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Quality Management Assignment OnVineyard Hotel And Spa


Task: 1. Seminar Paper Topic
Writing a seminar paper on the use of the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy.

2. Introduction &Seminar Paper Assignment
A quality circle is a group of people in the workplace who perform the same, or similar, functions in their job. They meet regularly to look at different ways to discover and solve issues related to their role at work. Also known as a quality control cycle, these groups of people will normally be small in number (3-10) and be led by the supervisor.

You will write a seminar paper on the implementation of a quality circle in an organization of your choice related to your field of study i.e. HBA students should choose an organisation in the hospitality field etc. There should be a clear focus of such implementation on an actual situation and considering the following research questions;

a. What is the quality problem that needs to be improved?
b. Who should be involved in this circle – which departments and which positions in the organisation?
c. Why should these people be involved? Consider, if appropriate an outside-the-box approach to answer this question.

3. Seminar Assessment criteria
• Depth of knowledge and understanding of relevant key concepts and theories;
• demonstrate an ability to critically analyse and synthesise relevant information and theory;
• innovative and creative approach to analysis of material, and
• demonstration of an ability to engage in full professional and academic communication in written work.

3.1. Seminar Assessment submission requirements
A seminar paper assignment should meet the following requirements:

• Seminar paper assignment must be word-processed;
• Narrative must be written with conventional grammar e.g. appropriate use of paragraphs, punctuation, sentence structure etc.; • The work should use standard English spelling;
• The work should show coherence i.e. clear presentation and development of ideas to communicate meaning;
• Work should be appropriately and accurately referenced using the Harvard system as set out in relevant program EEG under academic writing handbook;
• A word count should be given at the end of Word documents. This should not include appendices or the list of references, but should include all quotations.
• Specified word counts should be respected. Excessively short submissions are unlikely to cover the required material adequately. Excessively long submissions which disregard the given instructions on word count risk failure. A working tolerance of +/- 10% is the guide for students and markers and work outside this tolerance band is at greater risk of being penalised.
• All pages must be consecutively numbered and include the student’s number in the header for each page.
• At least 3-5 resources in Harvard referencing style must be inserted in the text to support the research.

4. Practical Information
• The students will work individually and will upload a 750 - 1000 words assignment. The assignment should be uploaded in the module online area during project week. Teacher can answer any questions related to this assignment during the classes.
• The deadline to upload the assignment is Lesson week 4, Friday @ 1600 hours.
It will be useful to pay good attention to the academic writing handbook and plagiarism check policy before starting this assignment. • This assignment counts for the 20% of the final mark for the module. Students must submit this assignment before the deadline successfully as you will not be able to get the final grade for this module in case of failure to meet this deadline and/or successful completion of the seminar paper assignment.
• Students should pay a careful attention to the requirements mentioned in the academic writing handbook and plagiarism check policy.

5. Recommended Reading
The following materials are uploaded in the module online area under seminar paper but students should search for further relevant reading material to complete this assignment. It is required that student should use between 3-5 sources preferably academic for completing this work.

a. 13 Simple Steps to Implementing Quality Circles(workplace Fundi N.D.)
b. Quality Circles (Creative Safety Supply N.D.)
c. Quality Circle To Improve Productivity ShantanuWelekar, ShantanuKulkarni(International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.814-819)


Quality circle is a problem solving technique to solve rising quality issue in an organization. The quality circle will be implemented in Vineyard Hotel and Spa so that it can improve quality issue that it is facing in its environment. The quality circle helps in resolving quality issues with the help of a circle leader and team that plan meetings, give support, provide focal point and liaise with management (Paul et al. 2012).

Quality Problem in Vineyard Hotel and Spa
Vineyard Hotel and Spa is facing a huge service issue, especially the room service that is taking place due to lack of service. Staffs are not available in the hotel room quality when needed due to huge employee absenteeism, which is having negative impact on customer satisfaction and compromise in service quality (Guinsberg and Bayat 2012). Hotel manager is facing huge crisis day after day in managing room quality such as improvement in room interior, offering timely improvement in room looks such as improper looks, poor air condition quality and others. The quality of the room and service offered is the biggest quality issue that the hotel is facing and this has been the greatest downfall of the hotel. It has also received a huge negative review and complains from the customers (Booking 2020). This quality problem is being faced by the hotel and needs to be improved to keep up the reputation of the hotel. Improvement in this room quality issue will be done with the help of Quality Circle with inclusion of necessary departments and staffs (Paul et al. 2012).

Departments and Position Involved in Vineyard Hotel and Spa
Quality circle will be used in the hotel to solve this quality issue y involving required departments and positions. The departments of the hotel that will be included in the room quality improvement process are human resource departments and interior designing department. From this department the positions that will be included to take up quality improvement process in the circle are human resource manager, head interior designer and board of directors.

Reason to Involve Particular Departments
There are various reasons to include these departments and positions in the quality circle. The chosen is being done according to the given situation and the issue that the hotel is being faced. The chosen departments and position are the one that can best handle the situation effectively. Human resource department is one which will be included in the quality circle because there is huge absenteeism that is being faced in the hotel over time. This is limiting staffs in major room areas, especially in handling room quality and service during seasonal time. Human resource manager that will be included in the quality improvement process because this position will be most appropriate in designing organizational policies for absenteeism and code of conduct for the staffs (Mosley and Tew 2013). Further, improper and irresponsible staffs needs to be terminated along with new hiring. Human resource department are the best one to handle issues related to staffs and human resource of the company over time.

Secondly, interior designing manager is the most useful position to be included in the circle because they are the best one to have an idea about room designing and quality. The interior design manager will be included because he/she can form a team of interior to plan a renovation of room design for which they have received complains.

Lastly, board of directors are the most ultimate approval giving people for any change being taking place in the hotel. Thus, board of directors will be included in the quality circle so that they can give approval for any changes taking place in the human resource policies related to absenteeism, new hiring and termination policies and changes in interior designs and quality. They will give the last approval for everything that will happen as a part of quality improvement.

In conclusion it can be stated that quality circle will be most effective in the given issues and situation because it will help in targeting different departments and areas separately. Quality circle will allow Vineyard Hotel to make changes in every aspect of human resource and designing so that room quality can be improved overall without any loopholes which is not possible with a proper group involvement that perform different functions in the hotel. Room quality has degraded because of many department loopholes and thus including only one department will not lead in quality improvement.

Booking (2020). Reviews of Vineyard Hotel . [online] booking. Available at: [Accessed 16 Jan. 2020].
Guinsberg, T. and Bayat, M.S., 2012. A Hospitality Industry Case Study: The Impact of Workers Absenteeism at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa Western Cape. Singaporean Journal of Business, Economics and Management Studies, 51(1105), pp.1-12.
Mosley, J. and Tew, M., 2013. Quality circle time in the secondary school: A handbook of good practice. Routledge.
Paul, S., Smith, P.K. and Blumberg, H.H., 2012. Revisiting cyberbullying in schools using the quality circle approach. School Psychology International, 33(5), pp.492-504.


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