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Conflict Management Essay: Analysis Of Tools And Techniques To Manage The Project


Task: Your partner and you will have to decide on the way forward for this initiative:
Answer the following questions:
1. Discuss how you would handle the conflict with:
 a) your partner and
 b) the builder
Explain in detail your conflict management strategy for both the above stakeholders.
2. Select one leadership style and explain in detail how you would successfully manage this project to completion.
3. Explain how you would use the Seven Quality Control (7 QC) tools and techniques to help you manage this project. (You must demonstrate the application of these tools in relation to this project. You may also propose other tools and techniques that you have learned from this unit).
4. Prepare a risk management strategy for this project. You must identify all risk and explain your strategy to manage each of the risk


1.0 Introduction
This conflict management essay is entitled to addressing some of the major issues that had been faced while managing to build a home properly. It has to be made sure some of the issues have been considered at the initial stage of the project while making a deal with the builder. The conflict management essay would be focusing on the instances of conflict management, and ensure that the use of an appropriate leadership style has been instigated to deal with the outcomes of the project. Additionally, it would be made sure that the use of proper risk management strategy and the application of proper tools and techniques facilitates in overcoming every obstacle incurred while building the home.

2.0 Detailed explanation of conflict management strategy with
2.1 Your Partner
For the conflict with the partner, it is important that one of the effective strategies has been utilized into ensuring that both the individuals can hold on to a neutral view. The report on conflict management essay demonstrates the interpretation of McKibben (2017) which signifies that the aspect of maintaining one’s relationship properly comes from the ability to move forward from conflict and to be able to work in a highly constructive manner. Conflict management is widely known to ensure that teamwork is developed and there exists a mutual relationship among wide range of people. Thus, among the five strategies of conflict management, the use of Compromising, which is apparently the fourth strategy of conflict management?

In the words of Böhmelt (2016), under this strategy of conflict management essay, both parties involved in a conflict have to give up certain elements within their position or possession to ensure that a settlement was reached. It is important to understand the ability to be able to make peace with what they already have. Thus, according to the research on conflict management essay, in the case of conflict with partner the choices of both sides would be taken into consideration and it would be eventually made sure that both individuals can address the commonality and agree to the same point. Since one has a preference towards making the home luxurious and the other standardized, so firstly a list of the things present in that layout would be formed and half of them would be turned into luxury while the other a standardized. However, it will also be made sure that one does not overpowers the other and the house looks like a perfect balance formed between the two. Thus, when the choices of both parties are taken into consideration and even if not 100%, they would at least be getting around 50% which would be satisfactory and a win-win situation for everyone.

2.2 The Builder
In the case of the builder illustrated in this context of conflict management essay, initially, it would be made sure that the conflict with the partner is solved first because the faster the case will be solved, the sooner it will be effective to make contacts with the builder. Thus, it can be said that with the help of the builder around the conflict management strategy that is required to be used is known as accommodating. The delays in discussion with the builder were only arising because of the unsolvable situation going on between the two partners. Since that has been solved appropriately with the help of the compromising strategy, it would only be appropriate if the conflict with that of the builder is solved with the help of the accommodating.

The conflict management essay analyses the readings brought up by Gonçalves et al., (2016) which illustrates that the accommodating strategy eventually entails to the perspective that the demands or the requirement of the opposite side are being fulfilled. It is eventually important to ensure that it is important to both the individuals/partners to finalize their deal with the builder and furnish their house accordingly. The use of the accommodation strategy essentially occurs when a party is of the opinion that a peacekeeping strategy must be used for the better atonement of their future prospects (Rahim, 2017). It also occurs the moment when a particular party addresses the issue as a minor. In the case of the builder, the issue was minor and was only delayed because of the conflict prevailing between two individuals. Thus, it is discussed in the conflict management essay that with appropriately resolved conflict, it would be made sure that the use of the offers that were available earlier has been gained by the house owners and that they will also be able to finally apply for the Keystart program

