification for not applying then the data of equality monitoring should be achieved>

Ms. Joan & Ms. Emma Belcastran
Executive Director
13 Hill Street Boston, MA02116
Dear Ms. Joan & Emma

This letter is to make you aware that I am glad to provide this plan in order to make the plans and policies as well as strategies for the selection, recruitment and induction of new staff which will be required in the new branch of Coffeeville which is planned to be opened in the new market so that proper expansion of the business.

Due to the lack of efficient staff, firm can face many losses so; proper recruitment is needed for the expansion of business. Thus plan suggests that attracting the candidates by wider sources like internet and various tools i.e. psychometric testing and drug testing for the selection of new staff will be very helpful in attaining the long term business goals and objectives. Along with this, the plan also includes the use of new technologies related to training and induction of the employees. The plan also includes videos, movies and PowerPoint presentations to educate the employees about the culture of the company and make them aware about the expectation and duties.

Information about pay scale, process of leave granted and the collection of feedback after process implementation is given in detail in the proposal. The collection of the feedback will be done by the distribution of questionnaire. In order to follow the plan and policy, proper approval will be taken from the finance department.

All your approvals and contributions will be highly respected.
Christopher Fisher

Strategy for communication

  1. Employee orientedcommunication will be take place from upper to lower level
  2. by conferences and the printed documents, supervisors will be aware about the proposal
  3. In the message, reliability will be managed effectively
  4. Natural but charismatic and properlydesigned communication will be done
  5. Interaction by the managers will be very effective and chosen
  6. Staff communication will be on the priority as they are the part of business and will be required for the effective planning and budgeting
  7. There will be appropriateincorporation between inside and outsideinteractions
  8. The manner of the interaction will be an important fraction of the plan and
  9. Feedback will be gathered whether staff have understood the information or not

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