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Strategic Marketing Assignment For Just Beet It


Task: Background
Consumers often don’t buy products; they buy the images associated with products or the ‘brand’ and are known to have different types of relationships with each. So how precisely can you position a brand so that it speaks directly to its intended target audience

Research has shown that Australians in general have fallen out of love with packaged juices, in particular pure vegetable juices as they may offer significant health benefits to teenagers and young adults. Lawley Vegetable Growers need your help to position a brand new vegetable juice for this important target market – teenagers and young adults. A modern container that will appeal to teenagers and young adults needs to be sourced that showcases this new vegetable juice blend that has beetroot as its base ingredient. The vegetable juice needs to be attractive to teenagers and young adults and could be artificially coloured to meet the visual expectations of the target audience.

For this assignment, you will need to:

• Design an appropriate container (this requires illustration and explanation for shape, packaging material etc you do not need to construct or submit a physical container)
• Decide on an attractive colour for the juice
• Give the juice a name
• Give the juice a personality
• Design a logo that reflects its name and personality
• Justify your decisions for the choice of container, juice colour, name, personality and logo and explain why they will appeal to the target audience – teenagers and young adults.


Lawley Vegetable Growers are launching a brand new vegetable juice offering significant health benefits to teenagers and young adults. Customers are interested in a brand or a product if it evokes a strong emotion which directly resonates with them. According to Hwang and Kandampully (2012), emotional attachment has a strong influence on brand loyalty. Hereunder will be a creation of visual presentation of the product design and a suitable product strategy for the intended target audience.


Design of the Container
A glass bottle that will showcase the color of the juice will be chosen as the juice container. The shape of the bottle would be cylindrical with a narrow and long neck which is convenient to hold and carry even if the consumer is traveling. The bottle would have a round aluminum lid which is identical to a wine bottle cap instead of a plastic one. The bottle will be beautified with two water splash shaped visibly trendy stickers. These stickers will be placed front and back. These stickers will be bright red. A 3D effect would be applied on the edges of the stickers which will give the bottle an eye-catching look. The juice is a blend of vegetables and has beetroot as its base ingredient. Hence, all the ingredients and the necessary details would be mentioned on the back sticker. The aluminum lid will be a screw cap which will also be bright red. Altogether, this will be a trendy looking cylindrical glass bottle with an aluminum screw cap with water splash shaped stickers on both sides.

The Color of the Juice
The juice is a blend of various vegetables with beetroot as its base ingredient. Hence, the light red color will be preferred for juice. This color is one shade lighter from the color of the sticker on the bottle. The juice also includes the flavor of various vegetables; hence the color is toned one shade down. This shade is not traditional and gives an overall contemporary feel to the product.

The Name of the Juice
The name of the juice would be ‘Just Beet It’. The tagline would be ‘Just beet it to stay fit’. The name and the tagline would be printed on the front sticker of the bottle in white color in a trendy font.

The Personality of the Juice
‘Just beet it’ is enriched with goodness beetroot and various organic vegetables. The tagline of the juice is ‘Just beet it to stay fit’. The goodness of beetroot and vegetables prepares young minds for the hustle-bustle of their daily lives. Consuming a glass of this juice every day could greatly help in boosting the stamina. According to Confos and Davis (2016), a brand can build a relationship with the young consumers at an interactive, direct and social level through digital media which is not seen in traditional media. ‘Just beet it’ will be advertised on all the reputed social media platforms to form a direct connection with the young consumers. It is your savior whenever you need instant energy. Its flavor will keep your taste-buds happy and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. The bottle looks just right in the hand of a busy teenager going about his day. ‘Just beet it’ is just the right choice for growing teenagers and young adults.

The Logo
Following is the logo created for the brand.

Why these choices will appeal to teenagers and young adults
According to Melissa Davis (2017), a brand must evolve with social trends to stay in tune with the audience. Young consumers like brand personality accompanied by visual appeal. Brand personality also includes the quality of your product. They are growing up with magnificent visuals and hence, they expect awesome visuals with the finest quality. Earlier, youngsters used to follow their predecessors in terms of ideas. However, now the situation is entirely different. Young people are thinking outside the box, and breaking all the bonds. A brand needs to be innovative in its approach to appeal to young adults and teenagers Let us initiate from the first step. The teenagers are aware of worldly calamities and are conscious of making day-to-day choices. Shichor states (2018), young people are interested in the idea of making the world a better place. They take initiative regarding environmental causes because they are interested in making a difference in existing environment. A selling point includes the fact that an eco-friendly packaging option has been finalized. Bright colors are always eye-catching and attract every age group. So a bright red color with a minimal design is chosen. Young adults have a sense of style and prefer classy designs. The minimalistic sticker design and subtle round aluminum screw cap fulfill that criterion. All these features make the product relevant for a great visual appeal. In the terms of color of the juice, it has not been kept conventional. The color of the juice is a great assistance in giving the product an overall contemporary look. At the same time, the color of the juice is one shade lighter than the color of the sticker, which enhances the appearance of the product. The color of juicealso compliments the color of the sticker. ‘Just beet it’ sounds catchy and trendy as well. According to Buchanan and Yeatman (2018), young people are enchanted towards ‘enhancement of performance’: the relationship between accomplishments and consumption of the drinks.Young consumers are willing to take initiatives for their well-being. According to Pollicot (2019), younger generation has grown up with the Internet; they do not care about obvious marketing campaigns. They are not interested in knowing about why a specific product is amazing, they are interested in knowing how specific product will benefit them. Hence, the priority is to state how ‘Just Beet It’ directly befits the target audience. The brand design of the juice depicts it as the most-healthy as well as an apt drink for growing individuals. Altogether, the brand personality of the juice created of the juice directly appeal to its intended target audience and will resurface their interest towards healthy packaged vegetable juices.

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