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Cultural Diversity Assignment: A Case Study On Leadership Style Of Hilton Group


Task: Task Summary
In this cultural diversity assignment, you are required to develop a case study on the leadership demonstrated by a hospitality organisation in relation to one (1) of the following 4 global hospitality leadership situations:
1. Ethics (for example, commissions to online travel agents, overbooking, etc.);
2. Sustainability;
3. Employee relations (for example, salary, benefits, working environment, expatriate workers, etc.);
4. Cultural diversity.
You should first identify one of the four areas for discussion that are listed and then choose a hotel leader/brand or hospitality organisation which is focussing on that issue.
You can use your personal experiences of working in hotels or other hospitality sectors, or you can research a hotel leader/brand or other hospitality organisation online.


Establish business identity as a promising global hospitality entity is a challenging task. However, Hilton group of Hotels, undertaken in this cultural diversity assignment, has built their successful legacy through consistent pattern of leadership behavior to persistently hold their position on long term level. With the leadership case study discussion, a detailed analytical understanding of their attitudes, behaviors and styles are depicted (Goh&Okumus, 2020). The cooperative approach helping to encourage equality and cultural diversity form the core essence of the organization. The consistent achievements are substantiated with awards won by Hilton on employee relation, motivation and workplace environment maintenance.

Case study context
Cultural diversity is the pivotal focus of Hilton group of hotels in Sydney, Australia. Abiding by the propositions specified in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, each member of employee, staff or manager is considered a family unit. Despite facing turbulences to integrate global workforce, Hilton group’s successful hospitality managed to empower each dimension of manpower by leveraging their talents (Tracey, Swart & Murphy, 2018). Keeping emphasis upon inclusive cultural structure within workplace helps to control discrimination with gender bias. 53% of women workforce and 47% of men with a total of 424,791 team members constitutes a strong diversity of cultural amalgamation. By respecting different destinations, Hilton has prepared their strong natural heritage with cultural diversity.

Hilton hotel leadership
Hilton group of hotels is recognized for their leading position across the Australian hospitality market. By orienting to the ‘Travel with Purpose’ (TWP) strategy, Hilton has established their leadership as a top business entity. The programs they developed ideally speak about their broader vision of engaging with developed innovations. Under the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee formation, the Board of Directors perform their responsibility to maintain positive progressive culture. Respecting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy of Hilton Hotel, the future goals to be accomplished within 2030 are designed (Sen &Bhattacharya, 2019). With the goal-oriented leadership approach, Hilton seeks to ensure business performance reviews with each quarterly analysis. This process of leadership role is aided with TWP dashboard where the systematic distribution of responsibilities is undertaken. The General Manager of Hilton Hotel is considered as the supreme power position, to which all other team members remain answerable and accountable.

Reason behind Hilton Hotel’s leadership position in Australia
Hilton Hotel has accomplished its unique position among extremely competitive hospitality management sector where global workforce strength of 424,791 team members is formed. With stability and consistency as the rarest aspect identified in this sector, Hilton is appreciated for its ability to implement 93% of employees as full time workers (Grow & AM, 2017). When all other hotels and organizations within hospitality sector strive to fulfill the reservation for women worker category, Hilton Hotel stands with pride as an example with women forming majority in entire workforce with 53% of manpower. Having a strong non-management team of workers is another striking characteristic which makes Hilton hotel become class-apart.

Hilton Hotel has successfully achieved global hospitality leadership recognition for its unique ethnicity inclusion approach to embrace cultural diversity. 69% of diverse ethnicity backgrounds are incorporated with 37% millennial, Gen X 35%, Baby Boomers 26% and Generation Z less than 1%. It holds some of the popular awards like #1Best Company to Work For and #2 Worlds’ Best Workplace under employee and staff choice (Reid, Johnston &Patiar, 2017). Under Fortune 2019 column, Hilton received Change the World Award for second time. It is at topmost rank under Workplace for Diversity category. As another feather on the crowd, Hilton Hotel got 100% rating for Human Rights Campaign Equality Index award for continuous six years, which also depicts their consistency and sincerity. Hilton is categorized as “A List” towards climate change option where it also owns the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards winner for greatest organizational impact in the year 2019.

