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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment: Business Report on G-Force Category solution


Task: Write a business report on strategic human resource management assignment discussing the case scenario of G-Force Category solution and human resource management practices align with the organization.


1. Introduction
Human Resource managing authorities create a direct influence on the presentation of a company, and this traditional means that Human Resource experts should emphasize tactical human resource organization, which goes beyond managerial and official methods in the organization of people (Hamid, Muzamil and Shah, 2019). Human Resource consultants support business policy; it has factual inferences for services and methods to Human Resource Management.

Organizations today have gradually concentrated on the field of the Tactical Human Resource Association. Strategic human resource managementacts as an important part of companies' behaviour and work gratification.The public is a vital component of administration growth. These tactical decisions regulate the demand for services and HR (Sareen, 2018). Unskilled and unstable resourcing, exercise, expansion, compensation, and assessment methods have controlled the poor presentation, which causes work frustration.

Strategic human resource management practices can impact work satisfaction and administrative presentation, which is not efficiently considered in many studies.The work operatingmethods of anyorganization are generally maintained by the HR section of the organization.The assessment of the Human Resource Development procedure determine the demand and plan labour prediction necessities for G-Force category solutions organisation.

2. Overview of the Company
G-Force category solutions is an important marketing corporation within the hardware business, functioning within the Bunnings and Mitre 10 atmospheres. It is formed in Melbourne with processes scattering over from Perth to New Zealand. The company makes employments of five hundred people across the two nations founded all over Australia and New Zealand. The work-power is consistently scattered across all places, with Victoria being the homeland has the utmost quantity of Workers (Cravotto et al., 2018). In 2013, The corporation introduced its working plans with the Procedural administrator's employment and the new Chief Executive Officer.

3. Understanding of the relevant HRM theories
3.1 Organization Behaviour Theory

Organizational behavior is a field of study that involves a common body of knowledge. The organizational behavior of G-Force Company generally includes three different behavior determinants, namely groups, structures, and individuals (Dohlman et al., 2019). G-Force typically uses the organizational behavior theory to increase its productivity and chase its mission and vision by making the work procedure more effective and efficient. The three most important organizational behavior theories are scientific management theory, Bureaucracy theory, and process management theory. These three theories help the company's stakeholders understand the dynamic nature of the business market and help the organization meet the needs and demands of the organization.

On the other hand, the bureaucracy theory will enable the G-force company to form a reasonable opinion regarding the legal authority, charismatic authority, and the traditional authority. Alongside that, the scientific management theory will enable the organization to create a sound statement regarding the G-force organization's work functioning aspects. It will also allow the entire management to get an overview of the company's scientific job operational role (Dian, 2021). It will also enable the company to promote the element of chaotic individualism. On the other hand, the process management theory will allow the management to understand the company's objectives. In simple terms, it can inevitably be said that the process management theory helps an organization get an overview of the G-force organization's dynamic work atrocities.

3.2 Motivation Theory
Motivation theory helps an individual to get motivated towards organizational goals. In simple terms, it can inevitably be said that motivation theory encourages an individual to excel Shortly. It can be said that motivation theory can be made related to all aspects of society. Still, it can be termed important towards business and its entire management (Brown, 2020). It is unignorable that a motivated employee remains productive throughout the whole duration of the work period. The G-force company should keep in mind that a productive employee always remains profitable throughout the entire duration of work time. As there are many theories regarding the management of the business and its organization, Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory can be well explained with its aspect. It helps and enables a company to understand the necessities of physical and psychological survival needs. Alongside that, Maslow's need hierarchy theory helps an individual and an organization to protect their employees from any threats and challenges. Alongside that, it can duly be said that motivation is a state of mind and is always filled with energy if it is utilized in the right way (Velmurugan and Sankar, 2017). Stimulation helps an individual understand the basic esteem of life, and on the other hand, it pushes an individual towards the organization's mission and vision. Thus, it can inevitably be said that the theories mentioned above will enable the Human Resource Management of the G-Force company to understand the basis of work functioning aspects.

4. Analysis and Evaluation of the issues
4.1 Talent Selection

The G-Force solutions HRM has to face various issues regarding talent selection, employee training and development for future success, and managing employee performance. The main function of HRP is to fulfil the objectives of the company. The Human Resource department of the G-Force Solutions has many duties to achieve. Still, the most difficult challenge for the HRM is to recruit new employees and to retain the previous employees. The entire social media platforms are giving the employees of the organization a greater recruiting pool. The employees feel pressure about works, and sometimes they leave the job or being terminated by the management. In this case, the HRM needs to search for new talent to recruit in the organization.

