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Event Management Assignment: Promoting an Event for Association of American Medical Colleges


Task: You are to write a report on event management assignment and create a “sales presentation” using the sales process on the given scenario.
You are an Event Planner at DKN Event Management Company Limited. The company has a reputation for promoting international events as well as promoting Canada as a preferred travel destination in the global market. The incredible geographical variety of Canada makes it as a significant tourist attractor. The large cities are known for their culture, diversity, as well as many national parks and historic sites. You are about to promote an event for a client which is an American Association based in Washington, D.C. – the Association of American Medical Colleges who rotates their large international event outside of the United States every four years. You are proposing Toronto as the destination to host their 6,000person event, which will be for four days. You are presenting to the Board of Directors which includes:

a. Executive Assistant – supports the CEO, detailed, you need to build her trust
b. CEO – Asks lots of questions, direct in communication


Event Management Assignment Part 1 - The Report
2. The Business/Product:
a. Name of Hospitality/Tourism Company: DKN Event Management Company Limited.
b. Identify the Product you will be selling:Annual Convention & Exposition event promotion
c. Address of the company: 10 Canlish Road, Toronto, ON M4B1C2

3. Sales Call Pre-Approach:
a. What do you specifically plan to achieve with your sales call?

The goals are listed below through the application of SMART objectives; Aim:The Company intend to provide and develop effective event management expertise and experience through the services that match client needs


Annual Convention & Exposition event operations will be held in 1st January at the selected venue


The privacy level of the event will be public and will achieve reinforcing relationships with client


Executive assistant will work with the employees to make the event happen in 1st January


If the goals meet, it will enhance the performance and expand consumer share


The planning and arrangement of the event will be done within 25th December

Table 1: SMART objective justification
(Source: created by the learner)

  • The concept of using SMART plan in this strategy is connected to measure how the objectives could be achieved and if the sales objectives are credible. The sales call objectives could be changed if any emergency in case of security happens. For example, if the Association of American Medical Colleges, needs more online security on their Annual Convention & Exposition event promotion; then immediate security measures should be prepared from the start. This falls on the measurable condition on the SMART plan where the event management company needs to identify the risks related to the objective sales call.
  • The specific step here is to adopt systematic working process and provide basic training to the staff of DKN Event Management Company Limited as per the goals and requirement of the event and client.
  • Increasing trust with the client could be done through communicating each meeting and lack of the event company in providing as much as professionalism the client want rightfrom the start of the sales process. Additionally, regular meeting with the client and communicating the work progress would also increase trust with the client.

b. Customer
i. Who is the customer? Describe them in detail

The consumer hare is Association of American Medical Colleges based in Washington, D.C, a non-profit company. This client belongs to the corporate segment. This organization includes teaching hospitals, medical schools, scientific societies and offer services for its member groups, which involve different health, education services and consulting. This time they want to arrange their annual convention and exposition event in Canada with the selected medical representatives and invitees present at the meeting due to the COVID-19 measures.

ii. Personality Style
This organization works with different professionals from the medical field for addressing and developing learning and knowledge of the future workers in this same field. In this respect, the client here is practical with a sense of strategic event management outcomes.

iii. Buyers Buying Needs
Main needs of the client over the conversation with the executive assistance are documented below; The client wants to arrange their annual event in Canada with the best location and communication facilities possible. The event should be able to host around 6000 person for four days. The event management company should be able to offer systematic planning and stages of the entire event to the client and communicate each urgency in a timely manner. Another criterion of the client is providing basic safety and security of the people invited in the event. The food and drinks services will need to be sufficient and the event planner should be capable of providing three meals for four days to all the invitees in the event.

iv. Needs Analysis Completed / v. Qualifying Questions outline Client need analysis in progress has been attached below;

The qualifying questions are listed below;

  • Who would be making the decisions of the event planning and payment for the annual event?
  • How the entire payment for the four days event would be done?
  • As the event will be organizing and happening amidst Pandemic situation will you be able and agreed to pay extra for the cleaning, sanitizing and safety purposes?
  • What type of communication and internet facilities you want? Which will you not prefer to see at the event?
  • Do you have any sample or evidence from your previous international events so that better evaluation of your needs in this event could be done?
  • Are there any other concerns that you want to correspond with us about the food, lightning or any other factors?

c. Features/Advantages/Benefits Chart (FAB’s):
Through entrusting the event requirements with the company, the CEO has guaranteed that the clients to be 100% satisfied with the services that the event management company offered to them. The company explore each fact and avenue of the annual international event for gauge precisely what the participants and client need and will make them satisfied. The company understand this as their special and challenging day and would go out of the process for meeting client requirements.

i. FAB Chart:






Safe environment, Effective communication, Superior food and lodging, Full-time internet communication, Cleaning, Time management, Guest welcome, Video conference services, Equipment supplies for the annual meet and Legal rules following.

Customized services, planned event, successful client management, development of market share, relationships with consumers, recommendations for future event, social-distancing measure adaptation, new age event management, both online and offline communication.

Best location, communication facilities, transportation facilities, accommodation is good, reputation of business increase, future recommendations of events, timely event end, experience of the employees increase, inter-personal communication, profit.

Marketing planning and Business proposition

Change in orders will need extra payment, Deposit is needed, integrated marketing decisions, safety of confidential information shared by the client, information of the participants, event strategy, event mobile apps, Virtual meeting, event registration will be done with the building authority and client, and room block &travel servicing.

