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Business Process Assignment: BP Analysis Report Of KIA Motors


Task: Task Rationale
Organisations create goods and services through business processes. In this assignment you will put into practice (and simultaneously learn-by-doing) what you have learned about business process mapping and business process analysis. This includes drawing and analysing Business Process (BP) maps.

Task Description
There are two options to do this business process assignment.
Option 1. Select an organisation where you can investigate one of its main business processes. This organisation can be large or small; for profit or not for profit. You could select an organisation you work for, an organisation you have previously worked for, or an organisation where a relative/friend works. Then, select one key business process where you can access information for your report.

Option 2. You can select a process in your personal life, for example, focusing on conveyancing and the processes involved in achieving this; or the process you need to follow to obtain a drivers’ license. If you use this alternative, please send an email to the course convenor to check the adequacy of your selected process. Provide a brief account of the process you have in mind.

The key point is to be able to access information about the main processes your selected organisation performs to produce goods or services.
Students with work experience must select Option 1.
Students with no work experience might select Option 2


Introduction to business process assignment:
KIA motor is determined as one of the giant organizations in the Automobile sector. It has been announced ‘Plan S’ as a mid to long-term strategy. KIA motors create a significant impact on the Automotive industry. KIA motor is also planning to make a significant lineup with 11 electric vehicles. EV market has also shared the concept of an eco-friendly car. The sustainability of the business is the actual concept of this organization. EV achieve a 20% share of the KIA model. In this report, a relationship map, the cross-functional map will be demonstrated to understand the concept of process business analysis. Cross-functional maps are showing the part of process mapping. It shows the overall view. It can help to interact with suppliers and customers. The overall supply chain of the KIA motor will be analyzed in this part or process. The process relationship map is the picture of the input and output relationship. The networking system of the business has been explored through this map. Those points will be described herein detailed manner.

Relationship map and explanation:
A relationship mainly allows making the connection between the business entity and creates a significant step in the market. The relationship map also plays a vital role to execute the business process operate correctly and smoothly. Hyundai Mobi is determined as the South Korean biggest part makers. It can also build up a reputation in the market. Crescendo is also engaged to scout the suppliers on daily basis in the market. It can also increase the capability. Korean suppliers are also engaged in this process to understand the growth of the organization in the market. According to the depth research, about 45 to 50 percent of Indian vendors are mixing the Korean suppliers in the market. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are determined as automotive component suppliers to improve organizational growth in an efficient way. Kia motors help to achieve a high level of competitive advantage in the market. These are determined as relevant stakeholders in the market. It can also improve the business operation in the market.

Customers: The premium customers are the base of the KIA motor service. They are also changing the approach within the market. The men who are highly successful in their career can able to buy such kind of product in the market. KIA is mainly using a demographic customer base in the market to improve the audience segment. The higher-class people are the target customers to achieve such products from the market.
A strong model and line are created here to establish a relationship between customers and employees in the market. KIA motors also expand the 536-acre campus in India. It shows that the effective relationship between suppliers and customers creates a huge impact on the market.


Cross-functional map and explanation:
The cross-functional map is also determined as part of process mapping. It also shows the department of an organization, interaction between suppliers and customers. The cross-functional map is also determined the individual input-output step. Cross-functional map executed with three different types of flow. First thing is to satisfy the suppliers to execute the program. Suppliers provided some required input to progress the whole report into the market. The third flow produces regular work experience to obtain the practical skills for improving competitive advantage in the market. The cross-functional process also provides a description of the entire KIA firm’s workflow in the market. A cross-functional flow chart will demonstrate individual segments with the help of a diagrammatical chart. KIA Europe provides a multi-cultural operation to spread the structure within 26 nationalities.

KIA Motor’s workflow design:
The carmaker has constantly tried to change Varjo’s VR headset into a seamless structure for improving the design. Car design has adopted the concept of a global design collaboration in the market. Thomas Unterlauggers has taken an innovative approach to change the overall design of the car. Colleagues are wearing some VR headsets in front of him. Analyzing the whole scene, the designer was thinking to change the car model for making a crystal gravity in space. This is also recognized as the first approach to model a car. According to the recent travel restriction, Unterlaggauer thinking to create business travel restrictions in the market. The second approach is invited here named Varjo’s mixed-reality device to encounter the whole work virtually in the market. This is also defined as a collaborative approach to design the whole car in an effective way. Finnish Firm Varjo has taken a significant step to accomplish the whole task. The real-scale virtual care model creates a significant space within the market. Virtual collaboration designers and stakeholders are also working on the same model structure.

In the European center of KIA motor’s South Korean carmakers creates a significant concept to make the production model improvised. It can also fulfill the requirement of global market expansion. The design process is also used in the 2D review process in order to define and develop the whole car surface in the market. Meanwhile, it is decided to change the 2D model into a 3D model structure. The 2D model lacked volume, scale, and meaning for getting an actual representation of the realistic market. The help of XR and VR devices provides an impressive real-world experience in the market. Designers also become able to discuss, accumulate feedback, provide a decision in the virtualized platform. An adequate training regarding this thing provides enough resources about the work experience in the market. The relationship model also helps to build the relation between workflow and premium customers in the market. The premium customers are the utmost priority of this organization. It can create a significant impact on the market.


