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Communication Skills Assignment: Questions and Answers


Task: Your final task (Task 4) is based on your participation, engagement and reflection on the session. Your participation and engagement is monitored and marked throughout the session. The reflection, on the other hand, is an individual written submission. You can find the rubric here.

For the reflection, you are to write a two-page (max. 1000 words in length) reflection paper discussing what you have learned during this course and how will it assist you in the future. Include your expectations and experiences of what went well and how could it be improved. Items to cover in in your reflection are provided below. Please answer at least 5 out for the 10 questions listed below. You must also provide specific examples, where possible, to support your answers.

Reflection questions to answer:
1. In what ways have you improved your skills in this kind of work
2. What problems did you encounter while you were working on this project, as both an individual and part of a group How did you solve them
3. How do you feel about this subject What parts of it do you particularly like Dislike Why What did/do you enjoy about this subject
4. What did you learn about your ability to be innovative as you worked on this project
5. Did you do your work the way other people in your group did theirs Differently or similar, and in what ways
6. In what ways did your own work meet the standards for the assignments In what ways did it not meet those standards
7. One thing I would like to improve upon is ...
8. What would you change if you had a chance to do this subject over again

Academic performance:
9. What class activities or assignments helped you learn the most in this subject
10. What’s one thing the teachers did for this subject that you really liked What do you believe the teachers could have done differently to help you learn this subject


Question 6
In my opinion, meeting standards and objectives is imperative for accomplishment of assignments. I would like to mention that I have focused on understanding objectives and criteria of the assignment for achieving an effective outcome. It is important for me to gather relevant data information about the topic. Hence, I used secondary sources such as internet and journals for gaining in-depth knowledge about the significance of innovation to deliver high quality products to the customer. On the contrary, I was unable to obtain relevant data due to lack of time and cost. Further, I am required to improve communication skills for gathering relevant information in context to the current topic. In order to complete the assignment of TB diagnosis and assignment regarding immunetech, I have followed the assignment brief properly and followed the marketing rubric. I have divided the words based on the rubric and make sub-headings so that I cannot miss any of the points. It is helpful to meet the standard of the assignment. However, I need to execute secondary research from the internet and other sources to complete the assignments. It is very difficult to get authentic information about the topic and many of those might be older due to new developments. I need to find it out, which requires time and if I fail to get authentic information in some cases, I need to provide the information that I collected that restricts me to meet standards.

Question 7
I believe I am required to improve my communication skills as it can severely impact on the completion process of my assignment. It is significant for me to communicate with my peers and teachers about the issues and challenges which I face while accomplishing this assignment. Ineffective communication may severely affect my assignment as I will be unable to obtain accurate data information in context to the innovation process. Further, I will need to enhance my technical skills for completing the research process within the mentioned deadline. In my opinion enhancement of technical skills will help me to collect relevant data information based on which I will be able to acquire effective outcomes. I want to improve the research skill of mine so that I can execute secondary research by considering books, journals and other internet sources in order to find authentic data. It is one of the hardest works when one need to complete any assignment and it is essential to be part of any research project. I need to analyse the data gathered from different sources and compare it with information collected from other sources. It is helpful to figure out whether the data is competent and authentic and I can use it in my projects. I felt hardship to execute secondary research for the TB assignments for having little experiences to execute secondary research.

Question 8
In accordance to me understanding the subject through observing several dimensional areas associated with it is necessary for drawing appropriate conclusions. I have faced challenges while working in this particular assignment due to lack of communication and time management skills. Thus, provided another chance, I will focus on using my communication skill for obtaining appropriate and relevant data in respect to the current topic. This will help me to examine several aspects and attributes associated with it. On the other hand, I would have discussed with my peers the information I gathered as their opinions have helped me to complete assignments in an appropriate manner. If I can get a chance to complete this subject again, then I can work on information collection procedure and referencing for the TB assignments. I will evaluate more sources to develop knowledge about the topic so that I can analyse critically. I also develop knowledge about the ways to get authentic information collecting and provide more references to complete the assignment.

Question 9
Participation in different programs, which were organised by my teachers. I would like to mention that participation in various programs helped me to enhance my analytical skills. This further assisted me to complete my assignment effectively as I have communicated with other participants. In addition to that, the discussion session helped me to overcome issues that I faced while doing this assignment. Various forms of information were shared in the discussion session, which has been beneficial for me to achieve effective results. In my class teachers have held various activities that help me to develop research skills, gain knowledge about referencing procedures and complete any assignments on time. We have either group or individual assignments in this context. I have completed assignments on different symptoms and mediation on TB that helps to gain knowledge about the subject and complete this assignment effectively.

Question 10
I would like to mention that the contributions of my teachers have been huge, which has helped me to complete my assignment within a specific duration. The teachers have communicated with each one of us, which further helped us to gather relevant data information. In my opinion, teachers have discussed the core innovation of Exubera that will help diabetic patients to control sugar levels. Further, teachers have mentioned several tactics and strategies that are used by this company to attract potential growth. Therefore, I can state that the teacher has helped me to gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of the innovation process for providing high quality services and products to the customers. In order to complete this subject, the teachers have provided knowledge about related topics like TB, its cure and current developments regarding this. They also help us whenever we need in order to understand the subject.The teachers can develop any group discussion or question answer session within the classmate in this context. It is helpful to develop knowledge about all the students and they can clear any confusion easily.


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