The HR of the company should continuously search for innovations and strategies to enhance the recruitment process. HRM needs to adopt innovative technologies for the recruitment process. The advertisement procedures should be effective and new to attract more employees to the organization. Transparency is one of the major topics for HRM professionals to search for new talents. If the organization is transparent with the process of recruitment, more candidates will come to the company. HR management is considered the most important condition to make an organization more successful (Demmke, 2017).So, HRM should take more responsibility in the recruitment process.

The Human Resource Manager should do enough research before recruiting. Employees are referred to as an important part of the recruitment process. If Human Resource Management has appointed any unproductive employee, they have to face its consequences. The Human Resource Management of the G-force organization has created an efficient hiring practice. The HRM can introduce various recruitment strategies that include personality assessments, simulations, and critical thinking assessments. Not only that, they have a good understanding of utilizing these to recruit efficient candidates.

The recruitment process helps to search for new and prospective candidates and simulate them for applying to the company's jobs. Human Resource Management mainly connects the employees and the management authority (Kusu and Balaji, 2020). An inefficient employee can destroy the objectives and goals of the company. Nowadays, the organization's employees find new strategies and methods to attract talent via social media platforms, and the Human Resource management has to search for it. The G-Force Category Solutions want new employees who can provide fresh ideas, high productivity, and better solutions. The Human Resource should motivate and encourage the employees to make a positive environment in the workplace. They should provide proper training and rewards to motivate the employees for better productivity.

4.2 Employees’ Training and Development for Future Success
Human Resource Management faces challenges regarding employee training and development for the future success of the company. The HRM needs to motivate the employees and should lead them from the front. Poor leadership can be the cause for the employees to leave the jobs. So, the Human Resource Management arranges the employees' training to develop the company's success. The efficient and skilled employees of the organization can make the functions of the company smoother. So, the HRM needs to manage both online and offline training of the employees. Before giving training, Human Resource Management should know what type of training will be provided to the employees and how to make them effective. The Human Resource Management needs to arrange the location, cost, and time of the employees' training. Not only to plan but also to fulfill it is a big issue and challenges faced by the organization's Human Resource Management.

Despite the maximum effort by Human Resource Management, the company sometimes does not get a satisfactory result. It happens probably because of the employee's inefficiency or inadequate resources. Suppose the G-Force organization has faced such issues because of inefficient employees. In that case, the HRM should look forward to this and take effective measures and strategies to train the employees to develop the company for future success. Human Resource Management's training provides a positive and significant impact on the competitive advantages in the market (Kerdpitak and Jermsittiparsert, 2020). To train the employees in a precise way, it is of utmost importance for the company's human resource management to follow either a traditional approach or a modern approach of training. It is evident that previously the organizations believed that managers were not made; rather, they were born. They had an opinion that the activity of employees might be a costly and fruitless effort.

On the other hand, several Indian Organizations realized the importance of the modern approach to training. The human resource department started training its employees by delivering a useful and contemporary training method (Okechukwu, 2017). In other words, G-Force organization can recognize employee training as a tool of retention. Thus, this modernized training approach has been viewed to yield the best results in terms of employee training and development and is believed to create a smart workforce. It can inevitably be said that the Human Resource Department of an organization deals with planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. The main objective of employees' training and development is to make sure that the entire G-Force organization follows a skilled workforce. In simple words, it can be said that a professional, efficient, and effective force will enable the organization to chase the mission and vision of the organization (Hafez, AbouelNeel and Elsaid, 2017). Alongside it will allow the organization to boost up the productivity of this organization. Thus, the Human Resource Management of an organization is solely responsible for teaching the success of employees. Besides that, training and development in the sphere of work will enable them to chase life's objectives.

4.3 Management of Employees’ performance and Appraisal
Performance management success of an organization is based on the involvement of commitment towards attaining the objective. Different stakeholders are responsible for achieving the aim of the organization. Precisely, the human resource department is mainly responsible for managing employees' performance (Adeoye, 2019). Performance upscale also depends upon how the employees contribute towards the initiative taken. The G-Force organization's human resource managers will play a major role by bringing on certain work-related trends in the industry and will act as a model for the employees to boost up their morale. The human resource managers' core responsibility will be to design certain policies for the working employees of the organization that will lay out the standard of their work (IDEH and EKWOABA, 2020).

