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   Free sample   Business communication assignment reflection on preparing for success at university

Business Communication Assignment: Reflection On Preparing For Success At University


Write an essay of 1000 words

In this business communication assignment, you are asked to review and write about

  • How and why, you have developed as a learner during this module
  • Further reflections on how to approach future challenges and expectations of a university course



As evidenced by Teodoridis et al., (2019, p. 900) with regards to the present business communication assignment, through experiences information of all things are discovered and is referred to as knowledge and creativity. Managing tasks, solving problems, effective communication are essential skills in terms of academic and professional contexts. Hence, the present report demonstrates effective communication skills along with individual performance development. 


Elaborate effective communication skills that are applicable to academic and professional contexts 

A set of skills that are enabled to a person to communicate properly is defined as communication skills. What to talk about, when to talk or not, where, with whom, in what form are consisting of effective communication skills according to Halimah, and Sukmayadi (2019, p. 300). Therefore, communication skills are changing constantly as such humans have to adapt quickly. Effective communication skills are the key factors to achieve success through several numbers’ communication models. 

Effective communication at the academic level

In academic level communication skills are vital and play an important role to build successful career. As opined by Immordino-Yang et al., (2019, p. 200), from childhood human beings need to train to develop communication skills in natural environment. Therefore, effective communication skills improve both personal relationships and well-beings which make people feel competent. In learning and teaching approach it is essential to include. Becoming a resolute and satisfied adults child needs to able to communicate effectively. People should be good communicator in order to educate in communication. In any academic career collaboration, interpersonal communication, problem solving and time management are the soft skills to play an effective role. Sharing goal and being receptive collaboration means being able to work with each other. 

During education constructive criticism are important to develop skills. Along with many aspects of communication such as listening to the opposite side, ability to ask critical questions, carrying conversation, making contact recognise as interpersonal skills. Before and during college practising such skills recommended one-on-one converse with professors and teachers as well as working an internship. Through different lenses as well as during unexpected setbacks the ability of problem-solving lead to success. Seeking information and research effectively is helpful to make success in life. Academic level is the best stage to build time management skills that help to balance workload effectively with other obligations. Planning ahead, competing work within deadline, using time blocks and calendar scheduling are the master of ways that are required to establish communication skills (Orduña-Malea, 2021, p. 3590). 

Effective communication in a professional context

In the context of workplace professional communication refers visual, oral, written and digital forms of delivering information. As stated by Mishra, and Mishra (2020, p. 82), in today’s world effective professional communication is critical to resolve many conflicts within a workspace. Due to poor communication many problems arise in an organization. A smooth flow of ideas, advice, decisions and facts ensure effective communication which help in eliminating hindrances to obtain the target of an organizations. For example, Unilever utilizes communication training programs to maintain workplace diversity within their organization. Exploring business activities to the other countries adopt different communication skills, behaviour, culture are the primary criteria to enhance business communication. Continuity, two-way traffic, internal and external fields, segmentation, accuracy and distinctiveness are the best features of professional communication skills. In terms of accuracy punctuation, spelling and grammar are potential to lead successful communication among multiple parties. Professionals need to point out the important things from brief because superfluous information can make presentation dull and ineffective (Wu, and Wolfe, 2019, p. 32). Effective communication needs to avoid multiple issues at a time as it can be a threat to sound management. However, building a communication skill, it can bring opportunities to establish positive working cultures. 

In education and employment reflect on individual performance, behaviour and experience 

According to my perspectives communication must be reinforced minimizing noise into the message. Indeed, negative feedback is little harder and positive feedback always good to share. Therefore, sending an accurate message, controlling noise, monitoring non-verbal cues, eliminating communication barriers are the number of factors that understand the communication process effectively. As per my beliefs human behaviour reflect on workplace that help to increase productivity, dependability, cooperation and interpersonal skills. During my academic career, I have faced many challenges in communication process, therefore I was little bit weak in making eye-to-eye communication because of lacking confidence as a result it established poor communication with less attraction. Considering the point, I have felt to develop my communication skills for my future career. I take suggestion from my professor and read a lot of relevant articles and journals to learn how to make proper punctuation, grammar. Therefore, I attend online internship before going to professional career. Problem-solving skills, analytical skills, decision making skills are the vital point in job perspectives issues that need to develop for future opportunities. In addition, communicational features are being treated fairly to reframe interpersonal relationships and make rewards and supportive high performance. 

Even in the workplace, I could not make effective PPT presentations due to unawareness of right communication method to attract more audience. To mitigate the problems my supportive colleagues, help to adopt representation skills with less information but relevant point along with graphs, charts. Therefore, I develop my listening power and understand other opinions and views from other’s respective that help to build inter personal brand reputation. I have realized that professional communication can help to avoid misunderstanding and make a good interpersonal relationship within a group. Therefore, person needs to be compassionate, and authentic to deal the critical situation and analyse others abilities and feedback. In teamwork communication is the primary thing to collaborate with each other’s that help to minimize excess work load or stress. However, overall experiences help me to improve my academic as well as professional career. 


However, it can be concluded that person should be natural and simple analysing interpersonal skills. Therefore, be concise and curious managing time should be developed to maintain fluency in the overall circumstances and establish successful career. 


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