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(NUR3504) Nursing assignment on Transitioning to the Role of Registered Nurse


Task: Discuss the challenges and appropriate strategies for managing the role transition from nursing student to graduate registered nurse in your nursing assignment.


The role of transition from graduate nurse to an registered nurse is an exciting opportunity which increases the responsibilities of their profession. This creates more challenging environment for them to deal with various impacts, retention, and lack of confidence in the profession. It is very important to analyzein the nursing assignmenthow these challenges can be overcomed to achieve successful transition in their new role.Studies show that stress and dissatisfactionwith the work result in the termination of the work. There should be a guideline for the students to deal with the challenges and how to manage them during the transition period. In this nursing assignment, the challenges faced during the role transition and the strategies to manage the transition from nursing students tonursing staff are discussed.

Nursing assignment discussing the challenges to the role transition
Role transition is the process of changing from one role to another role. As per the nursing assignment findings, the duration taken to adapt to the environment is varied for every individual. Duchscher said, “12 months after the graduation is referred to as a transition period”. Most the nurse feel stressed during the first month of the staff nurse. This occurs due to the workload of the environment.

The following challenges mentioned in the nursing assignmentare faced during the transition period by the nurse

New registered nurse experiencea high workload. It means that there are many paperworks and multiple task management such as giving treatment to the patients after the doctor’s examination, answering the patient queries, guiding the student nurse, and monitoring the dangerous drugs. As per the nursing assignment this increases the workload of the nurse which further increases the stress level.A registered nurse in the rehabilitation hospital was assigned to complete the entire task during working hours. The task includes sending the specimens where the following departments willbe open till 5 pm on weekdays. Due to this high workload, thenurse cannot communicate with their parents, relatives, and family. This raises conflicts and misunderstandings between them. Also, the nurse will miss meals and use their break time to complete the allocated work.Most of nurses feel that a heavy workload is the most challenging one that affects them (Wong, et al., 2018).

Lack of confidence and skills
As per the nursing assignment findings, lack of skills and the level of confidencearedominant with the newly qualified nurse. Because they should have knowledge on taking care of new mothers and newborn babies. In case of any emergencies, the nurse should take care of the mother and the newborn until the doctor arrives. They should have the knowledge and practical experience. If the patients are not taken care of by the experienced one then there might be other issues. After completing graduation they are well prepared with the theoretical content but they lack the skills since they are not practiced. As per the nursing assignment the confidence level is increased when they have practical knowledge. They find themselves incompetent. The registered nurse feels that they have more theoretical knowledge on the skills but less practical experience. When the practical training is given to them then the confidence level of the nurse can be increased (Joseph, et al., 2022).

Change of role
The duty of the registered nurse as per the nursing assignmentis high when compared to the student nurse because for every action occurs inthe working environment they are responsible for it. When they are student nurses, their work is monitored by the school teachers or mentors but as registered nurse they must work independently with less supervision. Every nurse has two principles in the working environment. One is handling the patients safely and the other one is to avoid harming the patients. They will ensure the colleague check the drugs that they give to the patients. Also, they think about the roles and responsibilities of the working time. During the PM shift, they developed insomnia when they reassure the nursing assignmenttask is done by them. Whenthey continue the AM shift they will overthink the shift work in the PM shift. This will affect the health of the nurse who they find it challenging to handle the work for 24 hours (Mtegha, et al., 2022).

Strategiesrequired for new registered nurse
During the transition of studentsto staff nurses, they face many challenges in their workenvironment. There should be learning styles and guidelines for the new stafftowards learning techniques or strategies to improve their challenges to the better practitioner transition. The followings strategies mentioned in the nursing assignmenthelp the student to facilitate their role transition:

Training or support system
Every hospital as per the nursing assignmentshould have a separate area for practice.When the mentor teaches them how to deal with the patients the new nurse can learn from it. When there is limited practice area it will affect the new nurses. New nurses should not be allowed to work with specialist areas which might result in a greater issue. There should be a mentor or the training team which helps the new staff to know their work, how to dealwith the patients with care, and other work principles. They should also give optimized trainingfor dealing with confidence, advanced professional development and personal development. Using this strategy mentioned in thenursing assignmentthe new nurse will know how to manage the workload in their profession (Speight, et al., 2019).

Learning as an ongoing process
It is very important for healthcare professionals to know the professional experiences gained through continuous learning. They do not know everything by learning by completing the graduationbut they gain experience through their professional experience with the patients. Whenthey think that learning is an ongoing process then this can bring them up with a better professional experience. In addition to this, they are also recommended in this nursing assignmentto have a personal reading, review the lecture notes, undergo the educational courses, ongoing mentorship programs, learn through mistakes, observe and learn from the senior staff, etc. using this strategy, the lack of confidence and skills can be overcome. When they are updated with the learning concepts then they can work with confidence (Mourh, et al., 2019).

Effective time management to write nursing assignment
There should be effective time management strategies to focus on some challenges related to the change of role. Occupational therapy graduates statein their nursing assignmentthat time management will help to deal with the work schedules, prevent dealing with the overtime working process, and allow for a meaningful and social environment. There will be an overtime workin the hospital so the nurse should have an effective time management method to deal with the it and spend time with their social lives. This could not be dealt with the professional training. Time should be managed by themselves by allocating the works accordingly. Using this effective time management strategy mentioned in the nursing assignmentthe nurse can overcome challenges associated with the change of role (Opoku, et al., 2021).

The challenges of the new nurse such as workload, lack of confidence and skills, and change of role can be overcome by implementing the strategies such as training support systems, learning as an ongoing process, and effective time management.

More than 1000 students complete their nursing courses every year. After completing the course they are eligible to register with the nursing practice. Every nurse will have a starting point as transforming from nurse to registered nurse. They need some time to adapt to the environment, new roles and responsibilities, and identify after transiting from the protected environment such as schools and colleges. After completing graduation they are new to the role of the nurse and there are many challenges faced by them. The transition of students to nurse practice has many responsibilities that should be known to them. As a new staff, they donot have much professional experience in their role. the only thing they have is clear theoretical knowledge but no practical experience. After transitioning to the new registered nursethey have many challengesassociated with the roles. They experience various challenges during this period such as workload, change in role, and lack of confidence and skills.

In this nursing assignment, the challenges faced during the role transition of students to staff nurses aregand the strategies identified to deal with the challenges are discussed. It is important to know that improving the transition challenges with better professional experiences and an ongoing process is an optimal solution.

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