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Career Development Assignment: The Role Of Professional Development


Task: Development of a clear and inspiring professional career goal/vision as an output of a critical review of skills important for a chosen profession. Pre-requisite task of completing Academic Integrity Model quiz is mandatory. This task requires student to complete the quiz with 100% score before submitting their assignment. Student can attempt the quiz as many times as needed until they successfully complete it Development of a personalised L&D Plan as a basis for assessing and developing key professional, managerial and leadership competencies.


Professional development is a continues process that enhance skills and knowledge by various means such as specialized training, education, conferences, seminars and workshops. It is an important platform where individual can learn about trends, changing technology and ensures efficiently in work. My vision is to become a competent project developer, and to achieve success in my profession, I have developed various skills and knowledge in the respective field.The role of project developer is planning, organizing, monitoring various projects in an organization. There is a responsibility of execution of several programs and projects of the company.Generally, it includes- budget control, finance management, scheduling of activities, and further involves research and development in the process of implementation of any project.

To become a good developer, it is necessary to have certain qualities and skills like- knowledge and experience in the field, logical thinking, competent, good communication skills, leadership quality, management skills and various soft/hard skills. A good project developer assist in achieving organizational goals and objectives in a qualitative and timely manner. It is also important to possess skills for both individual growth and organizational goals. Therefore, a project developer plays a vital role in any business organization(Durana, et. al., 2020).

Role of professional manager
The job of project developer comes with lot of responsibility, as project developer needs to execute programs which require team efforts, so delegating work to team members to achieve certain goals within specific time frame and with pre- determined budget is the main duty of project developer. Responsibilities that comes with the respective jobs are-

• Designing of project as per the requirement.
• Initiate development processin the project according to the need of client.
• Reviewing project plan as per the changes in circumstances.
• Budget control is the main responsibility of project developer.
• Clients will only be satisfied with the quality of work and work is done in a specified time frame. Therefore, Scheduling is another important factor for project developer.
• Check on legal implications and regulations for efficiency in work.
• Tracking of work progress in necessary to achieve the target in the required manner.
• Research and development if necessary, during execution of job effectively.
• Peer review and feedbacks are the most important stage of any work, as it will ensure that the methods and techniques used are appropriate and help in taking actions if required.
• Lastly, maintaining quality and performance will ensure the growth, development and stability in the career.

Therefore, the role of professional manager is very important in achieving success of an organization. They are solely responsible for execution of company’s vision and goals effectively and efficiently. That is the reason project managers requires appropriate skills and knowledge (Alshammari, Yahya, and Haron, 2020).

Importance of skills for career development
Project developer is solely responsible for planning, organizing, managing, controlling the project and directing there to.It must be ensured that the project is executed within time frame and in the budget control. To execute the project in an effective manner, project developer requires various soft skills along with several hard skills. These skills provide ability to perform efficiently and motivate an individual to take responsibilities. Absence of adequate skills will result in poor execution and will create lot of dissatisfaction in consumers and team members. Further, it will create a lot of disadvantage in career perspective(Lincoln, 2020).

For career development in project management, it is necessary to develop skills and personality traits required for the job. Such as- necessary technical knowledge, qualification, resourceful,highly organized, visionary, possess good management skills, leadership qualities, optimist, adaptive, decisive and accountable. Skills not only help in performing effectively in an organization but also help to achieve career aspirations.After the assessment of personality traits, I observed that I possess skills that are required for the job of project developer and I further have experience in managing, controlling and organizing various events during my school and college time and in my previous job experience. It encourages me to develop it as my career aspiration.

Skill identification and Skill gap analysis
Skill identification and skill gap analysis is an examination of skills and knowledge of an individual that help in understanding the strengths and weaknessof an individual. It ensures assessing current position of skills comparative to future goals requirement(Council, and Square, 2018). With the help of skill gap analysis, I have identified objectives of my mission and the skills I required in completion of my mission. Being a project manager, it is a responsibility to evaluate skills of employees based on which duties and work can be delegated properly. Further, to execute any plan or project it is necessary to collect, analyze and compare data to achieve required goal. And if there is any gap in skills required or data collected then it is the duty of project manager to close the gap in order to execute the project properly(Meredith, Shafer, and Mantel, 2017).

With the help of skill gap analysis, I have observed that I possess various skills both soft and hard skills which consists of-
Hard skills-technical ability and competence, tools/ methodologies required,documentation, planning, management skills and controlling ability.
Soft skills-teamwork, research programs, creativity, communication and leadership.
Further, I have a working experience of a salesperson in a hardware company which was dealing in selling cisco switches, server storages.It helped me in personal developmentwhich will assist me in a career of project manager.Moreover, recent job advertisement was also of project manager job role. It motivated me to develop my career in the respective field as I possess skills that are required for being a competent project manager.

Therefore, it can be concluded that professional development creates awareness regarding career appraisals. It helps in providing direction towards available opportunities in the competitive world.Further it helps in keeping up to date which can be achieved through various training, seminars and workshops.Learning skills is considered as the initial step towards entering project developer job.

In this reflection report, I have ascertained various skills and knowledge required to become project managerwhich will help inachieving overall growth and development.

Alshammari, F., Yahya, K. and Haron, Z.B., 2020, January. Project Manager’s Skills for improving the performance of complex projects in Kuwait Construction Industry: A Review. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 713, No. 1, p. 012041). IOP Publishing.
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