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   Free sample   Nursing assignment on pressure injury prevention using nursing evidence base practice

Nursing assignment on pressure injury prevention using nursing evidence base practice


Task: How Dario helped Mr. Florentine to recover from pressure injury?What new knowledge from the research studies can be applied to improve nursing care or patient outcomes?What strategies will you use in your nursing assignmentto implement new knowledge into patient care?


The nursing assignmenthighlights on the case study of nursing. In this nursing assignment, the prevention of pressure injury will be discussed. Moreover, the nursing assignmentfocuses on nursing evidence base practice. It is the process of implementing, collecting and processing the patient information to improve their condition with the given best outcomes. In this case, Dario, the nursing student gathers information that her patient, Mr. Florentine did not need re-positioning after every 2 hours as he has a pressure relieving mattress. The scope of this nursing assignmentwill be to find the ways that Dario has taken to cure the 82 year old man from stroke. Mr. Florentine was not even in the condition to mobilize without resistance. As a result, the aged care facility handed Dario to take care of Mr Florentine from getting relieved from his pressure injury. This nursing assignmentaims to identify the strategy that will be helpful for Dario to take care of her patient in an effective manner.

Discussion in the nursing assignment
Nursing can better adapt to shifts in patient health according to research. To help Mr. Florentine recover from his stroke damage, Dario must do thorough research on her case. Dario finds out that Mr. Florentine has to be mobilized with resistance. It is found in this nursing assignment that besides, in order to stay up with the latest innovations in her nursing profession, she needs to rely on techniques supported by empirical facts. As part of her efforts to increase her information literacy, she should read the patient's prescription and reports carefully. If Dario cannot understand the research findings, reading them will not assist her. Nursing staff at assisted living facilities are instructed in the art of critical thinking, as well as the interpretation of data, comparison of research, processing of information, and criticism of outcomes (Benton et al., 2020). Dueto this, Dario is now able to use studies in this situation and make more informed treatment judgments.

Furthermore, Dario can enhance Mr. Florentine's health with the aid of a comprehensive study in order to find effective best practices. As per the details mentioned in the nursing assignmentDario may do all of these tasks and more in an online nursing school. Nurses working in senior care facilities should be well-versed in the value of research since new findings are always emerging. Research that has been examined by experts in the field may clear up misconceptions, open the door to novel approaches, and ultimately benefit patients. As soon as, it comes to patient care, evidence-based practice means letting the results of scientific studies guide their actions (Camargo et al., 2018). Dario has to do his homework if he wants Mr. Florentine to obtain treatment to avoid pressure injuries. Guidelines and best practices in nursing are established by using data that has been peer-reviewed and is generally recognized by the nursing community. As a result, to get closer to evidence-based practice mentioned in the nursing assignment, she should follow the clues that are applicable for Mr Florentine. Thus, findings must be objective, checkable, and repeatable in a controlled setting.

Nursing efficiency goes beyond just making good use of available resources. It also includes excellent interpersonal interaction or communication, the right use of technology, and sufficient patient care in accordance with the nursing professions Code of Ethics. As a result of this high standard of nursing care mentioned in the nursing assignment, patients spend less time in the hospital, reducing their risk of complications and mortality. Dario's patient suffered a stroke four months ago, and she plans to apply several evidence-based treatments to help him recover. The hospital's administrative machinery and the nurses who are ultimately responsible for the treatment of elderly patients are managed by the aged care facility (Horntvedt et al., 2018). Nurses at aged care facility for the elderly have extensive medical training, but their main duty is to manage the facility's people and material resources. They have sent Dario to take care of Mr. George Florentine. Dario is obligated to offer Mr. Florentine with high-quality services and patient care through effective use of available resources. Since Dario has a pressure-relieving mattress, he has made the choice not to reposition himself every two hours. Dario's choice to avoid re-positioning the patient is a useful tactic she might use to speed the treatment (Park et al., 2018). It is found in the nursing assignmentthat Dario has been providing Mr. Florentine with daily direct care since the elderly man returned home from the hospital, and she is curious as to which methods are successful and which ones may need some tweaking. Careful, skilled practitioners always look for ways to enhance established practices by challenging the status quo. Dario's kind attitude for her patient is inspiring.Therefore, it follows that study findings may guide Dario's delivery in ways that benefit both Mr. Florentine and her own health and safety.

