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Journalism Assignment Presenting A News Story


Journalism Assignment Instructions

a) You will need to put together a newspaper with the following news sections to showcase the myriad of writing styles of a journalist today. You may choose any three of the proposed sections for the issue.

  1. One Hard News Story
  2. One Feature Story
  3. One Review Story
  4. One Story inspired by Citizen Journalism as the lead/source In presenting the stories, consider the technicalities and writing styles that you have mastered from the module over the weeks.

b) Include two photos with caption for any of the stories presented from options (I to iv) to accompany the presentation of the story.

c) Pick any one of the above stories from options (I to iv) and suggest both a Hashtag and Facebook post, assuming that same story needs to be presented online too.

Leads can come from the form of existing topics/issues or social media content. However, the story must be written from scratch and not lifted from sources reviewed.


Feature Story

Changing the manufacturing industry Veena Sahajwalla constructed glass and clothes with ‘green ceramics’

The research on journalism assignment signifies that Queen of waste Veena Sahajwalla rummages through the family’s trash cans, robbing them before they leave. In the house, Veena Sahajwalla keeps a collection of rubbish and the car of the waste queen is filled with garbage that is being taken to the work. At landfill dumps waste queen gets excited about finding the good stuff. Rama Mahapatra husband of Veena Sahajwalla stated that the waste queen was distressed with waste. Veena Sahajwalla is not only a professor but also has an impressive list of titles with the names such as Eureka prize winner, director, scientist and engineer. Moreover, the person is also a director of UNSW Sydney SMaRT Centre. According to Veena Sahajwalla, rubbish thing brings opportunities in the environment and she is recognized as an inventor and revolutionary and discover new light among untapped resources ( 2021). Sahajwalla also narrated that waste is one of those underutilized resources that simply waiting to be discovered. Therefore, an empty chip packet is not just an empty chip packet for professor Sahawalla and it can be used further. To tackle Australia’s mounting waste issues, professor Sahajwalla took a great initiative in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Professor Sahajwalla decided to remanufacture polypropylene in Australia. On the overall mission, Sahajwalla held a magnetic personality along with whirlwind ideas and energy. 


Figure: 1 Green Ceramics

(Source: 2021)

According to the research, 67 million tonnes of waste has been found as unwanted things that generally goes into the land field every year that bring a tipping point for the waste crisis. Assuming the waste people just throw it, however, people can not only dig the bigger holes into the landfill according to the professor. Addressing the effects of the waste crisis Australia took an initiative in the last year that describes passing a law to ban the export of unprocessed waste overseas. Regarding this, Veena Sahajwalla addressed new ways of repurposing the waste. People should not throw the waste anywhere because it can be harmful to the environment as well as generate someone’s problem. Manufacturing the set of revolutionising products professor Sahajwalla provided the innovative idea of ‘green ceramics’ that combine technologies and the modified products that can be used to furnish the homes (UNSW Newsroom. 2021). People can use tiles instead of cutting marble that comes from mountains in Italy. In manufacturing tiles for kitchen and bathrooms, glass bottles and second-hand bottles are combined and bring new possibilities of green ceramics. As per the report, every ten minutes, 600 kilograms of textile and fashion waste are dumped and about 20 percent of household waste of the Austrian country is recycled. It also added that bottles and cans stretch over about 4000 km the length of Australia. However, the country could add about 1 billion to its annual GDP to focus on re-purposing waste materials as a released report of CSIRO. The invention of Veena Sahaiwala was ground-breaking, according to the CEO of AATE Kylie Walker. The story has been also published on Facebook presenting #Green Ceramics to aware the people. 

Citizen Journalism Story 

There are five reasons which tell Morrison government requires a net-zero climate target, not just a strategy

Although Prime Minister Scott Morrison is warming to the idea of a net-zero emissions target by 2050, Australia is still a long way from achieving it, owing to opposition from the national party. The Prime Minister has no doubt to point out the low-mission technology roadmap because they already have evidence of a climate plan. However, it has been evidenced that a vague plan is not enough to draw the roadmap and implementation of new technology to achieve net-zero emissions. Therefore, the recent analysis showing that the climate policies of Australia are not sufficient however, it is inevitable for new fossil fuel projects. Clear accountability and private investment are the primary conditions to reach net-zero emissions and the government has arranged to set a target of zero emissions by 2050 (Eminetra Australia. 2021). By following the first reason Australian business community have to create certainty for investors to target the mission. For example, the Morrison government adopt a strong climate policy by launching a 2 trillion investor group. According to chief executive Rebecca Mikula-Wright, assuring certainty they can invest billions of dollars for the long-term project. Therefore, with an interim target of 50 percent emissions reductions by 2030 the New South Wales Coalition government has aimed to set the target. In private-sector investment, the initiative expects to stimulate about 37 billion dollars in the capital ( 2021). The second one is to guide government policy that provides a framework of research in emissions reduction in South Australia. The government adopted a target of renewable generation for the year 2020, which had been decided in 2002. 


Figure: 2 net-zero target creates conditions for emission reduction 

(Source: 2021)

The coordinated climate policy and consistent beginning attracted more investors in the state rather than weaker policies. The government action backed the target and the formation of new laws had been encouraged in supply contracts. Therefore, the new government released new employment opportunities for the affected workers. By implementing renewables technologies, the government can create market conditions along with increased investment. The third one is to ensure accountability of government that is being met and accompanied by the appropriate report mechanisms. Such kind of accountability can be seen in the UK government and a group of climate scientists warned the nation about emissions that need to be reduced by adopting sufficient policies. Along with the interim targets the UK has set the aim of net-zero by 2050. In Australia, such accountability has been seen in areas like life expectancy, employment, health and education. The fourth one is to boost international trade relations. They suffer from a real economic cost due to lag behind climate policy. Dating back to the 1997 Kyoto conference the Howard government demanded special treatment as such Australia show a poor reputation on climate action. On the global stage, it needs to change the way by setting a net-zero target in Australia. However, the last one defined the government credibility at home by understanding the need for community response (SBS News. 2021). 

Reference 2021. Five reasons why Scott Morrison needs a net zero climate target. Available at: [Accessed 8 October 2021]. 2021. Your beer bottles and old clothes could become home furnishings in ‘recycling revolution’. Available at: [Accessed 8 October 2021].

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SBS News. 2021. Five reasons why the Morrison government needs a net zero emissions target. Available at: [Accessed 8 October 2021].

UNSW Newsroom. 2021. Apartment made from waste glass and textiles showcases 'green' ceramics. Available at: [Accessed 8 October 2021].


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