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Staff Recruitment Assignment: Role Of The HRM Department Towards Staff Assessment, Hiring And Retention


Task: Can human resource managers learn recruitment strategies from staff recruitment assignment findings and reports?


This staff recruitment assignmentreviews the role of HR towards recruiting, training as well as monitoring the staff as per the requirement of the organization. The coordinative services between the management and the HR play a vital role in identifying the requirements for the future needs of the human resources in the company. It is essential for HR to ensure that effective policies, as well as procedures, are used in the process of recruitment the employees. This ensures that the recruitment is fair and the capable person for serving the vacant post is selected with the use of proper recruitment measures by HR. Moreover, this staff recruitment assignmentoverlooks the induction session is also the essential role of HR as this is important to make the employees aware of the rule and regulations of the company and develop strategies about the salary structure as well. The training is also executed by HR so that the employees get a proper idea about their job role. In this staff recruitment assignment, the coherent evaluation of the ability to identify the issues in the induction process is inspected, and measures are adopted to argue on the needful circumstances for the refinements. The staff recruitment assignmentalso evaluates the effective response that needs to be executed during the recruitments as per the requirement of the vacant position in a vivid manner.

Measures adopted ensures efficient recruitment, selection, and induction processes.
Comply with policy and procedural requirements

On this staff recruitment assignmentwe explore how essentialit is to execute the recruitmentsprocess with fairness. The skills of the employees, their knowledge, and execution need to match the recruitments of the vacant post (Zhang et al., 2020). In the context of companies with the policy and the processors of the recruitmentprocess, the involved manager and superior needs to be made aware of the policy of the company, and a watch on their recruitment practices need to be kept to ensurethat the recruitmentisfair and as per the policy and process of the company.
Develop and use current position descriptors and person specifications
The staff recruitment assignment outlines how recruitment needs to have the proper checklist so that they can effectively match the recruitment with the capabilities of the interviewed employees. It is effective in ensuring theselection of the approaches human resources are done as per the specification requirementfor the post.
Are given the training needed to help them perform well in the role/s
Acikgoz (2019) mentioned that the initialtraining after the recruitmentis a must for building clarity about the job role of the new employees. In the context of ensuring effective training, it is a must to keep a watch on the supervision and interact with the employees about the learningthat they have derived during the training period. This, in turn, will showcase the efficiency of the supervisor in training the new staff and enhancing their performances.
Advertise vacant positions in compliance with organizational policy and legal requirements
Thoroughchecking of the context used for the advertisement is needed to ensure that the companypolicy and the legal requirements are incorporated. The use of strategic measures of inspecting the advertisement after regular intervals and posting them only after final confirmation by the HR team is needed to ensure effective advertisement for the vacant position (Baykal, 2020).
Follow selection procedures that accord with organizational policy and legal requirements.
In the context of ensuring the selection procedure are as per the organizational policy along with legal requirement, it is a must for the recruitment as well as the supervisor to be briefed about the organizational policy and regulation for the regal post. It will help them to develop a vivid idea about the requirement, and thus the selection can be executed in a coherent manner.

Execute job offers and contracts of employment promptly.
The job offer needs to have all the details that are essential for the employees to know. The salary, along with the proper details of the extra benefits is, needs to be incorporated within the offer letter. Gupta et al. (2018) were in the view that the offer letter needs to incorporate the details of the working houses and the role and responsibility for the particular job role so that there is no confusion among the employee.
Provide all new appointments with accurate advice about salary, terms, and conditions
The HR needs to provide the handbook along with the well-written offer letter to the employees (Dirani et al., 2020). It is needed to explain the salary and the term and conditions in the face-to-face interview so that clarity is developed among the employees and they are able to impart the effective information that is crucial for the employees at the time of recruitment.
Follow appropriate induction procedures.
In the process of ensuring that proper induction procedures are followed, the planning of the entire process is needed. It has been effective in developing vivid ideas about the focus areas of the induction. Coates et al.(2019) were of the opinion that the recruiter often uses a checklist in the process of executing a systemic induction process. It needs to be ensured that the points to be discuses are listed and handed over to the supervisors.
Manage probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated
O this staff recruitment assignment it is observed that motivation plays a huge role towards employee retention and the managershouldprovide effectivelearning of the employees during the trainingperiods (Forsat et al., 2020). A close inspection will be done to manage the probationperiod and ensure effective training and feedback to the employees.