According to the findings of recent study in the nursing assignment, nursing can become more flexible in response to changes in patient health. Dario needs to conduct exhaustive research on her situation in order to be of assistance in Mr. Florentine's recovery from the stroke-related harm he sustained. Dario discovers that Mr. Florentine has to be organised into a resistance movement. In addition, in order for her to keep up with the most recent developments in her line of work as a nurse, she needs to rely on methods that are supported by actual data. She needs to pay close attention to both the patient's prescription and the reports in order to make progress in her quest to improve her information literacy. It is observed in this nursing assignment if Dario is unable to comprehend the conclusions of the research, reading them will not be of any assistance to her. The art of critical thinking, as well as the interpretation of data, comparison of research, processing of information, and criticism of outcomes, is taught to nursing staff working in assisted living institutions (Benton et al., 2020). As a result of this, Dario is now in a position to use studies in this context and make treatment decisions that are more well-informed. In addition, Dario is able to improve Mr. Florentine's health with the assistance of an in-depth study that seeks to identify the most efficient and successful procedures. In an online nursing programme, Dario might potentially accomplish all of these responsibilities and more. Because new discoveries are made all the time, registered nurses who work in senior care institutions ought to have a solid understanding of the significance of research. The results of nursing assignmentthat has been vetted by industry professionals may dispel common misconceptions, pave the way for innovative treatment methods, and ultimately be beneficial to patients. When it comes to providing treatment for patients, evidence-based practise refers to the process of allowing the findings of scientific studies to direct their actions (Camargo et al., 2018). If Dario wants Mr. Florentine to get therapy to avoid pressure injuries, he needs to do his homework first. Guidelines and best practises in nursing are developed via the utilisation of data that has been examined by one or more peers and is generally acknowledged by the nursing community. As a consequence of this, in order for her to grow closer to evidence-based practise, she needs to follow the hints that are relevant for Mr. Florentine. As a result, the findings have to be objective, verifiable, and reproducible within a predetermined environment.

The term "nursing efficiency" as per the nursing assignmentrefers to more than simply making effective use of the resources that are available. In addition to this, it involves outstanding interpersonal connection or communication, the appropriate application of technology, and adequate patient care that is in conformity with the Code of Ethics for the nursing profession. Patients spend less time in the hospital as a direct result of the high grade of nursing care that is provided to them, which lowers the patients' risk of complications and fatality. Since Dario's patient had a stroke about four months ago, she intends to use a variety of treatments that are supported by medical evidence to assist in his recovery. The aged care facility is responsible for managing both the administrative machinery of the hospital as well as the nurses who are ultimately accountable for the treatment of senior patients (Horntvedt et al., 2018). Although nurses working in residential care facilities for the elderly have considerable medical training, their primary responsibility is to manage the people and resources available in the institution. Itt is found in the nursing assignment that they have delegated Dario to look after Mr. George Florentine in their stead. Dario owes it to Mr. Florentine to provide him with services and patient care of the highest possible calibre by making efficient use of the resources at his disposal. Because Dario's mattress is designed to relieve pressure, he doesn't feel the need to reposition himself every two hours like most people do. The fact mentioned in the nursing assignmentthat Dario has decided not to reposition the patient is a strategy that she might employ to complete the therapy in a more timely manner (Park et al., 2018).

Since Mr. Florentine, an elderly man, was discharged from the hospital and came home, Dario has been providing him with daily direct care. She is intrigued as to which ways are beneficial and which ones may require some adjustment in order to be optimal. Practitioners that are careful and skilled are continually looking for new methods to improve established processes by questioning the status quo. The compassionate manner in which Dario treats her patient is humbling. As a result, it stands to reason that the findings of the nursing assignmentcould help direct Dario's delivery in a way that is beneficial to Mr. Florentine as well as her own health and safety.

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