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Harmony in the Park: A Sustainable Outdoor Music Event Marketing Plan


How can Live Nation effectively market an outdoor music event featuring Catfish and the Bottlemen to a diverse audience while promoting social care and sustainability?

Harmony in the Park

Harmony in the Park 02


Marketing Plan for Outdoor Music Event

The marketing plan sum-up with all essential information, and the data which can be used by Live Nation in order to promote themselves through musical event. The earning for the event will be used for social care. The musical event was marketed by keeping the social massage as the area of attention. The outdoor one-day musical event is a thrilling opportunity for anyone. it is opportunity because the event will bring together music enthusiasts for a memorable experience. With a duration of six hours, the event aims to showcase a diverse lineup of artists, create an engaging atmosphere, and provide attendees with an unforgettable day of entertainment. The presentation covers the marketing plan including the cost associated with each activities, which are part of the live concert. As such the event is organised to pass an social message, but the event contain certain outflows of cash as well as inflows of cash, hence it is essential to plan out the whole event keeping in mind the budget, the projected inflow and how the cost associated with event are managed.

Location for the event  :   for the outdoor music concert, Richmond Part, is most suitable, location for our event, this is because the park is one of the largest park in London with open spaces,  this large space has potentiality to cover the large audience, for live outdoor concerts. Its natural beauty and proximity to the city are attractive features. The unique features and natural beauty shows the important of sustainable behaviour. The local is most suitable for our message, which we are planning to pass among society.  as part of marketing strategy, it is good to select the audience who will contribute something for society, hence the young generation will be our target audience.   (Yusuf, M., Saiyed, R. and Sahala, J., 2022,)

Targeted Audience

Based on the theme of concerts, the crowd are mainly divided into the three category, the category is essential to took an decision regarding how the marketing plan is formulated and executed. The marketing plan effectively when it is clear that we have selected right audience.

For our live concert : the targeted audience will be  : Musical lovers, young Adults and the local community.

  • There are many Individuals  who are passionate about various music genres, seeking unique and live experiences.
  • Second targeted audience will be Yonge community , like the people between the age of 18 to 35 who likes the social activities and conder an musical as entertainment or Young Adults Age group 18-35, looking for social activities and entertainment options.
  • Third targeted audience will be the local community, as their involvement and participation is good for brand building of our company and public relationship. In other words, Engaging the local community through a cultural event fosters goodwill and builds relationships
  • Object of Marketing

    The marketing plan is formulated with objective to attended maximum number of audience, which are sufficient  to meet the all-operational expenses and minimise the all possible losses. The marketing plan should engaged the medial attention and invite all possible crowed through social media, contests and interactive experience. The third most concern objective of marketing is to increase the national brand recognition by nearly 30 % of events attendees. Fourth primary objective of marketing is to achieve nearly 20 % increase in ticket sales as compared to similar past event. The event should be supported by the sponsorship from various business entities, the marketing also should be carried out by secure partnership with local business to offset the cost and enhance the events offering. (Kingsnorth, S., 2022.)

    About the Host Team

    the live concert was host by Catfish and the Bottlemen, the singer are popular among the youngster and they are strong connection with our targeted audience. As information available from various sources, Catfish and the Bottlemen were a popular British rock band known for their energetic live performances and catchy songs. They had gained a significant following, especially among younger audiences who were drawn to their modern rock sound and relatable lyrics. the strong connection among young people help the marketing team to catch the targeted audience. (Huang, Y.C., 2022. ) There are many new article state that Catfish and the Bottlemen's image among youngsters at that time could be described as cool, edgy, and authentic. Their music often dealt with themes of youth, relationships, and the struggles of growing up, which resonated with many young listeners. The bands members had a distinctive style and  their music video and album artwork frequently shows the unique combination of urban mix and alternative aesthetics.

    The marketing team can use the image catfish and bottlemen to enhance the visibility  of whole concert, the poster and media marketing are carried out based on the image of catfish and bottlemen.

    Marketing Strategy

    Mission of marketing strategy :  create an awareness of live concert of Catfish and the Bottlemen, in order to support the social objective.

    Vision of this marketing event : create awareness among society, through targeted audience, about the importance of sustainable behaviour and how nature and human being are associated with each other. the event should highlight the fact about the damages to environment which was already been made by human being and now how, we all to gather return back to the nature.

    As on today there are numbers of strategic marketing platform, through which any business can create the awareness for their product and or the services. Which  marketing tool should be used for any event or for product, is widely depending upon the fact of resources available with us, like budget, team and network.

    Key marketing tools :

  • Campaign through social media, : in order to enhance the viability and awareness of live concert, the social medial platform, like, you tub, Facebook and  Instagram and other is most accurate way. here we can launch an extensive pre-event social medial campaign across the platform. The campaign should highlight pass an social message along with name of host. (Gabellini, S. and Scaramuzzi, S., 2022)
  • Create an mobile app : an short term mobile application should be created, in order to have a data based for the all invitees, here we can asked certain question regarding their concern for environment and what they had or can contribute for society.  the mobile application should be used as tool to promote the event, where we can give certain discount for the satisfactory answering all question asked.
  • Interactive website : develop an interactive website with an interactive schedule, artist profiles and tickets purchase option.
  • Influencer collaboration :  as on today, the social medial influencer plays an important role, for creating an awareness regarding the product and services, offered by the corporates. Hence by collaborating with local social medial influencers and bloggers can help us to create buzz by sharing information of our event behind the scenes. The social media influencer has a tap market, audience, and the audience can easily catch, by such influencer.
  • Create a small video : the creative contents with message of environment related video , is posted over the  Live Nation website, these message are read by all visitors of Live National website. The small video are circulated among various group who are directly or indirectly associated with our target audience.
  • Local partnership : promoting an event through large banner and poster required Collaboration with local business communities. Hence, as part of marketing strategy, we can go with the option of  Collaborate with local businesses for sponsorships, cross-promotions, and on-site activations to enhance the overall event experience.
  • The above stated tools can be used to pass an message of live concert, the stated platform has their own strength and limitation, we can select all of them. Later part of this report will summaries the amount spend for various activities and the possible range to reach toward the people.

