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Online Marketing Assignment: Critical Review On Mistakes


Task: This supplementary assessment task requires to critically reviewing your project proposal that you submitted for assessment 3, t2 2019 and this requires you to answer the following six questions. answering each of the above questions, you must list the mistakes first and then you should explain how you would correct those mistakes and improve your understanding about each of the items of the research proposal.

  1. What were the mistakes in your problem statement? How could you refine these mistakes? 200 WORDS
  2. What were the mistakes in your research aim, objectives and research questions? How could you improve these? 200 WORDS
  3. What were the mistakes in your justification and potential output of the research project? How would you improve these? 400 WORDS
  4. What were the mistakes in your conceptual framework? How could you improve these? 400 WORDS
  5. What were the mistakes in your methodology and presenting secondary data? How could you improve these? Provide a secondary data set(s) with this assignment as an appendix. 300 WORDS
  6. What were the mistakes in your organisation of the study, project budget and schedule? How could you improve these? 100 WORDS
  7. Use of correct English, good arguments and logical sequences between sentences and paragraphs. This is an individual essay and you need to answer all the above questions to pass this unit.


  1. The study develop in this online marketing assignment does not consider the details of online marketing and the importance of online marketing has not been properly explained. Furthermore, research gap on the topic has not been clearly identified in the study and it has deteriorated the quality of study. As opined by Micu et al., (2017), the importance of online marketing cannot be denied in case of evaluating consumer buying behavior. This is because the online marketing tool has been used to identify perception of consumers in respect to a specific product. Based on online marketing tool the preferences regarding any specific product of consumers can be easily evaluated and a business can adopt new strategies for enhancing market growth (Popa, 2015). In the soft drink sector, the online marketing helps to identify ingredients of different soft drinks and use of various ingredients can be easily identified. Hence, the detailed information regarding the use of online marketing needs to be considered in the problem statement. At last, it can be said in the context of this online marketing assignment that the problem statement has not been properly mentioned issues of the Coca-Cola Company, which needs to be included. The problem statement should be specific regarding the topic, for which adding facts would help.
  2. 2. The aim outlined in the online marketing assignment has only mentioned the term online marketing but the topic is related to online marketing strategies. Actually, research aim has been written specifically for providing an effective overview to the reader. Furthermore, Research objectives and questions have been framed in general way and these cannot provide the quality in the entire research work. In the current research study, the researcher has to emphasize on the specific research objectives and questions which implies that there must be a direct focus on the main topic of the research. The objectives should be framed by considering the term online marketing but this has not been properly mentioned. In lieu of the word online marketing, digital marketing term has been used in the research study. Hence, objectives are seemed out of context and these are needed to revise. Based on framing effective research objectives, research questions have to be made properly. The research objective related to social media discussed in the segments of online marketing assignment is completely irrelevant as the social media has not been considered in the topic. The complete focus has to be made on the influence of online marketing and consumer behavior and it would help to collect effective information for the research.
  3. The ‘justification and potential output’ section of the research is expected to portray the reason of carrying out the research as well as the expected findings of the research, in order to engage the readers. The mistakes that were evident in this section were:
  • The justification had not been aligned with the research topic. The topic deals with the influence of online marketing strategies on the consumer buying behavior but the justification section does not explain why researching on this topic is important and critical for Coca Cola as well as for the researcher.
  • The reason why this particular topic was chosen by the researcher to prepare this online marketing assignment has also not been clearly mentioned

The potential outcome of the research refers to the values and results that are likely to be received by the researcher, after the execution of the research, under ideal conditions. The assumptions that would play a key role in the analysis of the findings would also be stated herein. 

  • However, in the present research on online marketing assignment, the potential outcome of the research has been totally omitted. The assumptions for the research and those that will be considered for the analysis of the data collected for the research has not been clearly stated, which has made the research obscure

The online marketing assignment examines the study of Greckhamer et al., (2018) that stating justification and potential outcome of the research is good research practice and should be resorted to, by any researcher. Thus, the ways in which the mistakes could be addressed are:

  • Stating a clear justification of why the research topic had been selected by the researcher; this could be anything like previous educational and presentation experiences of the students, subject interests and aspects as such
  • The reason for which out of all the aspects of Coca Cola that could be tested for the research, what was the importance and necessity behind choosing the particular topic of ‘investigating the influence of online marketing strategies of Coca Cola in Australia’ also needs to be clearly stated in the context of this online marketing assignment.
  • The potential outcome of the research needs to be presented in a clear format, stating the likely views that will be gathered from the research as well as the assumptions that will be considered for the analysis of the collected data. According to the views of Bärnighausen et al., (2017), stating the assumptions for research is an important aspect and should never be omitted.
  1. As reported in the studies of Adom et al., (2016), conceptual framework for the study refers to the visual guide for the research, with the help of which the field of theory on which the study has been based is clearly reflected. This helps the readers to not only interpret the aim and the hypothesis of the research but also to understand the flow of information throughout the project. The framework is particularly important for the layman readers and makes the study more presentable as well as easily understandable. The mistakes that were observed from the conceptual framework depicted in the research can be enlisted as follows:
  • The concept of online marketing, which forms the basis of the study explored in the online marketing assignment, has not been introduced anywhere in the study as well as has not been included in the framework.the layman with no knowledge of online marketing concepts, would have difficulty in understanding the progression of the study and interpreting the findings of the study
  • The variables that would help in understanding the depth of the study has not been introduced in the study and has not been included in the conceptual framework as well
  • The relation between online marketing strategies and the consumer buying behavior towards Coca Cola also has not been examined and included in this framework

Improving the conceptual framework is essential as it would help the researchers understand the flow of the research and would help in easy interpretation of the views to be proposed forth by the researcher. The ways in which these mistakes can be specifically addressed can be outlined as follows:

  • The starting point for the conceptual framework should include the exploration of the concepts of online marketing as well as consumer buying behaviour
  • A clear depiction of the variables to be included in the study will have to be depicted in the conceptual framework
  • A clear progression of the topics addressed in the online marketing assignment, according to the sequence in which they would appear in the research which would depict the flow and progression of the study would require to be included in this conceptual framework
  • The relation between the adoption of online marketing strategies and the buying behaviour of the consumers is to be depicted clearly, so that it becomes evident to the readers
  • The ways in which in the sales of soft drinks is influenced by the online marketing strategies and consumer buying behavior will have to be included in the conceptual framework
  1. In the methodology section, the major mistake that has been identified and noted in this section of online marketing assignment is the broad description of the theoretical concept of different research methods that have not been applied in the research. For making the methodology section specific it is important to make the justifications for the specific methods that would be applied in the proposed research. At the beginning of the research methodology section, a brief description of the process of the research method is discussed. However, the major focus on the selection and justification of proper research methods that can be applied in the study can be provided (Saunders and Townsend, 2016). On the other hand, the research methodology has included that data collection will be done through different primary and secondary research methods; however, the section lacks clear justification for the choices made. Additionally, in the data collection section of methodology, it has been stated that secondary sources will be used in the study; however, I have failed to discuss the particular sources that would be used in the research analyzed in the context of this online marketing assignment. So, for making the research methodology more practical provision of clear justifications for each choice made regarding data collection method could be done and provision of a list of secondary sources that would be used in the research is also necessary (Kumar, 2019).

In the section of data analysis, both the quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods are chosen. The understanding regarding quantitative and qualitative method has been wrongly represented in the study. It has been mentioned that the quantitative method deals with numerical data and qualitative data deals with non-numeric data which is not true. These statements can be corrected by linking the qualitative method with non-numeric data and quantitative method to the numeric data (Bresler and Stake, 2017). The section has described that hypothesis testing and regression analysis will be used for numerical data. However, the importance of such analytical methods in the proposed research is not provided. So, for making this part practical the importance of these methods in the present research can be included.

  1. In case of framing organizational study examined in the online marketing assignment, the researcher has identified the discussed matter in various sections only but what are to be done in the research subsequently, that has not been mentioned clearly. The budget format is completely wrong in the study as this is needed to revise completely. Revenues and expenses both are needed to identify separately in the study for identifying profit. Furthermore, the project schedule has been made in either excel or in Microsoft project manager based on time period and that has been considered in the study. Hence, it is noted in this online marketing assignment that the project schedule format is wrong and this is needed to be revised. For improving the same, the budget needs to be prepared keeping in mind the regular expenses as well as the available revenue. The project schedule needs to be prepared on a daily basis, keeping in mind all the research-oriented activities and the time required for the completion of the same.

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