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Roy Morgan Value Segmenting Methods


Task: You have to describe 4 roy morgan value segmenting methods used in a market, which are behavioral, geographic, psychographic and demographic segmentation. The dealers present in the market don’t limit their process of segmentation to a few numbers of elements. Utilizing the process of roy morgan value segments, explain the demographic, behavioral, geographic, and demographic trait of the Value Segment.


Interaction is a sort of skill or art, the process in which the probability of losing the significance or implication is very high which even increases with the augmented audience. With the increase in the volume of the audience the range of preferences, their requirements, point view etc. will be. To reduce these sorts of risks segmenting you're the customer public is very important. The process used by roy morgan value segments methods involve aiding the company is targeting the desired group of customers while marketing which will focus on satisfying the needs and specific requirements of the particular group. Hence by the method of sampling, various companies could retain their potential customers and leave their competitors way behind in the competition. The current form of market segmentation originated in the early twentieth century.

In simple words, the term Market Segmenting is the method that splits its aimed market into small parts or portions which reveal the same features in order to augment the operative market. It is a routine followed in well-managed organizations by which the market is divided into little groups for convenience in management and streamlining toward better performance. The customers pertaining to each respective group share characteristics of similar nature which makes it easy for the companies to devise strategies and advertisement policies relevant to a particular group i.e. building up a separate marketing mix for respective segments of the market.

The methodology of the segmentation of customers in the market appears to be misleadingly very simple. The entire process of segmentation consists of seven steps like that of segmenting, targeting and positioning. The process of segmentation is actually a very arduous and demanding one since the procedure consists of dealing with immense information and knowledge of technical analysis, deep interpretation, devising out strategies from the interpreted data, etc. The generic method in segmentation primarily involves the acquiring the huge data regarding the population. Then after the inclination of the customer towards a product analyzed which is being followed by the analysis of revenue potential.

Segmenting methods: If referring to the case of Roy Values Research Segment, the term market is termed as how the all the requirements of the customers are fulfilled. Various kinds of segmenting methods for markets exists based on the Roy Morgan Value Segments.

Geographical Segmentation Methods: It is not at all surprising that the geographical features of the place where the customer lives plays a decisive role in his choices. For instance, a person living in a hilly and cold area should have less affection towards ice cream rather than a customer living in an arid area. Similarly, his choices in fashion, food, and other commodities will vary according to the geographical alterations. In reality, the segmentation is not done by only considering a single geographical factor. The segmentation is often done by considering various permutation of geographic variables.

According to the roy morgan value segments methods, the process of segmenting the customers by the parameter of demographic and geographic characteristics is termed as geographical segmentations. In this process, the customers could also be classified using personal figures like their loyalty status, financial status, and benefits. As per the Roy Morgan value Research Segments method most of the companies point to the target consumers as per their geographical locations which are the main principle of the market (Abell, 2010).

Demographic Segmentation Process: Based on the Roy Morgan Value Segmentation the process of segmentation relies on the occupation, health, age, sex ratio and the aids provided by the company. It is being ensured by the roy morgan value segments process that the benefits provided by the company are regulated to a tolerable level bearing in mind the life cycle of the consumer (Dozier et al., 2013).

The segmenting of the collection of customers by the criteria of age is considered as a powerful strategy by many of the marketing companies. The products supplied by most of the companies are not of the characteristics of universal practicality which could eventually be used by the customers of all age groups. It is quite obvious in society that media consumption various among different generations. Thus, such products should be allocated to the customers coming under the desired age group. This will ultimately provide a higher degree of efficiency thus resulting in higher conversion rates.

Another simple factor i.e. the gender stands for one of the most significant criteria of segmentation in marketing. We are quite aware of the fact that the requirement, point of view, choices, etc. The corporate giants in the market consist of it as one of the major factors and build separate communication and marketing strategies for them.

Psychographic Segmentation Process: This process which is also termed as lifestyle segmentation depends on the lifestyle followed by the consumers. The factors which come under the faction of lifestyle are the dynamics like hobbies, marital status, moral values, religion, family upbringing, etc. In order to conduct a study on this faction of customers, various approaches like interviews, focus groups, case studies, and surveys should be utilized. The major medium of understanding the psychographic aspect of the customers is by going through the customer reviews of clients, which may also help in devising a novel marketing strategy. The majority of the tests and the criteria used in the psychographic test are custom made.

By considering the lifestyles of the consumers The Roy Morgan Values Research process guarantees that all the customers are being provided with product or service which meets their needs and expectation matching their lifestyles. The individual activities of a person are identified in roy morgan value segments (Abell, 2010).

Behavioral Segmentation Process: This segmenting process is almost synonymous to the psychographic segmentation process, although it concentrates specifically on how certain customers respond to various choices and how their decision process is being influenced. The factors of behavioral segmentation include aspects like the approach of customers toward the products, their brand loyalty, their extent of knowledge regarding the product, etc. The information about a product definitely affects the decisive aspect of a customer. The method of collecting data for this segmenting is exactly the same as that of the psychographic Segmentation process. Various websites and blogs which review the product authentically could be relied on in this segmenting process.

In the system of behavioral segmentation, brand loyalty is considered to be the most substantial one. As per the major economists, brand loyalty among the customers build a purchasing pattern in the market. Thus, it is important that the company should segment the customer population using the criteria of brand loyalty so that the strategies should be devised to make the customers loyal towards their product.

The consumers are being classified into the sections using the parameter of their knowledge, attitude and response in the Ray Morgan Values Research behavioral segmentation process. This process relies on the interactive pattern of the customers. The quality of the product or services depends on the preference and behavior of the consumers. The roy morgan value segments methods chiefly focuses on the behavioral segmentation (Pedroso et al., 2010). Roy Morgan value segmenting method assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

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