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HRM Assignment: Essentials Of Human Resources & Business Computing In Park Hyatt


Task: Written HRM assignment Task
Students are required to prepare a 3,000-word report discussing human resources and business computing in the tourism and hospitality industry. Students are required to conduct relevant secondary research. The following areas should be evaluated in detail supported by examples quoted from selected organisations:

Introduction –
(Property Information, Product & service mix, some Quality information that support for the topic Ex: Staff manning, Gender ratio, Nationality Mix, staff to room ratio, 3rd party / contract staff. HR work and areas that they handle and the department) Analysis of staffing and legal implications within tourism and hospitality organisations:

Staffing structures and rotas.
(What are staff Structures briefly explain min 3 types and discuss the structure which is more similar to selected property. (What is a rota and example, (picture) advantages of rota system)
Supervisors and managers, their roles and responsibilities.
(What is Supervision and who is a manager – citations / definitions You may discuss and give your own opinion. Select a department and discuss the role of a supervisor and a manager to highlight the Supervision and management definitions that you discuss earlier)

Employment contracts.
What are the different types of Contracts available in the property / in common Discuss the importance / advantage of contract from the employer and employee perspective and state your judgement.
The costs around employing staff.
(Cost of employment, you may come up with all the charges, or average cost for one staff that an organisation spends. If you can’t find the figures / Numbers you may come up with the package breakdown. Evaluation of leadership, motivation and equal opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry: How motivation and productivity are linked.

Effective leaders and effective teams.
The principles of equal opportunities with business.
Analysis of IT and its use in tourism and hospitality:
The uses of IT in the tourism and hospitality industry.
The features of Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint within business.
Students should demonstrate the application of theory and knowledge to their chosen organisations and ensure they have addressed the assessment criteria outlined in the mark sheet. The analysis should be concluded with detailed and well-justified recommendations; relevant examples can also be used. The secondary research undertaken should be appended to this assignment.


Park Hyatt is one of the prestigious and largest hotels and resorts in Australia. The hotel headquarters is located in New South Wales and it operates its hotel business globally. The HRM assignmentdiscusses the staff structuring and rota planning of the tourism and hotel industry. The report also discusses and evaluates the roles of the managers, supervisors and their responsibilities in Park Hyatt hotel. The report discusses the employment contracts, their types and the cost required to employ the staff. The report discusses and analyses leadership, productivity and motivation in business and their significance in the business and the hospitality industry. The report also discusses the analysis and use of IT in the tourism and hospitality industry.

1.0 Staffing structures and rotas
1.1 Staffing structures and their types

Staffing structures is defined as supervising the staff of the company to work and make certain necessary decisions. This is also considered as the organizational hierarchical management of arranging their staffs allowing them to work as per their responsibilities. Staffing structures allows the organizations to work systematically and resolve the internal problem in a short duration, increase the profits and run business smoothly without any obligations. There are three types of staffing structures such as

a. Linear structure
A linear structure is the easiest structure where the organizations can easily manage their staff and their works. In this type of structure, the manager is the superior person for the employees and the manager handles and manages all the staff and their works. In a small organization, the owner handles all their staff and if the business grows then the owner hires one of the staff for the managerial post. The owner allocates the work to the manager only and the manager allocates the work to their staff as per the necessities.

a. Functional Structure
A functional structure is a process of managing and staffing their employees as per their speciality, skills and knowledge. It is a hierarchical process of managing and allocating their staff or employees and in any problem, they directly report to the manager within their functioning area.

b. Linear-functional Structure
The linear-functional structure is the combination of both the structures and is suitable and easy for the hotel to manage their internal workforce of any size and level. The work of the managers is divided into various segments for managing the work and running the business smoothly. In this type of structure, the head of the fund department report to the booking service manager. The functional manager manages the overall boking service and accommodation segment and the linear manager manages the entire department work.

The Park Hyatt hotel use a linear-functional structure to manage their organizational work and the staff for the smooth run of the hotel. The structure not only helps in maintaining their staff but also maintains the value and motive of the hotel on which they are committed.

1.2 Definition of rota, its examples and its advantages
Rota is defined as a schedule or a task for the employees or the hotel staff where their working times, location, responsibilities and period is mentioned. The rota also helps to plan the employees and their duties and responsibilities accordingly and this benefits the company and allows it to work smoothly (Gentle, 2019). For example, if the organization does bad planning then it will be hard to manage staff and this will hamper bad budgeting as well. There are various advantages of rota such as it helps the hotels or businesses to manage their staff and their budget and helps to make easy solution plans in a short duration. It also helps the fair time management to the employees and this helps to maintain a healthy workplace and work can be done more effectively. The rota system will also help the managers to make a team or the right people with the right skills and experiences (BrightHR, 2020).

2.0 Supervisors and managers, their roles and responsibilities
Supervision in the hospitality industry focuses on several roles that have been assigned to the employees, new trainees, and in multiple planning processes of the company. Supervision does not rely on their own decision but they consider the point of view of every associate to develop an informed image of their company’s management(N. Kalu, 2018). On the other hand, manager in an organization directs all the business activities of the employees. In an organization, the function of managers comes under multiple levels hence managers can be called by different names. Where first-line managers are usually called a supervisor.

