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Unveiling Marketing Strategies: A Personal Evaluation of Samsung S22 Purchase


How can Samsung enhance its customer value proposition through strategic post-purchase initiatives?

Unveiling Marketing Strategies

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This paper will unveil some of the significant details about one particular “product purchasing” which I have initiated in recent times and this specific “purchase experience” will be evaluated by referring to some key marketing concepts. In general, this essay aims to shed light upon the key “marketing strategy concepts” that I have studied when pursuing this course about my purchasing experience of buying a cell phone in couple of months before.

Need of Product and Purchase Process

This is to be included in the context that I am fond of using cell phones. Ensuring “instant communication with others”is hardly the sole purpose why I am fond of using cell phones. Actually, I used to like various kinds of cell phones or mobiles even in those days when I personally hardly had any cell phone of my own. Precisely, my immense liking for mobiles was instigated since the days when my parents had started using cell phones and I was too young (i.e. kid) to avail a personal cell phone in those days. Referring to this context, I must admit that I feel good if my photo is captured. As per my understanding, the same has instigated my intention of purchasing a well-attributed, advanced cell phone in recent times. In a nutshell, I must mention that the “camera quality” of the cell phone along with its Autofocus feature, Megapixels, the "key areas of interest" that have shaped my purchase interest in buying a cell phone.

This is needless to say that a cell phone with high camera quality hardly deprives its users due to the “inefficiency” of other features embedded into the device. In addition, I must mention that I have purchased a S22, a cell phone variation offered by Samsung and I feel extremely delighted because of the experienced that I have encountered when purchasing the cell phone offline. In other words, the overall store experience during the purchase process is appreciable.  As indicated in secondary sources, S22 is strategically designed to grab the attention of young adults (Samsung, 2023). Even, a wide range of professionals belonging to the age group 21 to 40 are also interested in purchasing S22 along with the latest variations launched by Samsung. Referring to this context, it can be derived that the concerned authority of Samsung has adopted strategic marketing practices to showcase the product specifications such as camera quality, Megapixels, Autofocus feature, battery, and storage capacity of S22 in order to grab the attention of its wide range of customer base (samsung, 2023).

Product Features and Product-Related Needs

As initially stated, I am quite convinced with the advanced attributes embedded in S22 which I have recently bought from an offline Samsung outlet. This variation offered by Samsung is able to satisfy my product-related requirement; especially the camera quality embedded with high definition Megapixels along with the Autofocus feature. All of the product specifications of this cell phone are up-to-the-mark and praise worthy referring to its final selling price. In my opinion, this S22 is quite reasonable as per my estimated budget and I am happy. The knowledge that I have obtained when pursuing this course has enabled me to relate that the concerned organizational authority of Samsung has decided to offer S22 at a reasonable price in accordance with the key concept of price policy as one of the key marketing strategies. The same has resulted in a significant increase in customers who are willing to buy this product, i.e. S22 either online or offline.

In other words, both the product specification and the final selling price of the S22 have contributed significantly to maximizing the estimated revenue growth of Samsung to some extent (samsung, 2023).In a nutshell, most organizations are focused on maximizing customer satisfaction by adopting various strategic practices, especially when selling a product as also pertinent to the context of buying S22 (Dash et al. 2021). Precisely, such strategic practices are designed to increase the potential customer base to a great extent.

Selection of Channel in Satisfying Product Purchase Process-Related Requirement

It has already been stated that I have purchased this cell phone, i.e. S 22 from an authorized Samsung outlet or offline store. Precisely, I have availed retail channels for initiating this purchase. Initially, I got to know about the innovative product specification of S22 from the official website of Samsung along with various advertisements on E-commerce platforms. In the first place, I was a bit confused about decision-making. Due to this, I reached out to the Samsung outlet, i.e. retail store to ensure my decision of purchasing S22 with an understanding of its product specifications. In this context, I must admit that the "in-store" experience that I gathered before purchasing this Samsung variant has shaped my purchasing decision to a great extent.

The concerned executive of the store has properly discussed almost all the specifications of S22 with relevant details so that I can ensure informed decision-making about the purchasing of S22. In a nutshell, the pre-purchasing experience at the Samsung store was so pleasant that I could not resist myself than to purchase the S22 referring to the product specifications properly.

On the contrary, I must state that I was hardly able to operate all the advanced features of S22 in the first place. As a result, I had to visit the offline store from where I had purchased this Samsung cell phone to learn about some of the advanced attributes of the newly purchased cell phone. It must be stated in this relevance that the executive who attained me in the Samsung store was highly skilled and he proficiently guided me to resolve the complications which I initially encountered. Precisely, I am too satisfied with the post-purchase experience that I am provided with.

Product Promotion as an Effective Communication Approach

It is highly significant to state in this context that product promotion plays such a strategic role in increasing the estimated selling ratio of a product as also applicable in the context of S22 (Olson et al. 2021). Initially, I got to know about the launch of this Samsung cell phone variant from its official website. Even, this high-tech, well-attributed Samsung variant was widely advertised in various digital platforms. Specifically, the grand launch of S22 with an attractive discounted price has been widely advertised on various E-commerce platforms. Referring to this information, I must admit that such aggressive promotional activities of S 22 have instigated my attention to purchasing this specific Samsung variant.

Even, I have repeatedly watched those well-crafted advertisements as they are indeed eye-catching. Apart from that, promotional activities in social media have sometimes compelled me to watch those well-designed advertisements while I scroll down various social media platforms. Such promotional activities are empowered to influence both the subconscious and conscious mind and play a strategic role in shaping the purchasing decisions of consumers to a great extent (Chou et al. 2020). In addition, the advertisement of a product can be referred to as a "mode of communication" in delivering a message about product specification to valuable customers. Referring to this information, it can be claimed that effective advertisements are empowered in strategically increasing targeted customer reach. Eventually, advertisements and strategic promotional activities are highly significant in increasing the selling value of a product to the consumers as also relevant in the context of S22.

