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Organizational Change Assignment: Reframing dynamics in Morrisons


Task: Write a report on organizational change assignment to Identify and describe a variety of examples of Reframing as a Strategy for Improving Organizations that are known, drawn from your experience working in your respective organizations.

1. What are various forms of information technology used in the modern organisations and discuss the extensive advantages of the digital technology?
2. What determines the willingness of an individual to exert personal effort to work at tasks that contribute to the performance of the work unit and the organisation?
3. Define culture? How Every large organisation imports potentially important sub cultural groupings when it recruits employees from the larger society?


The aim of the organizational change assignmentis to understand the forms of technology used and the advantages of the chosen organisation “Morrisons” ( 2021). Additionally, it would help to determine the willingness to perform a task that can contribute to the organisation's successful performance. Lastly, the organisational culture is defined with respect to the more prominent organisations cultural grouping.

Question 1

The objective to discuss the question is:

  • To determine the different forms of information technology used by Morrisons
  • To identify the advantages of digital technology used within the organisation.

The need for implementing information technology has enhanced due to its effectiveness in implementing communication within the organisation. Hence, the two basic objectives that can be achieved while discussing the question are developed, which further enhances the knowledge of digital technology.

The steps that are used in order to collect the information are:

  • Information is collected by developing secondary research
  • Different scholarly articles have been selected to understand the information technology use within the organisation
  • Additional information has also been collected by using newspaper articles

In order to achieve the required answer desk, research has been done. This is mainly it helps to cover a wider range of information through open sources. The research is collected using journal articles to gather knowledge from the available sources.

Organisation scenario
The various forms of information technology used by modern organisations such as Morrison are:

  • In order to optimise operation, Morrisons has enhanced analytics software throughout its entire estate.
  • The company mainly uses Irisys comprehensive queue management system
  • Morrisons further make use of artificial intelligence in its ordering system that helps the company take over 13 million ordering decision per day
  • Business analytics tools like SAS Business Analytics are used by most of the modern organisation

The advantages of using digital technology are:

  • It initiates versatile working
  • Ensures remote working during pandemic
  • Enhances the experiences of the employees
  • It helps in providing better customer experiences.

Irrespective of the business form, information technology is used these days in order to enhance the business capabilities to serve its customer with the best services. For instance, the UK supermarket Morrison makes use of artificial intelligence (Retail Technology News. 2021). In order to develop the algorithm, the company provided Blue Yonder that provides three years worth of sales data.

Additionally, it helps in analysing the weather data with respect to different stores (BBC News. 2021). The company also uses different types of a computer server that helps servers interact with clients into the client-server model. It is also evident that information technology helps in the communication with other servers across other computer networks.

Some of the most common information technology used by the company is business analysis, database management and others (Bamgbose and Ladipo, 2017). The use of artificial intelligence within the business has overcome the use of pen and paper in respect to order goods.

It is evident that every organisation is seeking to enhance its productivity similarly; Morrisons has also implemented IT in order to enhance its productivity level. Implementing innovation helps the employees to communicate as well as collaborate, which further helps in achieving greater efficiency within the workplace (Baptistai et al. 2020).

Furthermore, it ensures versatile working that is also enhance the customer experiences. However, using business analytics tools helps in understanding the customer buying journey and helps to understand the customers demand. Additionally, by considering google analytics, the marketers of Morrisons also analyse the user's traffic paths in order to understand their interest.

Question 2

The objectives of the discussion are:

  • To determine the willingness of an individual to provide personal effort at organisations tasks to achieve the common goal.
  • To estimate the factor that enhances the performance of the work unit within the organisation

The above two determined objectives help to identify the willingness of the individual to provide personal effort to the work (Bamgbose and Ladipo, 2017). The effort provided by the individual helps in enhancing the organisation performance that leads to achieving the business goal.

The discussion is based on desk research, and therefore, different databases have been used to collect relevant information. Different company news articles and journals have been used that provide significant knowledge about primary questions.

In order to ensure that the organisation achieves the significant objective, the willingness of an individual is necessary to determine. This would help to contribute to the organisational performances.

According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs states that within every human being, there exorcist a five-set of hierarchy needs; thus by assuring the needs can help an employee to perform the task to achieve the organisational goal. Some of the most important needs that are necessary to be fulfilled by the organisation are safety needs, psychological needs and esteem needs (Nilsson, 2017). Thus by ensuring these needs for an employee initiates to contribute to the most relevant performance.