2.1 The role of a supervisor and a manager in Park Hyatt
Roslyn lee, a sales manager in Park Hyatt,is responsible for the development and fostering of their company’s business. The strategic plans of Park Hyatt come under the sales manager to drive a measurable increase in their sales revenues. As mentioned in the above definition for the planning of their company’s marketing plan the sales manager considers other associates of Park Hyatt. In addition to that, the sales manager in Park Hyatt determines the areas for their company’s opportunity regarding their performance and assists the tools and the training of the employees in terms of sales(N. Kalu, 2018). The sales manager in Park Hyatt works and identifies the individual skills of their employees and works on their weak areas providing them with the required resources for sales and marketing. Keeping a clear understanding of their business strategies the sakes manager sets its goals and moulds its action plan to achieve those goals. Along with that the sales manager also represents their company in several events organized outside their hotels.

3.0 Employment contracts
3.1 Different types of contracts available in the property in common

There are three types of employment contracts that are available in the property in common such as

a. Full-time employment contracts
For the full-time employment contracts, the staffs have to work a maximum of thirty-eight hours in a week and exceeding the work hour after that is considered as the over-time and the staff will be paid as per the overtime pay rule. The contract also depends on whether the staff is covered with the industrial instrument or not. The employees working full-time in a property is allowed to give a notice period for the resignation or a notice of termination by the company (Justice, 2020).

b. Part-time employment contracts
The employees who work part-time in the organization or a company has to work less than the regular 38 hours in a week. The employees work regularly in an organization for a certain amount of time and are getting paid as per their work contracts (Justice, 2020).

c. Casual employment contractors
The employees who work as casual in an organization does not have any kind of fixed employment and gets hired as per the demand and requirement of the company. Their works are not regular and those employees work in different areas for income. They are paid hourly and for how long they work in and they have the flexibility that they can deny work and leave as whenever they want (Justice, 2020).

3.2 Discuss the significance/advantage of contracts from the employer and employee perspective and state judgement
In an organization, employees are the essential and prime asset for work completion and attain business success. Without employees, the business revenue and sales profits get decreased. From the employees perspective, the contracts secure the employees from making it as a career and take growth as well. The organization provides skill development training to the employees and it is very hard to get an employee for such kind of work. Therefore, if the organization or the company lose the employees then it is very hard to find such skilled employee at the right time and necessity. From the employee perspective in an organization, the employment contracts give them feel safe and can work hard for making a career and this brings flexibility and pleasure to their work. The company cannot terminate them whenever they want and have to follow the legal process if they also get terminated from the job (APM Group, 2020). The employment contract plays a significant role in the organization and employee's life. This brings both a mutual understanding as it is very hard to get skilled employees and to get the right job as well. Therefore, employment contracts have created a benefit for both the parties and should go on for the right performance and harmony.

4.0 Cost around employing staff
Recruitment is done by two types one is internal recruitment and the other is external recruitment.
Internal: In internal recruitment, the employers fill the job vacancies by hiring employees from within the organization. It includes providing job promotions to skilled and deserving employees and this helps the organization to fill the job vacancies (Juneja, 2015). External: In external recruitment, the organization looks for finding employees for the right job position. The organization dies various kinds of job promotion ads in colleges and universities, online advertisement and advertising with some agencies. These are quite costly and this helps to find the right skills and talent-based employees for the right job (Juneja, 2015). The organization invested a lot of money in finding the right candidate for the right job as this helps to bring an improvement in an organization. As per the report of Human Capital Benchmarking report, in 2016 the companies has spent more than $4,129 per recruit on an average of 42 days to fill the job vacancies (Mueller, 2020). However, after recruitment and selection, the employers spent more money on training and development skills for better performance and improvement.

5.0 Evaluation of leadership, motivation and equal opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry
5.1 How motivation and productivity are linked

For organizational and overall productivity motivation plays a significant role in overall success. Motivation encourages the employees to work more and bring improvement in themselves and achieve their goals and targets. Motivation and productivity are directly linked to overall business success. Motivation brings responsibilities and brings energy from within to bring progress and if the employees do more work with dedication it brings more productivity. In an organization, motivation can be brought to the employees by providing various things like a bonus, job promotion and salary increment and it is also said that employees get motivated by building a good and healthy relationship with the employees (Scott, 2011). The overall success of the Park Hyatt hotel completely relies on the employee's motivation level and productivity.

5.2 Effective leaders and effective teams
Effective leaders are the ones that help the team to bring progress and work for the team success. Effective leaders have a vision and target and always have a positive attitude and mindsets and always encourages their team for attaining success. The effective leaders also help their teammates to have a vision and goal in their life and encourages and inspires to work in that vision and target. The leaders communicate with their teams and assist them to bring new ideas and concepts that help teams and organizations to grow more in their business (Page, 2021). They make hard and effective decisions for the organization and empower their team members to grow more and make a good career through the work. The team leaders of Park Hyatt hotel is very encouraging and always motivates their team members to build a vision and target to achieve success in their life. The work-life of a hotel is different from the corporate duties and therefore, the team leaders work to build a positive mindset and attitude to their team members for work completion and improvement.