The marketing plan and business proposition will permit whole payment by the end of the event after four days. Capability of the event management firm to calculate and modify budgeting if needed. The budget could increase due to social distancing and safety measures approved by the client and company. New orders will be filled effectively. Online check-in and budgeting advantages. Event engagement will be developed. Experimental marketing could be adopted if necessary. Content distribution services will be provided. Conference logistics will be circulated among the employees and digital signage facilities will be offered to the client.

Speaker ready room, Exhibitor flooring plan will be uploaded, live streaming facilities will be done, participants will be provided with food and lodging, the participants and client management officials will be provided with the transportation from the venue to the hotels. Pre-event communication, event launch activities, day-to-day information circulation and update will be communicated with the client. More business and corporate client reach and business proposition will follow the social campaigns.

Table 2: FAB Chart for the event and services
(Source: Created by the Learner)

ii. Buying Needs Matched
As per the above FAB chart done, it has been identified that among the marketing features, Safe environment, Effective communication, Superior food and lodging and Full-time internet communication are the criteria that meet with the client’s expectations. The advantages like Customized services, planned event, successful client management and social-distancing measure adaptation have been followed as per the client’s needs and expectations. On the other hand, benefits have been included best location, communication facilities, transportation facilities, accommodation is good and reputation of business increase.

As per the FAB chart of business proposition and marketing plan, features such as change in orders will need extra payment, deposit is needed, integrated marketing decisions and safety of confidential information shared by the client have meet with the client’s expectations from the event planner. The benefits that have been circulated with the client are new orders will be filled effectively, online check-in and budgeting advantages, event engagement will be developed and experimental marketing could be adopted if necessary. The benefits were proportionate to the event management company and the client. These are Pre-event communication; event launch activities, day-to-day information circulation and update will be communicated with the client and transportation services.

d. The Script:
i. Outline/Summary of all of the steps of the sales process
Client:Association of American Medical Colleges
Event planner: DKN Event Management Company Limited
Consultant: Richard

*Richard calls DKN Event Management Company Limited*
R: I am calling about your event planning services and current availability. One of the biggest and important clients has communicated that they are having their Annual Convention & Exposition event and the client is Association of American Medical Colleges. I am calling you on behalf of them and I know that this is somehow difficult to arrange in the current pandemic conditions internationally; however, they are interested in negotiating the pricing.

E: OH. Our executive head need to talk with the client on phone or online and decide on what will be effective for the event planning.

R: Thank you so much. I would communicate with the client and handover the contact information. The next working day will be good right?

E: Yes, that would be great. Thank You for contacting.
*Richard has immediately communicated with the client and handover the contact information of DKN Event Management Company Limitedfor the online communication purposed in next Monday*. On the following working day, the online conversation on the event need and other related details have been discussed with the client and it has been promised that further communication and visiting the office will be done by one of the client’s representative on next week or as soon as possible and a face-to-face conversation for final approval on the event plan will be done.

As decided, on the allocated date, a meeting has been arranged in the event management company headquarter with the representative and event needs, duration, time, place suggestions have been discussed. The event planner has also produced some of the sample plans of corporate events organized by them and after discussing on the social distancing measures and cost implications; approve the event plan and agreed to sign on the documents on next meeting.

ii. Probing Questions/Qualifying Questions
The probing questions are listed below;

  • Have you worked with or communicated with other event planners before us?
  • What were the points of dissatisfaction that you came to us?
  • What you have decided to work with us, what do you expect from us?
  • What types of event managing services you are looking for?
  • Why do you select to do a consultation first?
  • Why are you planning this event?
  • Are you ready to leverage the budget of their event more than the before events done and organized?
  • Do you have any thoughts regarding the themes or designs of the event venue?

iii. FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits)

FAB in event management assignment

iv. TWO Trial Closes
The two-trial closeprocesses are described below;

Method: Strategic and online communication with the client, effective delivery of previous corporate event planning information and samples.

Presentation: What urgent issues need to be covered have been discussed, need analysis questionnaire has been presented and need analysis has been done. First Trial closure: The executive assistance suggests a sample design and the client representative gives their suggestions also.

The second trial started with meeting the objectives: The event planner and client agreed on the budget. The executive assistance of DKN Event Management Company Limited suggested online communication, conference and other event time and plan.

Second trial closure:The client talks with their organizational head and communicated regarding the important satisfaction level of the event planning.

Closure: The event manager has developed the numbers of the invitees and offers the deposit amount to the client and asks for the ways to proceed with the transaction. Following up:The timings and final map of the event andrelated activities willbe delivered to the client. They have expressed their approval.

v. TWO Objections
The two trial objectives are listed below;

Searching: The Association of American Medical Colleges called the company for a referral post hearing regarding some event organizing issues with former event planner Pre-approach: The event representation visited the client representative as well as the online, lighting providers and venue administrator for directing questions, concepts and current availability of services that could meet client’s needs

vi. Proper Objection Techniques to Overcome
The techniques followed are listed below;

  • Practicing active communication
  • Validating the client concerns regarding the event plan
  • Asking follow-up questions
  • Leveraging the social proof
  • Setting particular and possible time and date to follow-up
  • Anticipating the event sales objectives

vii. Closing Statement & Technique
The summary closing technique has been followed by event planner here. This summary technique includes reiterating the services the client is effectively agreeing on in an effort for getting the prospect to sign.

“So, we have the Annual Convention & Exposition event promotion plan ready with the needs and budget as discussed with you. When will be a good time for agreeing on the plan and sigh the contract?”.


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