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ABD Cable Solutions Organizational Behavior Strategy


Assessment Task :You will be acting as a team of consultants to a fictional global technology firm. In all aspects, the firm is comparable to Google. Your task is to produce a report to advise the organisation’s Australian unit (a business comparable to Google Australia) on what should be done to effectively manage employees.

This assignment requires you to do research. Your task is to draw on organisational Behavior theory and use it to critically analyse key issues concerning the management of employees at your fictional business and make recommendations to improve its performance with respect to the management of employees.

In the report you need to

  • Briefly describe the fictional firm
  • Identify and analyse four key issues concerning the management of its employees
  • Provide recommendations


Executive summary
Organizational behavior is adapted in different kinds of organizations to enhance the productivity and performance of the employees for the better success of the organization. A fictional business structure and their employee’s operation have been discussed in this report. Motivation is one of the main driving forces behind performance of an employee. Factors like underperforming employees, dealing with critical issues, motivation of the employees and aligning personal goal with organizational goal for the employees also been discussed in this report. Some recommendations also been mentioned in this report by acknowledging aforementioned issues.

Organizational behavior is a study directly related to a business organization to understand the performance and activity of the employees and organizational bodies. Factors like employee performance, training, learning sessions for employees, job satisfaction, rewarding programs, encouragement of the employers and others are part of organizational behavior. The report aims to understand the effectiveness and necessity of Organizational Behavior (OB) within a corporate structure. Evaluation of the employees to understand and assess their performance is a part of organizational behavior. The organizational behavior aims to create a peaceful and energetic working environment within an organizational system where every employee can work efficiently without getting frustrated and irritated by the system and gives their optimum performance towards the organization. According to the research it has been seen that good working condition always improves the productivity and mentality of the employees. Good working environment, good ventilation, adequate food facility, lighting condition and other factors. The productivity is mainly related with employee performance which is directly connected with organizational structure and their environment in with employees work under. Another factor which play important role in the leadership and management structure within the organization. Strong leadership and well-connected team spirit among the tea, members and employees enhance productivity to a great extent.

Description of the business
The organization which is going to be discussed in this report is a cable manufacturing organization named ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is a fictional organization. The organization manufactures various types of cables and different kinds of wiring products. The organization is situated in Australia. They are well known in this cable manufacturing market. Quality of their products are significantly high and different leading electrical companies utilize their cables and wiring products for their product manufacturing processes. They have currently 134 employees working within the organization. From resource management to manufacturing process, employees maintain different organizational processes (Chathurika & Dileepa, 2016). From collecting raw materials to delivering products to the clients, all process is being operated by ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. they are well known for their products which are fire and waterproof. As stated by Bauer, Hämmerle, Schlund & Vocke (2015), because of this feature, their products are different electrical companies. Their cables are well known for low resistance value and good conductivity properties. The company continually tries to implement new cutting-edge technologies and innovating thinking in their manufacturing process to make more reliable and efficient products for their customers and clients. Constant innovation and new innovative thoughts made the company famous in the market. Another important factor which made the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. successful is their activeness in customers relationship management. The company continuously communicates with its customers and clients about their products to deliver better service. They instantly respond to their customers about any issues they faced because of their products. The company also minimized the cost of the products as they chopped the presence of middlemen in the delivery and supply management system. The company employees and warehouse personnel directly supply their products to their clients and customers.