(Source: Park, Y.E., 2018)

In this area, KIA motor work design flow has been conceptualized to improve the production in the market. KIA motor also provides the concept of Varjo’s collaborative technology. It can also provide extended reality headsets implemented into the market. It also provides a global design review within the market. KIA motors also provide some unique ideas about the

Process analysis and explanation:
According to the above structure, the relationship map of KIA provides a concrete concept and information between the suppliers and customers. The topmost suppliers of India and outside India will be demonstrated here to understand the growth of the whole organization in the market. Hyundai, Crescendo are provides a piece of concrete information regarding the above things in the market.KIA motors car manufacturer mainly produces such things within the market. KIA motor suppliers also provide the concrete products and ingredients in the market to understand the growth of the whole concept. KIA motors also accredited the assessment in the market. Proper production of the KIA motors also provides a unique solution within the market.

Workflow’s design:
According to the present market analysis, it has been coming out that KIA motor is always recognized as an industry leader in the market. It is also recognized as an innovative technological design in the market. KIA’s visualization support creates an immersive photorealistic environment (Park, 2018). They are always giving the priority to the premium customers in the market. It can also create significant growth and impact within the organization. Varjo-XR 1 headset ios are one of the recognized technology which can give a unique look to the product in the market. KIA motor design creates a seamless figure between a real and virtual car which can change the whole atmosphere. There are salient features that need to be portrayed here to understand the growth of the organization in the market.

1. KIA team was mesmerized when they used Varjo’s headset in the market.
It has given a phenomenon more clarity than any other headset presents within the market.
2. Unterlaugger's approach with the help of Varjo’s design to improve the concept of a mixed reality device. It also achieves new heights in the market. Unterlaugger always wanted to collaborate with a photo-realistic approach, a real scale virtual car model. Varjo’s design constantly increases the quality of the KIA motor car design technology in the market.

3. KIA’s Europe branch has taken the challenge to change the concept of normal design into the VR / XR design in the market. It also changes the concept of the futuristic model into the market. Autodesk VRED is also demonstrated as a game-changer of the KIA’s designer. It changes the automotive design process and 2D screen reviews in the market.
4. KIA Europe designer constantly trying to improve the workflow and implementing the concept of virtual and mixed reality in the market. Designers are also capable to understand the virtual touch-up of the design rather than the physical touch-up of the car in the market. It shows the significance of this car in the market.

Remote collaboration with mix-up technologies:
Varjo-XR and Autodesk VRED software create a significant impact within the market with the punch of KIA motors. Designers also collaborate with the photo-realistic model within the market. Due to the COVID pandemic situation, both countries have taken a strong decision to implement the technology uniquely into the market. The team has some reliability issues with the complexion of Varjo-XR1 and Autodesk VRED. KIA model is also recognized as the topmost model within the market.

In this flow chart, foolproofing steps will be described elaborately in the market. An error will be occurred here to understand the gap within the actual flow of the business process. The above-mentioned flowchart has given a strong concept and information about the foundational movement of the KIA motors. The way of grabbing customer attention is also mentioned in this section of the market. The whole flow chart has also described the concept of business process and cross-functional map to improve the business policy effectively in the market. The KIA motor is also effectively achieving business growth by implementing the strategy of a combined mix-up of ARD software and virtual technology in the market.

Process synthesis:
Critical analysis:

Kia motor is always recognized as an industry leader to improve technology in an innovative way and manner. Varjo is one of the eminent designers of KIA trying to implement
Auto-Desk VRED in the market. It can also change the overall photorealistic environment in the market. KIA motor has given an innocent look in the market. Unterlugguer said that clarity is one of the important resolutions to change the overall approach in the market (Kim and Do,2008). A mixed-reality design effectively fascinates the whole world in the market. A virtual headset is also determined as one of the important processes to get the actual determination within the market.

The whole report was given strong and concrete information about the business process mapping of KIA motor’s company within the market. Varjo and Autodesk VRED software create a powerful combination within the market. Proper implementation of the headset can give a unique approach to the market. Due to this, COVID 19 outbreak, Varjo’s VR/XR, and AutoDesk VRED mixup create significant collaboration within the market. Due to the effective business process, production has been increased effectively. As a result, premium customers were easily affected by such kind of marketing process within the market.

Park, Y.E., 2018. The endless challenges of KIA motors for globalization: A case study on kia in Saudi Arabia. The Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, 9(9), pp.45-52.
Kim, J.J. and Do, S.H., 2008. Recent development and applications of magnesium alloys in the Hyundai and Kia Motors Corporation. Business process assignment Materials transactions, 49(5), pp.894-897.
Kim, J.J. and Do, S.H., 2008. Recent development and applications of magnesium alloys in the Hyundai and Kia Motors Corporation. Materials transactions, 49(5), pp.894-897.


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