Leadershipcase: behaviors, attitudes and styles used by Hilton Hotels
Hilton Hotel group has achieved the leading position among hospitality sector for various valid reasons. The leaders and managers at Hilton took much interest in enhancing biodiversity impact as a significant course of their CSR performance. Out of Philanthropic giving, multiple partnership associations are tried to be established. Diversity in gender and cultural backgrounds or ethnicity is given priority. Women empowerment is significantly looked after whereby conscious effort to maintain 53% of total workforce is consistently achieved (Okumus, 2020). Governance over disciplinary factors has controlled unfair acts like bribery, where risk management has curbed down corruption level. Health and safety among guests and team members are maintained where environment of workplace is given individual attention for waste management, water supply adequacy and energy resources.

The leaders of Hilton Group of Hotels show inclusive behavior along with compassionate attitude that fulfills the human rights appropriately. The leaders take honest and willing attempt to maintain high tolerance to manage diversity within work premise. Proper check over data privacy aspects to reassure the guests and visitors about their personal information are protected with senior management cooperation. Strict actions against act of violence and trafficking are taken. ny instance of modern day slavery is strongly rebuked where leadership authorities control workplace environmental safety. With appropriate cooperative coordination, the leaders at Hilton Hotel reflect justified behavior where equal opportunity is opened for all. Scope for adequate career development is offered with sufficient employee welfare. The leaders negotiate with external community members of locality or resource availability. Hiring skilled efficient staff members to form strong teams are assured by leaders to manage disasters and undertaken regulatory compliances.

Implementation linked to leadership communication style
Hilton group of Hotels creates a strong legacy of reputation, pride and heritage of consistent performance. However, to implement appropriate governance as leaders, the hotel communicates using the tagline “Travel with purpose”. External affairs are effectually handled by capable professionals with qualified hospitality degrees. The goals are turned into workplace objectives and narrated to all working teams withface to face instructions (Gewinner, 2020). For anti-corruption and unjust practice control, the communication system used by Hilton is an open collaborative and cooperative one. Making the workforce achievement a goal driven approach helps to instruct, motivate and involve the employees in a progressive manner.

Ethical issues with Hilton Hotel
Despite establishment of specific achievable goals of reducing environmental risks, Hilton hotel finds itself unsuccessful with inadequate action towards climate change related response. Results indicated from Global Enterprise Risk Survey imply how corporate responsibilities are not practical achieved with internal and external organizational cooperation. Hilton also indicates their CSR programs to stand against the UN SDGs.

Leadership effective
Hilton group of Hotels has attained a promising position across the global hospitality management sector with leadership effectiveness. Human resource management with talented hiring is regulated through adequate search of qualified skilled employees. Training and motivation helps to ascertain responsibility oriented outcomes (Grow & AM, 2017). Corporate Social Responsibilities like women empowerment and equality across cultural diversity on gender and ethnicity aspects are maintained. The energy efficiency and carbon foot print creates Hilton Environmental Policy under Stewardship effectiveness. Controlling indirect emission of GHG makes the simultaneous direct scope of control.

Adaptive or situational leadership
Hilton group of Hotels allows open adaptive approach in a disclosed manner. By associating with new suppliers, the screening of environment criteria helps to ascertain cross functional advisory group. This helps to develop comprehensive responses under sourcing strategies with global decisions undertaken. The link with new suppliers helps the environmental compliance to be created. All benefits are provided to full time employees so that discrepancies are avoided with no injustice or inequalities.

Leader’soverall response
Hilton Hotel group has shown passionate involvement towards innovative management approaches. There are multiple indicators through which environmental efficiency is established across the workplace culture. Diversity is oriented with inclusive strategic system where empowerment towards women is ascertained. Waste disposition is well managed so that goal of 2019 program of cleaning landfills is implemented (Tracey, Swart& Murphy, 2018). Normalization of waste management and regulation helps in controlling of per square meter land measure under global portfolio for hospitality effectiveness. It is under the non-compliance towards environmental laws and regulations the management approaches are implemented through screened effectiveness.

Critical analysis
For proving the successful achievement of global hospitality impetus, Hilton group of hotels has obtained efficacy in management approaches. This has helped upgrade the employee management approaches. Performance and career exposure is optimized. However, the biodiversity enhancement projects are still at struggling phase. Governance upon diversity related issues are maintained where injustice and violence are strongly handled.

In the present report a vivid idea about Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia’s attempts for deriving successful global hospitality position is achieved. This not only brings forth the empowerment of women under cultural diversity encouragement area, but also highlights human rights equality aspects. The encouragement of ethnic diversity to participate in collective cooperation is talked about. The governance over bribery, violence and wrongful acts are controlled with focus upon planet, people and profitability is achieved through recognized awards and achievements.

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