Types of employees in the chosen business
Different kinds of employee are as follows:

  • Electronic assembler: Electronic assembler creates connection among different types of machinery to develop a complete centralized system within the organization (Sanders, Elangeswaran & Wulfsberg, 2016).
  • General laborer: These are those people who work in different sections for completing different types of work. They work in different sector in the organization as per the need of the overall operation.
  • Material Handler: Material handler manages and maintains the raw material such as plastics, metals, colors and others utilized for the manufacturing process (Prifti, Knigge, Kienegger & Krcmar, 2017). They also maintain the quality of the raw materials to control the quality of the products.
  • Packaging engineer: Packaging engineer maintains the packaging of the products by ensuring efficient, safe packaging solution. The packaging engineer also maintains the supply of the products as per the orders.
  • Production worker: These employees maintain the production process by keeping small things in the exact position and by operating the machineries as it should be.
  • Warehouse associates: According to Benmelech, Bergman & Kim (2018), warehouse associates maintain the product in the warehouse and controls the delivery and logistics services for delivering products from warehouse.
  • Controller : Controller maintains the overall production process by controlling machinery properly. Controllers are the main person behind controlling the overall machineries and production processes.
  • Design engineer: Design engineer designs the structure and process of the entire production plant as well as manufacturing process.
  • Electrician As stated by Levinson (2017), electrician maintains the overall electrical components to its running position so that the process does not get interrupted by failure of the machines.
  • General manager: General manager plays a crucial role within the organization by managing and maintaining every process from financial structure to supply chain management.
  • Plant manager: Plant manager supervises the planet and its processes such as resource management, manufacturing and others.
  • Customer service representative: Customer service representative communicates with the clients and customers from the organization to create a good connection to deliver products, collect their feedback about the business and other factors.
  • Quality manager: Quality manager maintains and supervises the quality of the products so that the manufactured products maintains its optimum quality and satisfy the expectation of the customers and clients.

Motivation in business
Motivation is a crucial factor among the employees regarding operating an organization. Employees come from different background and possess different mentality regarding their daily work. Every employee has their way of seeing the organization and their mentality greatly controls the quality of their work (Vasu, Stewart & Garson, 2017). They tend to gets demotivated and frustrated because of the work pressure which decreases their performance to great extent. As an organizational leader they must maintain an energetic working environment by understanding concerns and issues of the employees. The organization’s heads can control mentality of the employees by treating them delicately within their working environment. Employees can be motivated in different ways such as by providing rewards, recognition and others. Motivation is the main driving force behind behavior and actions of an employee. Motivations work like a miracle for each of the employees towards achieving a goal for the organization by breaking their habits and limitations. It is necessary to understand which factor works best for the employees to motivate them by the leaders of the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understanding motivation of the employees ensures that the employees are skilled enough to take the business ahead and make profit from the business. Sweeney, & McFarlin (2017) has stated that the leaders and management bodies of the employees can take different measures like spiral dynamics to understand and assess the mentality of the employees to motivate them for guiding them in right direction. Different factors can help to understand that employees are motivated such as they are taking responsibilities by their own, they are working hard and giving their optimum performance, they are helping others in their work, committing to achieve company target and goals by their own and so on. On the other hand, Kanfer & Chen (2016) also opined that various negative behavior indicates that the employees are getting demotivated day by day which is not keeping time properly, frequently absent in their daily work, poor customers service, avoiding taking responsibility by their own and others. Everyone has their mental setup and different people gets motivated in different ways. The leaders have to understand which employee gets motivated in which way. Motivating employees also creates a good teamwork within the work environments it enhances communication and mutual understanding among the employees and company officials. Another factor which play great role in motivating the employees is communication (Chen, Chen & Sheldon, 2016). A close and robust communication with employees by company officials always improves their recognition and helps to fight fear. Proper guidance and training programs can be beneficial for the employees to enhance their understand and knowledge about what they are doing and how to do that properly. If an employee knows what they are doing and what would be the result, they get automatically motivated by the fact that they have a clear knowledge and understanding about what they are doing in their everyday work. Involving employees in the meetings, training programs, reward programs can help the employees to enhance their motivation.

