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Purchasing management assignment: Supply Chain Management of Starbucks


Task: Write a report on purchasing management assignmentexploring the purchasing management processes and steps including supplier selection, cost evaluation and ICT purchasing functions of Starbucks.


The concept of purchasing management explored in the purchasing management assignment is one of the important parts of any organization. Businesses underline the important price savings, which could develop from efficient purchasing decisions as well as equally how ineffective purchasing policies might outcome in calamities. This study developed within this purchasing management assignment will investigate purchasing management processes and steps including supplier selection, cost evaluation and ICT purchasing functions for a selected company, which is Starbucks. This purchasing management assignmentwill be concentrating on identifying the suppler market and types of the company, cost-effective strategies and ICT technology usage for effective and seamless purchasing management for business effectiveness and consumer satisfaction in a specific market.

Key information about Starbucks
The main products of Starbucks Australia retailer mentioned in the purchasing management assignment include Espresso and Coffee, tea as well as chocolate with other beverages. The cold beverage section includes Frappuccino, Blended Coffee, Frappuccino and Blended Cream (, 2020). The product list of the local retailer also includes fresh foods. The extended supplier market of Starbucks includes depending relationship and management with coffee producers with overseas trading organizations as well as exporters for the supply of fresh and green coffee. This organization’s supply chain management and value chain are based on communications developed with the suppliers, the challenge of non-delivery of the purchase commitments are remote (, 2020). The decrease of the organization's local functions is positively not a matter of absence of present customer spending-market trends reviews IBISWorld suggests that the country's coffee and café organizational sector to continue to increase effectively on the next 5 years(WILLS, 2020). However, this sector is fragmented highly. Main competitors of Starbucks in the Australian market are The Coffee Club, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Michel's Patisserie, Hudson's Coffee and others.

The core strategies and goals of Starbucks Australia are listed below within this purchasing management assignment;

  • Proving “third-place” experiences to consumers
  • Selling products of the high quality
  • Global market development with a concentration on developing countries on long-time perspective
  • Implementation and operating of advanced technologies in different organizational processes (, 2020)

Supplier selection criteria and issues
Evaluate the purchasing objectives and needs of Starbucks Australia

Starbucks Australia selected in the context of purchasing management assignmentadopts an extensive strategy to ethical sourcing, usingheedfulpurchasingpractises; rancher provision; financial, social and ecological norms; sector related efforts and systemdevelopmentplansin the ceaseless improvement of our providers and know target estimation and assessment are basic (, 2020). Farms and plants are measured by outsider patternedrelations administered by SCS Global Services. The entirety of the information recorded from ranchers, suppliers and partners permitted to constantly improve C.A.F.E. Significant augmentations to the databaseincludefunctions for supportive to the drawn-out efficiency of espresso cultivates through espresso remodel or cultivation (, 2020). The purchasing administrator in Starbucks should accumulate orders, ensure they are finished, and remain inside any limits the organization may have set on spending, select a suitable merchant, request the merchandise, check their condition upon receipt, ensure the receipt is right, and speed instalment of the receipt by sending it to the bookkeeping division.

Recommend proper criteria for supplier selection
When the portfolio investigation is finished, Starbucks should then plunge into the class and assess singular providers with regards to their reasonableness, narrowing the rundown down to a basic few (, 2020). A conclusiveaftermath of this development is to ensure supplier proposals, so the organization mustoriginallydiscriminatecurrent and possiblesuppliers’, choose any information modernisation necessities and knowprobabilities to practise the item uses with comparable products. Depending on the discussion, two recommendation for the company could be made.

Starbucks could purchase of coffee beans for making a product from various, multiple sources or producers from the local market to keep production on track in the context of a failure to make at one specific source (Park,Kremer & Ma, 2018). This type of decisions as noted in the purchasing management assignment will help in reducing risks in the context that the supply chain has a complexity. On the other hand, following the path of developing overseas sources, it could be recommended herein purchasing management assignment that the multinational organization Starbuck's success will frequently hinge on the most effective selection of their overseas suppliers.



Risk of non-supply



Bottleneck: Current product raw material substitution and replacement

Strategic: Coffee product collaboration and innovation


·         Developing process effectiveness


·         Application of full purchasing capability

·         Targeted pricing negotiation with suppliers




Decisions on issues of supplier selection
In the case of Overseas supplier selection illustrated in the purchasing management assignment, Starbucks could have to follow very critical and risky corresponding to various problems and unprecedented factors impacting the decisions. In selection and evaluation of suppliers, it could be noticed that these components may incorporate political circumstances, tax hindrances, social and correspondence boundaries, exchange guidelines and understandings, money trade rates, social contrasts, moral measures, quality principles and others (Sureeyatanapaset al.,2018). In any case, a lion's share of the buying writing despite everything centres around the household angles and dismisses universal provider determination look into. Proposes various trait utility hypothesis which can help to buy experts to detail reasonable sourcing techniques in the changing scene commercial centre. These issues need to be considered by Starbucks while developing the purchasing decisions and suppliers for the business operations.

