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Digital Marketing Assignment: Databases & Email Marketing Within Verdant Leisure


Task: Description of Digital Marketing Assignment Task and Purpose:
You are the owner/managing director of an SME of your choice. The portfolio includes the following elements;
Section 1: An overview of an organisation and where database and email marketing should sit within their wider digital marketing activities.
Section 2: A retention strategy centred on the tactical use of databases and email marketing Section 3: A CRM operational brief for a data engineer including a rationale for each data field.
Section 4: An email campaign completes with email content.


It can be regarded that in the present situation small-medium enterprises have developed their significant name in developing the economy. In concern to this, in this digital marketing assignment, the focus has been given on considering small-medium enterprises for elaborating the database as email marketing. The company which has been considered as a small-medium enterprise operating in the UK market is Verdant Leisure that has been established throughBev Dixon,Andrew Wall, and Graham Hodgson. The company has been operating since 2010 and has developed an impressively low base of customer complaints which is near about 0.8%. In the previous two years, this corporation has spent more than $7 million through its holdings. The company's reason turnover is near about 8.2 million dollars every year and acquires 290 staff thatis highly passionate about developing a solid team and providing exceptional services to its customers. Customers may enjoy self-catering vacations and also the opportunity to purchase a vacation property at the customised resort throughout northern England and Scotland. Whatever a consumer's affordability, the firm offers a wide variety of vacation choices, from vacation homes to caravans.

Overview of an organisation and where database and email marketing associate within their wider digital marketing activities It can be regarded that if any customer visits holiday parks across Northern England, Scotland and in the bone an acquired unique on outstanding services of park facilities and the accommodation of excellent holiday as well as a wide selection of vacation properties for sale. Such company is Verdant Leisure Park. It is regarded by the organisation that their holiday Park enables the customers to acquire a comfortable environment for themselves as well as their families to spend their significant time and develop memories that can long lasting forever.This Verdant laser is an organisation that provides customers a range of services as per their budget and enables them to purchase or rent a vacation house or Caravan. It can be regarded that selecting the cosy Caravan all special luxury lodges can be an easy option for the customers and they will also find excellent value for money and this particular small-medium enterprise without compromising with quality. It was understood by the organisation that it is important to focus on the main requirement of the customer and this holiday Park location not only provide its customers a place to spend their time. In few of the basis of the United Kingdom most picturesque Sports but on the other hand, also provide each family members the required space and time for trying new activities and exploring new areas. The company has developed a significant group of 219 staff which is highly passionate about developing a solid team who intend to invest in the brand and provide exceptionally significant services to the customers. The company also focuses on the investment for training and development across all of its 10 Holiday Parks as well as the company head office which is based in Manchester.

It can be regarded that the database is generally an accumulation of data that can be significantly accessed, managed and transformed. Database processes are generally highly invited for the business as it enables to communicate data associated with the sales transaction, product inventory, marketing operations as well as customer profiles. In order to acquire a significant utilisation of the database, it can be understood that undertaking an appropriate Database Management process is highly vital which can develop organisational accessibility to the data which indeed is able to provide significant help to the end-users and transform the information quickly and significantly across the organisation. Every moment, the universe of data changes and evolves in a perpetual state of flux. For businesses all across the world, this has resulted in an altogether new dimension of opportunity and difficulty. Organisations can handle their issues on the one hand, while also taking advantage of the enormous possibilities presented by this industry on the other hand, by precisely capturing data, upgrading, and monitoring information on an effective and frequent basis. Through the collection of minutes and volumes of data, businesses are able to use the information to fulfil their objectives in a methodical way on the one end, and also to strengthen their businesses in an effective way on the other. Following the collecting of data, a number of operations are carried out, including the creation of financial reporting, the calculation of sales forecasts, and the creation of client invoices. The information and insights gained from this data are then made accessible to the organisation's management and workers via the use of a computerised database. In order for businesses to maintain the links between the different database pieces, one of the most effective methods is to use data management, which is now a vital part of the operations of corporations and organisations all over the globe. It was understood that currently the database is being used in the way of strategic, operational and analytic functions. It is being used by the organisation for accessing the data within the organisation. The database is used by the organization for managing the connection between the data and providing significant updates. It can be recorded that the organisation Verdant Leisure makes significant utilisation of email marketing strategy to develop a significant connection with their customers and create brand awareness about the product and services they intend to provide to its customers. It is then that many organisations have acquired significant belief by making use of the email marketing to attract customers and promote things which they actually intend to serve. Verdant Leisure organisation which is based in the UK as a significant family holiday Park which is classified in the form of small medium company and focuses to provide its customers to purchase or rent a home or Caravan in one of the specific places. They intend to provide customers and opportunities by which they can explore some new things. In concern to this it was understood that email marketing has proved to be a significant opportunity for the organisation. It can be recorded that email marketing is able and Organisation to develop a significant connection with the customers by developing a personalised content. It also enables the organisation to develop and boost brand awareness and the company has utilised it to provide information about the top services provided by the organisation to customers to ensure that the customer can be engaged appropriately. In The Internet situation it was seen that there are different views of marketing but since then email marketing has also been significant which enables this particular small medium Enterprise to continue to communicate with their existing customer and develop new customers also by making use of relevant information of the customers and targeting them. It was seen that the organisation has been utilising email marketing for promoting services that the kind of facilities they provide to its customers and the way customers can take a break from their everyday life to enjoy with their families. The process of making use of email marketing provides an organisation an opportunity to make use of the email newsletters, dedicated emails and it nurtures emails to attract customers and in the region in bound marketing tactics and other aspects. In the process it was understand that the significant outcome of the email marketing can only be acquired the small medium enterprise like verdant Leisure develop a significant goal that will be focused in the process of marketing, selecting the right audience for email marketing and other aspects are one of the most vital thing for the Small medium Enterprise to conduct business effectively as it enable the message that need to be sent by a marketing to reach all the customers.

