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Personal Development Essay On Self-Improvement


Task: This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment that consists of three components:

  1. Blog detailing your weekly activities and learning (multi-media)
  2. Reflective report, which details your learning journey and explicitly cross-references the blog (written)
  3. Self- and Peer-Assessment of groups from assessment 2 (online questionnaire)


Personal development and critical self-analysis are very important for every person. In this personal reflection essay, I will discuss the different activities, which will help me to improve my skills. This is mainly a workshop-based project, which takes totally near about 8 weeks of times to complete this workshop.

Personal Reflection
Here in this particular part of this project, I will discuss my 1st-week experience in the shop. After entering in the shop for the very first time, I expected that I will know about the basic entropy and the unit guidelines, but my thinking was completely wrong and I came to know that the information about new material and the possession of the material. Dr. Mike was the most important person who helped us to be in the creative thoughts. He disposed the building block job to us and this helped us to generate the view of assessment two. From this project, I mainly knew about the importance of creative design and how this was generated in a group. In addition, I also knew about the synergism. As we know, every individual has their own thought and has different thinking power (Brown, 2018). With the help of reflective analyse from the labor, we generate more ideas and strategies. After all this thing, we get very significant result by brainstorming in the figure of a terminal. In this week, we were taught many important lessons. The last activity of this 1st week was very much tricky and interesting. DR. Mike showed a writer with the many numbers of new program line and then he asked us to do the necessary part and to publication. There were few people who turned their work on the publisher and they were mainly intellectual (Pollock & Seymour, 2018). However, I was the one who read the last and first condemnation and found that this was the main thing to be read and followed. People always try something difficult to get the success from the work and they ignore the very simple way to find out the solution to every problem. People take a lot of time to get the success by following the complex way. Sometimes people need to think out of the box and need to follow the instruction to find out the main issue of the problem. A creative way is the most important thing for people to implement their plan (Mezirow, 2018). When they are struck into any kind situation and they want to came out from that, thus people needs to think in a creative way or to think differently to solve the issue. From this whole part of the 1st week, we can easily know the importance of creative way to solve a problem and always need to stay active and need to find out the exact reason for every problem.

I will discuss my experiences of the 2nd week. In the workshop of the 2nd week, DR. Mike mainly explained the decoration of the mental attitude, design of the verses business and tools and process of thinking, and the sorties of innovation. He always helped us to understand all small thing by giving an example of every topic, he discussed. In addition, he has explained the "academic distinctness of the design thinking and for this also he gave small examples so that we can understand everything with depth and very easily. Design thinking is mainly a creative approach to solving any type of trouble in a task (Moyle & Hackston, 2018). After that, DR. Mike explained the difference between the ornament and mercantilism in the linguistic context. He also explained those for each parameter, such as process belief, performing and the focus level (Müller et al., 2018). With the help of examples, I understood the difference completely. The main focus of this 2nd-week workshop was process, agency, and design. Because of developing the thought skills, people needs to understand the design. Along with that, Mike also gave some examples of the pharmaceutical companies to understand the definition in deep. In addition, Mike also gave us some case study and told us to find out the factor of failure and success of a company. From this, I could easily understood the importance of mental attitude and the ways in which I could develop my mental attitude. This is very important to design a business before starting any type of business.

I further learned a lot from the 4th week of the course. This week was useful for my personal development. In this week, the workshop is all about to find the difference between problem finding and problem-solving, by spotting the obvious thing, finding the main problem, designing and the visualizing of thinking tools. From this workshop, I understood that design thinking is not only a problem-solving approach, it is also an approach to problem finding. Dr. Mike taught us to find the problem first and then explained us the need to find the solution to every problem. Dr. Mike also divided us into various groups and showed us many photographs. We all got involved in a debate and tried to find out the problem and the exact solution of those problems. I found that I first had problem trying to find the solution and also became restless. However, it is very important for every people to remain calm in order to have a deep thought (Tudor, 2018). With the help of debate with others in a topic like this and by seeing the example of each issue, I can understand the problem-solving approach and problem finding approach completely. Also, understand the importance of finding a problem and the solution to each problem. After that, Dr. Mike shows us a video, in which a lady was cooking and finding instruments in the kitchen which will help her to cook. From that video, we can easily understand the finding of each problem with the design thinking tool. In addition, Dr. Mike attracts us into the visualization and the importance of it (Luke, 2018). This very important to find out the exact problem to solve the problem quickly and easily.

In the 5th week, the workshop was mainly focused on the brainstorming and the journey mapping as the design-thinking tool (Rodríguez-Fuentes, 2018). For this, Dr. Mike showed us a bread making machine and taught us the design thinking principle by making a bread. This is very important to know that design thinking is not only about the problem finding or about the problem-solving approach but it also includes the identification of each problem by visualization and being empathic, experimentation and prototyping. For this DR. Mike gave us some example of visualization and explained the visualization very nicely (Verkuyten, 2018). Along with that, he gave us an example of transforming circle and the creating process of a particular shape. After all this, I understood the visualization in the solution and finding a problem. From this people can be sure that visualization helps us to imagine the solution to each problem. After this, mike also gave us an example of brainstorming. He first divided us into many groups and asked us to find out different ideas of ice cream. Every group came up with many ideas of ice cream. In addition, from this, we understand that brainstorming is one of the most crucial tools in the DT process. After that, we discussed some important components of brainstorming which include right mindset, people, follow up and challenges. Along with that, DR. Mike told us the importance of innovation with an example (Cushion, 2018). This workshop is very important to know about the importance of string mindset, to find out the right people and all small details about the brainstorming.

