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Herbal Tea Enlightenment: A Comprehensive Digital Campaign Proposal for Twinnings Tea


Task: How can Twinnings Tea strategically position and launch its new herbal tea range, overcoming challenges and fostering consumer awareness in a competitive market?



The major problem in this case study is the gross lack of awareness in the consumers regarding the herbal tea and its utility. This is expected to generate a block on the number of consumers actually signing up for the product. However, the educational and empowerment-based campaign is expected to drive up the numbers by using consumer perception and relativity-based marketing. The budget is expected to be 6000 Euros for the digital marketing campaign.


In this section, give a brief summary of theclient organisation whose business you are pitching for:

Company name

Twinnings Tea is known for its range of fine tea selections. The business has been passed down the family line with an eclectic taste and the purpose of bringing various flavours to the tea enthusiast. 14% of the UK tea market is held by Twinnings tea. Moreover, they capture 60% of the speciality tea market in the UK. The company is currently operating with 405 employees across various outlets in London. Initially starting with the coffee business (Twinnings Tea, 2023), Thomas Twinnings directed the company towards a wide range of tea selections. They are now looking into introducing their special range of herbal tea.


The brand looks into blending more into the modern lifestyle of their consumers and also to address the increasing awareness of people on what they are consuming in their day-to-day lives.

Mission statement

Twinnings Tea is on a mission to bring everyday luxury to all households with their morning starting with a cup of Earl Grey to an aromatic herbal or Fruit infusion through their day at home (Linkedin, 2023). Although they are introducing various formats of tea to their consumers, they are looking forward to not compromising on the quality that they have been providing for the last 307 years.


The target audience for Twinnings tea is spread over a blogger demography. According to reports about 37% of British tea consumers aged between 25 to 36 are the highest consumers of various ranges of tea including herbal and fruit infusions (Mintel, 2017). This estimated population are also keen to consume 5-7 kinds of different teas at their home

Previous Digital Campaigns

A recent campaign was led by Twinnings in collaboration with the Uncommon. The campaign named “Alive-in every drop” has interestingly transitioned the stereotypical tea experience into a classic and comfortable modern lifestyle (Glenday, 2021). It was a cinematic campaign, presented in 2021, displaying various everyday experiences, such as beach time, exercise routine and focused work time. They have related these experiences with typical blends that Twinnings offers. This makes the brand largely a daily part of their customer’s life.


Twinnings Tea is currently looking at introducing a new range of herbal tea into its already existing menu. They are solely looking to generate awareness in their consumer base and also draw the attention of new consumers to this. This is a clear example of introducing new products or product lines into an already existing market of a company. In these cases, there are some common market challenges that the company could face on the way. First, brands often fail at clear and comprehensive positioning of their products in the existing market. This is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the target market. Companies often fail to locate if they are to introduce the new product to the exact gross number of consumers or if they differentiate and create a niche articular to the products that they are planning on. In case of a gap in the positioning, consumers fail to relate to the product. Especially in the case of Twinnings Tea, product positioning and target selection are important as there is already a lack of clear understanding of consumers of herbal tea and its correct usage. According to Suh Nchang et al., (2023), the main drivers of the increased use of herbal tea in the population is due to the social awareness or the awareness imparted by family members. However, the challenge lies in the absence of accurate knowledge of the family members. This creates confusion in the minds of the target audience even if they want to transition to herbal tea. Therefore, the Market position is a key area to be considered by Twinnings Tea as they plan on introducing herbal tea into their existing market. Second, a gap in the correct identification of the target market. This could be mainly because the herbal tea consumer demography is poorly spread out and often difficult to locate The third challenge is a lower probability with a company like Twinnings tea, it is the gap in the planned market launch of the product. This requires the company to have a plan that is properly knowledge-backed in order to select the right channel as well as the right tone of the content to generate curiosity in the consumers (Fill, and Turnbull, 2019).

The success of a new product in the market is a direct impact of market orientation which is again highly dependent on the success of the market launch (Fakhreddin, and Foroudi, 2022). Therefore, a successful market launch of the herbal tea range by Twinnings Tea can yield the expected consumer base as well as better revenues front the market differentiation attempt. If the brand succeeds at imparting the required awareness and knowledge about the herbal tea varieties, it will also develop greater brand trust and loyalty from the consumers.


SMART business goal 1


Goal description


The creation of new video content in the form of ad series and short films educates the audience regarding the utility of herbal tea and the impact of regular consumption on health. This should be on social media channels like YouTube, and Instagram reels as well as ads on various music streaming portals.


