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Marketing Management Essay: How to Prepare an Effective Marketing Strategy


Task: What are the implications of the events/incidents/issues in the articles from a marketing perspective and how will these impact (positively or negatively) relevant stakeholders?

The write-up for each article should be presented in the following format:

  • Concise summary of the key issues illustrated in the article. 
  • Explanation of why the issues illustrated in the articles are important. 
  • Discussion of implications of these issues from a marketing perspective. 


This marketing management essay is constructed with the aim of reflecting upon two definite paradigms of marketing management and digital communication research. The concise idea extracted from each of these two specific articles chosen shall be reflectively illustrated in this section of assignment (Brach, Walsh & Shaw, 2018). The significance of issues raised through these marketing management essay shall be discussed about. While reflecting upon these articles consequences of the issues raised through articles with a marketing perspective shall be oriented.

As marketing management and digital communications are impacted by diverse operative dynamisms, two precise areas of exploration are selected in this course (Wüstenhagen & Boehnke, 2017). A research approach to explore the possibility of consumers buying sustainable products is one paradigm. Taking through the explorative journey to guide through contemporary marketing trends addressed in 2019 is another paradigm.

What are some key issues discussed on the marketing management essay?
As the times change, marketing perceptions and behavioral practices are found to get altered. The convention previously believed as notion might not be an evident practice at current times (Maniatis, 2016). Such is the case witnessed when surveys and empirical statistics are finding association between customer buying behavior and sustainability of products maintained by different brands. It seems the conventional norm that consumers preaching about need for sustainable products do not actually purchase sustainable goods on their visits to market stores are transforming progressively. The survey carried upon this marketing management essay initiated by NYU Stern’s Center revealed that more than 50 percent of CPG growth rates from 2013 to 2018 which indicate transformation in consumer buying behavior. The research survey claims that US consumers have significantly inclined towards purchase of sustainable commodities from markets. Products which are claimed and categorized as sustainable in nature are increasingly persuading the purchasing patterns among the consumers. On further delving deep in to the categorization of products which are expected to be pertaining to sustainable forms the survey indicates specific answers from consumers (Lundblad & Davies, 2016). Milk, coffee, yogurt, snacks items, packet food, bottled juice, toilet tissues are particularly identified with highest needs of sustainability pursuit which are increasingly expected by consumers.

Issues highlighted on this marketing management essay constitute the elevated demands for sustainable products in the markets by consumers ((Campher, 2017). The previously nurtured notion that consumers only state their needs for sustainable products but reverse practice in not equally purchasing those products were making companies lower their concerns in this regard. The markets are gradually found to trace the difference in patterns of buying behaviors among consumers in varied retail stores and outlets. Research statistics reveal the same response in an effective manner.

On adapting a marketing perspective about the consumers’ purchasing attitude towards sustainable products and services I feel that branding surveys need to be analyzed after intervals. From small to large brands it is necessary that sustainable living is adapted and practiced. I tried to trace the marketing trends that depict the change in purchasing preferences among the consumers. More than 70% of turnover growths are likely to take place in the markets currently (Boukai, Figueiredo & Crivelli, 2019). As per Unilever the construct of sustainable living is effectually achieved when increased inclination and interest among consumers get developed. I feel it is time consumers develop the attitude while shopping their necessities to obtain value generated products. I believe that such a practice shall allow the brands to progressively yield sustainable products to meet the needs of the consumers addressing current marketing scenario.

Summary of the key on the second marketing management essay
As the second marketing management essay discussed on this reflective paradigm revolves around the marketing trends set in 2019 the business approaches are necessary to be explored eminently. The summary that can be extracted from this article states that marketing is on the rapid wheels of transition and transformation. Engaging buyers and sellers into the same platform through social media interference is noticed to build up a consolidated marketing opportunity. As people around the world are empowered with easy accessibility over internet services, searching for simple quick and effective solutions for all their problems and issues are resorted through such means. Keeping this current trend of consumer behavioral pattern in mind marketers are trying to look for SEO strategies so that whenever an individual searches for key words, the top search answers as options that would show would include their brands. In order to assist and persuade consumers in opting for their brands and companies towards products that are searched by consumers the measure of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tried to be incorporated (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019). This marketing management essay is technological significance and privacy in marketing trends are possible to be explored and analyzed.

The relevance and significance of taking up this article into reflective frame of reference lies in the effectiveness of marketing practices carried out in contemporary times. This research article allows us to realize the significance of understanding about marketing trends (Pereira, 2019). Being updated about contemporary consumer shopping tends are revealed through research upon market products and services. With this article into reflective analysis, the consumer behavior and attitudes are likely to get indicated. Enabling the market brands to save their valuable resources through response generation propaganda on the basis of market demands is suggested. Staying relevant to the marketplace and the business world scenarios shall allow the business entrepreneurs to be deciding on correct strategies.

There are categories of marketing trends identified through this article narration which enable the business minds to get a widespread conceptual idea about all possibilities (Kaur, 2019). In order to associate with audiences on a natural pursuit, the application of inbound marketing is possibly the best measure. Consumers are believed to be persuaded in such a manner that they would take the dominant position to promote brand products and services. This marketing

management essay also discusses how Blogs, social media influences and advertisements are drivers of consumer orientation used as marketing trends in contemporary times.

When I take a marketing outlook over this topic of article, I realize how marketing trends intensely dominate consumer purchasing behavior (Ellram & Murfield, 2019). I understood that marketing approaches are not just addressed to change consumer behaviors. Some are targeted to understand and analyze the reasons for such changes as well, to create brand strategies to meet consumer needs effectually. I was enriched with the information that 77% of the social media marketing persuades consumer purchasing attitudes creates alarming news that 3.7 billion use it for purchasing products. Using social media platforms for business benefits and attract consumers are likely to impact contemporary marketing trends.

I realized that search engine optimization shall facilitate consumers in finding easy solutions for their product and service investigation (Spence, 2019). An organic enhancement in appearance shall get created. The voice search option has further interested me as it is believed to created greater effectiveness as a marketing approach on this marketing management essay. I realized that marketers approaching with technology-based tactics shall require support from AI artificial intelligence. I simultaneously feel that the most relevant and significant marketing approach is privacy marketing where consumers are rendered access and control over their data safety and management.

Discussion from the two articles created a consolidated impact in my understanding about marketing management digital operations. Strategies and tactics evolved through marketing minds are tried to be placed with the right fit so that competitive scenario of business world is effectually caught up with. Technological innovations getting emerged through new inventions are considered prime driving force of introducing the marketing changes (Morgan et al. 2019). Contents are given elevated significance in addressing new marketing trends. Social media contributions are leading market evolutions as they are recognized as new weapons of change in marketing approaches discussed on this marketing management essay.

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