3.0 Which leadership style should be adopted in the case of conflict management essay to manage the project successfully?
To ensure that the house has been built successfully, the use of an appropriate leadership style is extremely essential here. Leadership styles and one’s ability to work with others has always been considered as one of the most dynamite qualities of a human being. Not all individuals are capable of generating satisfaction with their activities among others and themselves, but without trying even once, the attributes tend to stay undiscovered for a substantial amount of time. After examining the subject of conflict management essay, it can be said that the use of an appropriate leadership style eventually makes sure that successful outcomes have been generated about the work and that enough consideration has been put into it (Antonakis & Day, 2017). For the successful completion of this project, the use of ‘team leadership’ style has been considered extremely appropriate. It is because the house is being made for two people and the choices of the two people are of prime importance here and should be taken into consideration. Thus, it is undeniable that the use of team leadership will not be successful here in the context of conflict management essay. As mentioned by Maak, Pless & Voegtlin (2016), for the starters of team leadership approach, both the parties have to first understand their requirements with the help of constant brainstorming and ensure that they are able to convey their vision and choices to the person who is in charge of the project (the builder). It is the job of the builder to implement their vision and make the house worthy for their living. It is noted in this conflict management essay that the contribution of both individuals is equally important. 43646809

In the words of Quintana, Park & Cabrera (2015), the concept of team leadership allows in a much-proliferated understanding of the team’s future, where it is supposed to head and the kind of advantages it has to add. The kind of vision and choices that the team makes facilitates not only them but the ideas of others as well. However, as dreamy as this attribute sounds, there are many instances where people have failed exponentially while trying to pull off the team leadership style. One has to be very informed and understanding about the successes and failures that are equally associated with it. There are, however, wide range of advantages and disadvantages that can be witnessed while ensuring the proper application of this leadership style. The conflict management essay studies the research of Maak, Pless & Voegtlin (2016) which states that some of the key advantages that would be witnessed with the help of team leadership while making this home comprises of ability to be able to perform effectively under pressure, enhanced emotional intelligence among both the partners and improved communication and listening skills which will be beneficial for future as well. At the same time some disadvantages may also be incurred if not worked properly and that would lead to harmful implications. Some of the disadvantages are creative conflicts, instigating on blame game every time something goes wrong, unequal contribution or involvement in each of the task conducted, trying to intimidate the others and overpowering the partners with the kind of knowledge they have and multiple others. It is evitable that the pros and cons of the situation would never stop causing problems between them.

4.0 Demonstrate and explain the application of 7QC or other tools and techniques to manage the project
The readings of (2019) demonstrates in the conflict management essay that the use of 7QC is considered as the fundamental instruments that assure quality of the project and is also entitled to improve the entire process of conducting the project. Some of the key examinations that are being caused by them are controlling the fluctuation quality, understand the key mechanisms with the help of which the project is being conducted and at the same time provide relevant solutions for recovering from the problems that have been incurred in the project. According to Jain & Rajput (2015), it is evident in the current scenario of conflict management essay that the quality journey of a project can be mastered with the help of the following seven tools and they are as follows:

