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Food Marketing Strategy Of Burger Urge


Task: Provide a short note on the food marketing strategy adopted by the Burger urge / Burger urge marketing strategy


The primary motive of drafting this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report is to provide more clarity on the notion of marketing in the food business. This Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report also aims to provide a mature marketing strategy for a food business by keeping in mind the comprehensive hold of the trend in decision making by the consumers. In the market of food business, the consumers and the producers are linked via the medium of movements and activities in the market (Lang and Heasman 2015). The company of well-known brand Burger Urge is being analyzed in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report very meticulously along with recommending a better marketing strategy for the company. We have conducted a very concise analysis of the operational market of the Burger Urge while considering the essential processes carried out by the consumers in making their decision in purchasing. Apart from this, a new marketing mix for the Burger Urge company would be recommended in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report by incorporating an innovative supply chain plan. Once this section is done, a new branding strategy would be expanded for this company. If narrated about the afterward section of this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report, the relevant advancements in marketing would be examined which has the potential to disturb the smooth functioning of the sales department in the company.

burger urge marketing strategy

A concise overview of Industry analysis and its product
If considered the domestic market of fast food in Australia, it is developing at a very fast pace because of the ingress of many multinational companies like KFC, McDonald’s, Yum Restaurants Australia, Subway, and Domino’s Pizza. These companies are well established in the global market and hence it would be very hard for a small-scale local company to outsmart these firms. As per the statistical data of the financial year 2016, the revenue generated in the domestic fast food industry in Australia summed up to $ 19 billion ( 2017). The market had shown an overall annual growth of 3.9% of growth from 2012 to 2017. It should also be taken into account that the industry of fast food services had employed 153,300 people in the country. The people in the societies of Australia are now more aware of their health and now are very selective in buying fast food products with high nutritional value. Because of the high risk in obesity and hypertension the consumers are very concerned about the amount of Trans fat and calorie in fast food and because of these reasons they are looking for better substitutes with higher dietary benefits and fewer after-effects. Speaking about Burger Urge, it is a fast-food company based in Brisbane, Australia having a vast chain of shops and outlets in the cities of Gold Coast, New South Wales, and Brisbane. It was in the year 2007 that the company was established in its current headquarter in Fortitude Valley, Queensland ( 2017). The major products of the Burger Urge company include multi-flavored ice creams, distilled alcoholic beverages, and most importantly burgers.

Recognizing and examining the appealing nature of the operative market
Any market in the world could be generally classified into 4 segments according to factors which are behavioral, geographic, psychographic, and demographic. When contemplating the elements concerning the geography, the respective market could be chosen by evaluating the factors like the residence of the customer, region, any specific classification of the location, etc. the population in the operative market could also be classified based on age of the consumers, the demographics feature of their location, socioeconomic features, profession, and gender (Wilkinson 2013). Be classifying the diaspora of consumers using the element of behavioral pattern the managements of the companies try to focus on the desired group of customers according to the portions like the level of the consumption of supplied product, customer loyalty, pursued degree of benefits, and willingness to purchase the products. Apart from all of these measures taken to target the consumers the method of psychographic classification would aid the fast-food company to focus on the customer attributes like their attitudes, lifestyle, quality of lifestyle and personality.

If taken an instance of Burger Urge, the company could utilize the demographic classification to segment the operative market to enhance its sale of burgers and other fast food products.

Primary target market
The management of the Burge Urge fast-food company had put their primary focus on the customers who come under the age group ranging from 18 to 35. The customers coming under this age group are very extrovert and have very outgoing nature and mostly take part in social gatherings with their friends and families. The customer in this group would be easily approachable and reachable since they have more probability to go outside and visit the customized outlets of the company. Although the population of Australia is more health-conscious than ever, the youth are easier going group on their eating habits and enjoy the food without heavily thinking of its after-effects.

Secondary target market
The working diaspora of the working youth could be classified under the segment of the secondary target market. In this section, the stratification of the population group is done based on income and other socio-economic factors prevailing in their society. The groups in this division are well conscious of their health and follow very practical healthy eating habits. The social gatherings in this consumer division happen in the form of unofficial meetings in their lunch or snacks break. This segment of consumers consists of well-educated people and are well informed about the products which could cause ecological hazards. Hence, they show a special caution in choosing eco-friendly products. Since the products of the Burger Urge are packed in eco- friendly and bio-degradable materials, it would be very easy for the company to attract these customers.