Retention strategies centred on the tactical use of the database and email marketing
It can be regarded as a retention strategy and is considered as the method and initiative undertaken by the small medium Enterprise to ensure that the activities can be focused which can develop customer loyalty and enhance customer lifetime value. It is able to acquire customers which are distinguished in the form of customer acquisition all generating leads. Enable to focus on the buyer's connection with the existing customers to ensure that the brand loyalty can be developed. It can be regarded that the retention strategy is highly important as it focuses more than transaction which is to develop a connection with the brand customers and this enables the customer to view the relationship with the company identical enough today to connect with their friends. In a highly competitive environment, the development of a significant retention strategy has become important for small-medium enterprises like Verdant Leisure to ensure that significant outcomes can be acquired. It can be regarded that it is important to develop a significant retention strategy to acquire appropriate benefits of the strategy to the company. In concern to this, the plans to be developed for the customer retention are:

1. It will be important to develop customer trust as well as long term connection. This will need educating the customers about the services and products offered by the company before and after purchase. They will ensure that outstanding customer service will be provided channels and accurate responses will be provided to solve the issues of the customers.

2. Both new and old customers will be focused on the retention strategy. All the customer will be listened and empathise
3. A robust customer Loyalty program will be developed. The brand will be unable to to develop Loyalty program and it will need rewarding enforcing an organisation called business goal whether they want to encourage more visits trial or more incremental purchase
4. Marketing automation will be utilised for engaging the customers in a significant way
5. Calculating customer lifetime value is vital
6. It is important for personalising the communication and offers that need to be provided to the customers. 7. Re-engaged the customers while utilising the market is helpful it will enable to provide a positive impact on the company by transforming the thinking process of the customers.
In order to implement this plan in a significant way to ensure that the retention strategy can be established it was understood that the database and email marketing approaches have a significant role to play. It can be regarded that in modern days the significant utilisation of databases is highly important for customer retention as it enables them to recognise the most loyal and highly profitable customer (Kotras, 2020). For example, shaping a loyalty program that will enable the company to reward the behaviour of customers is highly helpful for transforming and developing a strong connection with the customers. It also helped in motivating first-time customers to develop the tendency of continuously purchasing and ultimately enabled the customers to acquire a loyal group of customers (Harlow and Hill, 2020). It was even understood that for organizations operating in small-medium enterprises it is highly important to develop a significant strategy of customer retention. In context to this, the email strategic approach is a significant aspect of implementing the retention strategy as it enables the development of an appropriate arrow. For example, it can be regarded that for every $1 spent by the organisation the email marketing approaches enable the organization to form nearly about $44 in the aspects like ROI. This sum up to about 4400 % exceeds the ROI without breaking the bank. Email retention is dependent on the implementation of an appropriate mailing list, followed by the adoption of techniques to persuade these individuals to take your information. If one wants to send emails to consumers and urge people to connect with one's company, one should explore several services and programs, including automated email technology (Desai, 2019). Email retention is dependent on the implementation of an appropriate mailing list, followed by the adoption of techniques to persuade these individuals to take your information. If one wants to send emails to consumers and urge people to connect with one's company, one should explore several services and programs, including such automated email technology. This indeed indicates that there is significant utilisation of database and email marketing approach in developing and implementing the strategy which is being developed for retaining the customers. It is understood that both database and email marketing approaches enable us to make use of customers' information and understand the behaviour of customers. This enables the organisation to develop a marketing campaign that will enable it to acquire a group of more loyal customers through the campaign (Bhatet al. 2018). Even the email marketing approach and database enable to implement the strategy in a significant way as it also enables the company to understand a group of new customers which will be beneficial to target for the company as it will also help the company to not only acquire old customers but also develop new sets of customers. It can be regarded that the developed approach towards email marketing enables the development of value for the customers. As it is enables to develop personal connection but within set boundaries are helpful to maintain the privacy and ethics with the customers. It enables the company to keep the subject line short as nearly 47% of the customers Open a mail by only focusing on the mail subject line and of that 22% who are personalised are more likely to be opened (Desai, 2019). Even in this approach it is vital to focus on the right time for sending email as it is unable to develop significant value to the customers. Providing freebies and sending mobile-friendly emails are more vital to developing an appropriate email marketing approach.