  1. a) Cause and Effect Diagram: This is also identified in this context of conflict management essay that the fishbone diagram is responsible for identifying the causes behind a problem and provides estimated solutions for the same. In the case of building the house, the conflict with the builder can be effectively explained with the help of this tool. It was mainly the creative conflicts that were constantly arising between the two partners about to live together. The conflict management essay also revealed that with the help of this tool the identification of the reason behind such conflicts and the effect that might have on the project can be effectively determined.
  2. b) Check Sheet: It is a kind of form that is well structured and suited for collection or analyzing of the data. The check sheet is also being addressed as one of the generic tools that can be used wide range of purposes (Hailu et al., 2017). For instance, in the case of building the house a check sheet can be formed to ensure that the daily activities have been fulfilled and are being conducted appropriately by the project manager. Keeping the check sheet in track would permit in understanding the progress occur. The check sheet would be almost similar to a check list but at the same time would comprise of some dates, which would ensure that the construction of the building and the interior décor has been completed within the estimated time.
  3. c) Control Chart: The concept of control chart illustrated in the conflict management essay consists of numerous graphs and figures that allow in understanding the number of changes that have occurred in the time chosen by the project manager. Mostly, the current data is being compared with the historical context of the same situation. It eventually leads to a valid conclusion of whether or not the situation is acceptable and can be used for future projects. Similar is the case here as a proper discussion with the builder about the processes and the requirements would have led to a better outcome. The use of the control chart exemplify in this section of conflict management essay would be beneficial for both the couple and the builder as well because they would be successful in determining the amount of changes that had conducted and if the final outcome can satisfy their expectation from the builder.
  4. d) Histogram: It is one of the most popular graphical representations that are being constantly used for demonstrating frequency distributions. It is also considered a valuable aspect when there is a requirement of determining the frequency of the occurrence of different values in a set of data. The use of the histogram would allow in understanding the frequency of changes that are occurring and if the changes are beneficial or are increasing the expenses of the coupler can be determined. When both the partners would be able to determine the implications of the work performed by the builder then they would be able to make changes accordingly.
  5. e) Pareto Chart: The Pareto Chart mentioned in the conflict management essay also plays a significant role to manage the project. This chart will be highly responsible for demonstrating the factors that would be extremely significant in terms of highlighting the proliferated nature of the factors (Hailu et al., 2017). For instance, the case mentioned here requires detailed attention to the factors that can influence their living situation and if the project will manage to reach a successful outcome. At the same time, it was also important to consider the understanding of the factors that led to the conflict between the two partners for making a decision about the layout that is required to be used. The use of the Pareto chart would be beneficial in determining the factors that influenced the conflict between the two individuals and the amount of delay that has been caused by it. Further, this identification would permit them to undertake a decision, which would make the work of the builder easier.
  6. f) Scatter Diagram: One of the tool or technique used to manage the project explored in the conflict management essay is the scatter diagram which is also considered as a mathematical tool that is important for understanding the numerical data that has been presented in graph pairs. The primary intention inspected in the context of conflict management essay behind the use of this diagram is to look for a relationship by putting one variable on each of the axes. The pattern eventually establishes the understanding of the existing correlation. For instance, in this situation the understanding of the leadership style of the partners and the one utilized by the project manager to assure the successful completion of the project is something that is required to be considered effective. The use of this scatter diagram would be applicable here for understanding the role that the leadership skills of the couple that would prevent all kinds of delay in the decision-making process and ensure successful completion of the project.
  7. g) Stratification: The present scenario of conflict management essay illuminates the use of stratification which is mainly entitled to make sure that the data that has been gathered is separated from a variety of sources to lead to a better understanding of the patterns that can be found for the project procurement. The use of stratification is highly recommended here in conflict management essay when the construction process would eventually begin and there will be a requirement of purchasing a wide range of raw materials for the process. This eventually assures that the products that will be used are of supreme quality and facilitates the entire construction process in the best way possible. After a proper conflict management strategy has been used and the project manager and the builder are all set to start the construction process, the use of stratification would permit them to determine the quality of the raw materials purchased.

5.0 Detailed explanation of the risk management strategy for the project
As mentioned by Wressell, Rasmussen & Driscoll (2018), it is noted here in conflict management essay that the concept of risk management strategy can be addressed as providing an appropriate structure and a complete coherent approach towards identifying, managing and accessing risks. The use of a risk management strategy can only be considered viable when constant updates are made in the daily reviewing of the project and the actions that are undertaken. In this situation, there already has been some quantifiable amount of risks that cannot be denied and that it had to be resolved as soon as possible. Some of the risks that have been identified when analysing conflict management essay and that can occur in the course of the project are mentioned below:

  • Risk 1: Communication Problem
  • Risk 2: Creative Conflict
  • Risk 3: Procurement Issues
  • Risk 4: Leadership Problem
  • Risk 5: Incompetence of the Project Manager
  • Risk 6: Losing the Advantage of Using Promotional Offers
  • Risk 7: Limitation at the Income Range for Application at Keystart

Given below within this conflict management essay is the risk management plan that can be used for dealing with the issue.