An evaluation of the consumer's decision-making process concerning the fast-food market
As mentioned above in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report, many large multinational countries are operating in the domestic food market of Australia and are dominating a large share of the market. Burger Urge should have to work very hard and develop innovative promotion strategies to sustain itself in the market. It is from the step of problem recognition that the decision-making process of the customer starts since without it the purchase wouldn’t take place. It is the craving or internal need for a substance that brings the start for the decision-making process (Huang and Sarigollu 2014). After the commencement of this stage the consumer evaluate better substitute available in the market which are provided by similar companies since the companies like KFC, Subway, and McDonald's are much-established ones. Hence the customers, carry out analysis of the various deliverables provided by each company in their food products by testing the factors like the price, taste, health effects, and the amenities provided in the outlets of the companies. In the later phase of the decision-making process, the customer could have made his mind on whether to buy the product or not and the actual purchase of the product possibly would have happened. The decision of customers would get affected by 2 factors in this stage which are critical and negative reviews from the regular customers and the second factor is the actual inspiration and motive of the customer. Although some instant and unanticipated incidents have the potential to change the decision of customers even after the last stage. According to the observations made by Mintz and Currim (2013), customer satisfaction after the purchase of the product would generate permanent customers and hence produce steady growth in revenue. The satisfied customers would carry on with their purchase and help the complaining in sustaining their loyal customers. The management of the Burge Urge fast-food company has taken the issue of customer satisfaction very seriously and had generated an image of a reliable brand in the global food market.

Modifying an Integrated Marketing Mix in the Organization
Products: It is in the fast-food industry that the Burger Urge company is providing its major focus and has generated an image of the restaurant providing rapid and excellent service. The restaurant supplies mainly burgers to its customers along with which they also provide alcoholic beverages and ice creams. The Burger Restaurant is famous for its premium quality products and some of its exclusive burger varieties like New Yorker, American Style, and Boston Cheese. The outlets of the company are also providing premium and unique products in each division. For instance, they have provided El Diablo and Big Boppa in the beef segment; and Hotel California and Pineapple Express in the chicken segment. Keeping in mind the increasing trend in the sale of healthy food, Burger Urge is using sauces with less sodium content, chemicals, and preservatives. Keeping in mind the health aspects Burger Urge had also introduced mayonnaise prepared using cage-free poultry and pasture-raised eggs. To sustain the quality of beef used in their products, Burger Urge brings meat from the western region of Australia. Consequentially as a part of quality enhancement, the management had found new suppliers, who would provide emulsifier free crisp and fresh-baked bread ( 2017).

Price: The tool of price skimming is being used by Burger Urge to implement the strategy of pricing. According to this approach, the cost of the product is kept generally high when it is introduced to the customers. In the due course of time, the price of the product is brought down to a much cheaper level and because of this approach, an unusual demand is generated for the product and the changes the perception of the consumers in the market. Because of the presence of fast-food giants in the domestic market of Australia, the company should take very meticulous measures in the market like providing premium products at a cheaper rate which would eventually raise its revenue and range of loyal customers. Some efficient tools like EDLP (Everyday Low Pricing) would help the company in widening the share of Burger Urge in the fast-food market and under which an increase in the sale of products happen.

Place: It has been discussed earlier in this report that the Burger Urge has opened its outlets in the cities like Queensland, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. The company has now decided to open more outlets at the premises of New South Wales and along with it, the Burger Urge company is entering into the online platform to increase its reach among the customers all over the company. By the means of the online website, the restaurant could get orders from all over the country. The website is also providing information regarding the components used in preparing the respective dishes. The management of the company had utilized the supply chain to its maximum by assimilating the mediators in the process. For instance, the suppliers for the raw materials are taken from within the country by strictly following the partnership policies ( 2017).

In the department of supply chain management, the restaurant of Burger Urge can use the methodology of the Three-legged system. In the concept of the three-legged system, the first leg signifies the staff working in the Burger Urge while the 2nd leg signifies the chain of workers or operatives handling the outlets of the company whom may also be termed as a franchise. The third leg in this concept refers to the suppliers providing sources to the company. The management of the Burger Urge had eliminated the use of cold storage and expenditure on it because their raw materials and other sources are being supplied by the local suppliers. Obtaining raw material is the initial stage of the production and the provision for storage is the basic requirement. The sources and the required materials could be provided to the respective franchise from this storage unit by the means of transportation. The use of modern techniques and the e-technology would be currently impossible to implement by the Burger Urge since it is a small-scale restaurant. It is also required by the Burger Urge to reduce the frequency of transportation since the expenditure on the supply chain is very huge presently. The main target of the management team in the Burger Urge would be to implement a more sustainable process of the supply chain.

Promotion: We have earlier discussed in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report that the Burger Urge company is a small scale one in the market of fast food, hence the company has not implemented large promotional campaigns. Most of the advertisements and the promotions of the restaurant were done through the means of social media platforms. The restaurant had created its verified page on Facebook in which they have informed its consumers regarding their new offers and discounts. It is recommended in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report that the burger urge restaurant should provide its advertisements on relatively cheaper media like newspapers. The company could also adopt the method of billboards on moving public vehicles like buses for their promotions. Although it would not impact the inflow of customers at a high level, the customers on a local basis would be attracted to the outlets and eventually increase the popularity and visibility of the brand. The management of the company should make strategies to take part in social welfare activities to increase the goodwill and popularity of the company.