Identification of the issue during the induction process
Bhaskarand Mishra (2019) were of the opinion that the effectiveness of any induction program can be explained with the measurement of the speed at which the new employees develop a feeling of comfortable about their new role within the business. The induction needs to be in a strategic and simple manner. Coates et al.(2019) mentioned that in the process of ensuring effective induction, the explanation of the employee’s handbook code of conduct evaluation of must. The employees need to be made aware of the term and conditions of their job role as well as the detailed explanation of the salary and other benefits. However, in case coherent measures are not taken into consideration, the induction seems to fail. Montargotand Lahouel (2018), on the other hand, were in the opinion that the induction fails when the employees are not feeling welcoming, and they are made confused by imposing too making information.

This makes the employees uncomfortable, and there are not able to develop a coherent relationship with the employees. Some of the measures that are used by me to inspect the issues of the induction process are mentioned as follows:

• Providing too much information to the new starters: The new starter needs to be provided with enough information which is needed for them to feel comfortable with the job role and the company (Montargot and Lahouel, 2018). In case the new employees are provided with too much information, it is a sign of a poor induction. It is felt that in case the HR is trying to be over-friendly and is providing information that is not needed for the induction is the sign of an issue, and it needs to be rectified so that the induction process is being executed without any error. On the other hand, the “learn as youapproach "is also a failure as it acts as the barrier for the new employees to form the engagement which is needed for the service execution (Bhaskar and Mishra, 2019). Thus, the focus needs to be on building content-rich resources which is effective in providing all the essential information to the employees.

• Developing of an impersonal induction experience: The issues in the induction process arise when the HR is unable to understand the role of the new employees, they tend to introduce a size fit all program which becomes confusion for the employees, and they are unable to understand their actual role. Gumede (2021) was in the view that the content dumping during the induction providing generic company information affects the induction program significantly. It is essential for HR to collect feedback from the existing employees about what information they wanted during the induction to ensure that the issues are corrected by planning better induction processes for future recruitment.

Circumstances necessary to make refinements
The recruitment and induction process is very challenging for any organization.It is a must for HR to take proper measures in ensuring a coherent execution of the initial phases of including future human recourses. In case there are issues in the current process of recruitment, induction, or training, the needs of refinements are felted. Below are the circumstances that initiate the need to make refinements in the existing procedures.

Poor initial performances: Shinand Hur (2019) mentioned that the poor performances of the employees are due to the lack of clarity about the job role. The employee is unable to recognize the working measures which are the outcomesof poor induction. Thus, it is a sign that the changes need to be implicated in the existing strategies, and the HRM needs to be productive in altering the approaches of introducing the employees with their job role and the responsibility that they need to implicated in their working environment.

Lack of employee morale:The decrease in the morale of the employees showcases the fact that the employees are confused with too much information or too less. Thus, it is an adequate circumstance that is urging for the change in the executing recruitment, training, and induction practices and thus ensures that better measures are incorporated to develop the morale of the employees.The enthusiasm and encouragement among the new employees are essential to maintain the productivity of the business (Lantara, 2019). Thus, as per research performed on this staff recruitment assignment, refinements are essential towards staff management.
Higher turnover rate: The high rate of employee turnover within the first 3 months of being recruiteddetermined the outcome of poor recruitment and inductions. It is a must for the management to keep a watch on the employees turnover tare so that the effectiveness of the recruitment can be judged. In case the turnover rate is high, the need for alteration in the execution process is a must (Shinand Hur, 2019). It ensures refinements within the exiting strategies of training, induction as well as recruitment.

Responsibility for forecasting recruitment requirements and filling any vacancies
It is essential to develop process measures in forecasting the recruitment for the vacant post. D'Silva (2020) was in the view that effective recruitment in a systemic manner allows the selecting of the best talent available with the building of strategized measures to ensure effective outcomes. The measures, when followed in a logical manner, ensured furcating of the excellent recruitment requirements and thus fill the vacant position without any confusion.

  • Understanding the needs of the vacant post
  • Proposing proper advertisement
  • Conducting interview
  • Matching the recoupment with employees capability
  • Proposing effective induction
  • Informing the employee's able code and conduct of the employees
  • Discussion salary and benefits
  • Developing a clear idea about the job role and responsibility specification
  • Providing training and feedback during the probation periods
  • Inspecting the ability of the employees

This staff recruitment assignmentresearch demonstrates that, in recent times, the selection of employees who can serve the business effectively and match the requirements of the vacant position is challenging. The inefficiency in recruitment, training, and induction of the new employees leads to a poor working environment, and the business might face cries. The proper inspection of the approaches used by the HRM is needed so that the company can select effective employees by following the proper policies and regulations of the company. A fair selection is needed, and the transparency among the employees towards the role and responsibility that they are receipt to follow needs to be built during the induction period. The measures like making the employees aware of the code and conducts of the company and briefing them about the policy of the company are a must.

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