Effective teams are considered a vital asset for overall organizational success. Effective teams help to become the dream of an organization to come into reality. The organization always looks for employees who can bring improvement in their work and their effective contribution helps to bring success in the business and increase the value as well. To become successful in business the organization should recruit the employees based on their talent as this can bring such ways of innovation that work in bringing improvement and productivity. Effective teams are possible when the employees are allowed to share their ideas and concepts or providing open communication in the workplace. Effective teams have one common goal to achieve and this helps to bring efficiency to their work (Quain, 2019). The effective also bring ways of innovation to increase the productivity of the organization. The teams of Park Hyatt are very effective as they work cooperatively and fulfil their responsibilities and work duty honestly and with loyalty.

5.3 The principles of equal opportunities with business
The principle of equal opportunity in the workplace plays a significant role and this helps to extract various innovative ideas and concepts that could bring benefit to the organization. Equal opportunity means that every person in the workplace should be treated equally and can participate equally in the workplace and the education and public areas. The equal opportunity helps to respect every person in every place concerning age, gender, colour, profession, religion and sexual preferences. The principle aims to serve equality in everything and bring loyalty and respect in everything and save humanity as well (Jaymes Carr, 2019). The Park Hyatt organization take initiatives to bring equal opportunity in the workplace and serve equality as well to every background. The organization rather encourages employees to work in harmony and encourage one another and work as a team for overall success. The hotel allows employees to work in fair treatment and serve everything equally to build a good and healthy relationship (Hyatt Corporation, 2019).

6.0 Analysis of IT and its use in tourism and hospitality
6.1 The uses of IT in the tourism and hospitality industry

Information technology (IT) has had a significant role in the tourism and hospitality industries for over a few decades(Law, Leung, and Buhalis, 2015). The technology has boost and enhanced operational efficiency, enrich services, and reduced cost along with the enhancement in customer experiences. The service system has been improved with the increasing enhancement in technology resulting in improved communication.

6.2 The features of Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint within the business.
There has been a change in the tourism and hospitality sector after the emergence of information technologies. In Park Hyatt, information technology has improved the company’s efficiency as well as in fabricating accuracy in their business activities. The features of Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint within Park Hyatt have helped to track their historical data, helps in assisting along with forecasting their future business. The outlook of Park Hyatt that has been advertised by the company helps to make the customer aware of their hospitality and the services they have been provided with(Khatri, 2019). It will help to convince the customers to visit and explore their services. The whole structuring of IT in Park Hyatt has revolutionized the journey of their customers since from traveling to Park Hyatt with the help of enhanced information technology.

Conclusion and Recommendation
The overall assignment is based on HRM and computation of business in the tourism and hospitality industry. For the assignment, the chosen hospitality industry isPark Hyatt, which is located in New South Wales in Australia. Hence, the assignment has analyzed the staffing structures and rotas, wherein the staffing structure used by the chosen industry has been discussed. In further discussion, the assignment has highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the supervisors and managers. The assignments have also highlighted the employment contracts wherein various types of contracts have been discussed that are associated with the chosen industry. In addition that, the assignment has also illustrated the costs that are incurred by the industry for employing their staffing. The assignment has also evaluated the leadership, motivation, and equal opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry. As per the above analysis, it can be said that the industry has the most effective staffing structure and leadership that makes their overall human resources department an effective one. However, the company can still adopt the following recommendations in order to improve their human resources in the firm:

Development of an inclusive workplace-Since HRM is the heart of the hospitality sector, Park Hyatt must intend to develop an inclusive workplace by working together with thesenior management in order to make sure that they make the employees feel familiar and welcomed in their workplace. In order to make an inclusive workplace, the HR managers must create diversity in the workforce with which the firm can attain a higher level of skills from the employees, which can eventually lead to a better performance level. Thus, such an inclusive workplace can make the workplace more flexible, imaginative, innovative, and attractable as the employees will be enthusiastic to work in the culturethat is promoted by the HRM (Khdour, 2021). Develop incentive programs- In the hospitality industry, incentives play a vital role in the hospitality sector in order to improve the HR department in the organization. The HR department must seek to appreciate the employees to motivate them in the best way possible. As per the various researches, it can be said that employees often look for compensation in their occupation and the desire to work in a corporationthat provides them with bonuses and inducements. An incentive program for employees in the hospitality industry leads to increment in the efficiency of the employee performance. Therefore, in Park Hyatt, there must be an incorporation of incentive programs for the employees as the source of motivation in their performance(Bagri and Kukreti, 2010). Ensure Clear Communication- Communication is the key aspect of the improvement inthe HR department in the hospitality sector because the overall industrial growth will be based on HR management. As such, in Park Hyatt, the HR managers or executives must make sure that they adopt the most effective communication tool in order to communicate with the employees so that each member in the hospitality sector can have a fair knowledge about the industrial operations and business practices. It will not only keep them updated with the overall business but it will also make them feel that they are valued(Alexandra, 2019).

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