The goal is to increase consumer knowledge of the brand as well as the utility of their herbal tea by 50% at minimum.


An increased knowledge of the utility of herbal tea and its regular consumption will increase consumers’ understanding of Twinnings tea deliverables. This will increase the interest in the products available. 


Twinnings Tea can tie up with third parties or layout tenders for content-creating companies or marketing agencies as they have previously done to create educational videos on the utility and benefits of the herbal tea that they are currently offering to the consumers 


Two months from the implementation of the market launch prep plan.


SMART business goal 2


Goal description


Twinnings Tea is looking to make the products highly relatable to consumers. It means that the company should be labelling the tea according to the concerns of the consumers. Product A should be named as a remedy to some common problems that the consumer market is currently facing. This would include product planning and design from the consumer’s point of view. 


Product designing is aimed at increasing consumer attention on the market shelves and the website or ad specs by at least 305. 


Consumers are highly susceptible to marketing campaigns that directly state or relate to the problems that they are currently facing. Therefore, if the product labels highlight the problem they would stop to read the line. This increase in the attention span that the consumer is imparting to the product has the potential to convert viewers into a consumer. 


The company could send or tender for marketing and designing consultants to ideate and create the product labels to drive the attention of the consumers.


Product ideation and creation as well as market campaign development should take one and half month from the implementation of the plan

SMART business goal 3


Goal description


Twinnings Tea should be driving the website visits related to the new herbal line. They should also plan an increase in the visits to the social media postings done by the marketing team. They should be also looking at how to increase the time spent by the users on their mentioned pages reading through or checking out the features of the product.


Twinnings Tea should be aiming at at least doubling the web page and social media visits. 


By boosting the visits as well as the duration on the page Twinnings could be looking at increasing the awareness associated with their offer on the newly formulated herbal blends.


They should be planning to reach out and settle contracts with freelancers or any agency that can design and post relatable content on their pages at least thrice per week to initiate as well as hold the interest of the consumers on the anticipated product launches. Hiring freelancers would also reduce the liable costs of the company rather than hiring. 


This action item should be continued for 2 months prior to the launch of the new product line. It should start with educational posts and then transition into marketing posts for the line. 

SMART business goal 4


Goal description


Twinnings Tea should be looking at increasing their SEO rankings., they should be aiming to rank at 1-3 positions on the ‘herbal tea’ keyword. They should also be ranked on the first page when users search about certain health conditions that are being targeted by the company by their herbal tea. 


The aim is to stay on 1-5th by far under the specific keyword search of the product category.


High SEO rankings are aimed to drive more traffic to their websites. This will give them an upper hand on the exposure of their products to the target audience as well as bulk consumers in the market. 


Companies tanking higher on the Google page perform well with a higher number of consumers


Three months from the implementation of the marketing plan

SMART business goal 5


Goal description


Designing and building a contest and quiz based on the herbal tea theme for increasing consumer engagement. This will be going out with the advertisements on various streaming platforms. These quizzes will also be driven by the social media influencers for better reach.


The aim is to post up about 40-60 instances of one liner quizzes through 2 months on various social media channels to grab large consumer attention.


Higher engagement will lead to higher traffic on the pages or the social media pages. Post the contests there will be free contents as well as products. This will further drive the sales of the product post the launch by creating the curiosity within consumers.


Companies with higher engagement on their social media pages are more inclined to succeed with their new ventures as the consumers have a transparent view into the events


Two months from the implementation of the marketing plan


The main theme that will be going out as the digital marketing campaign for the company are discussed below along with the purpose of choosing the theme. Hereby discussions will also include how the themes will be impacting the consumer minds. Theme 1: Every healthy day by choice Every Healthy Day theme is directly focusing on making the everyday life of the consumers a healthy one by choice. This theme in the campaign will emphasise how including herbal tea from the brand will gradually lead to an aware or conscious life on an everyday basis. This is a representation of a consumer-based approach in digital marketing where the brand focuses on how the brand is what is perceived by the cognition of a consumer (Beverland, 2021). Consumers should be impacted by such as theme as currently there is an increase in the awareness of consumers in what they are consuming daily and why. According to Vázquez et al., (2023), there is an increase in consumers who are aware of what they consume. The primary point of consideration in these cases are the sustainability of the product and its ingredients as well as their implications, food safety and sourcing. The snake of the brand taking care of the daily life issues that current lifestyle is impairing on the consumers will help them relate more with the brand and hence, increasing the purchasing incidence

