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Expanding Horizons: A New Target Audience Strategy for QT Sydney Hotel


Task: In order to appeal to millennial corporate professionals, how can QT Sydney Hotel successfully modify its target audience approach while preserving its premium positioning and aesthetic appeal?


1.0 Introduction to the Assignment
The current business environment is highly competitive. Thus, to thrive in this competitive corporate world, business leaders should diverse their target audiences. An organisation can effectively attract different customer segments with the help of their marketing strategies. In the modern world, successful marketing strategies are flexible because they can adapt with the changing needs of the customers (Morgan,, 2019). This report aims at selecting a target audience for an organisation named QT Sydney hotel. These selected target audience is different than the present targeted audience of the organisation. Moreover, comprehensive overview of marketing campaign in order to attract the target audience is also provided in this report.

Overview of The Target Audience

The unique designs of QT Sydney hotel and its services have enhanced experiences of visitors. Currently, the hotel is known for targeting celebrity visitors (Mint Floors & Shutters, 2023). This means the primary target audience of the hotel is movie stars, politicians, sportspersons, and industrialists. However, in this report, a brand campaigning is done. This campaign aims at targeting millennials who are also corporate professionals. Professionals who are an integral part of the corporate world are known as corporate professionals and people who have born between early 1980 to late 1990 are millennials. The following table demonstrates the difference between the two market segments.

Table 1: Millennial Corporate Professionals vs Celebrities

SegmentationCorporate professionalsCelebrities
DemographyThese professionals generally work in the corporate field. This means professionals who are part of manufacturing, retail, software, petroleum and many such industry are known as corporate professionals. Their income generates from the salary they get. These professionals generally belong to the higher middle-class community.Individuals who have gathered attention from public and has become a public figure through their work are mostly identified as celebrities. These celebrities earn a handsome amount of money through their work and brand endorsements. Therefore, they belong to the higher class.
Psychographic (Attitudes, interests, and opinions).Millennials who have grown in the time of technology evolution, prefer seamless experiences they prefer quality and service authenticities.Celebrities are known for earning a huge amount of money through various engagement. Therefore, they spend their money in premium places. They desire to experience high-quality services. They have high brand-consciousness.
Behavioral segmentationTheir purchasing decisions depend on their taste and budget.Their purchasing decision depends on the quality of services.

The above table suggests that the current target audience of QT Sydney hotel is different from corporate employees. Corporate professionals who are also millennials spend most of their time in highly formal environment. Therefore, their choices, tastes, and preferences also have close link with their profession. They tend to prefer places where staffs are courteous and behave formally with their visitors but they also prefer a relaxing environment. On the contrary, celebrities only believe in premium quality services. They prefer to get their services on time and limit themselves from interacting too much with the hotel managers. Thus, there are huge behavioral differences between celebrities and corporate professionals.  In the following part of the report, these behaviors and attitudes of corporate professionals are leveraged for developing the brand campaign.

Campaign Goals

Table 2: Marketing goals

SpecificTargeting millennial corporate professionals of Australia, New Zealand, USA, and European union
Measurable100 millennial corporate professionals visiting the hotel each week.
AttainableReaching millennials across Australia through social media platforms. 
RelevantIncreasing customer value and enhancing brand awareness among more corporate professionals.
Time-bound6 months

Campaign Rationale

In the current world, social media users are increasing significantly. Therefore, social media platforms can be used to launch the campaign and attract the targeted customers. Companies that have large customer base need a well-designed marketing campaign (Luxton, 2022). There is no exception in case of QT Sydney hotel. Currently, the hotel is known for targeting celebrities. However, when the marketers of this hotel start targeting corporate professionals, then the customer base of the company starts expanding.  As mentioned earlier, there is a cultural, psychographic, and behavioural differences between corporate professionals and celebrities. This marketing campaign aims at focusing on the needs and desires of millennials who are also working as corporates. In the following part of the report a SWOT analysis is conducted. This SWOT can further help the marketers understand the strength of the hotel that can help them to attract the target audience. On the contrary, few weaknesses and threats are also mentioned. This can help the marketers understand the barriers that they may might encounter while developing the campaign.

Table 3: SWOT Analysis

- The hotel is aesthetically decorated. This can match the tastes and preferences of the targeted audiences.- Infrastructural issues.
- People coming for places like France and Germany might face cultural and linguistic barriers.
- Corporate professionals tend to prefer a relaxing environment when they go for a vacation.
- Moreover, the hotel also offers banquet halls for events and corporate meetings.
- There is also a place for cocktail party.
- It is mostly for the higher level of customers. Therefore, corporates might look for other affordable options.

The interior of the hotel is highly aesthetic and it has banquets and cocktail party zones. Corporate professionals are highly workaholic. Therefore, in the campaign, images of banquets along with their perks for corporate events can be provided. This will not attract individual professionals but it can also attract a group of corporates who can organise meetings in the hotel. Millennials who have started making their families believe in work-life balance. Successful professionals enhance their happiness in order to become more productive in the next week (Smith, 2013). Therefore, they tend to prefer a relaxing weekend. QT Sydney hotel has a fascinating cocktail place, where these professionals can drink and enjoy different cuisines. The rooms are highly seductive and are perfect for newly married couples. Moreover, it also offers spa for relaxation. On the contrary, cultural problems can become a significant barrier. This can be solved by hiring multi-lingual people. Thus, it is the current responsibility of the marketing practitioners to include all these above-mentioned features in the campaign. Moreover, they should hire a team of professionals who can speak several languages including English, Spanish, French and many more. These professionals can provide answers to the enquiry of people from different parts of the world.

Branding Message and Reasoning

Currently, QT Sydney hotel must adopt perceptual positioning strategy. This strategy helps in changing the perception of people towards the brand (Writer, 2021). Currently, this hotel is perceived to be a premium hotel for high-end customers. However, this perception can be changed by reforming the price of the rooms and by promoting the wide range of offerings. These offerings must be aligned with the needs of the millennial corporate professionals. Moreover, the branding message aims at provide quality services to visitors irrespective of their cultural and linguistic background. The branding message is mentioned below.

“Spend your weekend aesthetically with our high-quality services.”

Medium for Communication

The marketers must use Above the Line medium for promoting their product. Social media marketing is a form of ATL medium that can be used for the promotion. Constant social media updates through posts and videos can attract the attention of customers from different parts of the world. Moreover, this medium is highly convenient and budget-friendly.


GoalsPlans to achieveForecast in occupancyForecast in Revenue
Targeting millennial corporate professionalsIn the next 3 monthsIncrease in 10% occupancy rate in the next 3 months, 20% in the next 6 months and almost 40% in the next one year.Increase in 5% revenue in the next one month, 10% in the next 3 month and 30% in the next 1 year.

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