In the 6th week, I discussed my experience of a workshop, which was helpful on the 6th week. In the sixth week, the workshop was all about the value network, value chain, introduction to the research and mind mapping. From this workshop, we can easily understand how a company reaches their customer with new products. Here, DR. Mike gave us the example of Macdonald’s. From this, I easily understood the importance of value chain and I understood every small factor, which is adding value to a product and how to improve a product. Mind mapping and the value is one type of DT process tools, which help us to identify the problem (Pennington, 2018). For this, DR. Mike gave us the example of the generic value chain and discussed this in details. We also get the knowledge of every activity, which is mainly representing the company and gives us the information or overview of each process (Barker-Ruchti et al., 2018). This is very important to identify the value-adding activities. The value chain is also very important to know about the environment, opportunity which is faced by a particular company or organization. in the last of this workshop, mike gave us a task and told us to join 9 dots with the four dots or less straight line. In the very first, I was thinking, that was easy to do. But when I did that, I found difficulties. From this, I realized the why-why analysis is very important, simple and effective tool to identify any problem.

In the week 7 workshop, we mainly focused on the research and the design of each ethical research report. DR. Mike started this workshop with the definition of research with some the very important example. Those examples are very easy to understand and this helps us to know the importance of research along with the definition of research (Shin et al., 2018). After that, we came to the reason why the research is done and why a research is profitable. In the very first, I had a thought about research and that was a research is all about the data collection and the analysis of the data (Wood & Shears, 2018). However, when I start this working, I came to know that the research is beyond the collection of data. Research plays a very important role to identify the problem and this thing only done with the help of collecting information and data. In addition, Mike explained the method of data collection. Data collection method is all about primary data collection method and the secondary data collection method. Primary data collection method is all about the structured interviews with various questions. This mainly gave us the current information about the particular research report. Then we discussed the benefits or advantages of both data collection method and from this, we understand the importance of data collection method. Along with that Mike explained the ethics with some examples (Darnell et al., 2018). This is very important to know about the importance of ethics and why a company should follow ethics to do their business. I understood, data collection is very important for each interview.

The week 8 workshop was all about the prototyping and the activity of any group to practice the prototyping. Dr.Mike first showed us the importance of rapid prototyping in the DT process (Prochaska & Norcross, 2018). This mainly shows people the failure or success of each product and the further changes of each product. In the starting, I was thinking that prototyping is a very small work but during this workshop, I understood that this very important factor of every business. In addition, a rapid prototype is an important part of the DT process too. For this, DR. Mike showed us some real-life example and some videos, which help us to understand the prototype completely. This is mainly a small stage, where people execute their plan to get the desired result. It is like the error and trail where we will save till we get the success in the DT process. After that, Dr. Mike gives us a task to do to know the importance of prototype. He told us the prototype of a football match, which includes the ball as a medium. First, I visualized the whole idea and then I discussed the importance of developing a prototype and the guidelines for developing a prototype (Luke, 2018). In addition, in the last, we got the success to make a prototype.

This personal reflection essay is all about personal development plans and how people should upgrade their skills to start a research report and how to get all the desired result from a research report (Elder, 2018). When a researcher starts a research report, he or she needs to think in a creative way to drive the research. The researcher also needs to find the exact problem and need to find out the solution to each problem to get the result of the personal reflection essay. In addition, this personal reflection essay also discusses the business strategies and what people need to do before starting a business. Before starting a business, people need to make a strategy or need to follow a plan to drive the business; this is the most important thing, which helps the leader or manager to get the success in business too. Mental attitude also plays a very important role for every leader to get the success from the business (Osborne, 2018). There can be ups and down when a leader starts their business. So leader should be prepared for those situations and need to adopt much skill, which will help them to deal with every situation. Ever business need a good environment or good work culture which will helps them to get the best performance from their employees. A leader should know the importance of every employee and need to do all possible thing in the organization so that all employees can do the work peacefully. In addition, a research is also all about the design and planning. A researcher needs to make a design and follow a proper plan to start the research report. If the researcher is confused about the result of that research report, then he or she cannot get the ultimate result. Along with that, the value chain is also very important for every business and introduction is very much important for every research report (Vince et al., 2018). Without the proper introduction or value chain, no business and research report will get success.

Action plan

Things to do

Steps to take

What indicates successful completion

Start date

End date

Improve English and communication

Read magazine

Improvement in English writing skills




Communicate with others

Can communicate fluently



Multi cultural awareness 

Work in multi cultural workplace

Work efficiently with everyone



From this personal reflection essay, people can easily know about the importance of every research, personal development, and all small details about a research report. When a researcher starts a research, he needs to follow some rules and regulations. There are many important factors and ways to complete this personal reflection essay. So people need to take care of those issues before starting a research report. Personal reflection essay assignments are being prepared by our management homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay help online service.

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