ICT for purchasing operations
Needs for ICT for purchasing operations
There are many reasons and needs of ICT tools in the purchasing operations that impact directly on the benefits of the business profitability. It has been identified in the purchasing management assignment that for developing an effective relationship among the application of modified practices and performance criteria through the purchasing operation of the company. On the other hand, results of different studies show that there is an effective support to the information and communication technology adaptation, and ensuring the purchasing operations more efficient in the context of both expenses of Starbucks and time, changing the process of purchasing materials for Coffee materials form different suppliers in businesses. Although, it has also been underlined that most of the current purchasing strategies in the food and beverage industry being surveyed, and found out that ICT technologies and tools applications are still under the anticipated standard, therefore, they are challenging to be implied(Delimaet al., 2018). On the other side, outcomes also revealed that purchasing strategy development and decisions suffered from a lack of buying standardization around operations of the company; and this is viewed that some challenges could have both higher driving control, dependency and thus, required more concentration. Particular suggestions should be developed concerning the matter being evaluated.

Recommendation on ICT technology for the improvement of purchasing operations
Numerous multinational companies in food and beverage industry use coordination and mapping programming to diagram the steering arrangements their conveyance drivers must follow while conveying items a significant number of these apparatuses are turning into an essential piece of the acquirement procedure. In this purchasing management assignment, takinginto consideration each one of theconnections in a principalrecordensures for meekerproviding an interpretation of demands, purchases, needs, and deliverypayments (Pérez-Lópezet al., 2018).Starbucks coulddeprive of a giveunderstandwhatpartitions all through the supply-chain works are demanding and getting the most produce, notwithstanding of whether they are outstandingconfidential the developedoccupybounds and others.

Utilizing computerized acquisition innovation permitsto structure the spend across suppliers, and licencesall to be tracked in a principalpart. Additionally, to the detail that these ICT tools will allow Starbucks to the usagecapacity to lessen company expenditures, however, apply examination make surethis meeker to learnchargereductionbeginningscontinuously. Besides, Starbucks be improved to superintend hazard the executives, agreementconstancy, paththe suppliers and use provider scorecards that assists with expanding efficiency and extra investment funds. Meanwhile an electricalpurchasingagendacould be objectified all through the connotation, inward offices could all the more viably team up time and place the company have to, and decrease, or even dispense with topsy-turvy data (Pérez-Lópezet al., 2018). Making a normalized authorisationprocess and official workingprocedure permits everyconversationshould be supervised at an effective degree of endorsement. For the finestattainment, Starbucksshoulduse a totally incorporated e-acquisition method, whichcontrolsall from demand and authorisation progression to assemblemaking and receiving instalment, together with a record for workerinformation, for instance, RFIs, agreements, and implementationarchives.

Purchasing cost analysis
Purchasing cost analysis needs
In the case of effective cost analysis for purchasing decisions presented in the purchasing management assignment, Starbucks need to pursue policies or methods, which impact the cost of their beverage ranges. It has been seen that Starbucks Australia should depend on a detailed evaluation of micro cost structures to manage cost, whereas competitors may generally cost at a level comparable to the market competition.The core rationality of suppliers’ cost evaluation in the purchasing process should not just be considered as the initial price of the materials, but control on the future cost fluctuations (Visani&Boccali, 2019). Herein purchasing management assignment, it has been understood that currently declining the cost is one of the priorities of Starbucks, while obligatory cost-cutting should be considered as decreasing unit cost, developing the challenges of source-supply as well as a total expense. Based on the view of combining with upstream international and multi-sourcing of Starbucks to develop value, training would assist in picking up the opportunities to ensure future competitive advantage and price cutting, therefore, managing and reducing the total price of purchasing. On the other hand, it must be remembered that decreasing the purchasing price is not just an act of external suppliers. Starbucks should explore the importance of development chain, buying chain and current supply-chain structure with the help of cross-functional collaboration within the organization.

Tools and methods for evaluating purchasing costs
Key sourcing is significant for keeping up cost control in any business such as Starbucks, a leading beverage company. The centre is to make progressively good provider connections by utilizing quantitative business knowledge identified with burn through, cargo costs, instalment terms, lead times, item quality, item cost, and accessibility. A significant device for vital sourcing which may seem difficult from the start, however, will deliver profits in cost-investment funds after some time is the formation of a delivery map(Lonsdaleet al., 2017). The transportation guide ought to completely incorporate providers, merchants, consolidators, and port areas—just as the normal lead time per provider and conveyance course. The cost investment funds related to vital sourcing are most viably acknowledged when joined with information and revealing of current provider connections and settled upon terms. Better and progressively educated sourcing choices can be made when the, burn through, cargo costs, instalment terms, lead times, item quality, item cost, and item accessibility are known over the current provider base(HERBISON, 2014). When this data is made accessible, explicit strategies might be set up to exploit the business knowledge made.

From the above discussion on purchasing management assignment, certain points have been identified that are related to effective purchasing management of multinational organizations. Initially, this study on purchasing management assignment has documented the fact that in food and beverage industry, supplier sourcing power, methods and cost fluctuations are common and ever-changing; thus, Starbucks should consider modifying their purchasing and procurement management strategies as per the current needs and objectives of the company. On the other hand, it has been identified within this purchasing management assignment that in case of supplier selection and cost-cutting policies is interlinked and should address the needs of suppliers mostly. Additionally, this study has made suggestions on the role of ICT in purchasing solutions and how technology could help in enhancing the competitive edge.

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