CRM operational brief for a data engineer including a rationale for each data field
It can be recorded that the purpose of the operational database is generally undertaken for managing a business in information as well as monitoring the activities, auditing suspicious transactions, and even for reviewing the history of dealing with some specific group of customers (Noriset al. 2019). It can also be a segment of the actual method of making and fulfilling the purchase for instance an E-commerce market. It can be recorded that the utilisation of data in the design of the operational database helps to e significantly develop retention strategy as it ultimately helps to manage dynamic information in actual time. On the other hand it can be seen that the data warehouse process provides an organisation to develop data analysis and decision making approaches. Such processes enable to organise and present data in some particular format for accommodating the variant requirements of customers. In the operational database an organisation can make use of the data as it has the capacity to support greater volume transaction processing. Even it enables the company to acquire current data. This kind of data is generally updated on a regular basis and helps an organisation to optimise validation of incoming date information and utilise valuation information.

It can be regarded that customer retention is vital for significant small medium enterprises. Even to acquire long-term loyal customers is not much expensive when compared to acquiring new ones. In concern to this organisation with higher customer retention rate it generally has greater threat of profit. In concern to this it is vital for the organisation to evaluate their customer retention marketing strategy incorporated into the allies marketing automation is a highly significant way to reach the customers and connect with them. Automation marketing is unable to make utilise of the software platform including tools to significantly market the targeted group of customers (Yang et al. 2018). When a database is generally operationalized it is seen that it is enabled to amend commit data in its initial format from different sources into a single destination to ensure that it can be available for organisation reporting. The data field is the range of data values of similar kinds of data. It is also regarded as a column or attribute. Most databases also enabled fields to acquire critical information like entire files, movie clips, pictures, and others. The type of data fields in the wall full list of a text value, a list of numeric value, text, integer, memo, rich text, and others. The kind of data fields that will be required for undertaking email marketing strategy incorporates first purchase date, last purchase date, the amount spent, average order value, past product purchased, overall number of purchases, and others (Hu et al. 2019). The trigger process can be regarded as the automatic approach which reacts to any kind of transformation in the data field immediately as the change takes place for activating the methods. On the other hand, automation can be considered as a method of handling uploading and processing data while utilizing automated technology. This indicates that both process Trigger and automation have a direct connection with data fields as it is able to incorporate and manage data effectively which is highly vital for developing a significant retention strategy. If this process is not being conducted appropriately the retention strategy can be irrelevant as the information will be not authentic.

Email campaign completing with email content
Sub: Explaining the way email campaign support the retention strategy and data field that will be utilized This email is being written to keep you informed about the way email campaigns develop will support retention strategy and the data field will be utilized. It was understood that email marketing campaigns are significant to retain customers. This email marketing will enable significant utilization of any particular specific group of customers which will be the target for the small-medium enterprise named Verdant Leisure (Noel et al. 2018). It will enable the company to make significant utilization of information of customers and understand the behaviour of the audience with the help of email. With the help of this, the company can provide a unique offer to the customer and return them by providing some sort of freebies and another reward by developing a personalized email and keeping this subject remarkable. It was elaborated that the data fields that will be used are first purchase date, Last purchase date, the total amount spent, past product purchased, number of purchases made and others. This information is highly helpful for developing and implementing the retention strategy Asit will enable us to acknowledge customers completely and function accordingly which will enable customers to be attracted to the company.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Verdant Leisure Park is a Small Medium Enterprise that operates as a family holiday Park. The company was established in the year 1990 and provides services to diversified customers. The company provides customers with an arrangement of holiday options depending on their budget and enables them to buy or rent a home or Caravan in any specific place. In concern to this, the focus has been given on elaborating the way database and email marketing can be utilised for undertaking appropriate digital marketing activities. In the present situation digital marketing has become highly important for which engaging with the customer is vital. It was seen that the database and email marketing enable the company to make utilisation of information of customers and attract them to make a continuous purchase from the company and develop a significant connection with them. It is an important range of loyal customers for which customer retention strategy is vital. In regard to this customer retention strategies have been developed which will enable the company to attract customers. The way database and email marketing will help in implementing the retention strategy has been explained to ensure that the implementation of the retention strategy can be undertaken appropriately.

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