Strategies to develop brand value
The management and the marketing team in the Burger Urge have set the faction of youth who are studying and engaged in the family as their primary target. The main characteristic of this section of the population is that they are very conscious about their health and encourage more of a very amiable and cozy atmosphere. The company lacks an efficient interaction strategy which makes it extremely difficult to communicate the position or stance of the concerned brand in the operational market. The Burger Urge company had established itself as one of the reliable brands in the domestic fast food market of Australia and had installed 19 outlets in various parts of the country. Although, the Burger Urge company requires to build up an attractive tagline for its institution which should showcase the ideology of the institute (Sacks et al. 2017). The company has placed itself as a very reliable and quality service providing brand among the youth and families of the Australian domestic market. There are no hidden agendas, and all the policies of the company are very transparent. As a part of this, the company had revealed all the ingredients of the company on its website. All the outlets of the company are in the urban areas, which provides accessibility of the food products to a large fraction of the population. The management of the company had also provided strict guidelines regarding the freshness of the food product delivered to the customers which assure the dispense of a high-quality product. As mentioned earlier, the company has created verified official pages on Facebook but the customers prevailing in other social media are not explored by the company. To increase the reach of the company to more customers they should start Instagram and Twitter accounts and interact with them continuously. To remain in contact with the customers, the company could adopt a very innovative content market strategy by the means of posting very interesting and informative content regarding their policies and new products prepared by the professional service teams. Along with the content the team could provide the links to the relevant pages in their official website. Providing the content related to the exclusive discounts and other referral programs would bring increased traffic to the official website (Cairns et al. 2013). The strategy of revealing the sales sheets which would provide all the figures to the customer would make a very positive impact on the brand value of the Burger Urge since it brings more transparency into the business processes.

Analyzing Marketing Activities which has the potential to disturb the usual behavior at the instance of Sale
The primary motive of the campaign of advertisements by any company as mentioned in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report would be to aid the company in achieving the higher ceiling of customer figures which has the potential to skyrocket the revenue of the company (Baker 2014). The restaurant is currently possessing a total of 19 outlets in different locations in the country and is performing very well. The outlets of the Burge Urge restaurants are highly preferred by the customers since it provides high-quality service and cozy ambiance to them. The main aim of the marketing strategy in sales should be devised out the efficient efforts out of optimum resources to augment the level of sales in the company. It is recommended that the Burger Urge company should imply modern merchandising plans. The management of the restaurant must find some strategies to increase the frequency of sales. The customers of the restaurant should be made aware of the most popular food product of the company. It should be realized by the management of the restaurant that the sales could only be increased by attracting more customers to its various outlets, and fir this a strong advertising campaign should be conducted. According to the observations made by Solomon (2014), to attract conventional consumers in the market, the merchandising technique of turf defending should be implemented. In this process, the traditional consumers would be provided with a genuine comparison of the products of Burger Urge Company with those of other competing companies. The company should also make a detailed analysis of the customer reviews and their feedbacks to upgrade their services and hence focus on achieving customer satisfaction. To make the customers aware of the recently provided combo offers, gift cards, combo offers, and special dishes the relevant details should be displayed on the billing counters. It is most probable that. To avail these orders the customers would visit the outlet again and hence make a sustainable revenue for the company.

Various innovative strategy in the packaging section could also be utilized by the Burger Urge to make advancement in the Australian fast-food domestic market. The literacy rate in Australia is very high and each citizen is well aware of the environmental hazards caused by the plastic in nature. The management of the Burger Urge restaurant should give strict guidelines on using only biodegradable material for the packaging process. This step would help the company in elevating its goodwill in the domestic market. Along with the packaging, the transfer of the processed food to the location of the customer also bears a lot of significance. As mentioned above, the citizens of Australia are very health conscious and want to know every detail about the ingredients and nutritional value of whatever food is going down their throat. Hence it would be a very decisive step in the sales of the products of the Burger Urge restaurant if the ingredients, nutritional value, and the calorie ratio are provided on the wrapper. Apart from all of these strategies, the management of the company should devise out new strategies for the promotion of fast products by the restaurant. It is recommended that the restaurant should use a comparatively cheaper and effective medium for the advertisement campaign which would save a heavy amount of revenue for the firm. As a part of which the company could use the mediums like attractive posters, pamphlets, brochures, and sell sheets which could also be uploaded into various social media platforms so that the campaign reaches to the maximum people with less effort and expenditure. The method of advertising the products through the platform of social media would be a game-changer for the Burger Urge. The use of modern technologies and electric platforms would make the company popular among the residents and they would visit the outlets of the Burge Urge Company consequently resulting in increased sales and profit.

From the above-provided burger urge marketing strategy report it has been made evident that even though large fast-food giants are present in the domestic economy of Australia, the company was successful in acquiring a substantial market share because of its reliability and hard work. The primary targets of the company are the younger factions of the Australian population, who have more probability to take part in social gatherings along with their family and friends. As rival companies are using world standard marketing techniques in the local market, the company should adopt the strategy to provide the products at a relatively cheap price. The management team f the company should also concentrate on elevating the brand value of the restaurant by engaging more in social media marketing techniques. In this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report on the burger urge marketing strategy, a very innovative approach in devising the strategy for the supply chain should be adopted. The strategy should be focusing mostly on the cost management of the supply chain since it is consuming a large amount of money from the annual budget. Apart from this strategy discussed in this Burger Urge Marketing Strategy report, a new approach to the packaging and merchandising of the finished product would eventually increase the annual sales of the restaurant. Burger urge marketing strategy assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable academic assignment help service.

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