Issues related to management of the employees and analysis of those issues with organizational behavior theory and concept
There are several issues which are direct impacts on the management of the employees. In this context, four key issues are analyzed along with their respective organizational theory or concept. The issue is described below such as:

Dealing with underperforming employees
All employees are not performing well in terms of giving their work at their best, which can be one of the biggest reasons for interference into the work. This not only affects the flow of work but also reduces the productivity of an organization. In this context, the above-mentioned fictional company names ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd manufactures various types of cables and different kinds of wiring products. There are 134 employees presently working in this company, which means there are various employees are working. It is impossible that all of the employees are giving their best to their work due to their issues or may be any work-related issues, which needs to be resolved. Pointing them out can be an easy way to resolve this issue and enhance the overall productivity of the organization. Otherwise, it can pessimistically influence other employees by which the organization need to compromise with their sales of revenue, productivity and most importantly their brand value at the competitive market.

To cope up with the issues related to the employees a motivational and counseling program by managers can be organized. No matter how good is an organization it can do better. Some types of improvement are always taking place in an organization and regarding the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a better working environment, focusing on the essential resources and employee motivational program is necessary.

To do that, Herzberg's two-factor theory is applicable, which can influence the motivation and satisfaction of employees.

Two-factor theory
1. Motivating factors: The motivating factor is necessary to ensure job satisfaction among employees, which includes several contributors such as:

  • Achievement: A sense of achievement needs to be provided by the organization to make the employees in a motivated form and encourage them to do further work. A proud feeling of having something tough can make them worthwhile to others as well as other employees.
  • Recognition: Recognizing the work of employees can enhance their productivity and also overall performance. According to Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl, & Maude (2017), recognizing and praising their work from the management team and peers can effectively develop a positive feeling among them, which can develop better work culture. As a result, underperforming employees can rectify themselves and resolve their personal as well as work issues.
  • Type of work: Most of the time the type of work contributes to reducing the chance of better performance of the employees. This is why the job itself needs to be varied, interesting otherwise it can cause a monotony among them. New challenges need to be given to the employees otherwise their don not motivated.
  • Responsibility: Owning the work by the employees can enhance the chance of performance of the employees, which can efficiently boost up the operational growth of an organization. In this context, the organization is a manufacturing company, so it is necessary to hold themselves for completion and they should not feel micromanaged.
  • Advancement and growth: The job needs to provide opportunities among the employees to know about new learning skills, which is essential for their further growth and ensures the continuous improvement of an organization. The organization can organize a formal training to ensure growth. As opined by Alfayad & Arif (2017), appraisal and promotion need to exist in the organization for ensuring the advancement among the employees.

2. Hygiene factors include

  • Company policy: The company policies need to be fair and clear to all of the employees otherwise they can feel discriminated in the workplace. The company norms also need to be equivalent to their competitors.
  • Supervision: Fair and appropriate supervision need to be inculcated by which they can feel secure and safe. On the other hand, the employees need to be given autonomy as much as possible to resolve further problems in workplace.
  • Relationships: As influenced by Zablah et al. (2016), a healthy, appropriate and amiable relationship need to be incorporated in at the workplace among the superiors, subordinates and peers. On the other hand, bullying any employees at the workplace need to be strictly prohibited and mentioned in the company norms.
  • Condition of work: The condition of workplace needs to be fit for several purposes, safe and hygienic. The equipment needs to be handled properly and used under supervision otherwise any bad incident can take place.
  • Salary and status: Based upon the workload and designations the pay structure should maintain a reasonable and fair. A competitive pay structure can maintain the status of employees. The employees can test a sense of status through performing meaningful work.
  • Security: A job security plays an important role in terms of retention of key staffs in an organization. The employees need to be felt that their job is secure and they are not under any sort of threat of being fired or laid off.

hygiene factor theory

Figure 1: Two-factor theory
(Source: Zablah et al. 2016)