Description of the Risk

Likelihood of Occurrence (H/M/L)

Possible Impact (H/M/L)

Trigger Point

Consequences that can be witnessed

Mitigation Strategy

Risk 1

There is a chance that the communication problem might occur between the builder or the project manager with the people who are about to live there. Meanwhile, it can also occur between the two partners



The lack of consideration and attention towards every decision that is being taken or formulated and the higher rate of negligence can lead to communication issues

There will be delays in the project and thus, the entire process will be extremely time-consuming if not handled properly

Holding weekly meetings from time to time and gaining a progress report about the situation would cause an improvement in the situation and would allow in determining the process

Risk 2

The creative conflict would occur between the two partners who will be staying together because each of them will have a different expectation from the design of the house



The creative conflict would eventually occur when one partner constantly keeps on objecting about the choices and decisions that have been undertaken by the others

An argument and constant disapproval of each other’s ideas would eventually trigger this situation and would land onto an even bigger problem anyone could have anticipated

The application of conflict management strategy is of great importance here and the choices must be made depending on the gravity of the situation

Risk 3

The procurement issues imply that the raw materials that are to be used for the construction process might not be good in terms of quality



The lack of discussion and communication skills might have a tendency to reach this situation. At the same time the lack of knowledge about the procurement items that are required might make it easy for others to fool

The eventual consequence would be that the house would not have a strong foundation and the use of low-quality materials eventually enhances the risks of not being prone to any kind of natural or man-made calamity

Proper research skills about the quality of the materials used are extremely necessary and at the same time there should be proper discussion about the products to be used

Risk 4

Leadership problem is the common one that keeps on resurfacing from time to time and occurs only when the project manager is being relentless



This mostly occurs the time when the leader is ignorant and relentless about the work that he/she has been assigned with or witnesses confusion among the couple as well

It creates an eventual amount of problems that are associated with communication and the work procedure. This also leads to a lack of teamwork among the other individuals involved in the project

This can be effectively dealt with strict procedure and deadlines about the completion of the work on time

Risk 5

The incompetence of the project manager arises when he/she is highly reluctant towards following the system or considering the option of work that is prescribed to them



This eventually occurs when there is a personality flaw in an individual and lack of compliance makes them provocative and reluctant towards every decision that is being undertaken

The consequences would be a high amount of conflict between the client and the project manager, which would eventually lead to the delaying of work

Following a strict protocol from the side of the company who have been asked to work on the project would be incremental in keeping the motives of the people in track

Risk 6

Losing the advantages of promotional offers that are being provided by the project manager would lead to additional facilities or cost reduction



When there is an excessive delay in meetings, works and discussions that have been constantly occurring and the partners are highly negligible towards gaining profit for themselves

The people would eventually lose the offer and might miss out an incredible saving opportunity and making a desirable contribution to the environment

One of the prominent ways that can be used to tackle with this situation would be to make sure that a proper schedule has been formed to deal with the completion of activities within a time

Risk 7

There is a fixed eligibility criterion for every couple to apply for the loan at Keystart



The incremental benefits that the partner is supposed to gain in his salary when it has been specifically mentioned that the salary limit should not cross $130,000 for two people

There would be a less possibility for both of them to get the desired home loan

Communicating with the officials of the Keystart would provide them with the opportunity to understand the procedure

Table 1: Risk Management Plan
(Source: Created by the learner)

6.0 Conclusion
This conflict management essay provided with a substantial amount of knowledge about the situation that had been presented with the ideology of building a house. The eventual result obtained after analysing the conflict management essay was that there was a requirement of meeting all of the necessary criteria for applying to the Keystart program. The use of several tools was considered here in conflict management essay to assure the quality of the project and at the same time it was found that the use of wide range of tools might enhance the quality of the project but still acquainted with some obvious risks.

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