In a nutshell, advertisements are highly valuable in determining the purchasing decisions of customers. In addition, advertisements are strategically designed to influence the purchasing tendencies of the consumers as per the knowledge I have obtained as one of the key marketing strategies when pursuing this course (Varadarajan, 2020). Based on the information available from secondary sources, it is now confirmed that well-designed promotional activities are empowered in instigating the "impulse buying" of customers to a significant extent (Djafarova and Bowes, 2021). In addition to this context, I must admit that I have not purchased S22 because of impulse purchasing tendencies. I have been actively looking to buy a well-designed, well-attributed cell phone for a long. The "quality of the camera" along with the embedded features of the S22 has convinced me to make an obvious choice to buy this Samsung variant. Even, I am highly enthusiastic to claim that the innovative advanced features of the S22 have truly satisfied my purchasing need and enabled me to experience the latest high-tech launch of Samsung even at an affordable price.

Product Price and Price Justification with My Needs

In my opinion, extensive research on similar products offered by contemporaries or other industry players is essential and it enables the purchasers to make “informed decision making” before finalizing a product for buying (Varadarajan, 2020). Even, I have also initiated exhaustive research on various E-commerce platforms along with the official website of Samsung before finalizing the purchase of the S22. Following the knowledge that I have acquired when thoroughly pursuing the modules on marketing strategy, I have come to know that the “price of a product” is generally determined by its product specifications. In other words, more demanding “specifications” of a product are capable of claiming higher market value (Esmaeilian et al. 2021).

Even, enhanced product specifications of an item are empowered to strengthen the competitive brand value of a product. Precisely, product specifications are directly linked to brand positioning referring to the increasing competitiveness of the marketplace. In this relevance, I must mention that I purchased the cell phone by paying £429.99 at the retail outlet. This Samsung variant, i.e. S 22 supports 128 GB for memory storage capacity (Samsung, 2023). Even, S22 is well-designed with a high high-definition camera that offers supreme quality of photo capturing, video recording, etc. The product specification of the S22 claims that this cell phone variant is embedded with super-fast charging attributes. Referring to all these high-end qualities, the Samsung S 22 deserves a decent purchasing price.

In other words, an estimated spend of £429.99 amount to buy the Samsung S 22 is quite justified and it is undoubtedly a fair deal, especially when it comes to reflecting on price comparison to the similar kinds of cell phones offered by the contemporaries.

Apart from the enlisted specification, the color variations of the Samsung 22 are phenomenal. Along with its well-attributed product specifications, the impressive color variations of this Samsung cell phone have made this variant highly demanding among the wide ranges of customer base. Phantom Black is the color of my newly brought S 22. The executive of the authorized Samsung retail store from where I purchased this phone has conveyed to me the increasing demand for this cell phone variant in Phantom Black color.By the information mentioned in this paper, I strongly feel that the price of S 22 is considerably balanced with my requirements of purchasing a cell phone having certain high-quality features including, camera, storage, battery capacity, etc.

This newly purchased cell phone, i.e. Samsung S22 is highly valuable for me, not only in terms of money, but also it can enhance my passion for photography. I have initially mentioned that I feel very happy if I am photographed. Apart from Selfie, I am fond of capturing photos of nature. I believe this cell phone is immensely valuable for me because it will help me to remain consistent with my passion over the period. 

Product Price and Its Evaluation With Marketing Strategy

The information depicted in this paper has revealed that I was actively looking to buy a cell phone and the product must have similar high-end specifications as embedded in this latest Samsung variant, S 22. The time when I finalized my purchasing decision, I made up my mind to grab the S22, even by paying £500 if needed. Precisely, the budget that I have allotted for buying S22 is slightly higher than what I have paid (i.e. £429.99). In a nutshell, I was ready to offer £70.01 more to purchase this desired variant, i.e. Samsung S 22. In the beginning, I have already confirmed that this cell phone has been purchased from an authorized Samsung retailer. In other words, purchasing this newly launched Samsung variant has enabled me to save approximately £70.01. Even, effective price comparison has helped me in initiating a bit of negotiation on the final purchasing price of S 22 and has saved £70.01 approximately.

When going through the modules designed on marketing strategy, I have learned that data analytics helps in assessing an insight into the purchasing behavior of consumers to a great extent (Buhalis and Volchek, 2021). In addition, Samsung has adopted data analytics to know about buyers’ forecasting. This strategic practice has also helped Samsung in developing product specifications by the preferences of the consumers. In a nutshell, market research can strategically shape "informed marketing decisions" and is empowered to optimize the sustainable business growth of an organization (Albukhitan, 2020).

A Particular Course of Action Referring to “Increase the Value” of Samsung

I have studied the significance of “customer retention” when pursuing this module on marketing strategy. In general, organizations tend to practice well-designed strategic approaches to increase the overall customer retention ratio (McLean et al. 2020). Even, the companies tend to ensure an effective post-purchase experience to the consumers by offering “free servicing” on the purchased product for an year or special discount on “product servicing” for a limited time frame. This strategic initiative eventually leads to maximize repeat purchase.

Referring to this information, Samsung could have provided me overall free servicing on the cell phone, i.e. S 22 that I have recently purchased. The same can be referred to as a strategic way that could have maximized the value of Samsung to me without any compromising on the profit amount.


This essay has thoroughly discussed some of the key marketing strategy concepts in reference to my purchasing experience. In other words, the enlisted questions are properly answered while drafting this essay with an emphasis on some significant marketing concepts for better understanding.


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