Stretch goal achievement
Organizational goal is a crucial factor for a company to achieve long term success through successful marketing. Understanding the organizational goal of the employees is also mandatory to align their work towards the goal. Often it can be seen that the employee’s personal goal and organizational goals conflicts directly with each other. An employee always tries to improve their position in the organization and to do that they can do anything to achieve his or her personal goal. On the other hand, as a manager of organizational head it is his or her target to push the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. towards overall success of the organization where each of the employee’s success does not plays crucial role, whereas they think about the overall success of the organization. According to Ganegoda, Latham & Folger (2016), a good effort by the organizational management body and leaders need to channelize the individual success of the employees towards a common corporate goal. They have to understand each of the employees about the overall success of the organization as a part of their success so that they can take part in this greater journey despite following their journey. An employee cannot get success by within under an organization if the organization cannot get success in the market, on the other hand, if an organization gets successful in the market, the employees who are working within that organization might get successful in their personal life also. As influenced by Fortes Tondello, Premsukh & Nacke (2018), Motivation and communication play a significant role in this process as it helps to remove the barrier of the process by educating employees about the overall goal of the organization in first place. The leaders and management bodies have to change the focus of the employees towards the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s goal from their individual goals.

Set goal theory
According to set goal theory, motivation plays a crucial role in achieving organizational success for an organization. According to Edwin Locke, particular, clear and difficult goals motivates the employees more than the goals which have fewer difficulties or easy and vogue goals. As opined by Landers, Bauer & Callan (2017), a clear and specific goal leads to better performance and outcome. More difficult goals have more enormous challenges which offer greater rewards also. Demanding and particular challenges that are why attracts the employees more and they usually get attracted by the greater rewards. More the amount of reward, more the change of getting recognized by the organization and co-workers. Better as well as appreciable feedback is always directing the employees’ behavior towards a better structure and motivation. Engaging employees in setting overall goal makes them more engaging and acceptable towards the overall goals as they have their participation in the process.

goal setting theory in organizational behavior

Figure 2: Set goal theory
(Source: Landers, Bauer & Callan, 2017)

Dealing with any sort of crisis
Despite having lot of planning, problems can be arising due to several reasons, which needs to be resolved for the sake of organizational growth (Marvel, Davis, & Sproul, 2016). An employee can get sick at any critical time when the organization needs them badly. Any natural calamity or disaster can happen, which can affect the offered facility and also disrupt the upcoming plans. Any crime scene can take place at the workplace, so it is mandatory to maintain that all of the employees are following the company policies and norms (Ajupov, Bagautdinova, Glukhova & Geraskin, 2016). Otherwise any employees can get harmed, which comes under the legislation’s names safety at workplace.

The manager needs to be strict in this matter and a manager can change the planning based upon the circumstances. As opined by Carruthers & Wanamaker (2017), during any crisis hit, a proper planning can easily deal with the situation and the manager need to be dealing with it quietly, calmly and without any stress. Some theories can be helpful in this matter are described below such as-

  • Unequal Human capital theory: The employees in a workplace lead to crisis if any inequality takes place is called Unequal Human Capital Theory. According to Marginson (2019), discrimination based upon the caste, age, gender, race, salary issue and job profile leads to frustrated employees. To do that, it is necessary to maintain that all of the employees are following the company policies and norms.
  • Structural Functions Systems Theory: According to this theory, communication plays an important role in terms of crisis management. As opined by Ribeiro-Soares et al. (2015), the flow of information among the hierarchies is mandatory and need to be correct. Efficient communication can be helpful in this matter to provide necessary information. Regular touch with peers, superiors and subordinates is necessary to deal with the crisis and manage them to ensure to tackle further problems in ABD Cable Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The best version of employees
Every employee has to be optimized so that they can fulfill the organizational needs. Extensive training program, learning sessions can help the employees to gather knowledge and understand their potentiality towards their performance. Knowledge is important for the employees as it can break their mental and physical barriers can help them to achieved best of them. It is the duty of the ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to improve its employees to achieve increased productivity and performance of the organization. Making a list out of the underperforming employees it is getting easier to know about their problem and resolve them. According to Lloyd & Mertens (2018), balancing out the needs of an employee along with the needs of an organization plays a crucial in terms of making sure further improvement. It is necessary to have a continuous improvement otherwise the organization can face several problems. It is necessary to understand the potentiality of the employees about their capabilities. Motivating employees can help the organization to help the employees to break their fear and mental blockage towards their own performance. Rewards can be given to the employees so that they can gain recognition in the organization among their co-workers and to the organization also. Recognition is a great method of encouraging employees to become more active and responsible in their daily work.