    Tactics for Promotional

     For early book of show and as part of marketing strategy, we are suppose to use following stated tactics, in order to sold tickets :

    Early bird tickets :     it is always good to compensate and reward the early entry, the early buyers of tickets are rewarded with discounted price and for exclusive perks.

    Online contests : invite some social medial influencers for some contests for free tickets, and enhance the publicity through mouth to mouth communication and carried out the live contests on every week till the date of event.

    Undergoes with Flash sales : organise flash sales for limited period,  in order to enhance the sales, limited time discounts to encourage immediate ticket purchase.

    Partnership : collaborate with local partners for joint promotions and ticket bundle

    Adopt the referral program :  for quick sales of tickets, the reference program shall be organised, the  referral program where attendees can earn rewards for bringing friends.

    Radio Sport :Air Catchy radio spots feature is event highlights and ticket information.

    Cost Analysis

     Here are the list of projected expenses and outflows associated with live concert, the expenses are fixed in nature, as such we assume that below stated expenses are deemed to be there, and in such a situation. So the initial money for the live concert will be organised from the insider funds as well as from the sponsors. Ones the selling of tickets are there our company will gain the working capital funds, which are again use for promotional activities.

     Activities 32000 
    Fees charged by Catfish and the Bottlemen £96,000.00 
    Cost of Venue Hire £1,43,000.00 
    Public Liability Insurance  ( £495 per each 400) £39,600.0032000 People
    Cost of  theming of events £24,000.00 
    Cost of Promotion of event   
    Road Side poster £8,880.001 month
    You Tub Channel £1,10,000.00150 minutes
    National Daily New paper £40,500.0015 days
    Social Media £58,500.001 month
    TOTAL COST £5,20,480.00 
    TOTAL Number of tickets sold £32,000.00 
    Cost Per ticks £16 
    income from Sponsor per ticket £6 
    Selling Price of tickets £20 
    Return £10.0 
    tax @ 20 % £2.00 
    ROI £7.99 
    ROI 49.11% 

    The above stated cost structure shows the all possible cost associated with the live concern, based on the targeted audience of 32000.  The projected cost shows the major cost associated with the host fees, and the cost related to promotion of event. The amount charged by Catfish and bottlemen contain major outflow. The live concert can generate revenue from the sponsor and secondly from the sales of tickets.  As stated above, the price for tickets will be nominal. As we are targeting the large crowed who are belong to student community. hence the price of tickets will be £20. Overall cost for the concert will be £ 520480 in total, and if we are in position to sold out all 32000 tickets the actual cost per will be £16. Which mean whole concert, cost can be covered from the tickets, now the any amount realised from the Sponsors will be addition income, we assume that on and average, the amount realised from the sponsor per tickets  will be 6 pound per tickets sold.  The event program is profitable but the true benefits of this event is when we can pass the message of sustainability and we are in position to generate expected outcome as we are looking for. the above stated above shows the viability of event in term of ROI, the average ROI is 49.75 % which is actually good as again the other live concert which may be organised. Here it is always good to ensure that all possible tickets are sold out

    Onsite Experience

    As part of security and safety of invitee,  it is good to consider the following stated options,

    Food and beverage :  offer the local foods produce from the local vender in order to enhance the culinary experience. The culture foods has it own history and we through the event pass the message, how the cultural  fund contribute positively for society as large

    Photo opportunity :  in order to enhance the awareness and to encourage social sharing set up the Instagram Worthy photo sports and backdrops.

    Interactive Zones: Create interactive zones like art installations, gaming areas, and lounges for attendees to explore.

    Merchandise Stalls: Offer event-branded merchandise for attendees to purchase and commemorate the experience.

    Charging Stations: Provide charging stations to cater to attendees' device needs. here the charging point can be use to make an promotion of National Live.

    Safety Measures: Implement robust security and safety measures to ensure a worry-free experience.

    Post event Engagements

    The marketing program will not end, when the identical event was organised and concluded, but the activities for promotion will continues even after that too, all the invitee are thanked with the personalised email.  Here the marketing team shall work to share the email for attendees with event highlights and exclusive offers for future events.

     Secondly, after concluded of music concert, the second step is to organised the social medial recap, here, post-event photo and video for recaps on social media platform to extend the event's reach

    Collect the feedback from all concern people, who were invited in event, gather feedback from attendees through surveys to improve future events.

    The above stated action will support our company for future event if any organised by us, in addition to that the sponsors  are invited for further event and people are benefits in many ways. hence it is good to have an feedback process after the conclusion of event.

    Measurement and Analysis

    Compere the actual booking of tickets as again the projected one, such process will enhance the overall performance and ability of company as well as marketing team.

    Analysis the sales from various media, sales of tickets at counter, from website and other all possible option which were opened by us.

    Monitor engagement metrics likes, shares, comments to evaluate the success of the social media campaign.  Conduct pre- and post-event surveys to measure brand recognition changes and at the end it is advisable to undergoes with the Evaluate the success of sponsor partnerships through ROI analysis.


    The well formulated marketing plan may be fail, if such plan is not supported by the required suitable resources, the music event required continues introduction of funds and the fund may create a wealth in term of intangible assets, if the marketing plan is implemented with strong team work and continues improvement of fall hall identified while implementing the action plan.


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