Theme 2: Empowering consumer choice ‘Empowering consumer choice’ is a theme that will be directly driven by educating and enabling consumers to make knowledge-backed decisions when they purchase. Twinnings Tea will play the essential role of making the consumers understand why herbal tea is important and in what ways. This will help the consumers to make independent judgements. They will not be waiting for the brands to tell them everything about their health and influence their buying choices. The brand will only present them with the deliverables. The consumers will be educated enough to judge what deliverables are aligned with their requirements. Such a digital campaign will again encourage the consumers to be in contact with the brand for a longer period of time post the launch. In this theme the brand could be using the social perspective of emotion. They could be taking up the social cause of the education gap and making an issue out of it. This will increase the incidence of the relativity of the consumers with the brand (Elliott et al., 2018).

Theme 3: Deep relaxation Under the theme of ‘Deep relaxation’ this campaign will again hit the burning concern of today’s world. There are an increasing number of studies focusing on how the hustle culture is impacting human brains and their efficiency by increasing stress levels and other psychological issues. Ayurveda and herbs have been ancient remedies to such problems that are often ignored with all the synthetic medicines being produced by the companies. This campaign will nudge their consumer’s minds to think about these remedies. They will again bring in relativity in the same context. Consumers when dealing with both information relativity and challenge are expected to get intrigued and hence, feel a genuine interest in the product (Ryan, 2020). In here. The brand could be using trial packages as starter packs for the consumers to try and then buy from them.


The project timetable has been planned on the stages of the campaign; this has been stretched up to 3 months based on all the requirements of the project. First step of the campaign will include in creating the basic content f th web pages before boosting the keyword search or advertisements on other pages. This is because, when the consumers come across the advertisements and visit the web pages for more information, the website should be completely ready with all the relevant information regarding the product as well as their importance and use. All the advertisements will typically start after the creating and edit of the landing page. The social media pages like TikTok , Instagram and Facebook will be followed after. Marketing or posting on these channels are to be continued over a period of time. This is crucial for holding on to the engagement of the consumers. Such posts will also induce word of mouth among the consumers over a significant amount of time. However, all the post are to be intriguing up until three months from the plan implementation. Post the launch of the product, these engagement posts should e continuing. However, post the launch the posts would be interactive poll-based posts as well as query solving posts in order to help the consumers still relate and reach out in case they want to. This will further strengthen the consumer bonds. The mobile app interactive chat forum should be available to consumers 24*7 in order to keep targeting the issue of knowledge gap and thus, boosting the consumption and repeat buy of the brand. It is important for the brand to ensure a long term relationship with the consumer rather than just focusing on a successful launch of the products


Market Acceptance and Demand The market's appetite is uncertain, hence there is a chance that the product will not reach a sizable market or target demographic. Competition tension: Current rivals might reply with the same or superior items, rendering it difficult to increase their share of the market.

Time and Planning

Unforeseen obstacles in production, development of the product, or administrative permissions may cause the debut to be postponed, giving rivals a competitive edge. Aspects that are periodic or cyclical that is certain goods might experience seasonal demand, rendering scheduling essential.

Efficacy and effectiveness

Reputational harm, expensive client assistance, and recalls of products might result from quality faults or issues with performance. The inability to comply with regulations may lead to legal problems and recalls of items.

Promoting and marketing

Advertising that is inefficient could fail if it cannot properly communicate the significance of the good or service to the intended demographic. Choosing the incorrect price can have an influence on revenue and profitability since it may turn away prospective clients or generate inadequate income.

Channel and Distribution Risks

Poor administration of relationships with retailers and distributors can cause disputes and supply chain problems. It may be tough to penetrate an industry if channels of distribution are difficult to secure. Brands are also expected to sell the right brand, there are risks of failure if the brands continue to post content on channels that are not appropriate for the target consumer age group. There is a risk of resource wastage in such cases as well as a delay in the expected timeline of the project completion. Wrong channel selection could also lead to miscommunication of the value or the principle of the brand.

Failure to understand culture and ethics

A product may be rejected or face criticism from the public if social conventions and personal tastes are not taken into account. The reception and reputation of an item can be influenced by environmental, social, or ethical factors.


Twinnings Tea is a successful brand set up in London offering one of the most flavorful and unique blends from across the world. They have been planning on launching a herbal tea line in their already existing market. This is an issue as there is a great lack of awareness of the exact use dosage and utility of herbal tea in regular life. On the other hand, there has been an increased awareness in the tea users about the utility of herbal tea. Therefore, this study has included a plan of step-by-step inclusion of the product by imparting education and ideating curiosity around the value of the product.

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