Economists have further focused on the monetary aspects of the monetary reward system that acts as a principal motivation of work efforts of an employee. On the contrary, the view is further extended to provide some of the recognition that influences individual differences such as the employee’s attitude. For instance, Morrisons provide colleague discount cards so that the employees can enjoy 10% discounts while they shop at Morrisons this motivates the employees to provide personal effort to achieve the desired goal (Zavoleas and Taylor, 2021). On the other hand, to ensure that the employees provide personal effort to achieve the organisational goal Morrisons has also initiated a Colleague bonus scheme that is based on the team’s performance and thus a total bonus of 3% can be earned.

It is necessary to fulfil the psychological needs of the employees so that they can contribute to the organisational changes and so Morison’s have further initiated flexible benefit schemes such as holiday buy scheme and also payroll giving has motivated them to contribute to the performance of the work unit as well as the organisation (Zavoleas and Taylor, 2021).

Question 3

The two estimated objectives will help to clearly understand the meaning of organisation culture which is the most significant part of the business (Chinhanga, 2018). On the other hand, it would further help to determine how the sub cultural groupings while recruiting employees to achieve the common goal.

The methods that have been used to achieve the significant information are:

  • Reviewing types of organisational culture through different articles and pdfs
  • Further desk research has been done on cultural grouping through different journals and news article as well

Organisational culture is referred to as the collection of values, practices that help to guide as well as inform the actions of all the team members. A great organisational culture helps to exemplify positive traits that help the organisation to improve its performance level.

On the contrary, the dysfunctional company culture helps to bring out qualities that may also have the potential to hinder the most successful organisation as well (Paajanen, 2019). There are mainly four types of organisational culture such as optimal culture, actual vulture, perceived culture and ideal work environment.

A strong organisational culture helps the organisation to help the core organisational values closely. The organisational members intend to accept the core values that probably agree that their order of importance is highly committed to promote them in case of a strong organisational culture (Weber, 2018). Through different articles and research, pity is also stated that an effective organisation also has a strong culture with significant and common shared values. The most significant organisational culture helps in influencing the employees also it conveys what behaviour is acceptable to make work even more meaningful along with increasing employees commitment.

Sub cultural grouping is referred to as the group of employees within the organisations culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which they belong. It is further seen that subcultures develop their own norms, and therefore, it is necessary for the companies to ensure that the employees belonging to sub-cultural groups are provided with significant training on organisational culture aspects to ensure diversity within the organisation.

Most of the organisations preferred to have diversified cultural values to attract talented employees to achieve organisational goal (Hopkins, 2019).

The organisational culture also affects different aspects of business as it helps the business to come out even stronger. On the contrary it is further seen that organisational culture is the most significant aspect of attracting talented employees. Morrisons have also initiated to manage sub cultural groupings while recruiting employees from the larger society (Bamgbose and Ladipo, 2017). Organisation like Morrisons has a dominant culture as well as multiple subcultures. The most subculture that the organisation faces is a reflection of certain common problems, experiences or range situations that are mainly faced by the employees working within the organisation.

The large organisation imports potentially important sub-cultural groupings by overcoming any conflicting relationship, ensuring cooperation as well as coordination (O’riordan, 2017).

These are mostly difficult to manage as it differs from one to one also it is opposed to one another. However, to overcome the cultural dilemma, it is further necessary for the larger organisation to develop its own subculture that is mainly conducive as well as it has its own morale and effectiveness. At times, it is further used in order to embrace the organisational wide values and the norms that further enhance the organisational prosperity.

Conclusion and findings

It can be concluded that:

  • The organisation uses different types of technologies that can provided significant benefit to achieve the overall goal as seen in the case of Morrisons
  • The determinants of willingness of an individual to ensure personal efforts to work to achieve the organisational goal such as monetary incentive, workplace and others as well
  • The organisational culture helps in developing significant cultural values which enhances the employee’s attitude towards achieving the desired goal.

The findings that have been achieved are:

  • Every organisation must ensure to develop a smooth working place by motivating its employees
  • The technological advancements helps the organisation to minimise the labour work thus it motivates the employees
  • Lastly the importance of maintaining organisational culture to enhance the employees attitude towards the organisation

Therefore, through the above discussion, it is seen that a significant understanding has been achieved, which further helps in conducting the future research work significantly.

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