The below mentioned analysis shows how the managers of the human resource department will ensure an effective and efficient work performance culture inside the organization by putting into effect the following measurements:

  • The human resource managers should communicate the organization's mission and vision to its fellow employees.
  • The human resource managers should clearly define the work expectations and communicate the same to every organization participant. Doing this would help achieve the business goals and facilitate the overall improvement of the performance (Kim et al., 2019).
  • The managers should keep notifying the organization's employees as to how they are contributing towards achieving the company's goals and objectives.
  • The human resource managers should inculcate the element of belief amongst the employees regarding their continuous improvement in work ambiance.
  • The human resource managers should organize an employee recognition program. Doing such would contribute to the development of confidence and morale of the employees.
  • The human resource managers of the G-force organization should deal with providing leadership from the top.
  • They should provide the employees with both on-the-job training and off-the-job training.

The HR department of an organization is generally termed as a strategic partner of an organization and forms an organization's base. It is a department that is majorly responsible for developing the productivity of an organization. Alongside, the Human Resource Department is solely responsible for building a strong customer-friendly relationship. Thus, sound initiative and endeavor in this department will mark the company's existence in the long run (Li et al., 2020). Providing the right guidance and support will enable the organization's employees to boost up the speed of performing work. Performance agreements will lead to the objectives, core values, knowledge, skills, and performance plan. Thus, it can be said that the G-force organization's Human Resource management will play a major role in shaping the organization's success. A sound initiative of the Human Resource top players will help the employees chase their mission of life.

4.4 Establishing Employee Pay Structure or Compensation
The HRM of G-Force Solutions faces another challenge regarding the settlements of wages of the employees and the compensation. There are different challenges in the wage domains and salary administration of the employees of the company. The Human Resource Management has to face it and needs to solve it. The HRM should manage the salaries of the employees according to their post, efficiency and performance. Not only that, if any employee leaves the job or being terminated by the company, the HRM should give their compensation to the employees. The most evident reasons related to the challenges of compensation in the organization are high labour cost and the huge economic development (Sun et al., 2017). The cost of the employees has been increasing because of the increasing price in the market. So, the HRM of G-Force Solutions should manage the employees as per their efficiency.

5. Recommendations
G-Force category solutionsis an important marketing corporation within the hardware business. G-force recognized that the industry's lack of working culture could affect the company by losing main group members and directors, and workers' maintenance can be a major barrier in meeting the work supply and demand (Michael, 2019). it is hard to maintain and present Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, though; several ideologies or strategies can be accepted concerning workers, procedures, and technological tools.

The efficient and skilled employees of the organization can make the functions of the company smoother. The HR of the company should unceasingly explore for inventions and plans to improve the recruitment procedure. Human Resource Management has to implement innovative skills for the employment procedure. The advertising methods should be operative and new to fascinate more workers to the organization. The Human Resource Manager should do sufficient research before employing. Workers are mentioned to as a significant part of the employment procedure.

The Human Resource Management has to encourage the workers and should lead them from the front. Poor leadership can be the reason for the workers to go from the jobs. the Human Resource Manager should look ahead to this and take active actions and tactics to train the workers to grow the organization for future success. Human Resource Management's training would provide an optimistic and important effect on the competitive advantages in the industry. A specialized, well-organized, and effective force will permit the company to pursuit the mission and vision of the organization.

Performance management success depends upon how the workers’ pay towards the initiative occupied. The human resource managers' main responsibility is to design specific policies for the working staffs of the company that will plan the quality of their job. The G-Force category solutionscorporation's human resource managers should retain that the performance management of employees brings complete profits for the company and similarly contribute towards racing the revelation of the business.

The Human Resource Division is only responsible to build a solid consumer-friendly association. Thus, good initiative and endeavour in this division marks the business's existence in the long run. The human resource managers must communicate the organization's vision to its associated clients and workers. The managers must retain informing the company’s workers with regard to how they are giving towards accomplishing the corporation's targets and objectives. The human resource managements must establish an employee acknowledgement package. Doing this would pay to the growth of assurance and confidence of the workers. The human resource managers of the G-Force category solutions organization must manage providing guidance from the highest level.

Providing the correct leadership and support will permit the company’s workers to increase the speed of performing work. Performance agreements leads to the aims, standards, information, services, and performance strategy. The Human Resource Management must accomplish the wages of the workers according to their designation, efficacy and performance. If any worker leaves the work or being sacked by the organization, the Human Resource Management should give their recompense to the workers.

6. Conclusion
In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the entire writing consists of a detailed businessreport on the G-Force organization of Australia. It is evident that G-Force organization has its roots spread across regions of New Zealand as well and employs more than 500 employees. The writing reflects two strategic human resource theories that can be aligned well with the HRM practice of the organization. On the other hand, a number of issues that was evident from HRM practice in the sphere of G-force organization was analysed and evaluated in details. The writing ends by suggesting a suitable recommendation for up keeping the Human Resource Practice of the organization.

7. References
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