Vroom’s expectancy theory
This theory sheds light on the process of how motivation impacts on the mentality of employees. According to this theory, there are three types of factors which stimulates motivation among the employees which are as follows:

  • Expectancy: Employees believe that hard work can offer better result. If anyone works hard, he or she can get success in their life or work (Miner, 2015).
  • Instrumentality: Employees often think that there is a clear relation between goal and activity. Employees can get rewards if they perform well in their respected position and working environment.
  • Valence: Valence is a degree which defines the value a person gives to the reward he or she was given because of his or her performance (Purvis, Zagenczyk & McCray, 2015).

vroom expectancy theory organisational behaviour

Figure 3: Vroom’s expectancy theory
(Source: (Purvis, Zagenczyk & McCray, 2015)

Recommendations for each of the issues
Based upon the issues some suggestions can be made such as:

1. Tackling the underperforming employees
To tackle the underperforming employees, it is necessary to maintain a healthy, amicable relationship among the superiors, subordinates and peers.

  • Organizing a training and motivational program in the organization can boost up the performance level of the employees.
  • Pointing out the underperforming employees can be an easy way to resolve this issue and enhance the overall productivity of the organization.
  • Balancing out the needs of an employee along with the needs of an organization plays a crucial in terms of making sure further improvement.
  • Elimination of job hygiene stressors
    Enhancing the motivation of the employees need to be incorporated to ensure that the hygiene factors are not causing any job satisfaction among the employees. Rectification of company policies and following a democratic leadership style can use in this matter.
  • Boost up the job satisfaction
    Regular appraisals, reward program and a fair pay structure can get the work done in this matter. Job enrichment, job enlargement and employee empowerment can be useful in this case.

2. Stretch goal achievement

  • Motivating employees towards the organizational goals is the main key to channelize individual’s success towards the overall organizational success.
  • In spite of small challenges, the organization should offer more challenging tasks to their employees to make them more involved in the organization’s core process.
  • Involvement in the difficult and specific challenges can make the employees be more responsible and motivated regarding their daily work and job.

3. Dealing with any crisis
Following a crisis management model is very helpful, which comprises three stages are as follows-

  • Diagnosing the crisis is necessary for the leaders and superiors to prepare the employees for tackling the problems with determination and courage.
  • Proper planning is the next step to tackle the problems with proper planning and devise different strategies.
  • Adjusting with the changes is mandatory to maintain a healthy working environment in the workplace. Leader must prepare the employees and tell them about the effective functioning of ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

4. The best version of employees

  • Motivation can be a great way of enhancing performance of the employees.
  • Giving employees rewards based on their performance can improve their perception towards the organization as it enhances recognition of that person in the organization.

Organizational behavior is a concept of understanding the employees and making an energetic and collaborative work culture. From the above study it can be concluded that, organizational behavior can help ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to achieve better success in their business. The organization is a cable manufacturing plant which offers different types of cables and wiring products to various electrical companies and other general customers. They are well known for their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in their daily manufacturing process. Motivation is a crucial factor in employee management as it improves performance and productivity to a great extent. Motivation enhances the performance of the employees to a great extent which as a result improves the probability of getting successful in the market. Understanding employee’s mentality helps the organizational bodies to stimulate motivation for them. Dealing with employee performance, crisis management, aligning employees with organizational goals, motivating employees to achieve their optimum performance are different factors which are part of organizational behavior. Engaging leaders and managers in the employee management will lead ABD Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. achieve a long-term steady growth and success in their business.Organizational behavior assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

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